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iodox is a product made through an associate company here in Ecuador, which has government "registro" (approval for sale throughout Ecuador) for sale as a "disinfectant." It is a form of stabilized, pharmaceutical-grade chlorine dioxide, which has been in wide use for a multitude of purposes for over 200 years. "Chlorine dioxide was discovered in 1811, and has been widely used for bleaching purposes in the paper industry, and for treatment of drinking water. More recent developments have extended its application into food processing, disinfection of premises and vehicles, mold eradication, air disinfection and odor control, treatment of swimming pools, dental applications, and wound cleansing." 1
Biodox is a product where the chlorine dioxide is stabilized in purified water. It differs from what is widely referred to as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solutions) which is an aqueous solution of sodium chlorite, which must be activated to produce the chlorine dioxide gas that is used for therapeutic purposes. 2 Both lean on the same antimicrobial properties of chlorine dioxide. It should be noted that the laws regarding the use of chlorine dioxide vary widely and need to be observed. (It should be noted that the snafus last week over a comment President Trump made concerning the use of a "disinfectant" to treat CoVid-19 was, in fact, a reference to chlorine dioxide. The media immediately proceeded to go into "gang rape" mode on the revelation with its usual delivery of disinformation.) 3 For example, in the United States the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) strongly advises consumers not to use chlorine dioxide, or at least not consume it. 4 This may seem confusing to some people because under U.S. Title 21, Subchapter B, Part 173, Subpart D, Section 173.300, the FDA's own guiding law specifies that: "Chlorine dioxide (CAS Reg. No. 10049-04-4) may be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:," and then those conditions are specified.5
There is no doubt, in my mind, that chlorine dioxide has therapeutic properties, I took ClO2 (in the form of MMS), along with Vitamin C, zinc, and Lugol's Iodine 15% when I got CoVid-19 on March 5, 2020 here in Ecuador. My recovery was rapid and I never missed a day of work. There were others in my area about my age who died. I lived. This is just an anecdotal observation. I'm not saying this constitutes a clinically verified cure.
Regardless (and this applies to wholesalers) our advice is to KNOW the law in your own jurisdiction and don't violate it. I will go one step farther: even IF there were no laws or regulations with respect to the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide, it isn't a good idea to make any medical claims about it, simply because you would only upset medical authorities in the area where you live.
These people are mean, and they CAN hurt you.

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If you restrict your usage of Biodox to cleaning and disinfecting household surfaces, you will find, as we have, a multitude of uses. It is a far superior disinfecting solution to a plethora of toxic cleaning agents that most people routinely use now.

Decontamination Properties of Chlorine Dioxide
Since the 1920s, chlorine dioxide has been known for its disinfecting properties. It was recognized as a chemo-sterilizing agent in 1984; and in 1988, it was registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for use as a sterilant. The USDA has deemed chlorine dioxide as certified for organic use in crop production, as an algicide, disinfectant and sanitizer. In addition, no corrosion is observed when using materials such as stainless steel, Lexan, and various other plastics such as Delrin, Teflon, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). With appropriate delivery equipment and care, chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective means of decontamination.
A significant safety feature of chlorine dioxide is that it has a distinct odor much like a swimming pool, making even minor leaks self-alerting, well below the human habitation safety limit. Both gaseous and aqueous phase chlorine dioxide has been proven to be an effective sterilizing agent that has broad and high biocidal effectiveness. Both forms of chlorine dioxide have been reported to effectively inactivate pathogens, including all viruses, bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, molds and yeasts.
Gaseous chlorine dioxide has proven to be an effective sterilant. Jeng and Woodworth (1990) reported the sporicidal activity of chlorine dioxide gas. Gaseous chlorine dioxide has successfully been used to decontaminate B. anthracis (anthrax) contaminated areas of the Hart Senate Office Building and the Brentwood postal sorting facility in Washington, DC. Hans et al. also reported high efficacy of chlorine dioxide gas in reducing Bacillus spores on paper, plastic, epoxy-coated stainless steel and wood surfaces. Additionally, much research has demonstrated that chlorine dioxide gas is highly effective in eliminating foodborne pathogens such as E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella.

