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For July, 2002

We occasionally get interesting mail that neither fits the description of a testimonial or merits inclusion in our monthly Ashwin. Yet, for its wit, originality, newsworthiness, or even thoughtful provocation, we feel other Alpha Omega customers might want to read it.
With names removed to protect privacy (unless otherwise granted) -- here, then, are our latest, selected mailbox excerpts. [ Next section ]

July 11, 2002 - (Gresham, Oregon [USA])

Subject: Cansema, Basal Cell Carcinomas and the accelerating healing properties of H3O The inability of practitioners to diagnose skin cancers in their early asymptomatic stages.

Just an update to my last note. I decided there was something suspicious about that very small spot, especially since as it was healing, I noticed another similar one starting beside it. So I once again used the Cansema over a larger area to make sure I got anything that was there.
Sure enough, there were several small eschars around the perimeter of the original spot. I think I had just gotten the center of a slightly larger lesion before, but that was all that was visible at the time. Now I think I have taken care of it. It appeared more like the first time I used the Cansema except that the eschars were not as deep.
What is interesting is that again, I started using the H3O immediately. I had used the Cansema Saturday night and waited the 24 hours then proceeded according to the directions. The second night, after washing my face, the area had some bleeding although I had been careful. That did concern me because I didn't think it should do that. Is this normal?
This does seem more like the first time I used the Cansema except that the area has now formed a scab, which looks as if it is ready to come off soon. Either I have done something wrong or the H3O has really has speeded up the whole process. Since I remember my first time with the Cansema (without the H3O) as taking a much longer time, this seems like a good thing.
The other interesting thing is that both these subsequent lesions were on either side of but adjacent to the scar from the original skin cancer and Mohs surgery. Since the object of the latter is that the margins will be clear -- in other words free from skin cancer -- this is odd. I understand that it takes about five years for skin cancers to grow, but they were not detected at the time of the surgery, which was only two years ago.
Of course, this has exacerbated my mistrust of the medical establishment's approach to skin cancer. I am certainly glad there is an alternative. The very worst thing about skin cancer is the fear and intimidation, but with Cansema there is neither.

AO Response: "The underlying formation you describe is almost "classic" for a BCC, basal cell carcinoma -- though I can't remember if that is how they diagnosed you or not .... "

(1st Response: I was not diagnosed at all of course, so have no idea what kind of cancer it was. It looked just like the one I had last fall, only smaller at first.
Well, this has been a very interesting and educational experience all around. That scab fell off in the shower this morning. It left a very deep round eschar at the lower end and a very small one at the other end. In between there is just a narrow "canal" connecting the two. I am not worried about how it will look in the future, since the original spot I treated with Cansema last fall has healed to a tiny flat place that is not noticeable at all.
The most interesting thing is that the original area (but second cancer)I treated with Cansema about a month ago was totally untouched, even though it was in the center of the area I covered this time. I think that is proof that your product does exactly what it purports to do. The cancer was apparently gone in that area, but there was some left around the lower edges that was not visible before.
Now that is gone, too.
I now think it is important to cover a larger area than what is visible. That is what I did the first time, without intending to. But it is the only way to be sure you are getting all the cancer.
Another thing is that this process has been greatly speeded up by the H3O. The main cavity is every bit as deep as with the first spot I treated with Cansema, but scab on that one didn't fall off for a week and a half. This has only been four and a half days since applying the Cansema. I have used the H3O several times since this morning and I can see it healing over already. That is an amazing product. The combination of those two is unbeatable.
And there was another little bonus for me this time. If you will recall, my Mohs surgery on the original skin cancer left me with a hard little bump at the top of the scar. That portion had never healed to a white line like the rest and retained a slightly reddish color. It was reduced somewhat the first time I used Cansema. Now that bump is gone. I can hardly believe it -- I am thrilled, but puzzled. The area I just treated is almost a half inch away from where the bump was. Makes me wonder what on earth was under it.
You may certainly use my comments. However, as a result of all these experiences, I am strongly considering writing a book and retain the copyright on the e-mails I have written you. When I was first diagnosed, there were few books to read about skin cancer anywhere. I would like other people to know they are not stuck with the barbaric mutilation of the establishment treatments. I am going to use my experience to demonstrate that.
Now I just shudder at the memory of going to one of the major hospital web sites (two years ago) and reading about a young man who had his nose removed as a result of a persistent basal-cell cancer that had been left untreated too long. Horrible. This kind of thing should not be happening to people. If they only knew about Cansema it would not!

