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July 31, 2009 -- Three product introductions are being made with the issuance of this Ashwin -- one re-introduction (H3O) and two entirely new products, both based on our intensive study of Amazonian herbals over the past three years.

The controversy surrounding H3O is covered in a new introductory article, replacing the initial introduction page I composed and posted in 2001.
We are proud of the enhancements we have made in the original product, and by all internal tests it is every bit as good or better than the original product.
Note to U.S. Users: This product had already been approved by numerous U.S. agencies when produced by original inventors in the 1990's and its original manufacturer in California, HPT Research -- all, of course, except the FDA. For this reason, although we allow sale of this product into the U.S., but not under the name "H3O."
We caution our customers -- particularly our U.S. medical practitioners -- to avoid any written or verbal medical claim as it pertains to this product . . . which is -- quite unthinkably and most indicative of the bizarre times we live in -- little more than a variant of ordinary water.
One can only contemplate the impending dangers of making "unauthorized" statements about real H2O.

Amazonian Traditional
For Arthritic Pain
Also, introduced with this publication, is an herbal tincture of chuchuguazo, used widely throughout the Ecuadorean amazon for arthritic pain relief.
Read product introduction page for more details.

Leche de Sandi
Sandi's Canopy
Powerful Support for
Female Reproductive
& Digestive Systems
Last fall we introduced a widely used medicinal tree sap -- available from different altitudes and in different strengths, called Sangre de Drago. (A small bottle -- suitable for most applications -- is available on our order form for $3.95).
This month we introduce a less well-known preparation called Leche de Sandi.
Please read the product introduction page carefully before purchasing.

Applying red clay for 'protection' - Napo Province, Ecuador - May 15, 2008

"If you attempt to
cure your own cancer
we'll put you in prison!
No one can treat their
own body unless we
get our cut!"
There are still some people who actually think that our recounting of the suppression of medical knowledge for profit is an exaggeration.
So . . . when we get an article like this one -- made public by Gary Null, we relish the opportunity to pass it along, because it only reinforces our arguments -- in spades . . . and even though it was posted in late 2007 (and we missed it at the time of its initial posting), it's worth examining.
The article -- posted by Angry Scientist -- tells the story of a mother jailed for curing her son of melanoma. (The boy, Chad Jessop, was diagnosed with terminal melanoma -- and is now cancer-free.) What makes the story interesting is that among the successful remedies that this mother used was a "black salve" (i.e. escharotic).
If you still don't believe that the U.S. is turning into a fascist, police state the likes of which the world has never seen, with organized medicine leading the charge, read the article.

Consulate General of the U.S.
in Guayaquil, Ecuador to
Ecuadorean Government:

"We Have A Right
To Kidnap Our
Own Citizens!"

Last week, we received a call from one of our informants here in Guayaquil -- who keeps tabs on what's going in within the law enforcement community here. If we are to believe this latest tidbit -- and we say this because we are still attempting to get confirmation from at least two other sources -- the U.S. Consulate is attempting to strong arm the Ecuadorean government into extradicting U.S. citizens who it subjectively feels are a "threat to U.S. national security."
Although Ecuador is fairly cooperative in matters involving the U.S., a major trading partner, the sticking point is one of truthfulness. "The Ecuadorean government routinely catches Embassy officials lying, bribing, and committing all manner of criminal acts. The Ecuadorean position is basically, 'Listen . . . this is a subjective thing. You basically want our permission and cooperation to kidnap lawful Ecuadorean residents, based on your word that they are a threat, when you have a long history of dishonesty in dealing with us in these matters."
For the moment, the issue is at a standstill.
But as Noam Chomsky has noted, with major governments worldwide becoming more dictatorial -- a development that began after "9/11" -- anything is possible in the near future.
One Counterfeiter
Pushes The Envelope

