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We occasionally get interesting mail that neither fits the description of a testimonial or merits inclusion in our monthly Ashwin. Yet, for its wit, originality, newsworthiness, or even thoughtful provocation, we feel other Alpha Omega customers might want to read it.
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September 1, 2003

Subject: Letter ot the Editor -- Spirit of Change

[Editor: The following "Letter to the Editor" appears in the current issue of Spirit of Change, a holistic health publication in New England (USA). Though Alpha Omega Labs is only mentioned in passing, we felt other elements of the letter were thought-provoking and insightful for those dealing with an ongoing cancer battle.]

Dear Carol,

It always surprises me to come across another article like the one in the last issue by Karen Dillon about her breast cancer. It surprises me to see that so many people still assume the best or only options for cancer are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (otherwise known as slash, burn, and poison). I refuse to believe that God put us here to live in fear of dread diseases and to ransom our health back from the medical profession for tens of thousands of dollars. Although Ms. Dillon was lucky, too many women are going through ordeals like hers and having their breasts cut off for no reason. The situation for men isn't much better. It's time to get the word out: cancer, like any disease, is not a random misfortune. There are reasons for these things. When you understand the reasons, you can get rid of them.

I know that clammy feeling of discovering you have cancer--that something is chewing away at you every second. I've had cancer three times and have gotten rid of it each time without conventional treatment (or going to a doctor). Each time, I came to realize, it was because I wasn't following one of the guidelines below. Each time, I've learned more about it and gotten rid of it faster. I've written a long article about my experience and what I've learned, posted on a web site I created for holistic health information: However, the main points are simple, and I can summarize them here.

Cancer is not hard to get rid of, but there are five things you must do, and you must do them strictly. Sporadic adherence is not sufficient.

  1. Cancer is a toxicity issue. Therefore, you must stop taking in more toxicity. If you're in any doubt as to what this means, see Michio Kushi's book The Cancer Prevention Diet. It means a strict vegetarian diet: organic produce and grain, no animal products, no dairy, no refined, chemicalized, or processed foods, no oil, and no sweets, caffeine, alcohol, or spices. The best way to do this that I know of is macrobiotics, because it's based on the principles of Chinese medicine and the idea of using the energy in food to promote health and help you heal. Avoiding electricity in cooking (microwaves, electric ranges) and chewing well are also helpful.
  2. Besides not taking in more toxicity, you have to make sure your body is able to eliminate the toxicity that's already there. This is not as simple as having a daily bowel movement, although some people don't manage even that. It means making sure the organs are working together optimally and particularly that the liver, which eliminates toxins, and the gallbladder are functioning properly. Virtually everyone has some kind of energy blockage that needs to be fixed. The best way I know of to do this is Touch For Health, which uses applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, to ascertain which systems aren't working well and balance them. The web site contains interviews with several Boston-area practitioners and a description of muscle testing.
  3. In addition to toxicity, any nutritional deficiencies must be addressed. Virtually everyone has nutritional deficiencies now, because of the poor quality of the soil in which conventional produce is grown and because most people don't eat enough produce anyway. But even organic produce doesn't have everything we need. Herbs are a good way to remedy these deficiencies. Herbs are foods, so the body assimilates them better than chemically synthesized vitamin or mineral pills. Herbs also have trace elements that promote their action, which synthetic products don't. However, herbal manufacturers are not all the same--some make much higher quality products than others. Low-quality herbs are a waste of time and money and can even be counterproductive. Muscle testing by a competent practitioner is a good way to find what you need, how much, how often, and for how long.
  4. For a certain period, while the body is coming back into balance, you may need something to kill the cancer. On the web site, I list a couple of preparations I've found effective. One of them is called Cansema Tonic I, made by Alpha Omega Labs in the Bahamas ( It contains chaparral, a traditional cancer remedy, along with other herbs. The only drawback is that it tastes awful and is hard on the stomach. But considering the alternative, it's not so bad. Alpha Omega also makes other remedies that may work for some people. These are good folks--they're helpful, they charge reasonable prices, and their products work. However, the idea is not to have to take something indefinitely--just long enough to give your own defenses a chance to kick in. Nature's Sunshine, another good herbal company, has an herb called paw paw that's been shown in clinical tests (if that sort of thing interests you) to reduce tumors. Other herbal products are also available and have been effective in some cases. Whether they work depends on what you need, and it's an individual matter; one size doesn't fit all. Again, muscle testing by a competent practitioner can tell if you need these things (although you may have to buy a bottle first and take it with you for testing. But if it's unopened and you don't need it, the company will usually take it back.)
  5. If you follow all of the above, the pH of your blood should be alkaline, which is necessary, because cancer can't survive in an alkaline environment.

