Alpha Omega's Liver / Colon Cleansing Program
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Relation locations of liver, colon, stomach & pancreas Once you have killed your parasites over the course of five days of Dewormer use and you are having three natural bowel movements a day, you are ready for the Liver Flush. This is the most critical Stage and we present it in eight (8) easy steps, spread out over two days. Most of the popular, famous, and most respected naturopaths and alternative physicians over the last century (Drs. Ehret, Kellogg, Hobbs, Schultz, Christopher, Jensen, etc.) have had liver and colon cleanse programs. Most of them wrote volumes including their program(s) in exhaustive detail. None is simpler or easier to follow than what we present on these pages. In our own experimentations and discussions with other practitioners and users, none is any more effective. (It should be pointed out that many of elements of this Stage were published by Dr. Hulda Clark, which she originally obtained from a master herbalist, whose name she respectfully will not reveal.)
Liver & Gallbladder stones One of the benefits of doing the liver flush per our Program is that most of the liver and gallbladder stones will be prompted out whole -- and not in pieces. This is important because liver stones contain a potpourri of toxic compounds, including drug residues from pharmaceutical products you have taken over the years. When the stones come out broken up, your colon will reabsorb these compounds, retoxifying the body. Remember that many pharmaceutical drugs are essentially manmade compounds for which the body has no mechanisms to metabolize in their entirety. There are drug residues in every adult who has made plentiful use of today's modern pharmacy.
We advise, if at all possible, that you do not take any pharmaceuticals during this Program. If you are under a physician's instruction, you must consult with him prior to initiating a liver flush. We are not telling you NOT to take medications that have been prescribed by your physician. However, even a physician who is most hardened against natural methods of healing will admit that if you are flushing out your liver, you are not getting the benefit of that medication, because these drugs will be flushed out with the cleanse. This severely limits the action(s) of any medications you may be taking.
(1). Morning & Early Afternoon Before You Start: Eat a non-fat breakfast and lunch. All oils are forbidden! Simple, fresh, uncooked foods are best - fruits and vegetables preferred. You need your liver full of bile, so it can build up pressure to push these hundreds of stones and thousands of pieces of chaff out with the onrush of bile! If you consume animal products or oils, your liver will send bile to the intestines to aid digestion. This will leave you with less volume of bile and thus less stones will be passed!
You must eat breakfast and lunch! The liver makes the bile while you're chewing your food. If you do not eat, again, you will have less bile! No soda pop, no coffee, no salt, no sugar. For this one day, you should eat like we all should 365 days a year: natural foods and lots of purified water. At 2:00 p.m. drink LOTS of water and have a healthy lunch, because at that point you are done eating and drinking for the rest of the day!
(2). Prepare Your Materials. After your 2 p.m. meal, mix 4 Tablespoons (about 60 ml.) of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate, U.S.P.) - which can be obtained from most grocers or drug stores - with 3 cups of purified water. Add 1/4 tsp. of ascorbic acid (plain Vitamin C -- one "double-O" cap, or about 750 mg. will work) to the solution. Set out your one to two pink grapefruits to get them at room temperature.
(3). The First Dosage -- (6 p.m.). You must stop working at 6 p.m. It will also be important to be relaxed when you begin. Certain herbals, such as Valerian Root, Skullcap, or Hops can assist if you need them. At this time (6 p.m.), go ahead and consume 3/4 cup of your Epsom Salt water. You will want to chase this down with purified water, either during and/or after taking the 3/4 cup, because Epsom Salt has an objectionable taste. Relax any way you choose. The more relaxed you are, the better the results.
(4). The Second Dosage -- (8 p.m.). Take the second dose: another 3/4 cup of your Epsom Salt solution.
(5). Final Preparations. At around 9:45 p.m. squeeze your pink grapefruit and collect your juice. Mix this with 1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1/2 teaspoon (about 2.5 ml.) of Old Amish Dewormer and 5 double-o capsules of Ornithine -- available at most health food stores. (These aid with ammonia generated from the "die-off" discussed on the previous page.)
(6). Swallow Your Olive Mix --- (The Flush Begins). This is it. This is where it begins. It is the olive mix that causes the liver to begin to release a flood of stones and parasites out of the liver. As soon as you down the Olive Mix, lay down and just try to relax. Over the next thirty minutes, you will have one or more bowel movements. Often, in the next urination, you can actually feel tiny stones coming out through the urethra. By about 10:30 p.m. your liver flush should pretty much be over. Now go to bed. Again, try to relax and just get a good night's rest.
(7). The Next Morning. You will awake early and start having bowel movements. Try to take your third 3/4 cup of Epsom solution around 6 a.m. and your last (fourth) installment around 8 a.m. (Note: If you get nausea and vomit, there may be deeper gallbladder issues.) You are now done with the first part of the flush.
(8). Schedule Subsequent Flushings. The entire process from Bowel Cleansing, through Step 7 above should be repeated in two weeks. The entire Liver / Colon Cleansing Program (two complete "cycles") should be performed about once every six months for general health maintenance.

Once you have finished your two-day Liver Flush, you are ready to move on to Microflora Restoration.

What to Expect
We want to emphasize that unless you are retired or on vacation, it is best to hold off on doing the Liver Flush until the weekend -- where you can relax and not have to attend to other duties. This part of the program is impractical in the midst of a busy workday.
WRESTLING WITH THE EPSOM. (Step 3, left). It's nasty! We won't argue with you. So here's how to work around it: one approach that works for the truly experienced is to cut the Epsom Salt solution down to two cups or less (high concentration) and then chase it with a glass full of purified water, lemonade, or grapefruit juice. Another approach is to stick to the original 3 cups solution, and just keep chasing the Epsom with lemonade or grapefruit juice until the taste goes away.
Between 10 p.m., when you take the Olive Mix (see Step 6, left) and noon on the next (second and final) day of your Flush, you can expect to have as many as 10 bowel movements. Most of these will be quite watery.

Epsom Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapefruit, Vitamin C...
No Stones!
Your stones will vary in color from bright green (healthy) to dark brown or black (usually a sign of an impending disease-state - these also are very foul-smelling). In the case of someone with a lot heavy metals (common with those who work in the industrial, chemical, or foundry environments) the stones can be red, torquoise, or teal.
There are cases, however, where an individual will not release any stones. Such cases constitute a small minority. (This compares to our Clean Colon product. There are people who suffer from constipation and will tell you that psyllium husk did not produce a bowel movement. They are a small minority as well. One doubter overdid it and took eight Tablespoons of psyllium in a blender full of juice. When we caught up with him next and asked him if it worked, he replied, "Well, I guess so... I woke up the next morning and gave birth to a boa constrictor!")
If you get through Step 7 and you aren't releasing stones, there is a far greater likelihood that your stones are still there. There are a number of conditions that will produce this response: if you do not follow instructions and you eat any fatty foods in the early stages so that your liver was not able to build up a sufficient bile reserve, this Stage can fail you. If you have sufficiently large stones, it is possible that you will need more than one flush to get them out. We cannot emphasize enough that it is extremely rare to be an adult, subsisting on a Western diet, and NOT have liver stones. Very rare.
If you do a second liver flush and you do not get any stones to release, we recommend that you see your doctor for a checkup. A colonoscopy may be called for (we recommend it), and if your doctor does not recommend it, be sure to inquire as to why.

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