March 5, 2020

Orwellian Email Censorship:
More Out of Control Than Ever
"Yahoo with its PUPs toolbar and other questionable products and business practices, is also the worst -- by far -- when it comes to delivering email addressed to you. Unlike other providers who may send certain email to a junk or spam folder, so the recipient can make the final determination whether or not the mail is wanted or unwanted mail, Yahoo summarily deletes mail it doesn't want you to have. Who knows what reasons Yahoo has for censoring your mail? The don’t have any set guidelines -- they can summarily censor anyone, any company, any domain they like."

Cloudeight InfoAve (January 31, 2015)
Yahoo Is The Worst When It Comes To Censoring Your Email

or the past year, we've been screaming bloody murder about Big Tech censorship concerning . . . well . . . anything and everything that doesn't please Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Defense -- you name it. If you're selling a product or service that someone influencial doesn't like, it only takes one phone call to get you banned or censored. Think I'm exaggerating? I published a book last year called Black Salve: Its Correct Use in Removing Cancers and Treating Other Conditions / Reflections on 30 Successful Years of Working with Escharotics (1989-2019). It took just one phone call from Buzzfeed to Amazon to get my book banned -- censored -- from -- a company I've been working with since 1996. How do I know this? Because the journalist who did it bragged about her exploit online and inserted an article badmouthing escharotics with so many factually incorrect statements that I had to issue a rebuttal.
Nothing is safe. You are targeted for online extinction -- your emails, your web pages, your domain names -- and in my case, my entire server -- if you aren't fully vested in serving your corporate overlords. God forbid if you invent or market a product that is superior to what the big companies now offer the public. In the minds of Big Tech, you have no business being online. Period. And to the best of their ability, Big Tech will insure that you're not.
One of the reasons we don't put out as many newsletters as we used to is because we discovered that 90% of our mailings are blocked, even though we are only sending them to our paying customers and others who have actively co-opted in.
Earlier this afternoon, I received the following email from Before Its News, to which I am a subscriber. For those who don't know, this website is a funky collection of reader-contributed articles and posts -- some of it dubious, but a lot of it quite informative, useful, and even predictive -- because many articles pull from whistleblowers and other insiders who just want to get the truth out. The website prides itself in putting out news tibdits that nobody else does. And it does. Many people would regard its articles as "conspiracy theory." As a reader, I don't mind a mixed bag where I have to sort out what I think is credible and what I think is questionable. At least BeforeItsNews isn't a whore to big business, committed to putting out "Fake News" on a daily basis, like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and any large circulation newspaper still existing in the U.S. Their material is unfiltered and uncensored. Some people obviously thinks that's dangerous. Here's the letter:

Dear BIN Subscriber:

We are sending you a plain text email today to see if we can
get our email through to you.

It is so sad that we live in a time where free speech is being

We are going to use codes and characters which you should
be able to understand in order not to trigger any censors.

Over 100,000 of our email addresses are being either sent to
spam or some black hole somewhere.

The two biggest culprits of this are gmai_ and yah__ which
comprise of about 90% of the emails we send to.

If you have a gmai_ or yah__ email address and would like to
start receiving our email newsletter again, you must whitelist
us which can be found in your email settings.

We have found several you tube videos below which can walk
you through the process of whitelisting us

Once you follow the steps, you should start receiving our emails
again. (We hope)

Please add:

to your whitelist.

For gma__ email users, see you tube video

For yah__ email users, see you tube video

If they are tagging our name or ip address, there may not be
anything you can do but to sign up with an email address that
is not either gma__ or yah__

Within the next few days, we will send out an email broadcast and
we should be able to monitor the results.

God Bless!

Another solution is just getting a free encrypted email account at in Switzerland. (My account is When you don't take steps to protect yourself from corporate censorship, you acknowledge and willing accept your victimhood. Don't do it. Don't support your suppressors. Take steps to ensure that the people you know and want to communicate with are not prevented from doing so.

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