How long does it take to get well? It depends on how toxic you are, how far out of balance your organs are, what energy blockages you have, and how well you adhere to these guidelines. But don't expect it to drag on indefinitely. The body is extremely forgiving, and you should expect to see changes even a day or two after beginning a macrobiotic diet. You may not feel better--you may feel worse, because the toxicity is beginning to discharge--but you should notice something. As time goes by, there'll be periods when you feel lousy, but overall, the trend should be up. Depending on the seriousness of your condition, in three to six months the cancer should be pretty much gone. The subject of discharges is worth reading up on, and again Michio Kushi, one of the foremost teachers of macrobiotics in our time, is a good source-he covers it in The Book of Macrobiotics.

Ms. Dillon also mentions several times the clues she got from her face about her condition: "I . . . considered my face aged and dull . . . my eyes ringed with shadows . . . I looked old and tired . . . My face has always tattled when my body is sick." This is not coincidental. The face, like the hands, feet, and eyes, is a map of the body and reflects the condition of the organs. Chinese medicine has systematized specific and accurate diagnosis based on facial examination. Moreover, a macrobiotic diet and exercise will, over time, rejuvenate the appearance. Michio Kushi has contributed to understanding facial diagnosis with a small but invaluable book, Your Face Never Lies.

Although the above should be sufficient to get rid of cancer in most cases, other factors may exacerbate the problem and may need to be addressed. These include electromagnetic radiation (cell or portable phones, computers, TV, other electronic equipment, electric blankets, heating pads, waterbed heater), aluminum cookware, mercury dental fillings, and geopathic stress (or any other kind of stress).

I recall, some years ago, reading a full-page article in the Globe about the prevalence of breast cancer. One woman was quoted as saying, "We just assume we're going to get it." I felt so sorry for this poor woman. Don't assume you're going to get it, and if you do get it, don't assume you have to go the slash-burn-poison-nausea-baldness route. Can you spare a few days first to try a better way? It always reminds me of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz: she goes through the whole book trying to find a way to get back to Kansas, and at the end she learns she had the ability all along, with the witch's magic slippers. All she had to do was click her heels together three times and wish. It may be hard to believe getting rid of cancer can be that simple, but it really is if you know what to do.

Remember that disease is a message about imbalance in the body resulting from improper diet, toxins in the environment, and energy blockage. As Michio Kushi put it in the title of an article, "Civilization is the disease; cancer is the cure."


Mark Lipsman

August 25, 2003

Subject: Is Cansema the same as Can-X?

>From: Linda Groulx <>
>To: <>
>Date: Saturday, August 02, 2003 2:14 PM
>Subject: RE: [cancercured] Cansema etc
>I have a bit of black salve given to me by friend - it is the same
>recipe that they call Compound X.

They are related,  but they are not the same.

First, it is difficult to ascertain, since it now comes from multiple vendors, just what Compound X is. You have an ingredient declaration on one site saying one thing.  See: which reads:  "Contains Calcium Phosphate, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium and eleven trace minerals in a specially prepared blend of 17 synergistic herbs."   (A total improper declaration, by the way.   The elements listed could not possibly be added to the formula without being part of an inorganic compound or salt to an organic acid, etc.)    And then you have Ingrid Naiman's and Annie Appleseed Project web sites stating that it is zinc chloride and/or antimony-based.

Fortunately, we are intimately familiar with the history behind the formula.

One of our herbalists knew Howard McCreary, where the formula originated, as well as Dr. Russell Jordan of Fort Collins, Colorado, who quietly disseminated the formula, having interviewed McCreary extensively before he died. (In fact, it is zinc chloride and bloodroot (sanguinaria), that were the active components of Viadent toothpaste, whose maker, Viadent Pharmaceutical, eventually sold to Colgate Palmolive for $88 million USD.   This isn't a coincidence. Dr. Russell Jordan helped found Viadent and was its initial formulator, though Hungarian chemist, Dr. Peter Ledenyi, is the inventor on the crucial U.S. patent. Thus Compound X and Viadent have a common ancestry.)

