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Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today
Agora Publishing has announced the impending release of Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today: 25 Secret Therapies from Around the World by Dr. Allan Spreen (M.D.), set for April 7, 2009. (See general information and order form). As we announced last September (2008), the success of Cansema® as an acknowledged cancer cure worldwide within the alternative health care community, consumes an entire chapter of this book. The successful treatment of skin cancer by American astronaut, Dr. Brian O'Leary, and his subsequent endorsement are a highlight of the book. To Our Readers in the U.S. -- The products mentioned on this page, and the information presented herein, have not been examined or evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Our Apologies For
The Delays . . .

At the end of December, a change by our primary shipping vendor (Ecuadorean Postal) caused delivery times to be significantly extended. We were aware of the problem in January, but were not able to locate the root cause until mid-February. That problem has been solved, so customers in North America and Europe should, once again, receive their packages in 10 to 14 days from the date of the order.
We take full responsibility for this mishap, and we will continue -- as we always have -- to work diligently to ensure that your order arrives quickly and without delay.

The following article appeared in last month's Ashwin, but because of the sheer volume of requests we are getting, where customers are asking what to do when they've been victimized by vendors of counterfeit product, we are reprinted the same article this month:

How to Get Your Money
Back When You've Been
'Had' By a Maker of
Pirated (Counterfeit)
Since the introduction of our Fake Product Compensation Program last September, we have received hundreds of complaint letters directed against those who see fit to produce counterfeit products, using our trademarks -- particularly Cansema®. (See U.S. registered trademark for Cansema).
As stated previously, the producers of pirated, or counterfeit, product includes the following:
  • Jennifer Wilson (Australia)
  • George S. Ackerson
  • Elaine Hollingsworth
A common question we get from duped customers is, "How do I get my money back from a seller of counterfeit product?"
As it turns out, the answer is surprisingly simple. The vast majority of those who purchase product do so with their credit card. Since most of the vendors above will not return your money if you complain about having purchased products under fraudulent circumstances, you have to take things to the next step.
File a complaint of a fraudulent transaction with your credit card company. Use the link to the U.S. registered trademark above to show that the merchant sold you product under fraudulent circumstances.
Our experience is that almost without fail, your credit card company will refund the money for the fraudulent transaction and debit the money from the merchant selling the counterfeit merchandise.
If you need any help in this matter, just write us at

Bevan Potter, pictured above, has been selling counterfeit product, using Alpha Omega Labs' trademarks, since 2003. Despite numerous requests to cease and desist, he continues to defiantly use our trademarks, artwork, and web pages in the sale of his pirated product.
"The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie."
Ann Landers [ 1 ]

The Consequences of Executive Power
in Support of Executive Lies:
McAdam's Unstoppable Lying Machine

