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Chinese or Oriental Liver Fluke We cover the benefits of Old Amish Dewormer (indeed, the entire subject of regularly using a good vermifuge) on its own product page. We recommend a review of this material if you are not familiar with it. At this point we will focus on the role of Old Amish within the context of our Liver/Colon Cleansing Program.
As we make clear on the previous program page, you can use the Dewormer by itself and get good results in this one area. Our customers regularly do this. The reason we you want to start with Omega LB in this program, however, is that you want to optimize bowel functioning before clearing out both parasites and stones. The reason this stage comes BEFORE the Liver Flush is that the parasites themselves can act as obstructions. Your liver may contain flukes and other parasites, and these organisms will not let go and come out during a liver flush unless they have been killed or severely harmed first.
For the purposes of this regimen, you should take one Tablespoon (15 ml.) of Old Amish Dewormer per 150 lbs. of body weight per day. You may prorate from there, using this figure. You do this for five full days and on the sixth (6th) day, proceed to the Liver Flush.

Avoiding 'Die-Off Effect'

During this stage of the Program it will be important to look out for signs of this phenomenon. (In conventional medicine, the term "die-off effect" is normally used in conjunction with the treatment of candidiasis. With leishmaniasis, syphilis, or tuberculosis, the term 'Herxheimer Effect' is used; 'Lucio's Phenomena' in the case of leprosy. Regardless of the name used, the effect is the same: when killing off pathogenic microbes or larger parasites, the body can become overburdened, producing symptoms which are, themselves, disease-like in nature.)
As parasites, both microbial and larger animals (i.e. nematodes or trematodes), die off during this process, you will be providing addition burden to the kidneys and lymphatic systems. This can be avoided both before and during this stage by observing the following:
  1. Distilled Water. Drink plenty of distilled water. (You should anyways.) If you can handle a half gallon (roughly two liters), this is adviseable. If not, just drink what you can comfortably accommodate. Avoid chlorinated or otherwise chemically treated water.
  2. Exercise is important to assist in moving dead materials out of the body. The importance of regular, vigorous exercise is emphasized elsewhere on this site, but it bears repeating here. Another helpful practice is hatha yoga or stretching exercises. If the stresses of work or just daily life have brought you to the point where you keep putting it off, or you find yourself moving in the direction of the proverbial "couch potato" when you get home from work, perhaps now is a time to rethink your priorities. If you are too busy to exercise, you are too busy.
  3. Supplements. Magnesium and vitamin B-6 (available from your local supermarket or health food store) are helpful in minimizing the effects of die-off.
Once you have completed five full days of using Old Amish Dewormer at the recommended dosage given above, you are ready to proceed with your Liver Cleanse. (Again, as noted on the previous page, you may do Steps One and Two concurrently if you so choose.)

Old Amish Dewormer
What You'll Need
You'll need just one product for Step Two: Old Amish Dewormer. Other items mentioned are optional.

What to Expect
This depends on how clinical you wish to approach the process. Two or three days into the process, you may notice pieces of small organisms in your stool that resemble some of the parasite pictures we provide elsewhere on this site. On the other hand, examining your stool for parasites could be the last thing you want to do. The only other thing to watch out for is "die-off effect," which we cover in the column at left.

Who Can I Reach for Help
Email us for any assistance you may require.


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