(BTW ... The original Compound X we investigated in the late 1980's contained zinc chloride, bloodroot, and galangal root (a cousin of ginger). It was prepared by Hal Methany of Texas, who also knew McCreary quite well, and after revealing his secrets to an Alpha Omega Labs herbalist in 1990, died shortly thereafter in a mysterious plane crash not far from Giddings, Texas. That's when the decision was made to place the administration of Alpha Omega in the Bahamas.) Of course, all this was well before promoters got involved and had to sex up the history, process, formulation, and health claims (yes, health claims ---- this formula is NOT designed to be used on topical fungal (tinea) infections ... isn't it enough that it removes skin cancers and works in many cases of keratosis? --- or at least it used to). Now the addition of more hokus pokus has been added ... (it is now called Salve of Gilead ... so we expect to read any day now that Compound X was secretly passed to Moses and was used by the Twelve Tribes of Israel --- and recommendations on its use are secretly encrypted in the Book of Mormon).

The fact is, the efficacy of herbal formulas are normally ENHANCED by removing extraneous ingredients and useless excipients, not adding them. When the ORIGINAL Medicine Man (upon whom the movie was based), Dr. Wilburn H. Ferguson, found one of the most effective cancer cures even uncovered in the forests of the Amazon -- (he would eventually do very successful clinicals through the U.S. National Cancer Institute, which was all suppressed after American pharmaceutical companies specializing in oncology caught wind of the test results)) -- he spent 20 years making formula changes -- all of them involving reductions in herbal inputs that went into the formula. And just what were those changes? The Jivaro indians in the Amazon used 27 herbs in their cancer formula. He refined it into a drug and named it "ammatosin." It contains just seven. Compound X is a very simple formula, which, like Cansema Salve, comes from the early years of escharotic development in the 1800's. (We discuss early U.S. patents filed on our web site). It is relatively cheap to make. We impress on our customers that our $49.95 price comes with lifetime access to our herbalists, so that they, or their primary care practitioner, can get access to timely information, covering any physiological response they may get from the product. We have the most experienced herbalists in the world as it pertains to escharotic preparations and their properties). The danger is letting promoters into the mix and make it more complicated than it needs to be. (On the process side, that's what drug companies do.) And when you complicate things, as a general rule, efficacy suffers. We are very vigiliant to make sure that doesn't happen to Cansema.

>>>> I have been thinking of taking it internally.

It can be taken as an internal preparation, yes... or, again, it used to be. We make internal versions of Cansema, which tells you our own opinion on the subject.

>... [continued from another of Linda's posts]...
>I have read that some take it internally - a minute amount - either
>mixed in water or encapsulated for treatment of all kinds of cancer.
>I am interested in using it.

This will work in most cases of cancers of the GI tract (at least it does with Cansema), including esophageal, stomach, and colorectal --- but is less effective in advanced cases involving organs of the viscera, and brain cancers --- which involves penetration of the blood / brain barrier. We've had to explore areas well beyond escharotics to make progress in these areas at Alpha Omega Labs.

> ***to help clear up some residual bone mets from breast cancer***.
>My friend has used it when needed on his skin cancer over a 14-year
>I think he took it internally hoping it would insure the cancer not
>reoccur. Any thoughts?

Again --- it is not effective against ALL internal forms of cancer. That is why even we, at Alpha Omega Labs, have researched other, natural, escharotic and cancerolytic approaches, most of them phytopharmacological, in the pursuit of having as broad a range of effective, therapeutic solutions as possible. About half of these products are made by Alpha Omega Labs, the other products are manufactured by others and simply resold by us (i.e. Protocel and Gotas, are examples.)

If we thought that Compound X, in any of its current incarnations, was more effective than Cansema, we would carry it.

But we know better.

August 3, 2003

Subject: Carcinogenesis and proposed mycological etiologies

I have perused your website and wanted to ask what your theory might be that "cancer" is caused by a sugar-friendly diet in addition to inhaling mold and fungus. There are numerous research papers indicating that treatment with statins and things along that line have had good results. What is the concensus with the people at your website...when you hav a moment to reply, of *course?

