Gotas Drops
Gotas or "GS Drops"® from Uruguay
is now accepted as a legitimate
cancer treatment by many practitioners
in South America.
Will its success migrate north?

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2 fl. oz. (240 ml.) Availability

The addition of "GS Drops®" (1) to the Alpha Omega Labs' line of cancer support products follows the introduction of our newest Cansema and CanSupport products (which we manufacture "in-house") and the Protocel line.
We introduce GS Drops knowing that no one product "works" in every case (although the Gotitas web site below makes more liberal statements in this regard). There is, within a wide range of modalities, therapeutics, and varying protocols, no magic approach to dealing with cancer. But, like Cansema, GS Drops has reportedly helped in thousands of cases, including a broad range of cancer cases, psoriasis and varicose veins. The product is used by many oncologists and general practitioners in that country in place of chemotherapy and radiation treatment despite some "complementary" overtures in the Gotitas web site presentation.
Since our GS Drops come directly from the manufacturer (Renilur, S.A. in Montevideo, Uruguay) and Alpha Omega Labs acts only as the repackager, pertinent links are provided below. Claims are quite liberal compared to advertising standards in other countries (notably U.S. and British commonwealth countries), so if you are a reseller, please take note:
  • Opening Page -- English version
  • Protocol / Dosages -- everyone should read this page who intended to use the product. This page serves as the product's primary "User Instuctions."
  • Francisco Esteras -- the distributor for Alpha Omega products in Puerto Rico is also a consultant for GS Drops. This page provides additional information.
  • Testimonials -- the presentation of actual case histories is still quite small, certainly not on the order of testimonials for Cansema. Nonetheless, from the reports we have received in the field, we feel that more substantial cases - in number and pathological type - will be forthcoming. Also -- Renilur is sponsoring clinical studies that we feel should provide more proof of the product's efficacy.
If you have more questions on this product, please email us.

To U.S. Users: Neither this product, nor the comments contained on this page, have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Note: GS ® Drops and Gotas ® are registered trademarks of RENILUR S.A. - Calle Colonia Nro. 1104 Apto. 19 - Montevideo - Uruguay. Telefax: (+598) 2 908 7124 - (+598) 99 703.085 (+598) 99 221.700

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