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The Ashwin is a regular webzine for ΑΩ Labs' customers -- November, 2008 Edition
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To Our Readers in the U.S. -- The products mentioned on this page, and the information presented herein, have not been examined or evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Latest In Our
Campaign To
Weed Out
Counterfeit Product

Bevan Potter
Health CentreForce
In the aftermath of last month's Ashwin -- wherein we address two notable cases involving counterfeit Cansema® product, we have received tremendous positive response from our customers -- but also the ire of those we expose.
A casual perusal of Health in Australia details an astonishing number of graphics, text, etc. that are identical to those on the Alpha Omega Labs' website -- all taken without our permission. *
Worse yet, is the use of Cansema® as the name for their lead product.
When we announced the introduction of our Compensation for Fake Product program, we did not include Health CentreForce for three reasons: (1) We had not yet investigated their level of copyright and trademark infringement, (2) We were not initially getting the level of complaints from their customers that we are now, and (3) There had been a cordial relationship with the company's owner -- Bevan Potter -- as an Alpha Omega Labs' customer, prior to my arrest by FDA officials.
Two days ago I received a personal email from Bevan Potter himself.
Far from an apology for having stolen so much of our intellectual property and having used it for 5 years -- Bevan boldly asserts that there's nothing wrong with what Health CentreForce has been doing.
As was the case with Toby McAdam's extortion letter, we, again, found ourselves in the position of not being able to avoid a response.
That response -- setting the record straight -- is provided herein.

Health Centreforce

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship . . . "

Dr. Benjamin Rush -- (1745-1813)
Founding Father, United States of America
Co-Signer, Declaration of Independence [ 1 ]

"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face ! . . . It's just a goddamned piece of paper !"
George W. Bush
U.S. President [ 2 ]

" . . . a new Bill of Rights shall be drafted and approved by . . . [opps!] . . . (that's) classified."
"Rep. John Haller"
Spoof video from Onion News Network
The Homeland Terrorism Prepareness Bill (HR 8791)
July, 2008 [ 3 ]