Why would U.S. & Australian officials
assist an inveterate pirate and a convicted
pedophile in producing counterfeit products?
We have fresh answers from our own contacts.
First . . . some background is in order.
Last year, having been pummeled with angry emails from people who purchased counterfeit product, marked "Cansema" when it really wasn't, we decided, in good faith, to create a compensation program. Such letters were not new. Our office in the U.S. began receiving them shortly after my false imprisonment in 2003 right up to the establishment of our Ecuadorean lab, which opened in June of last year. Even though it wasn't our fault that competitors were fraudulently using our trademark, we felt that something should be done to relieve people's anger. Out of that experience came the Fake Product Compensation Program.
George S. Ackerson One company took the hint. Bevan Potter (Health Centreforce in Australia) decided, after our repeated badgering to do the right thing, to change the name of his product just recently.
But in the case of a partnership involving Jennifer Wilson of Drake, New South Wales (NSW) and her sidekick, George S. Ackerson, who -- as we detail in Chapter 3 of Meditopia -- works as U.S. FDA-snitch to have greater latitude in his commercial activities, the decision has been made to push the envelope. (Incidentally, Mr. Ackerson's current projects also include and -- wherein he feels the need to hide his intimate connection to these operations by using and to hide ownership.)
Fake brochure from Jennifer Wilson / George Ackerson claiming they ARE us Last week we finally obtained a copy of their most recent catalog, marked "Alpha Omega : Traditional Herbal Remedies." Not only does this catalog claim that that they have Cansema® and that it is "exclusively manufactured and distributed internationally" by their company, but, quite shockingly, they now claim that THEY are "Alpha Omega Laboratories of Guayaquil, Ecuador." (We have created an orange transparent block over the relevant text ... OR .... you can just click for enlargement, or you can view the entire opening pages.) The implication, of course, is that even though Cathryn & I founded Alpha Omega Labs in the early 1990's and have used our company name for the better part of twenty years and run a government-approved laboratory in Guayaquil, that we are using THEIR NAME. Never mind that THEIR "Alpha Omega Laboratories of Guayaquil, Ecuador" is operating out of Drake, NSW . . . or that they have been illegally using the Cansema® trademark for six years, or that neither Jennifer Wilson or George S. Ackerson have -- in all probability -- ever set foot on the continent of South America, let along the country of Ecuador.
Jennifer Wilson -- Fake Cansema Salve It would be easy to discount this development as yet another counterfeiter with too few assets to go after -- except for certain intercepted communications I received from an Ecuadorean source in Quito with government connections. Apparently Ackerson was making calls from the U.S. to sources in Ecuador, claiming that he was working with the U.S. FDA in attempting to locate and "capture" me -- (which begs the question as to his involvement in the unsuccessful operation to kidnap me that Cathryn wrote about last February).
I have to wonder what binds the FDA -- an agency with a $20 billion a year budget . . . $2 billion from the U.S. Government . . . and the other $18 billion under the table from the pharmaceutical industry and various sordid black operations -- to a man dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Army for activities at a Southeast Asian orphanage that are so unmentionable that I cannot repeat them here?
Ackerson's rogue activities were passed along to individuals with contacts to the federal government here in Quito -- which has already kicked out two officials from the U.S. Embassy in Guayaquil for its illegal, nefarious activities. (See article below, left column, for the latest development in this saga.)
Since officials in both the U.S. and Australia have been familiar with Ackerson's activities now for years, it doesn't appear to be a problem. I called a legal source in the U.S. to get a handle on the basis for this complicity, to which I received the following counsel: "Most Western governments, but particularly the U.S., hate to admit they've made a mistake. Once they're in . . . they're in. Your case involved perjurious statements passed on to FDA and DOJ officials, at the very least, concerning your 'sizeable' offshore assets that they now know to have been non-existent from the beginning. However, any action that the U.S. Government takes against Trudeau or Ackerson means that they must admit they made a mistake. They won't do that. Trudeau and Ackerson are confidential informants working undercover for the U.S. Federal Government . . . and even though DOJ officials are not competent in keeping them confidential or undercover, they can't turn back. You leave with the girl you brought to the dance. They're in bed with these scoundrels and it isn't something they're going to want to undo. They're both an embarrassment -- but the omelette's on the table and they can't unscrabble the eggs . . . Ackerson's counterfeiting activities are viewed as something for which they can look the other way."
This tendency towards official, approved criminality, as long as a dollar can be pocketed in the process appears to be running rampant at all levels now in the U.S. -- as I note in the article below.

Corruption So Gargantuan
It Can No Longer Be Concealed

"Is that what we have come to in this country? ... We've now moved into the realm of 'gangster government' ... we have gangster government when the Federal government has set up a new cartel, and private businesses now have to go begging with their hand out to their local, hopefully well-politically-connected Congressman or their Senator so they can buy a peace offering for that local business. [Ed. Note: the Congresswoman here is referring to "government by bribery" -- but the practice has been going on inside the FDA for the entirety of its existence.]
"Is that the kind of country we're going to have in the future? ... This is gangster government . . . (and) we need to call this for what this is! . . . We need to call this for what this is! ... Call it out! ... The American People need to get outraged and figure out that it could be them next . . . "
Michele Bachmann [ 1 ]
U.S. Congresswoman (R-MN, Sixth District)
House Floor speech; June 10, 2009