Chlorine Dioxide Is a Sterilant
In microbiology the probability that an object that has been subjected to a sterilization process may nevertheless remain nonsterile is called the sterility assurance level (SAL). The SAL is used to measure the probability of microorganism survival and measured in orders of magnitude reduction, also called a "log" reduction.
Chlorine dioxide, when applied correctly, provides for sterilization (6-log reduction). Chlorine dioxide is therefore defined as a chemical sterilant and is a selective oxidant that effectively destroys several components of microbial cells. It destroys the DNA in cells and, therefore, microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and mold are unable to build up a resistance. Because chlorine dioxide is selective, the oxidizing action is retained longer than other fumigation agents such as peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide, therefore allowing for maximum kill.

Aug 2020 Update: Practitioner Use of ClO2 in
Ecuador in the alleged successful treatment of CoVid
Chlorine dioxide is illegal in many other countries for the treatment of CoVid. However, in their desperate search for products and protocols that actually work, many conscientious practitioners here in South America have turned to approaches with proven track records -- approaches that are outside internationally recognized guidelines.
Inspired by the findings of Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker in Europe, who has spent the past 13 years researching the curative effects of ClO2, practitioners here in Ecuador began using Biodox several months ago to treat their most severe cases. Between the different physicians who have used ClO2, I myself know of well over 1,000 cases that have been successfully treated. (I used it, among other things, when I myself had CoVid last March.) Note that many of these patients were alternatively taking Vitamin C, D, zinc, magnesium and other adjuncts -- nutrients which I myself have been advocating since February, 2020 -- so these claims cannot be construed as constituting a cure. These physician reports are anecdotal and do not carry the weight of formal double-blind studies. Nonetheless, the success of ClO2 for the treatment of CoVid has been so noticeable that one third of all Catholic bishops in Ecuador got together and wrote a letter to President Lenin Moreno last month (July) requesting that its use as an effective medical treatment be formally recognized. They specifically referred to chlorine dioxide as a "proven CoVid cure." Moreover, they specifically condemned the behavior of the orthodox medical community and the World Health Organization by name, going to far as to request the removal of Ecuador's health minister, on the basis of malfeasance. I repeat these events, because they have been in the media. (Please do not take observation for advocacy.)
I am reproducing the protocol they are using below, in both English and Spanish. I am providing this information for research purposes only, because in the majority of countries in which we operate, no form of chlorine dioxide is approved for official medical use. Use is legally restricted to disinfecting only. It should also be noted that the official position of medical orthodoxy is that ClO2 has no medical benefit whatsoever. The official position of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is that chlorine dioxide, used for medical purposes, is dangerous and harmful and will prevent patients from seeking out conventional doctors who provide authorized treatments. That is, none of the thousands of cases and studies in which chlorine dioxide has been employed are valid. We ask that those interested in this area do their own research and come to their own conclusions.
For products, like Biodox, that are stabilized chlorine dioxide at the 2,000 PPM level, the following protocol is being widely utilized by hundreds of practicing physicians:
Protocol in English: Take 15 ml. (one Tablespoon) of 2,000 PPM chlorine dioxide and put it in one liter (1,000 ml. or roughly one quart [946 ml.]) of purified water. Mix well and refrigerate in a dark plastic bag, or something sufficient for the mixture to not be exposed to light when not in use. During the day, take 125 ml. of the solution every hour. Thus, the container will be consumed over eight hours. Repeat daily until CoVid symptoms are gone. Severe cases: For severe cases, particularly where troubling respiratory illness is manifest, consume 125 ml. of this same solution every fifteen minutes. Thus, the container will be consumed over two hours. Repeat until symptoms are gone. Contraindication: For best effect, do NOT take any citrus product or any other consumable containing Vitamin C within three hours of consuming a chlorine dioxide product.
Protocolo en español: Tomar 15 ml. (una cucharada) de 2000 ppm de dióxido de cloro y colóquelo en un litro (1000 ml. o aproximadamente un cuarto de galón [946 ml.]) de agua purificada. Mezclar bien y refrigerar en un recipiente o bolsa de plástico oscura, la mezcla no debe exponerse a la luz cuando no esté en uso. Durante el día, tomar 125 ml. de la solución cada hora. Así, el contenedor se consumirá durante ocho horas. Repita todos los días hasta que desaparezcan los síntomas de CoVid. Casos graves: Para casos graves, especialmente donde se manifieste una enfermedad respiratoria preocupante, consumir 125 ml. de esta misma solución cada quince minutos. Por lo tanto, el contenedor deberá consumirse en dos horas. Repita hasta que desaparezcan los síntomas. Contraindicación: Para obtener el mejor efecto, NO tome ningún producto cítrico ni ningún otro consumible que contenga vitamina C dentro de las tres horas de consumir un producto de dióxido de cloro.