When The Atrocities of Government Agents
Exceed Those of Hardened Criminals

This month I received an email containing a news article from an old friend, Mike Adams -- the editor of and soon-to-be ex-pat. [ 4 ]
FDA Badge Mike Adams has uncovered a conspiracy within the FDA to shakedown natural product companies in order to extract bribes. His allegations are very specific as to the process -- and not so specific as to his news sources (since they are still in the U.S. and will only receive greater retribution if they were identified as those leaking the horrific details). (Read Mike's article -- dated October 21, 2008).
FDA logo What makes this development newsworthy isn't the criminal extortion activity, per se -- after all, both legislative houses of the U.S. Government recently ripped off the American taxpayer for $700 billion, paying off irresponsible elistist bankers for years of breaktakingly bad business decisions. [ 5 ] Within the FDA itself, it has been known for years that "BigPharma" has been funding the FDA with both overt and covert "user fees" (i.e. bribes). [ 6 ]
John Armand's calling card In the September issue of the Ashwin I was specific about details of my own shakedown at the hands of the FDA. Moreover, I provided further details in a rebuttal to an extortion letter I received from AO Labs' competitor and professional FDA snitch, Toby McAdams.
Far more important, however, is what these developments mean to ordinary Americans. The U.S. FDA is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the public in the areas of food, drugs, and cosmetics. In recent years, a veritable avalanche of dangerous drugs have flooded the market, harming, even killing, millions of consumers. [ 7 ]
Alpha Omega Labs came into existence with Cansema® in the early 1990's, but Cansema® itself is the descendent of a safe, effective, and inexpensive herbal formula that was announced to the world as a "cure for cancer" in 1858 from Middlesex Hospital in London (then one of the world's most prestigious, orthodox medical institutions). In researching Meditopia®, I discovered that the formulary knowledge goes back much farther -- at least as far back as Paracelsus in the 1500's . . . a fact that forms the backbone of the second chapter of Meditopia®. [ 8 ]
Can the public trust an institution that has been part of a massive coverup to suppress a very simple method of curing cancer --- for no less than 500 years? In exchange for bribe money? [ 9 ]
In this light, the latest criminal racket by FDA agents is but a small reflection of a larger, much more ominous phenomenon.
It is this larger deception of the public that should concern not just Americans, but consumers the world over.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. McWilliams, Peter; Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society, p. 561-570.
  2. With so many people hearing this comment at a White House meeting, you can see the quotation everywhere. We'll just quote Capitol Hill Blue.
  3. This biting satire comes from the The Onion News Network. There is, of course, no Rep. Haller, but I include this piece of fiction simply because it frighteningly follows Shakespeare's observation, namely that "many a truth has been spoken in jest." It accurately depicts the level of contempt for which elected officials in the U.S. -- with the exception of a handful of remaining good souls, like Ron Paul -- have for those who elect them to office. See also on YouTube
  4. Mike Adams is moving to Vilcabamba, Ecuador --- and is not shy about why he loves the place. Like another friend of ours who lives there, Dr. Brian O'Leary, Mike has decided to settle in the "Valley of Longevity." . . .
    As an aside, when Mike Adams broke this story on the newest scam coming out of the FDA, I called a friend in the U.S. who is still a natural products manufacturer there to get his take. I asked him because he regularly speaks with an FDA consultant who was a careerist (now semi-retired) with the FDA and assists members of the natural health community with questions about FDA policy and procedure. My conversion with my friend went something like this -- and I repeat it here only because it is quite instructive:
    "Well . . . did you talk to your FDA consultant?," I asked.
    "Sure did."
    "Yeah? . . . So what's the take-away?"
    "He says Mike Adams is full of shit."
    "How's that work?"
    "Well . . . the report just isn't credible . . . FDA agents just don't do this kind of thing . . . There are procedures to be followed . . . Before the FDA ever targets someone, they get a 'Warning Letter' first . . . Plus, agents who take bribes have a way of getting caught."
    " . . . and you believe this?"
    "Well, I guess . . . why shouldn't I?"
    "You know good-and-well that it doesn't comport with my own experience."
    "I think your case is different."
    "Meaning what? That I'm special? That the FDA just singled me out . . . decided to send Warning Letters to everybody else but me? That John Armand is the only bribe-taking FDA agent out there on the take? . . . "
    "Well, no . . . more like your case is not the norm."
    "Oh really? . . . What about the late James Kimball? He didn't get a Warning Letter -- and, in fact, spent hundreds of thousands to get NDA approval with the FDA. He thought he was on good standing with the FDA the day he got arrested. And because of what they did to him in U.S. Federal prison he is now dead . . . Or Michael David Forrest? What about him? Did he get a Warning Letter when agents working with the FDA kidnapped him in Paraguay and brought him back to the U.S. under completely bogus 'child support' charges, when the guy doesn't even HAVE children -- only to hit him with ever bigger, bullshittier FDA charges when they got him back in the U.S. -- charges so fictitious that they were too embarrassed to present them to corrupt, Paraguayan law enforcement agents? . . . I could spend an entire day giving you cases that I know like these --- the tip of the iceberg . . . "
    "OK . . . so what's your point?"
    "I believe you were just given the 'common narrative' as it relates to FDA mythology."
    "And what does that mean?"
    "You got the 'Santa Claus' version of what goes on with these people . . . You got the version that is believeable only by those who are still gullible enough to believe that the individual matters; that law and justice can be relied upon; that the purpose of law is to remove the caprice of powerful individuals; that truth matters -- and someone will want to know it; that it makes sense to stand up and do the right thing . . . "
    "You're making this up, Greg."
    "Well, actually, I'm sitting here, stealing it from C. Fred Alford [" Whistleblowers: Broken Lives & Organizational Power"], but my point is . . . you were given a version that WOULD be truthful if the FDA DID follow the law, if the FDA had NOT descended into just another racketeering operation whose agents just carry these funny little metal badges . . . "
    "So . . . this is your way of saying I have something to worry about?"
    "Not necessarily . . . but what I am saying is that even though I have not spoken with any of Mike Adams' contacts, I find his report to not only be highly credible, but very consistent with everything I observed in how the FDA operates. And there are few people who have seen the FDA 'up close and personal' as I have. It is the face of an evil so vile that I cringe when I think about it -- if only because I know that most Americans have no idea as to the degree to which their government has sold them out . . . "

  5. By sheer coincidence, an article by former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Robert on this subject came out on the same day (10/21) as Mike Adam's news release. It is apply entitled, A Government of Thieves: When Greed is Rewarded.
  6. Penny, Laura; Your Call is Important to Us: The Truth about Bullshit, p. 114. Read entire section on BigPharma and FDA corruption, p. 113-139.
  7. The market is now awash with books that document the deceptive practices of the FDA. A handful that I recommend include: Stop the FDA by John Morgenthaler; Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine by Dr. John Abrahamson; The Drug Lords: America's Pharmaceutical Cartel by Tonda R. Bian; What Doctors Don't Tell You: The Truth About the Dangers of Modern Medicine by Lynne McTaggart . . . among many others.
  8. Meditopia® -- now largely complete -- will be released in separate chapters over the next several months on this site -- for free. The link above opens Chapter 2: Escharotics, 500 Years of Suppression.
  9. I am well aware that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration -- and the monstrous political creations that preceeded it -- have only been around since 1906. Nonetheless, that means that the FDA has scandalously partaken of the "great cancer coverup" for at least a century of the 150 years since the directors of Middlesex Hospital announced to the world in 1858 that a predecessor to Cansema® was a proven, clinically tested cure for cancer. In all of recorded history I regard the FDA to be the single greatest suppressor of medical facts and discovery of any organization -- anywhere. In the course of protecting its "pride, profits, and prejudices" it has killed more people than those consumed by all the the wars of modern times combined.

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