It seems like a long time ago now, but because I've kept my well-organized prison notes, this wasn't hard to dig up. On Wednesday, April 7, 2004, I was pulled from my jail cell at Lafayette Parish Correctional in Louisiana for a meeting with three agents from the FBI. Apparently, my trips to Moscow that year set off alarm bells in Washington. (The truth is, we were selling Russian zappers back then; I was linking up with fellow herbalists in Moscow; and I wanted to personally visit Dr. Vladimir Volkov in St. Petersburg to discuss the medical results we were getting with H3O. I couldn't attend to any of these matters without going to Russia in person.) [ 2 ]
I was brought to a conference room on the second floor of the Federal Courthouse and placed at the end of the table. Moments later, just prior to the commencement of the meeting, my U.S. Federal Prosecutor, Mr. Larry Regan, walked in, sat to my left, and delivered his preamble:
"I'm here to inform you that we have the power to grant you immunity on anything you disclose to our agents today, with the exception of murder." At that point, he appeared to nod expectantly and silently, as if to say, "You haven't done this, have you?" ... or ... "This doesn't pose a problem, does it?"
Right away, I realized I was in yet another non-causal plane inside the U.S. Federal Government's version of Twilight Zone, "A dimension, not only of sight and sound, but of mind in dementia. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. Next stop, the Fed Zone."
Nonetheless, to keep the peace and put the prosecutor at ease, I kept my response brief and obsequiously polite, "Yes, I understand."
To my right were three FBI agents, all seated in perfect alignment, all smartly dressed, all closely coiffured, all rigidly serious in countenance -- attaining a caricatural level of anal retention rivaling the "agents" from The Matrix. You should have seen this . . . it was quite formidable. I was impressed.
"What we want to know, Mr. Caton, are what weapon systems you were bringing in from Russia," began the lead agent closest to me . . . .
A moment of silence ensued --- as I glanced around the room, visually probing my surroundings in search of reaffirming evidence of solid three-dimensionality.
"Weapons? . . . . You mean, like . . . . arms?"
Another moment of silence.
"I'm an herbalist and a healer . . . I work with plants . . . Do you know what an herbalist does?" I responded in a daze, completely taken back by the question.
"We're the ones who ask the questions here!" yelled back the same lead agent, reverting, I presumed, to some prior incarnation as a Marine drill sergeant. Further stunned and taken by surprise, I felt like Dorothy in the Land of Oz -- making the mistake of questioning the All-Knowing, All-Seeing Wizard. All that was missing were the billowing flames to add theatrical effect.
The rest of the meeting went no better, and before I knew it I was back in my jail cell, where I'd been waiting nearly 7 months, wondering what charges the FDA was going to come up with. [ 3 ]
What I learned from that experience was that power confers the ability to take even the most fanciful and seriously deranged notions and forcibly make them legitimate. Not legitimate because they are inherently so, but legitimate in the sense that you have the power to cram them down ordinary people's throats. It isn't that the moon is really made of green cheese. It's that you have the power to prosecute those who would question your authority in having commanded that people believe the moon is made of green cheese. It isn't that using chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer aren't ridiculously and provably outdated. It's that you have the power to prosecute -- kidnap, imprison, torture, kill . . . take your pick, because the Medical Industrial Complex has done it all -- those who can prove they have therapeutic approaches that make these billion dollar moneymakers obsolete. (An incorrigible situation, as I made clear when I wrote Impossible Dream.) [ 4 ]
I don't know . . . but there seems to be a lot of this going around lately . . . And, of course, this power and propensity to truth-twist seems to extend to those who assist the powerful in perpetuating their "green cheese" illusions.

This point was brought home further this afternoon (yes, Friday, March 13th), when we got an email from Tony Isaacs, a fellow traveler in the alternative health care field, who has written extensively about the cancer-fighting properties of oleander.
"Have you seen this?" he asked . . . and he provided a link:

At the bottom of the linked page was a tirade against me, Alpha Omega Labs, and Cansema®. It was obviously written by Toby McAdams, the professional FDA snitch who figures prominently in Chapter 3 of Meditopia. (I could tell it was Toby because (1) it was openly promoting his websites, which carry counterfeit versions of our products, (2) it makes laughably false statements about Alpha Omega, (3) it's a repetition of the same material we'd been seeing for years from recipients of his email that were nice enough to pass it on, and (4) the post left an unmistakeable pattern of typos that were quite recognizeable.)
It isn't enough that Toby sent an extortion letter last August, which we summarily dismissed with a thorough rebuttal of our own -- again, delineated point-by-point. The fact that the FDA has actually supported Toby in the theft of our intellectual property, violation of U.S. trademarks, and distribution of counterfeit property -- all of which is covered in Chapter 3 of Meditopia with considerable detail and evidence, means that we cannot discount his campaigns of confusion. They have the full support of the "Disinformation Department" of the FDA itself.
In another day and another age, people got sued for libel for things like this. But how do you respond when an agency of the U.S. Government is complicit in the conspiracy? Immediately, Cathryn got to work posting a reply on TopicalInfo, and I got to work writing this Ashwin. My style is more dissecting than my wife's, so . . . at the risk of yet again daring to question authority, I present my rebuttal to the latest "green cheese" statements.
But first . . . Toby McAdam's post --- in full, cut and pasted, with typos and disinfo intact -- providing "[sic]" citations only where typos or false and/or misleading statements appear, and an underline where a statement is made that is actually truthful -- or, better yet, isn't provably false:
"We supplied Alpha Omega Labs with the Cansema black salves. [sic] At ome time we made most for their products. [sic] I quit sellng to them. [sic] Greg was putting sulphuric acid in the black salve, [sic] that is what caused the woman to lose her nose. [sic] Grag [sic] Caton is a con and fraud [sic] and his products do not have the ingredients that he states are on the label. [sic] As for and they have the real salves [sic] and there is no flour in the salve. [sic] Additionally, both companies were visited by the FDA and are still open. Unlike Greg Caton and Alpha Omega labs [sic] whom are wanted by the FDA and numerous others. [sic] Be prepared if you buy products from Alpha Omega Labs, you may be visited by the FDA [sic] for purchasing products that are banned. [sic] Alpha Omega Labs is banned from selling products in the US [sic] because of the dangerous and toxic ingredients used. [sic] Most companies in the US that sell the same type of products follow protocols. [sic] "
The reason the FDA has no problem working with Toby McAdams as an inside snitch (see Chapter 3) is because he's an even more prolific liar than they are. There is only one sentence in the entire statement that isn't suffering from a terminal case of green cheese constipation. Let's dissect this thing:
  1. "We supplied Alpha Omega Labs . . . we made most of their products . . . " -- There is not one single item that Alpha Omega Labs ever purchased from Toby McAdams, or any of his entities. Period. He was a distributor of ours in 2002 and early 2003. When I was arrested in September, 2003 -- partly as a result of his joint activities with our former associate, George Ackerson -- he stiffed our company for over $6,000 in overdue bills. Products that we made went in his direction; unpaid receivables came back to ours.
  2. "Greg was putting sulphuric acid in the black salve . . . " This was never, ever done experimentally, let alone put into production. We didn't even have sulphuric acid in inventory. At that time we were getting a product from California called "H3O" -- (today, we make our own), which contained denatured sulphuric acid. I have made hundreds of batches of escharotic preparations -- primarily Cansema® -- and never has sulphuric acid, or any other strong inorganic acid, been used in its preparation.
  3. "That is what caused the woman to lose her nose." Toby is making mention of Sue Gilliatt, which played a role in my criminal case. Sue Gilliatt herself turned out to be such a con artist, that three days after my pleading, she signed a sworn affidavit stating that some one ELSE'S product (i.e. Dan Raber) had "burned (her) nose". Sue Gilliatt and her attorney were actively working the alternative health field, going from manufacturer to manufacturer, attempting to make claims on their product liability insurance policies. (My company paid $800,000; Raber's paid nothing, because he didn't have insurance -- on all of the above, read Chapter 3.)
  4. "Grag Caton is a con and fraud and his products do not have the ingredients that he states are on the label." This is the claim we make against Toby McAdam's companies because I HAVE received product from him that didn't even have chaparral or zinc in it, yet these were claimed on the label. What McAdam's is doing here is a variation of what kindergartners do when they can't find the words to counter an insult, "I know you are -- but what am I!" Most people grow out of this by the time they reach the first grade. We have the best reputation in the business, both because and in spite of the shameful con job the FDA did in my case. We would never degrade ourselves by putting out fraudulent product. If we DID put out fraudulent product -- if that was in our moral character -- who knows? Maybe we, too, could make money on the side by being professional FDA snitches and help ruin the lives of practitioners, researchers, and other manufacturers who weren't doing their part to help maximize profits for Big Pharma.
  5. "As for and they have the real salves and there is no flour in the salve." A couple of months back, we introduced our Fake Product Compensation Program to help the victims of those who had purchased product from Toby and other counterfeiters of our products. We expected a strong response, but nothing like what we actually received. All tallied, we received hundreds of complaint letters and requests for discounts under the program. The chief complaint? That Toby's product didn't work as promised. So . . . I guess if we define "real salve" as something that doesn't work, he's got "real salves." As for this idea (and it's been circulated for years now) that any effective escharotic salve contains flour, I have no idea where that comes from. [ 5 ] Just as we have never, even experimentally, used sulphuric acid in a salve, so, too, we have never, ever used a vegetable flour of any kind in a salve. I provide an extensive history of escharotics in Chapters 1 and 2 of Meditopia. I even supply videos online on the preparation of effective escharotics. No where will you find my inclusion of any kind of flour . . . More "green cheese," please.
  6. "Additionally, both companies were visited by the FDA and are still open." Of course, they are visited by the FDA and still open. As we nauseatingly detail in Chapter 3 of Meditopia, Toby cut a deal with the FDA in exchange for working to destroy our U.S. lab, "If you let me take over his website, all his copyrighted materials, and his trademarks -- and don't say anything about the theft -- I'll supply you information so you can destroy his lab and get the millions of dollars he has in his offshore bank accounts" [which never existed]. This is how breathtakingly corrupt the system has become.
  7. "Unlike Greg Caton and Alpha Omega labs whom are wanted by the FDA and numerous others." The FDA wants me because I violated probation when I didn't return to the U.S. This all emanates from the desk of FDA agent, John Armand, and the Federal courthouse in Lafayette, Louisiana. There are no "numerous others". I don't even have a civil case pending in the U.S. . . . it's just nonsense.
  8. "Be prepared if you buy products from Alpha Omega Labs, you may be visited by the FDA for purchasing products that are banned." We ship products into the U.S. every single business day. We ship passion fruit oil. We ship herbal products. And very soon we will be adding essential oils. We don't have any banned products. Again . . . we cover this in Meditopia, as well. The simple fact is that not one single Alpha Omega Labs customer has been visited by the FDA. It's complete fiction.
    Nonetheless, even in this fictitious statement there is something highly revealing that's worth mentioning. For 6 years now, Toby McAdams has been using our pilfered artwork, trademarks . . . he even stooped to using OUR testimonials. He has been claiming that HE has the original Cansema and up until last year, he made the very same claims. What he is saying here is that Alpha Omega Labs doesn't have the right to sell its own products. But he does.
    Toby doesn't even recognize the contradictions in his own statements.
  9. "Alpha Omega Labs is banned from selling products in the US because of the dangerous and toxic ingredients used." This statement has absolute no basis in fact (see previous point).
  10. "Most companies in the US that sell the same type of products follow protocols." The statement is ambigious. What "same type products"? There are guidelines or standards in the proper manufacture of nearly every product on earth. Toby doesn't know that in this business, protocol is used to describe a user's treatment regimen. The protocol is something the user or patient follows, not the manufacturer. He would know this . . . but then he'd have to use an English dictionary. Toby's statement here demonstrates that he doesn't know what "protocol" means.
I have no doubt that for the next week I am going to get letters from friends and colleagues, essentially saying, "Why do you waste time and energy even paying attention to this scoundrel?"
On the one hand I see their point. On the other hand, I feel that our current economic and political problems -- which loom larger than anything in the history of modern civilization -- wouldn't have gotten to this point if more "best dressed lies" had been put to rest with naked truths. Even in the little things we shouldn't let liars get away with their scams.
Sure, there's a risk in proclaiming your belief that the moon isn't made of green cheese . . . or chemotherapy and radiation aren't acceptable therapies.
But what happens if you don't?
What happens if we let all self-serving lies go unanswered, living on in perpetuity?
Well . . . we probably get what we have right now.