  1. "Chlorine dioxide" -- Wikipedia. For a wider list of uses, consult Chemical Safety Facts. In this link, look under "Industrial/Manufacturing Uses."

  2. An example would be our own AO Chlorite which is not legal in all countries and for which we ask customers to investigate its status in your country of residence, as laws regarding its legalized use vary widely.

  3. Chlorine Dioxide, "Disinfectant" & CoVid-19 -- A little background is needed here. MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) goes back to the work of Jim Humble, to whom I was introduced in the early 2000's by a mutual friend in Ohio. I talk about this on our AO Chlorite page. I and my family have personally used MMS or variations of it to support our own health for almost 20 years. We are aware of what it is, what it does, what it treats, what it doesn't, but our use of it is mostly personal. We don't advertise it, and when people buy it, they have to have a foreknowledge of what it does. We are aware that this is a sensitive political area.
    So fast forward to last week (around Apr. 24, 2020).
    It appear that President Trump was contacted by someone representing Genesis II -- a self-styled church group which has made MMS a "sacrament" as a means of legally circumventing regulations. This was what was reported in the Media. Trump was obviously told what MMS does and the results people have been getting. Subsequently Donald Trump, in a televised Coronavirus press conference, made tangential references to chlorine dioxide without mentioning the compound by name. For that, he was gang raped by the media for suggesting that chlorine bleach should be injected to wipe out the Coronavirus "within a minute."
    Here's the problem with the "fake news" attack.
    Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) isn't chlorine bleach (mainly sodium hypochlorite (NaClO)).
    And success in treating CoVid-19 is exactly what some clinicians are reporting.
    Last month, Dr. Klinghard (M.D.) of the Klinghard Institute reported that medical doctors in Berlin were having success in treating CoVid-19 using MMS -- the very thing that the "fake news" has been so rigorously denigrating.
    Closer to home, a medical doctor in Ecuador has gone public, noting considerable success in "curing" (yes, he used the Spanish word "curar") CoVid-19. He made this announcement during an interview on "Ecuador en Vivo." This, in our opinion, is enough evidence to justify further research.

    North Korea has been aggressively using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) -- (go to 0:45)
    and has reported no CoVid-19 deaths -- despite the fact that it shares a border
    with China. Could this be true? We may never know.
    That said, there are element of the reporting where we must interject. For example, if it is true that Genesis II is representing that MMS (chlorine dioxide) "cures 99% of all disease," this would not comport with our experience. In fact, it's a gross exaggeration. In our experience as naturopaths and herbalists, a great many illnesses have psychological, even spiritual, etiologies. No chemical compound will ever will be found that cures most diseases. However, any honest discussion of chlorine dioxide must come down to clinical results that are untainted by political considerations or the protestations of a "bought-off" media. In the end, the controversies surrounding chlorine dioxide, in whatever form in may be found, will only be settled by the light of unbiased clinical testing.
    The media's comments on the dangers must also be addressed: there is no question that if someone were using chlorine dioxide, MMS, or any other material that reduced or could be processed to make chlorine dioxide, they could hurt themselves if they took too much. The same could be said of innumerable herbal products, as well as most vitamins and minerals. For this reason, if you're going to use this compound therapeutically, we advise that you seek out an alternative practitioner that is skilled in its use. You're taking unnecessary risks if you don't.