Additional customer comments - July 14, 2002: ... BTW, less than a week after removing the bandaid from my last application of Cansema the affected area is healing well. There is a very small pit with scab, now about 1/16" in diameter with the surrounding area slightly reddish. This is truly amazing considering that a week ago tonight there was an area 1/2" X 1/4" affected by the Cansema with a large area around it that was swollen and red.
The H3O has really proven to be a speed healer, especially when used right from the beginning. I bought a new box of bandaids last Monday, expecting I would need them a week or two like the first time I used Cansema. Guess I didn't need them at all.

July 14, 2002 - (from: (Pat McDonald)

Subject: Cansema Salve & Undiagnosed Infection

In the fall of 2001 I used Cansema Black Topical Salve on my left nipple because it was very red and had become disfigured. An amazing amount of "infection" -- [Ed.: presumably "pus"] -- was released from that entire area, but the nipple was still red. I used it a second time. Alot of infection was again released, but not as much as the first time. However, this time the entire area became very scarred. I need to use the product again. Do you know of anything that might reduce the scarring,

... yes, Tru-Derm .... We carry it specifically for this purpose.

or can you suggest another product that might not have this effect? I tried the Cansema Capsules and they made me feel terrible, so I do not believe this is the way I should proceed. Thank you so much for your product. It is the only thing I have found that actully has worked. Sincerely, Julia Davies(

Cansema Capsules can be tough, for some ... which is why we created Cansema Tonic III .... Continue with the salve ... use H3O or QuikHeal to speed up healing ... and lastly Tru-Derm to minimize scarring. It works ....

(on being asked to reprint letter): You have my permission to use my correspondence with you. How can I ever repay you for helping me and literally saving my life.
Love to all at Omega Labs.

July 21, 2002 - (from: Los Angeles, CA [USA]

Subject: Elements in deciding whether or not to use Cansema Salve in a vet application

I am a chiropractor, nutritionist and animal practitioner. I have a patient that is a 14 year old male 20 lb. mixed breed dog that has a palpable tumor on it's left hind pelvic area near the ischial tuberosity that has not been biopsied but the vet assumes is malignant. The dog is in discomfort but still has the spirit to follow it's owner around and go places. He responds to adjustments of a mild nature and is able to walk better. I am leary of using the external salve because of the dogs age. What is the product you would recommend to stop the growth or begin to shrink the tumor and possibly extend this dogs life?

Age shouldn't be a significant factor in your clinical decision. Yes --- this dog MAY need analgesics, but the word "palpable" doesn't tell me the size, stage of development, or type of neoplasm were dealing with, but then I understand that none of us would know that without further testing. (If the growth is larger than a quarter-inch in diameter, you would probably want to use the analgesics).
Nothing assures success like having a growth that is close to the epidermis / dermis that Cansema Salve can access and take out in short order.... if the decision is made that the growth is too deep and we are restricted to systemics, then you rule out the assurance of a quick KO .... plus you introduce other potential problems (i.e. like Herxheimer ... because with sizeable growths, you put the burden on the liver, kidneys, etc... to deal with the die-off...)
Frankly.... go with the Salve first ... and have a connection with the vet so if the analgesics are needed, they are available. The new Cansema vet version really does have improved transdermal properties you can rely on. ... Be sure to shave the target area and rough it up a little with a wet loufa. The product works better if it doesn't have to battle its way through an extra thick stratum corneum -- a real pain with certain dog breeds ...