Cancer is a collective term for about 200 different neoplastic developments. The etiologies behind cancers are clearly multiple and include genetic factors, diet (we cover this extensively at, carcinogenic chemicals (which have exploded in their number and quantitative proliferation, see Dr. Samuel Epstein's book, The Politics of Cancer Revisited, at, lack of exercise in those populations with high cancer rates (i.e. reduced systemic oxygenation), among others. A high sugar diet doesn't help cancer recovery -- and there are pleomorphic organisms that play in carcinogenesis that go well beyond the role of molds (and to what were you referring? Common aspergillus?)
Try as we may, I do not believe you can point to one single cause for cancer. Such a proposition has not taken hold, either in the orthodox nor CAM communities.

[Follow-up responses: August 5, 2003]

I realize that the idea of molds, etc. has not taken hold in the medical community. I read in JAMA that 87 per cent of doctors have an interest in the pharmecutical companies that create drugs, which, if a substance were FREE for the taking, those doctors would not make money nor would the drug companies. This is all too common of a problem.
I was referring not only to common Aspergillus but also A. fumigatus, A.oryzae, Ophiostoma piceae, Scedosporium apiospermum...the Ascomycete (sac) group of fungi, Blastomycoses dermatitidis and many others. I think it is a big problem that pathologists are not trained to recognize MOLD AND FUNGUS.

I see your point ... and considering that these, too, may exhibit pleomorphic tendencies, we may NOT know their contribution to the whole carcinogenic process.

At any rate, if you have anything further to offer, I would appreciate hearing from you again.

Will look into this more carefully, since our emphasis has been on the cancerolytic process and antimicrobial phytopharmaceuticals in general. Perhaps our focus on microbes should be more focussed and specific. Our formulas have a high reported success rate --- but there is always room for improvement, and we are very active in this area.

Thank you so much ... but be warned that if you find a "cure" for cancer, they will try and put a lid on you because then the doctors couldn't make any money nor could the pharmaceutical companies. There is an interesting story at in regard to Eissac [sic] tea.

Thanks for passing this on.
We are well aware of the politics.

July 27, 2003

Subject: Our Current Opinion on Electronic Medical Devices

I am writing an article for my website regarding electro medicine in the 21st Century. I noticed on your web site you mention the Emag, a Rife Type frequency generator. Is the device you use similar to Dr Bob Beck Variable Wave Oscillator?

We are familiar with the work of the late Bob Beck, but not this device in particular. Our manual (online) does give sufficient details about the function of the Emag, such that you could readily point out the salient differences. One distinct difference worth noting, however, is that you can independently select large magnetic OR electric fields, or even combine them. We are aware of no other device that provides these range of options.

Have you ever heard of a device called an EMT machine? Any comments about this device?

We are very familiar with the work of the late Mr.Elton Pigg and are aware of the EMT's functions. It is a radionic device. We have noticed positive benefits, as has Dr. Robert Wickman, our associate in Ecuador. We feel that its use has validity.

Dr Bob Beck's Blood Zapper and Magnetic Pulser? Any comments about these devices?

We tested both here at Alpha Omega Labs. The Blood Zapper exhibited certain anti-microbial function -- but was not even comparable in effect to taking colloidal silver, in our opinion. We did not get a favorable response from any of the subjects we tested on the magnetic pulser. Of the two devices, the blood zapper was more efficacious.

Have you tried any other Electronics Based equipment? Do you mind providing some information.. Primarily in regards to...
1. Devices you have tried and tested?

Too many to mention. Energy Wellness was a dude. The field strength of Bioray makes it a joke --- particularly at $8,000. Amazing that people do not understand that any EM device that doesn't register on a field strength meter at two or more feet isn't putting out enough ENERGY to do much of anything, unless it is clearly of the radionic variety (most are not).
We tell people to be wary of units positioning themselves as working on "subtle fields" (i.e. translation: this unit doesn't work, but if you think it's working on levels too subtle to notice anything, then maybe you won't have cause to call us back and complain).

2. The pro's/con's of the devices used?

If you use a device on numerous people and no one is noticing an improvement in their health problem(s), that's pretty conclusive to us. Another problem we see is bogus testimonials. We use testimonials ourselves, so we don't have issue with the use of them. But we have seen instances of embellishment -- an big no-no in our book.

