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Old Amish Dewormer (now called Worms-B-Gone) was first introduced in 2002, as part of our Liver/Colon Cleansing Program. It was discontinued in September, 2003, when the FDA destroyed our facilities in the U.S.
Now, in 2016, we are reintroducing the entire Liver/Colon Cleansing Program, including Worms-B-Gone.
We encourage customers to read the original introductory article below, and if you have any questions, please write to us at
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Old Amish Dewormer

Original Formula (Alcohol Extracted)
Code 235 - 'Old Amish' Dewormer - _8 fl. oz.: $24.95
Code 236 - 'Old Amish' Dewormer - 32 fl. oz.: $79.95
Glycerine Extracted Formula
Code 237 - 'Old Amish' Dewormer - _8 fl. oz.: $24.95
Code 238 - 'Old Amish' Dewormer - 32 fl. oz.: $79.95
Note: Glycerine rated completely safe by CSPI.
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"Worms" you will find when you use this product!

The known number of parasites species that can infect a human body run
 in the hundreds of thousands
These eggs (magnified 60x) came from the bowels of an M.D. who thought he was in good health. It is rare to find someone who does NOT have worms - they are just that prevalent. Within 2 to 3 days of taking "Old Amish Dewormer" you can expect to see evidence of worms expelled from the bowels. The importance of deworming was known up to the industrial age and was the foundation for the famous "sulphur and molasses" tonic. In a mad rush to urbanization, people have forgotten the importance of parasite-cleansing as critical element to maintaining good health.

The idea that controlling parasite activity in the body is critical to good health is not new -- nor is the observation that parasites thrive in a host that is diseased.
In North America, early colonists left extensive writings describing parasites they would encounter and the remedies employed to get rid of them. Well into the 20th century, grandparents on our side of the Atlantic were still instructing their children and their children's children on the value of a spring tonic (using sulphur and molasses, the former being a general vermifuge (parasite-killer).)
None of these ideas are new. They are lost.
The transition into ignorance, in our collective opinion at AO Labs, was aided by the migration of Western society from one this primarily agrarian to one that is overwhelmingly urban. At the turn of the 19th century, a little more than 10% of Americans, to pick one example, were urbanites - the rest of the population essentially "lived on the farm." One hundred years later, these ratios roughly reversed themselves. Dealing with parasites on the farm, where both humans and livestock live close to the soil and bio-waste, is a simple fact of animal husbandry.
What has resulted from this descension into ignorance concerning this facet of good health maintenance is nothing short of an epidemic (see sidebar at right).

The "Hulda Clark" Controversy

The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Clark The Cure for Advanced Cancers by Hulda Clark The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Clark The Cure for HIV and Aids by Hulda Clark
So ... you have a disease? Hulda Clark has the cure!
In a series of books that even exceed Dr. Strauss's strident health claims, Hulda Clark claims that parasites are the cause of most, if not all, disease. Her high profile, "in-your-face" approach has made her famous in the alternative cancer care field -- and a perpetual target of U.S. regulatory officials. Her outreach foundation provides books and video materials that are equally audacious - providing gris for the internet mill, where one can find a treasure trove of web pages deriding various aspects of her approach.
Although her books deal in other therapies besides vermifuges - the vast majority of them involve products and devices which are sold elsewhere to the public. The linkage between her unconventional claims and the products to which they are connected is what has gotten her in major trouble in the U.S. Moreover, her tactics have enabled some orthodox observations to offer compelling arguments to refute her positions - (this link provides a comprehensive attack by Dr. Stephen Barrett, M.D. that, from an impartial reader's perspective, can be found to be meritorious on many points).
What is unfortunate about this turn of events is that Hulda's excesses have served to make the entire area of deworming look like pure quackery. Quackery it is not -- and long before the dawn of modern medicine, it was considered a matter of fact that deworming through such combinations as the aforementioned "sulphur and molasses" was an essential, if irregular, practice to maintain health.
Several years ago, we happened to speak to Dr. Patrick Quillin, author of Beating Cancer Through Nutrition, who provided us a good analogy concerning Hulda's claims that the cure for cancer was the elimination of parasites.
"Hulda has the causal relationships backwards," he noted. "If you didn't know any better, you might be inclined to think that fireman go around and set houses on fire. After all --- when you see a house on fire, don't you usually see firemen at the scene? The truth is, it isn't the parasites that cause the cancer. It is the cancer -- this condition that suppresses the immune system and weakens the body's defenses -- that creates an environment where parasites can thrive."
Concerning Hulda's testimonials, Quillin was not surprised, "The body has amazing healing powers. With some cancer cases, if you get rid of the parasites and improve nutrition, it is entirely possible that the body can mend itself. I can believe that you may bring about remission in some instances."

