Omega UR Tonic - New 2018

Omega UR Tonic

Code 1305 - 4 fl. oz. - $18.95
This month (Jan., 2018) we reintroduce our Omega UR Tonic -- the premier Upper Respiratory product we first introduced 15 years ago this month. It is the same formula we carried prior to our closure in the States in Sept., 2003.
All of the information contained in the original product release below pertains to this product. Any questions can be addressed to:

Omega UR Tonic - 4 fl. oz. bottle
Omega UR Tonic

Code 1305 - 4 fl. oz. - $12.95

Primary indications Chest
(and some head) congestion
Emphysema Bronchitis Pleuresy

Omega UR Tonic is a respiratory support product based on a traditional American herbalist formula. It's quite effective - but its action is quite specific.
This formula contains a strong expectorant property -- it helps the body release phlegm, clears passages, detoxifies, and assists the body in returning respiratory passages to normal functioning.

Ingredients: Lobelia (Lobelia inflata), raspberry seed extract (Rubus Idaeus), hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), cayenne (Capsicum minimum), in a base of water and hydronium solution (H3O) to enhance and preserve contents. Contains no alcohol or artificial chemicals.

To U.S. Users: The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recent & Historic Testimonials

"About 6 years ago Willard Booth of Marion, AR. had an advanced case of emphysema and couldn't go anywhere without the aid of an oxygen bottle, he was given some of the "Omega UR" formula and on the second day he started spitting up tea leaf sized chunks of stuff from his lungs, he started taking it twice a day and in 4 months he was able to put the oxygen bottle away and returned to driving himself around without any aid to help him breathe ... " (A.J., herbalist - Ohio)

" ... a little girl 18 months old had a sinus condition that made her nose to discharge constantly running down her upper lip, within 10 mins of giving her 1 tsp her sinuses cleared and her nose stopped running ... " (Conroe, Texas - USA)

" a waitress in North Platte, Nebraska, who had laryngitis, sinus pressure, chest conjestion, asthma, was given the original Omega_UR formula came back in 15 minutes talking in a normal voice, sinus pressure gone, and the wheezing from her asthma of 27 years was gone. She could fill her lungs with air for the first time in years!"

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