Greg Caton
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. Shamefully lifted from the quotation section of The page cited dealing exclusively with lies and liars.
  2. For a background concerning the circumstances of my imprisonment, which lasted roughly two and a half years and involved provably bogus FDA charges, read Chapter 3 of Meditopia.
  3. I had to wait more than a month and a half to see what charges the FDA would come up with. Again, see Chapter 3.
  4. I have been an eyewitness to FDA / Medical Industrial Complex criminal tactics, and, in fact, Meditopia is peppered with stories of their mafia activities. Just last month, my wife posted an article about their attempt to kidnap me in November. If you look deeper, you'll see this kind of behavior is rampant throughout the U.S. Government, despite its vociferous protestations to the contrary. Those who think this isn't business as usual are simply uninformed, bless your hearts. Just days ago, award winning journalist, Seymour Hersh, outed Dick Cheney's SS-Style political assassination unit. He plans to write a book on the subject -- (brave man!) -- and his statements have inspired Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) to call for a Congressional probe. Moreover, evidence has surfaced that this long-standing policy of "assassinate people everywhere who don't agree with our way of doing business" goes back to 1980 and is quite alive and well under Obama.
    I can't count how many people I encountered in the U.S. who know that famous quote by Lord John Dalberg-Acton ("All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely"), but are not able to connect the dots when it comes to their own government. (Such is the intellectually disabling power of the common narrative.) Moreover, I find it interesting and more than a little convenient that you never hear the rest of that quote: "Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it." (Read entire quotation in Wikipedia. Perhaps that is a corollary to my admonition that you should be careful in trusting "respectable people" -- for they are always beholden to the institution(s) that are the source of that respectability.)
  5. One of our customers, a physician, viewed the first draft of this Ashwin and was quick to note, "I've read Chapter 2 of Meditopia and there IS an embodiment of one of Cansema's predecessors that used flour. See the ingredient declaration of Dr. John Pattison's 1858 pamphlet . . . "
    I quickly reviewed the text and he's right, so I stand corrected. However, I am not aware of any well-crafted escharotic in modern times that uses flour as an ingredient -- and I have worked with dozens of formulas. It is not an active ingredient or necessary emulsifying agent, but it will reduce the effectiveness of any humectant used. Moreover, since vegetable flours contain nutritional components that can metabolized by pathogenic microbes, its usage increases the possibility of secondary infection, particularly in the decavitation stage. Whatever value a flour would have in enhancing consistency is lost to its other quite visible negatives.

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