A Veritable Fountain of
Fraud & Price Abuse

Dr. Clark's activities have lead to a plethora of followers who bundle her book and sell ineffective, often diluted, extracts of black walnut, wormwood, or cloves. A true vermifuge produces results: you will see the worms come out in your stool. In one instance of which we're aware, a medical doctor in Arizona was bundling the Hulda's first cancer book with a 2 oz. extract of black walnut and selling it for $50. When confronted by an associate of ours as to the lack of efficacy that 2 oz. sample would bring, he replied, "Well, it's better than nothing at all."
One prominent wholesaler retails a gallon of her parasite brew for twice the retail price on the Alpha Omega Labs' web site, and yet, its contents are no different. How do we know this? Because we are contracted with one of the Clark organization's former manufacturers.

Colon Hydrotherapists:
"The Canaries in the Mine"

Another development that came to our attention and alerted us to the growing problem with parasites were the reports we were getting from practitioners in one of the less well-known modalities, colon hydrotherapy. (We have quite a number of reselling practitioners who are hydrotherapists.)
Colon hydrotherapy Colon hydrotherapy can be effective in the case of impacted colons, where adjustments to the bacterial flora of the lower tract are desireable, to improve muscle tone and peristalsis, prep for coloscopy, and when desiring to take advantage of therapies administered in the colorectal area (i.e. Gerson's 'coffee enemas' are often administered by colon hydrotherapists).
Encountering intestinal worms is part and parcel of hydrotherapy work. Many colon hydrotherapists mention deworming as a benefit of their treatment - (though we believe for most people, the deworming benefits of colon hydrotherapy with just water is quite negligible). Nonetheless, practitioners have expressed to us the observation that the number and quantity of expelled parasites from hydrotherapy has increased.
"You always see worms, if you're going to work in this business," noted one therapist, "but I see more parasitic activity going out through the 'viewing tube' than I ever used to see before."
In this respect, we view colon hydrotherapists as the "canaries in the mine." Since the vast majority of their customers are adults, the proliferation of parasites (and this just concerns those species of parasite that are either intestinal, or can be readily expelled through the colon) is alarming.
If this phenomenon can be verified through other impartial sources, it should be something that concerns health authorities in the countries affected. But we doubt that even in the face of strong, supporting evidence, the medical establishment will not respond in kind if there are not newly constructed, strong profit motives.

Our Position & Our Formula

Old Amish Dewormer - Glycerine Extracted Deworming is an important part of health maintenance. It should be more about maintaining good health than it is curing disease. In our work on the Western Amazonian project, we were surprised to learn how many different cultures in South America - even those quite backwards by Western standards understood this principle. Our Vermifuge formula from South America, though no where near as strong as Old Amish Dewormer is a testament to the indigenous people's understanding of this principle in Brazil.
We provide our Dewormer, free of health claims, not because of the legal implications in certain countries (like the U.S. and Canada), but because the faintest attempts at exaggeration or overstatement are counter-productive to educating people about this important aspect of good health maintenance.
Our Formula: Our research indicates that Old Amish Dewormer is the on par with the strongest, most concentrated vermifuge now available on the market. You only need one tablespoon per day for five days, and three tablespoons per week taken thereafter for maintenance. The product costs $84.95 for 32 fl. oz., or 64 one tablespoon doses. Comparable products sell for nearly as much and come in 4 and 8 fl. oz. bottles. Compare.

INGREDIENTS (Original Formula): (Code 235, 236) --- Tinctured extract of black walnut (green hull, bud, stem, and leaf), olive leaf and stem, clove, pumpkin seed, and wormwood. Preserved in apple cider vinegar and grain alcohol (40%).
INGREDIENTS (Glycerine Extracted Formula): (Code 237, 238) --- Tinctured extract of black walnut (green hull, bud, stem, and leaf), olive leaf and stem, clove, pumpkin seed, and wormwood. Extracted with glycerine and preserved with less than 6% alcohol.
DIRECTIONS -- (both formulas): As a dietary supplement, take one tablespoon (15 ml.) per day for five days, and then three tablespoons per week for general maintenance, or as directed by a health care professional.

To Practitioners: Astoundingly, even many practitioners cannot identify worms expelled from patients - making self-validation in the use of vermifuges quite rare. With a steady "35mm," some close-up lens, and a strong stomach, we are composing a Worm Primer to help you.