3.The differences between them?

Too many to include in just one email.

4. Any personal recommendations and why?

The Russian Zappers, Prologue, and Emag work extremely well. Those units in the BELS / VibeMachine / Tesla Phone Machine category are a "work in progress" to reach their full potential. These magnetic resonance devices --- our research into them wasn't fruitful. Those Rife devices using the Crain frequencies are, in our opinion, marginal. The EMT, from what we can see, is quite beneficial in most cases --- but it is very much dependent on the skill of the practitioner using it.

I would seriously appreciate you input and will provide links back to your site for people who are interested in following up the information you provide.

Sure --- and if we can provide any other information, let us know.

[Editor's Note: We took the liberty of taking out typos in the above letter on the part of both parties.]

July 28, 2003

Subject: Antigen Blood Testing for Skin Cancers

I have been fighting skin cancer this summer using the Cansema salve. I read about Antigen marker tests in the Cansema guide book. What is an Antigen marker test and how effective is it?

All invasive agents give off "antigens," that the body uses to identify "friend from foe." Certain cancers have their own identifying antigens and these are what antigen tests seek to detect -- by type and amount. They are, however, almost never used in conjunction with skin cancers. If you are using Cansema Salve according to the instructions, I doubt you would need to have one done, but you may wish to consult with your primary care provider.

June 22, 2003

Subject: Lugol's versus Mercurochrome

Is Lugol's Iodine the same as mercurachrome [sic], which we put on cuts when I was a kid?

The short answer is to your question is NO.
Mercurochrome is a trademark for merbromin, a green crystalline organic compound, C20H8Br2HgNa2O6, which forms a red aqueous solution, used as a germicide and antiseptic. It is easy that someone would make this mistake. The active component in the Lugol's is iodine, while dibromide is an active part of merbromin. Iodine and bromine are both highly antimicrobial elements of the halogen family. There are similarities in appearance with the finished product, as well. In terms of antimicrobial properties, however, Lugol's would clearly be the stronger of the two.

August 6, 2003

Subject: Acemannans -- Is this the same as the 1,000:1 I've been hearing about?

Aloe Vera Acemannan - 60 Caps I've been hearing much lately about potent Aloe Products and proprietary extraction processes, etc. from many companies and I am trying as a consumer to make an informed decision.
For example, there's Dr. Wheeler's MPS-GOLD, the proprietary freeze-dried Aloe Vera powder (comprised of long chain, high molecular weight manose/galactose carbohydrate molecules. See website: m

MPS-GOLD is manufactured by Carrington Labs, unfortunutely Carrington extracts the very long/high molecular weight mannans for pharmaceutical purposes. So, basically your only getting the high, medium, and low molecular weight mannans, which are still good. But very little if any of the very long / high molecular weight, because of Carrington's extraction method. Our associates know Dr. Wheeler personally and he's been using this marketing approach for the past 8 years.

Then there's Mole-Cures A.M.P Aloe Vera capsules or powder. They say their A.M.P. Molo-Cure® is concentrated: (1,000 to 1). Due to this patented extraction process, no other Aloe product in existence contains similar concentration levels of Stabilized Mucilaginous Polysaccharides molecules. It takes approximately 8 GALLONS of fresh 100% Aloe Vera gel to make just ONE OUNCE of A.M.P. Molo-Cure®! 1,000 to 1 concentration calculation; 8 gal. = 1,024 fl. oz. 100% Aloe Vera gel. Process extracts and stabilizes the A.M.P. molecules, - 1 oz. product remaining. (Rounded; 1000 to 1 concentration of stabilized Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides.) Their web site is:

200:1 is highest concentration that exists, period. The math makes this obvious: you get 0.5% (1 part per 200) of the high quality solid, of which about 25 to 35% is acemannan, out of good inner leaf gel. How do you get 1,000:1 to one of our this --- it's just nonsense. More marketing hype. Our aloe vendor has been aware of this company for some time now and have spoke to them several times. Admittedly, they also buy from Carrington Labs.

I could go on and on but these seem to be the top two.
Then I was looking at your site as I haven't been to it lately, and I saw that you have an Aloe Product that contains long chain acemannans, etc. Is this all the same thing: acemannans, mucilaginous pollysaccharides, high molecular weight manose/galactose carbohydrate molecules, etc.?