  4. See: 'Miracle' Treatment Turns into Potent Bleach -- put out by the FDA. This section is straight to the point: "FDA says the product is sold by many independent distributors on several websites and through online auctions. Consumers should be alert when buying such an item on the Internet because the product's labeling, colors, and logos may vary.
    "According to FDA experts, drinking the amount recommended on product labels can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration. Some labels claim vomiting and diarrhea are not uncommon after the product is ingested -- and even maintain such reactions are evidence MMS is working.
    "FDA experts say MMS is dangerous, and they're advising consumers to stop using the product immediately."

  5. See a copy of this U.S. Title 21 law. Interesting the U.S. Environemental Protection Agency (EPA) has put out an interesting document, entitled Anthrax spore decontamination using chlorine dioxide. If you carefully examine this document, you'll see a variety of recommended uses for water purification -- water that people DRINK.

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Biodox (tm), 1 liter glass bottle.

Product Handling
& Shelf-Life
Although Biodox is a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide, it does have a shelf-life: plan on using your bottle of Biodox within six months of receipt to get the best results.
Additionally, we recommend that you store Biodox in the refrigerator and keep the bottle as protected from light as possible. This is in the interest of maximizing potency throughout the life of the product.

Patents & Studies
As Guidance For
Future ClO2 Research
Anticancer and Antiviral Activity of Chlorine Dioxide by Its Induction of the Reactive Oxygen Species -- "The results of this study indicate that chlorine dioxide possesses anticancer and antiviral activities probably due to its inducing activity of reactive oxygen species (ROS) production."
European Patent: EP1955719B1 / Chlorine Dioxide Gas for Use in Treating Respiratory Virus Infection -- "The present invention relates to chlorine dioxide for use in treating respiratory virus infection." Mention made of use in treating H1N1 which is a coronavirus type.
Evaluation of the antiviral activity of chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite against feline calicivirus, human influenza virus, measles virus, canine distemper virus, human herpesvirus, human adenovirus, canine adenovirus and canine parvovirus. -- "We evaluated the antiviral activity of a chlorine dioxide gas solution (CD) and sodium hypochlorite (SH) against feline calicivirus, human influenza virus, measles virus, canine distemper virus, human herpesvirus, human adenovirus, canine adenovirus and canine parvovirus. CD at concentrations ranging from 1 to 100 ppm produced potent antiviral activity, inactivating >or= 99.9% of the viruses with a 15 sec treatment for sensitization. The antiviral activity of CD was approximately 10 times higher than that of SH."
Antiviral Effect of Chlorine Dioxide against Influenza Virus and Its Application for Infection Control -- " We review current information based on the efficiency of ClO 2 solution and gas, and also discuss the application of ClO 2 against influenza pandemics outbreak."
Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) As a Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Agent for Virus, Bacteria and Yeast (Candida Albicans) -- "Explanation of the biochemical mechanisms of acid of CLO2 as an antimicrobial agent, is presented. Particular attention is given to Candida albicans, cytomegalovirus, polio virus, Herpes I and II, HTLV-III and Pseudomonas responding to the clinical application of CLO2."
Inactivation of Airborne Bacteria and Viruses Using Extremely Low Concentrations of Chlorine Dioxide Gas. -- "Here, we demonstrate that chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas at extremely low concentrations, which has no detrimental effects on human health, elicits a strong effect to inactivate bacteria and viruses and significantly reduces the number of viable airborne microbes."
Can chlorine dioxide prevent the spreading of coronavirus or other viral infections? Medical hypotheses -- Conclusion: In this editorial, we summarized the unique properties of chlorine dioxide, which make it an ideal and nonspecific antimicrobial agent at concentrations harmless to humans, and we reviewed previous research on preventing viral infections with gaseous ClO2. Based on this background, we suggested some novel hypothetical methods using chlorine dioxide to disinfect rooms, prevent human infection, and slow down viral spread. These are nonspecific methods, which could be used against any newfound virus as a first line of protection until effective specific countermeasures are developed.