July 22, 2002 - (from: M. Bryan -- [USA]

Subject: Cansema Capsules & Felice Fibro Sarcoma

Thanks so much for your patience in helping me through my first experience with Cansema.
My cat had surgery in May for two very small lumps on her ribcage. The immediate biopsy of these lumps provided the diagnosis "feline fibro sarcoma."
What a horrible sinking feeling.
After searching the net for help, I found A&O Labs on Google. They answered my questions promptly & professionally. After consulting many times with my veterinarian & A&O herbalist Mr. James Carr, I decided to start my cat on a 30 course of Cansema in the capsule form. My goal was to eliminate any marginal cells of the cancer that may have been missed in the surgery.
"Grayce" is a 9 year old semi-longhaired female who has enjoyed an active, happy life & I want her to have many more years of the same. She is also stubborn, opinionated, tricky & a VERY picky eater. I solved the problem of getting the powdered Cansema down her gullet... peacefully ... by adding 2 ml. of canned tuna broth to the powder & stirring \ with a toothpick until all the powder was suspended in the liquid. It was not a difficult thing.
Next I aspirated the suspension into a 3ml pet syringe with no needle attached. I also drew an aditional 3ml of clear tuna broth in a separate pet syringe...again with no needle. I tilted her well clenched jaw to one side and gently squirted the suspended Cansema between her teeth. IMMEDIATELY I followed this with a chaser of clear tuna broth & she swallowed happily as she LOVES tuna broth.
Giving her the medication was not a problem. I followed (your) directions to start with a small amount & work up to the required dose. Never once in 30 days did "Grayce" vomit or appear to be nauseated because of the medication. Instead, she gradually regained her old vigorous appetite & was waiting for the treats that followed the med session. During the 30 days, she also gained weight & began to play enthusiastically with her feline buddies once spite of the summer heat.
It has been GREAT to see her get back to the joy of living!
My vet has been very encouraging with this project & we are now on a "wait & see" basis with "Grayce." Many thanks to A&O Labs & your herbalist (name deleted) for offering us an alternative to conventional cancer therapy.
Your kindness is deeply appreciated.

July 22, 2002 - (name and location withheld)

Subject: Are those stones coming out in the liver cleanse?

Not really a product query, but, a question.
Just completed the liver cleanse after the LB and Parasite. I didn't see a parasite at all during this stage, must be microscopic. On the Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse ... wasn't all that bad, really. The first and most of the stones that passed were like BB-sized cauliflower, a dirty yellow color, then about 20 pea-sized bright green, and at least 100 pin-head sized bright green, two pea-sized brownish green. This has all been so far. The majority is nothing like you describe, the yellowish ones. Would you think good or bad? Thanks, (named deleted).

Remember ... we recommend that there be two "cycles" back-to-back. The "yellow" chaff-like material contains microscopic parasites... and the pea-sized, bright green stones, with an absence of larger stones, indicates that your liver is fairly healthy....
In fact, what you describe is pretty much what I get when I do a liver cleanse.
Another point ... some users report a lot more coming out on the second cycle ... and the advice to stay away from caffeine, sugar, and any fats for that day leading up to the Liver Cleanse is important, as well....
These points aside, the liver chaff and stones (which would have come from gallbladder and liver) is fairly common in those people who do not have a diseased liver... even though the number of small, soft green stones wasn't great --- these little balls of fat only present health problems down the road when not taken out.
Stones are like eschars .... they vary from person to person, but it is very rare to see someone do the liver cleanse, per our instructions, and NOT take out at least a handful of stones.

July 23, 2002 - (name and location withheld)

Subject: Taking hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) internally.

Would you be kind enough to briefly answer the following two questions?>

  1. What is your opinion regarding ingesting food-grade hydrogen peroxide?
  2. Would ingesting H2O2 be a good alkalizing agent?
Thank you!