Our Acemannan product is different from the other two sites you have references. There is a fundamental difference between the results you get in freeze-drying versus low temperature dehydration:

Freeze dried = up to 500,000 - 800,000 daltons
Dehydrated = up to 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 daltons

In the past, I have used your Cansema product on myself and my dog, and it is nothing short of miraculous. So, of course, I'm interested in your aloe, but wanted to get your opinion on all of this. The other aloe products look great, but are EXTREMELY expensive. Yours is so inexpensive it seems too good to be true. Are the products similar in ingredients and effectiveness. Do they do the same thing or what?
I appreciate any honest info.

Our product is what we say it is: it is the solid 200:1 concentrate from the inner leaf gel, not the whole leaf. Acemannan content from these aloe solids will vary, but using the dehydration process our vendor employs it will vary in the range of 25 to 35%. People who know us, know we shoot from the hip. This business, unfortunately, is high on hype -- and although we're not comfortable taking on others in the nutraceutical market to task for misrepresentation, sometimes it's unavoidable.

. . . and on July 25th, 2003, we received 'aloe' query . . .

Dear Sir, I´m very interested in aloe vera acemannan. I´m a practitioner in Austria und we know the products of FLP - Forever Living Products. They promote drinks with aloe vera specially stabilized with Vitamin C and E by various temperatures. My question is, if this drink contains remarkable amounts of acemannan.

Our product is a 200:1 dehydrated product. It is much stronger than the aloe beverages that the MLM companies carry --- and this includes Forever Living. Please keep in mind, as well, that MLM companies have to markup products 5 to 10 times in order to support their marketing efforts, most noticeably the downline commissions. You will not find a comparable product to this one in the MLM channels, and if you do, the price will be much higher.
As for getting the product quickly, call Jean Butterlin,our distributor for continental Europe. See

June 27, 2003

Subject: Closing Down Sea Silver

Please go to and read the article on seasilver. The Feds arrested the company owners and closed them down. There web site has disappeared. Who is next? I'm furious. (

We're not familiar with both sides of the case, but the use of governmental agencies by large pharmaceutical companies to suppress effective alternatives in a central argument we make throughout this site.

June 12, 2003

Subject: Cansema Salve & Potential Threat of Blockage in the Nasal Area --- (United Arab Emirates)

I have been using the Cansema Salve with success since we first corresponded – BCC & SCC treated most successfully though the procedure was painful and a very inflammatory process.
I now have a problem: The lesion is small, has been biopsied, and is a Squamous CC on the side of my nose. Bearing in mind the minimal skin area to the point of cartilage, this is rather different from the lesions I have previously had to cope with.
I am taking photos tomorrow – the lesion is small – only 3/16” diameter, a raised area same colour as my skin and slightly raised area, perfectly cylindrical, has been on my face for at least the past 20 years but has become “active” (bleeding on contact) very recently.
Is it still safe for me to use Cansema Salve, bearing in mind the inflamatory process (ie: blocking the nasal cavity and throat area)? I have the full support of my Consultant should there be problems.
Would appreciate your comments - with my very grateful thanks as I am seeing Dr. [name deleted] tomorrow at lunchtime.

There would be no problems, and, in fact, this area of the nose is a very common site for skin cancers. In all the years that people have been using Cansema Salve, we have never had one negative report along the lines that you are inferring. Pain management, you'll have to be prepared for --- but nasal or other blockage caused by edema? --- it isn't going to happen.

June 12, 2003

Subject: Getting cats to tolerate Cansema Tonic III

I ordered both the Tonic III and the Cansema capsules 2 weeks ago. I started a diary to document my cat's treatment. I just took him to the vet this morning and she said the mass (diagnosed as a fibrosarcoma) inside his mouth seems to be diminishing. You may remember corresponding with my vet, Dr Maurine Fritch in Vancouver, WA.
I wanted to update you and let you know I'll be forwarding my documentation later.
In the mean time, if anybody seems to have trouble getting the tonic down their animals, I have some advice. As you know the tonic is extremely bitter. I tried using the dropper and squirting it down my cat's throat - totally unsuccessful. He absolutely cannot tolerate the taste and started gagging and foaming at the mouth. My solution to the problem was to go to the pharmacy and get some #3 empty gel caps. #3 is small enough to get down a cat's throat, but large enough to easily contain the 5 drop dose (twice daily). You only have a minute or two before the tonic (or any other liquid) starts to dissolve the gel cap. #3 capsules are also a good size to use when you divide the contents of the Cansema capsules. I am giving my cat 1/4 capsule per day, so I divide the Cansema capsule into eighths and and fill each #3 capsule with an eighth. Give him an eighth twice a day.
Hope this info helps. I'll be sending a more complete update soon.
Thanks, Matt Furcron, Vancouver, WA