Degradation of the Poliovirus 1 genome by chlorine dioxide -- "This study was undertaken to gain an understanding of the factors that influence viral RNA degradation in the presence of chlorine dioxide (ClO(2)."
Inactivation of Poliovirus with Chlorine Dioxide.
Inactivation of human and simian Rotaviruses by chlorine dioxide -- The inactivation of single-particle stocks of human (type 2, Wa) and simian (SA-11) rotaviruses by chlorine dioxide was investigated.
Evaluation of gaseous chlorine dioxide for the inactivation of Tulane virus on blueberries -- To determine the effectiveness of gaseous chlorine dioxide (gClO2) against a human norovirus surrogate on produce.
Mechanisms of inactivation of hepatitis A virus in water by chlorine dioxide -- In this study, to elucidate the mechanisms of inactivation of hepatitis A virus (HAV) by chlorine dioxide, cell culture, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and long-overlapping RT-PCR were used to detect the infectivity, antigenicity, and entire genome of HAV before and after disinfection. The results revealed the complete inactivation of infectivity after a 10-min exposure to 7.5mg of chlorine dioxide per liter.
The Ability of Two Chlorine Dioxide Chemistries to Inactivate Human Papillomavirus-contaminated Endocavitary Ultrasound Probes and Nasendoscopes -- For the first time, two chlorine dioxide chemistries are tested and shown to be efficacious in killing HPV. This study tested drying the infectious virus directly onto endocavitary ultrasound probes and nasendoscopes, therefore validating a more realistic system to demonstrate disinfectant efficacy.
Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of a Chlorine Dioxide Solution -- This study is noteworthy, since it uses a chlorine dioxide solution (UC-1) with the same concentration level as Biodox: 2,000 ppm of gaseous chlorine dioxide.
Growth Inhibitory Effects of Chlorine Dioxide on Bacteria -- "This study will provide fundamental data to research growth inhibition by ClO2 gas with bacteria of clinical importance value."
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) -- This chapter discusses the characteristics and generation of ClO2, the basis of its antimicrobial action, and its antimicrobial effects on the safety and quality of produce.
Growth Inhibitory Effects of Chlorine Dioxide on Bacteria -- (complete study) -- This study will provide fundamental data to research growth inhibition by ClO2 gas with bacteria of clinical importance value.
Efficacy of chlorine dioxide mouthwash against halitosis -- Gargling with mouthwash containing ClO2 is effective against halitosis in the capacity of lowering the levels of the VSC components, namely, H2S, CH3SH, and (CH3)2S, in the oral cavity. Unlike in the control group, the test group indicates that gargling with mouthwash containing ClO2 is effective in reducing halitosis.
A Focus on Chlorine Dioxide: The Promising Food Preservative -- "In conclusion, as a strong oxidizing agent, ClO2 has the potential tobe an alternative to Cl2 to maintain the postharvest storage quality and enhance the microbiological safety of foods, without posing any healthrisks to consumers."
Chlorine Dioxide Is a Size-Selective Antimicrobial Agent. Conclusion: "Chlorine dioxide is a size selective antimicrobial agent which can kill micron sized organisms rapidly, but cannot make real harm to much larger organisms like animals or humans as it is not able to penetrate deeply into their living tissues. Moreover, the circulation of multicellular organisms can provide an additional protection to these organisms against ClO2."
Reports of Internal Protocol -- We have reports from Germany where a similar 2,000 PPM stabilized chlorine dioxide gas solution is being used.
Their "prevention" protocol is: "Take 1 ml. (approximately 20 drops), two times per day -- for two to three days. No longer. Then cease all consumption for seven days. Repeat. This is like prevention if you are exposed."
Their "treatment" protocol is: "If you have symptoms, take 1 ml., three times per day for anywhere from five to fifteen days. Then recover with iron supplementation. Do not take citrus during the days that one is taking chlorine dioxide because it neutralizes it."
This should be investigated for veracity.
Note that physicians in Ecuador as using a much stronger protocol. (See article above).
The Universal Antidote: The Science & Story Behind Chlorine Dioxide -- Interactive Reference Guidebook> -- A definitive guide concerning the many curative properties of properly administered chlorine dioxide. (PDF booklet, 79 pages).