There are a host of web sites devoted to this topic, so it's no surprise that the question comes up here from time to time.
H2O2 is a very touchy subject, as is the entire field of bio-oxidative therapy in the U.S. Our feeling is that H2O2, taken internally, can be quite useful, but dosages and concentrations are critical. H2O2 is a powerful oxidizing agent, and it is quite caustic. It's benefit lies in its ability to kill pathogenic organisms, and it does so cheaply with remarkable effectiveness. It also leaves a host of free radicals behind in its wake, so if you DO go this route, you will want to seriously bone up on an anti-oxidant program that covers both water and fat-solubles (Vitamin C, E, beta carotene, selenium, glutathione) both before and after the treatment.
Something I do for myself that takes advantage of the power of H2O2 without risking any harm to my GI tract, is I buy industrial H2O2 and mix it with H3O (equal percentages) and this goes into my spa. I estimate that at any given time, my spa is 1 to 1.5% H2O2 (I use the 50% industrial grade).
We had a friend over recently who had fibromyalgia. She could only take the spa for 5 minutes, because she reported feeling a slight stinging all over her body.
For the next week, her symptoms were kept at bay. (They returned after that week ... as she returned Stateside and did nothing again that was similar to this approach).

As to pH, hydrogen peroxide, under catalysis, will break down to -OH (alkaline), but its most common breakdown is into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). If it naturally went to hydroxyls, it would not so readily co-exist with the H3O in my spa.... instead, the -OH would grab H+ from the hydronium and I'd just have a big tub with more water .... instead, the H3O and H2O2 maintain their respective integrity. I have gotten to the point where I can "taste" each of them in my spa and I know right when it is time to add more to keep my spa completely clean and microbe free.
So ... in summary .... be careful if you use H2O2 internally. I recommend following the protocols of a good naturopath, and do it for short duration and with the support of anti-oxidants to counter the after-effects of the resulting free radicals.

July 25, 2002 - (name and location withheld)

Subject: Comments about the Cansema "Heal Over" Stage.

Just wanted to let you know that my scar is doing better every day. It is now about 1.25 inches long but only 0.2 inch wide. There is a raised ridge (like a mountain range) for this entire length. At first I thought this was another BCC but my naturopathic M.D. told me it was healing very fast and that the ridge was the body's way of restructuring the tissue. Eventually it will flatten. I do see some improvement in this process.
Do you agree that the tissue acts this way during the healing process?

Without pictures, I am speculating, but I can tell you that both edema and temporary tissue protuberances are more common than not. What matters is what results at the END of the heal-over process. We routinely tell people that they should ignore the appearances of the decavitation and early heal-over stages, simply because the end result is usually so dramatically different in appearance.
From where I sit, your medical doctor is familiar with the escharotic process, knows what he's doing, and is giving you good medical advice -- quite a rarity, so be thankful you have him.

July 25, 2002 - (name and location withheld)

Subject: Mesothelioma --> Well begun is ONLY half done.

I would like to let you know that i have been taking the Cansema products for about 6 months now. My last scan shows no increase in size which is fantastic.
The scan 5 months before that showed an increase of 50%. So I am thrilled to bits.
Thanks for doing what you are doing.
Blessings, (name deleted).

So far, so good ... but stay the course, because what you want is a clean bill of health.
Too many people quit because "it's not getting worse." People should stay with the program(s) until their physician is unable to find any further evidence of the cancer itself.
As with so many things in life ... persistence and faith are key.

July 25, 2002 - (name and location withheld)

Subject: Cansema Salve ... applying to the nose.

I have been using the Salve with great success! I've used it on my forehead and in my scalp. I have used the salve twice on a spot and it still doesn't feel "right". It still tingles and just isn't finished; I can tell! I agree with your information on the H3O--I sprayed it on (the second application) 24 hours after the salve application. It immediately felt good and I carried the spray bottle with me and used it often. I tried to find the testimonial of a woman using it (in the current Ashwin) but couldn't locate it. I'll let you know, if you want, how the H3O feels on this third application.
I do have a concern and need your help! I have had several "precancerous" (per my dermatologist 9 years ago.)spots taken off my face and especially my nose. I am now getting that familiar tingling feeling and some days it drives me, it's obvious I need to do something. I am going to order the capsules again but was wondering if I can use the salve on my nose, too?
The nose is a common place where Cansema Salve is applied -- read the following page carefully as there are some notations on applying to sensitive areas:

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