May 27, 2003

Subject: H3O --- yet another application ...

My neighbors used some water from their H3O treated SPA to mix up some concrete for a few fence posts because the outdoor faucet was broken. We were quite surprised to seee that the concrete cured many times faster than the posts that we set using tap water the day before. Can you explain this? Have you ever tried this? Thanks, Elliott of Denver Co.

We are aware of it, yes. We had second thoughts about talking about it on the site ---- after all, our orientation is health care. H3O will, in fact, speeds up the reactions of a lot of things, not just wounds and concrete. We think it will take years to uncover everything it does --- as with most new discoveries.

May 26, 2003

Subject: The "Real" Roots Behind the Tesla Photon machine

The 'Tesla Crown' of our device

Sirs, I have recently seen your product called the Tesla Photon Machine, According to the article, it states that an associate of the developer who desires to remain anonymous developed the Vibe machine. (Editor: He is referring to the February issue of our monthly Ashwin.)

Yes. He lives in Texas and his name is [name deleted.]

I can state for the record that the Vibe Machine is a knockoff of a machine that I participated in the development of in the early to mid 1990's called the BELS or Bioelectric Light Stimulator. Gene Koonce was not any part of this development and I suspect the so called developer was not either. I was one of the original people who worked in association with James Girard of Livingston, MT who after the BELS was developed decided that the technology was his, burned us, and hooked up with a venture capatalist named Larry Azure. After lengthy medical testing the unit and the application of this device were patented. The patent numbers are as follows: 6,217,604 and 5,908,444.

Thank you for the information. This is news to us. (continuing......)

I personally do not care if you guys sell this equipment. I believe that it is helpful although crude in its form of technology. I am giving you guys a heads up. It is truly unfortunate all of the bizzare (sic) things that have taken place around something that started as a labor of love. If you are interested in speaking with me give me a call at [number deleted] Good luck, Mark Hoffman

[Editor's Closing Comment: We subsequently called Mark Hoffman and got more information. He makes his own "subtle energies" device and struck us as quite credible. Lest inquiring parties think that we switched our allegiance to the Emag+ because of this issue, it is not. Price differentials, empirical observations of results to date, soundness of of each device's theoretical underpinnings -- these were the determining factors in our decision. We re-print Mark's letter as is without supporting commentary. We're not investigative journalists, so comments above should be regarded as "alleged." If you, the reader, have your OWN commentary, let us know.]

May 19, 2003

Subject: Breast Cancer query

"My wife used Cansema Salve very successfully for a cancerous lesion on her nose (please let us know if you'd like pictures - they're not pretty, but she may be willing) - thank you to everyone there for your great work! Her doctor says the scar is much less than what she would have had from surgery and he is now recommending your product to others.

This fits with most of our testimonials for Cansema Salve use in conjunction with basal or squamous cell carcinoma.

She now has a lump in her breast. Should we go for a regular diagnosis including biopsy, or what would you suggest? Do you have a product like the salve for an internal cancer, and if so what can we expect from it?"

Yes. See ... the recommended products are:

Cansema Capsules (
Cansema Tonic III ( .... and
Artemis (
We recommend a thorough read of all 3 pages prior to purchase and use.

Agaricus Blazei Murill

February 5, 2003

Subject: AO guilty of taxonomy error? (... or ... "This is errant botany up with which I shall not put!")

