HRx (tm) Hydroxide Concentrate Starter Kit

HRx (tm) Hydroxide Concentrate
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An Introduction to HRx Hydroxide Concentrate
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T here are only two components to the HRx program: (1) The HRx Concentrate (because its more economical for us to sell the concentrate and have you add water to make the finished solution), and (2) pH Strips, which serve two functions. The first, and more important, is your monitoring of your pH daily. As we state on the HRx Introduction page, upon arising in the morning, you take a pH reading of your saliva and urine. Take the total and divide by two. Now, we realize that even with "narrow range" pH strips, such as we provide in our HRx Starter Kit (pH 4.0 to 7.0), you have to deal with incrementalism. That is, these strips do not yield the professional results of commercial pH testing equipment, which give read-outs to two or even three decimal points. But we also do not have to have this level of precision to accomplish our objective. Yes, the "narrow range" pH strips are within 0.3 in the area you need to monitor. With simple "visual interpolation," you can further close in to within plus or minus 0.1 pH. Again, this is sufficient.
One other thing you might want to do is monitor the pH of your finished water. We know from experience that if you follow our instructions and add 1.5 fluid ounces to a gallon of purified water, the pH of the "finished solution" will be about 9.0. But there are reasons to purchase the 6.5 to 10.0 test strips. You will notice, if you test for it, that even distilled water purchased in the supermarket is in the 6.0's. It is not a neutral 7.0, as you might think. There can be considerable variances in water between one area and another. Also, you may be using purified water that is not as pure as you think and, again, if the pH of your "base water" is considerably more acidic than the mean average, you would need to add more HRx concentrate to get to a finished solution pH of 9.0. This is something you should consider. Note that all pH indicator strip sets are available on our order page.
If you follow our General Use Instructions, read this page, and still have questions, you can always for further clarification.

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Pre-Purchase Instructions

Like our H3O Concentrate, our HRx Concentrate is sold both in a "kit," which comes with (1) One 8 fl. oz. (240 ml.) HRx concentrate - enough to make in excess of 5 gal. (19 liters) of finished product, or 10 days worth of consumption if you drink 2 quarts per day; and (2) One set of EM Science pH strips -- "narrow range," covering pH 6.0 to 10.0 in increments of 0.3.
See picture at left (half of the chart has been enlarged for easier viewing - see our pH Testing Strips page for other photos of the strip sets.)

Code 1080 -- HRx Hydroxide Starter Kit --- (Consists of one Code 1085 & one Code 9583 set of pH strips in the 6.5 to 10.0 range.)

Code 1085 -- HRx Hydroxide Refill --- (8 fl. oz. - Makes about 8 gallons at 1 fl. oz. to one gallon ratio)

Code 1086 -- HRx Hydroxide Refill --- (32 fl. oz. - Makes about 32 gallons at 1 fl. oz. to one gallon ratio)

Note: Code 1086 is scheduled for re-introduction on or about Dec. 1, 2009

pH indicator strips
Making the most of your HRx Concentrate involves a regular monitoring of pH: your own pH (through measurements of saliva and urine), and, to a lesser extent, if you wish to be precise, the pH of the solutions you make. (We "get you in the ballpark" by providing a protocol that asks you to add 1.5 fluid ounces per gallon of purified or distilled water. This newly prepared solution will run about pH 9.0, depending on the base water's pH and purity.)
Two different pH sets (each of which run $9.50 USD in our order center) are useful to this process. The first is Code 9582, which comes in the Starter Kit (Code 1080 above) and measures from pH 4.0 to 7.0, and Code 9583, which monitors 6.5 to 10.0, ideal for measuring your finished solutions before consuming. We carry four different EM Science pH indicator testing strips, and we advise you to read our pH Test Strips page to familiarize yourself with their uses.
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