Old Amish Dewormer

Parasites: The
Unseen Epidemic

Parasites: An Epidemic in Disguise
Our first introduction to the current runaway problem with parasites and the lack of expertise among most Western physicians to deal with it was experiential and personal. In August, 2000, AO Labs was contacted by a man from British Columbia who had been vacationing with his wife in Jamaica in 1986. (For those who don't know, the Carribean is a favorite vacation area for Canadians in the winter months.)
A little over a year later, Mr. Houseman (not his real name) began noticing tumours arising from his skin, then a general feeling of fatique, followed by depression. "The entire immune is affected."
Over the course of the next several years, Houseman spent over $250,000 seeking an effective treatment for his problem. But the biggest problem of all was getting an accurate diagnosis in the first place.
"In 1996," Houseman stated, "I was able to find out from the Institute of Dermatologicals in Guadalajara, Mexico that I had been 'bitten' by a mosquito while in Jamaica and had acquired one species out of thousands of nematode parasites called mansonella perstans. (Editor Note: There are nearly 20,000 species of nematodes, but not all of them are parasitic, and only some of those involve humans.) This is not a rare parasite. Millions of people in Africa, South and Central America, and the Carribean have this parasite - either the 'perstans' or 'ozzardi' variety. Many people in these countries have 'adapted' to it, so many of them have few, if any, serious symptoms. The doctors in Guadalajara told me that physicians in the U.S. and Canada are ill-equipped to identify parasites, especially nematodes, because they are inadequately trained.
Mansonella perstans
"It's a horrible condition, and it is often diagnosed as cancer. Even under the microscope, you can miss it - and this is particularly true using a bright field microscope (the most commonly used) with inadequate slide staining. [Editor: To an untrained eye, mansonella can be mistaken for vegetable matter.] First, you lose your health, and then you get these tumours in the skin. Eventually, if you are sensitive to it, you can 'feel' the worms moving within the body. They swim through the blood like fish. I've gotten to where I can 'time' mine --- it takes them two to three minutes to 'swim' from one shoulder to the next. Orthodox medicine has nothing to effectively treat it. The closest thing is 'mebendizol' and 'lavemizole' -- both deworming medicines, but they don't work - certainly they didn't for me."
"With mansonella, your struggle can be lifelong: the 'queen' lives from 15 to 20 years and puts out 1,000,000 larvae per year. Since they live in deep serous cavities in the body, there is no way of knowing how many of them you have. They are difficult to get to because so many of them live outside the bloodstream."
"I went to all kinds of doctors and tried all kinds of therapies. They sent me to one university in Canada for help. They kept losing my slides, saying they were contaminated. In actuality, they were viewing the worms themselves and mistaking them for "fibers" (as they called it). They were that incompetent and that arrogant. Even the Mayo Clinic misdiagnosed me. In the end, they said it was all in my head, and they wanted to send me to a shrink. I got my $1,500 back and got the hell out of there.
"I went to a Dr. (name deleted) in Ontario. He is a pathologist and an oncologist - I was sent to him because another doctor told me I possibly had cancer. He diagnosed the specimen as a filariasis type of parasite immediately - but it took another nine months to identify it as mansonella."
"All of this took place some four years after having been properly diagnosed in Quadalahara. (Unfortunately, Canadian doctors, to date, do not honor diagnoses from Mexican institutions or physicians.) Several things have helped, not nothing has gotten rid of the problem. I found that using neem oil in high dosages (as much as one-half to a full teaspoon, three times a day) suppressed the problem. This can be difficult because you feel terrible if you overdo it... Ozone kills the nematodes on contact, but there is only so much you can take - by breathing it, injection, rectally, etc.... I used hydrogen peroxide (35%) with some success, but that gets expensive after awhile. I purchased the H2O2 by the 55 gallon drum and used a half gallon in my bath water at a time. Minimum soaking time: 35 minutes, but one hour is better. Also, it makes a difference to bath in water as hot as you can reasonably take it. Hydrogen peroxide literally attacks any worms in the skin. You can feel it, because it's painful where they are attacked and die. If you overdo the peroxide treatment, you'll start to feel very fatiqued.
"Another thing is... you can get allergic reactions from dead and dying parasites... a kind of Herxheimer Effect.
"Other things that helped to a limited extent were olive leaf extract; Cansema Capsules; and graviola products. These supplements reduced the severity, but, again, did not eliminate them.
"Conventional medicine does say they have had some success stories, but it takes ten years to treat going their route, if you're successful. You aren't out of the woods until you 'get all the adults.' "
(Expanded and updated April 16, 2002 at the request of "Mr. Houseman.").

To users in the U.S.: The statements made on this page have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.