American ginseng
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Latin (botanical) name: Panax quinquefolius

Common names: Five Fingers, Tartar Root, Five-Leafed Ginseng, Redberry, Garantoquen, Sang

Plant Description: American Ginseng is a perennial herb, native to eastern North America. It is found from Maine to Georgia, and in the west, from Oklahoma to Minnesota. It grows best in deep, moist, rich humus soil in cool woods. Ginseng has a large, thick, fleshy, whitish, root, growing 3-4 inches in length. Most roots are spindle shaped, with smaller appendages. The stem is simple and erect and averages about 1-2 feet tall. The leaves are long stalked and divided into five finely-serrated, short leaflets and a single terminal umbel. In June and July, a few small, yellowish or light green flowers will bloom on a stalk from the center of the whorl of leaves. The fruit of the American Ginseng is a cluster of bright red berries.

Medicinal Properties &Uses: Ginseng's medicinal properties have been touted for thousands of years. Used extensively in Native American medicine, American Ginseng has proven to increase vigor, energy, vitality, and resistance to illness and environmental stresses. It is indicated for extremely active people, and those who are overworked and stressed out. Ginseng increases the stress hormone ACTH from the pituitary that helps the body adapt to stress. The major constituents in American Ginseng are Triterpenoid saponins Ginsenosides, Acetylenic compounds, Panaxans, and Sesquiterpenes. It is a very powerful medicinal herb that both relaxes and stimulates the nervous system. It encourages secretion of hormones; the ginsenosides are very similar to the body's own natural stress hormones. It has been shown to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and, because it stimulates and increases endocrine activity in the body, to improve stamina. Ginseng promotes a mild increase in metabolic activity, relaxes heart and artery movements, stimulates the medulla centers, and relaxes the central nervous system. American Ginseng is effective in the treatment of debility associated with old age or illness because it increases the body's immune functions. It is helpful with insomnia, stress, chronic illness, and supports liver functions. The leaf of American Ginseng is emetic and expectorant. Ginseng is excellent in treating depression in the elderly who might not be chemically depressed, but who may need extra energy to enjoy life again. Taken over an extended period of time, Ginseng is used to increase mental and physical performance. It is medicinal and therapeutic for the whole body.

Dosage: 15-30 drops in water or juice, 2-3 times daily, or as needed.

Cautions & Interactions: Keep out of reach of children.

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