" In Germany, they came first for the Communists,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn't a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then... they came for me...
And by that time there was no one left to speak up."
Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) [ 2 ]
"First They Came"

Guayaquil, Ecuador -- (June 30) . . . Lately, I've been hearing more and more current and former U.S. officials bemoaning the ubiquitous criminal activities of their present or prior employer, as the case may be. [ 3 ] On the one hand, I applaud their candor and their courage -- after all, we live in a time when you risk your freedom, all your belongings, and sometimes your very life to open your mouth and proclaim the truth. I've witnessed this "up close and personal" to a degree that very few Americans will ever experience.
But another part of me finds such conversions to truth both naive and misleading. For hidden in these running reformative commentaries is the implication that the slide of the U.S. Government into the role of the world's largest and most prolific crime syndicate -- in all of recorded history -- is a recent development.
It is not a recent development.
Obama is not the devil and he didn't create this ungodly mess. An orator with a talent for reading teleprompters, he possesses not the talent, knowledge, experience, or the cerebral matter to bring us to this stage of advanced degeneracy. He elucidates only in that he glaringly demonstrates the end result of "government by puppetry" -- forcing us to come to terms with H.L. Mencken's prediction from the '30's that it was merely a matter of time before Americans elected a complete, bumbling idiot. (Think back, America, think . . . to a teleprompter-less speech, where a U.S. Senator tells us he's been to all 57 States, except for one . . . Alaska-Hawaii -- merely one example out of thousands of other worthy candidates. A more cynical mind might tell you I'm just being a crank . . . after all, the "leader of the free world" isn't even a natural born U.S. citizen -- so how should he be expected to know these things.)
This misses the larger point while marginalizing the gravity, I admit. It does, however, annunciate the underlying absurdities. For were we to take Niemöller's poem and stretch the experience of a single man, done for illustration's sake, over the life of a Republic, it might read something like this:
"In America, they first came for the Native Americans,
Killing off the majority and throwing the rest into reservations,
They were deemed worthless in serving the monied Elite,
But I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Native,

And then they came for the Mexicans,
Killing thousands, forcing an unfair sale of their land,
They were deemed worthless in serving the monied Elite,
But I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Mexican,

And then they came for the Chinese,
After they built our railroads,
Killing thousands and banishing the rest,
Job done, they were now worthless in serving the monied Elite,
But I didn't speak up because I wasn't Chinese,

And then they came for the Arabs,
Killing, rapping and pillaging -- halfway around the world,
With resources to claim, their holdings were desired by the monied Elite,
But I didn't speak up because I wasn't an Arab,

And then they came for the herbalists and the healers,
Who were the greatest threat of all, exposing with their knowledge,
Those exploitations greater than all that had come before,
The best among them imprisoned, tortured, kidnapped and killed,
But I didn't speak up . . . because I wasn't an herbalist,
And I wasn't a healer,

And then they came for me . . and my family,
Using our tax money to create phony flu viruses,
Offering life-threatening vaccines that would cure nothing
Other than their well-documented eugenicist urges,
Ready to kill untold millions of us, and enslave the rest,
Taking us to FEMA camps that had long since been
Prepared for those of us less worthy . . .
And when they had finished their work
There was no one left to speak up."

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. From Michelle Bachmann, U.S. Congresswoman, R-MN (6th District - Woodbury, Waite Park, MN). Quote taken from speech she made on the U.S. House Floor on June 10, 2009. To hear her speech, as captured by CSPAN, go to following YouTube video ("We Now Have A Total Gangster Goverment"), or "Realm of Gangster Government".
  2. This poem ("First They Came"), written by Martin Niemöller, was first published in 1955 ("They Thought They Were Free" by Milton Mayer).
  3. What comes immediatelyl to mind is former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clarke's comments to Derrick Jensen about how the U.S. was never a democracy. Only the uninitiated believe this. The U.S. has, in fact, been a plutocracy from the very beginning, ("The Culture of Make Believe," p. 576-584 . . . or the many writings and teachings of former U.S. Assistant Secretary of HUD concerning the endemic criminal culture of theft in Washington, D.C., not to mention her estimate of $600-700 billion in cocaine and heroine profits drained from the world economy by the CIA . . . or the increasingly strident essays of former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, whose latest essay is entitled, Republic of the Insouciant: The Big Whorehouse on the Potomac . . . and the list goes on and on . . .

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