"The taxonomy of the mushroom known as Himematsutake or the Royal Sun Agaricus has been confused until recently. The species being grown in China, Japan and Brazil is, in fact, not Agaricus blazei but a new species, now called Agaricus brasiliensis. To read more on this bifurcation of taxa, please consult:
Wasser, S.P., M. Y. Didukh, A. de Meijer, M.L.A. de A. Amazonas, E. Nevo, P. Stamets & A.F. da Eira, 2002. Is a widely cultivated culinary-medicinal Royal Sun Agaricus (the Himematsutake mushroom) indeed Agaricus blazei Murrill? International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Vol. 4., pp. 267-290.
"We are calling it "the Brazilian blazei" as another common name to help in this transition in nomenclature."

We will inquire to insure that we are providing the correct taxonomical species name.

January 23, 2003

Subject: Ear poppingly good drops

"I received the AO Heart Drops Wednesday afternoon, and began dosage immediately. Wednesday evening my left ear kind of popped, and had a warm, wet sensation as though it were draining. Thursday morning the same thing happened to my right ear. I am looking at this as very good, (better out than in)! Am eagerly awaiting other benefits. It does seem impossible to hold it in the mouth for one minute, though!

We realize this ... but the sublingual part of the recommendation does get active components in the blood, avoiding the "first pass" phenomenon with the liver. Just do the best you can with this part of the process.

February 1, 2003

Subject: Cansema good for older dogs?

My male dog had been diagnosed with squamus cell carcinoma in the mouth and (its) very progressive. My vet advised me to put him to sleep. This happened in the middle of October, 2002.
I never give up and had a consultation with Pat McKay and after building up his immune system I started him on Cansema III weeks ago. The results are remarkable and I am very grateful.
Now I do have a female german shepherd, who is 15 years old and she developed a big tumor on the joint of her right front leg. It is the size of a medium grapefruit. I do not know whether it is malignant. Due to her age I did not want her to undergo surgery. She has had this for about one year. My question: would the Cansema Salve help or just leave it alone because of her age?

It can't hurt -- and it could only help. I would still go ahead with the application.

January 23, 2003

Subject: Six down, one to go

I have successfully used Cansema to remove six cancers from my face. The one I am doing now is on the end of my nose. My question has to do with the white area around the eschar that I have not had with the previous cancers I removed. Does this indicate I did not cover enough surface to remove the entire cancer?

No -- it is indicative of a different cancer growth, and it is very common (in fact, see our primary pictorial..., as it has this same "white ring".)

It was a very small place that looked like a broken blood vessel. I covered an area about the size of a pencil eraser with the Cansema. I would appreciate your comments on this.

If you ever have doubts, remember ... you can always do another application. Cansema will not affect normal tissue... and will only target the aberrant cell growth.

January 24, 2003

Subject: Breast Cancer Inquiry

My lady friend was diagnosed with breast cancer ... mamogram and biopsy. Being 73 years old, she didn't want to undergo surgery. I got her the CanSupport Breast Bundle and Artemis capsules and she has been on them since this past October, approximately 4 months. Couple of weeks ago she went for a thermography. On the initial readout, the doctor said she shows a cancer site, but it seemed like it was in a dormant condition. The doctor said she probably could go the rest of her life without worrying about the cancer. The thermography pictures are being sent to Michigan for further evaluation. The doctor mentioned that the thermography results are about 80% accurate.

Dormant is not the right word ... The cancer is probably dead and the body has not yet had the time to dispose of the remains. On my diagnostic systems a "dead cancer" may be reported as "dormant" -- but that misses the point and just what does "dormant" mean, anyway? Either the cancer is a living mass, capable of growing or expanding (metastasizing), or it is necrotic -- dead -- never to grow again. Doctors should note this distinction upfront.

Any thoughts on the thermography, her condition and what she should be doing from now? I just got her another order of the breast bundle and Artemis and told her to finish it and I'll check with you folks on what she should be doing. She loves the HRx ... along with the breast bundle, I got her two large bottles. If anything...nothing wrong with her taking the HRx on an occasional basis? She drinks it daily.

No .... there is no problem with taking it regularly at all. I would have her stay the course for another month, taking HRx occasionally, and doing another run of diagnostic tests in 3 months.

The terrific selection of herbs you folks offer and her positive attitude that she was going to beat this cancer has proved to be a winning combination. Thank you so much.

We say this repeatedly: there is nothing we can do to replace the power of a positive attitude as you go through the regimen. BTW .... please make sure she reads all the FREE things she can do to make sure this doesn't come back. Thoroughly go over the material at:

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