Survival & High Markup Barter Products from AO
That Should Be in Every "Preppers" Storeroom

We've put together cost-effective packages that
take care of the "health care" side of survival
preparation and provide great barter opportunities

hen most people think of survival gear, what usually comes to mind is long-term storable food, potable water, guns, ammo, tools, solar flashlights, seeds, etc. When it comes to health care, most "preps" don't go any farther than a First Aid kit.
For most people this is an oversight, because there are limitless kinds of disasters that can interfere with the supply chain for all manner of health care supplies -- not just orally-administered drugs, but topical remedies for cuts, bruises, rashes, burns, insect bites -- not to mention more serious conditions like keratosis and skin cancer. The latter is increasingly common because of growing solar radiation as a result of ozone depletion.
In response to this, Alpha Omega Labs has put together a series of packages that fulfill an important niche that has been overlooked. The products in these "bundles" possess the following unique characteristics:
  1. Treat a large number of medical conditions: We've deliberately chosen products that effectively treat an array of common medical conditions.
  2. Superior Shelf-Life: Most of the items in the bundles we've created -- (see right column) -- have either limitless or near limitless shelf-life. We discuss shelf-life for each and every item in all the bundles.
  3. High markup barter items: We expect some of these items would be worth 5 to 10 times what you're paying for them in a disaster situation. Why? Because current regulatory policies have a suppressive effect on the true value of the best remedies in the alternative medical community. These suppressive effects evaporate in a disaster situation. For example: if someone in your family with a sufficient education in health care was helping members of your community with natural remedies, do you really think an agent from the Food & Drug Administration will come out from behind the bushes and arrest you? Hardly. In disaster situations, most agents for the national government head for high ground with little concern for what's happening to their fellow human beings.
  4. Increases the value of a given survival group: Yes, it's important to have food, water, good tools, etc. Most people who are "preppers" have all those things. But for individuals within a group, or a group's standing within a larger community, the perceived value of that individual or group to the common good is measured in functionality. What can you do to help others? What products or skills do you have that elevate your value within a larger group? Are there important, vital functions that you can perform that others cannot? You see, there is a new way of thinking when disaster strikes. The normal rules of social engagement collapse and what replaces them is perceived value within a condensed community based on trust and capabilities. An entirely different set of rules prevails when a serious disaster strikes, assumed supply lines disappear, and the division of labor that is the backbone of modern civilization contracts to the point where society is scarcely recognizable.
Each "bundle" listed in the right column has a link to a detailed product page that provides the following essential information:
  1. Product / Descriptions: -- Each "bundle" product is covered in detail.
  2. Conditions Treated. -- The medical conditions that these products are known to treat is disclosed. It's one thing to provide disclaimers for "peace time" purposes. It is another to be able to discuss truthfully what natural remedies do when there is an absence of government, which suppresses truthful healing information to favor politicians' criminal friends in the Medical Industrial Complex.
  3. Price Comparisons. "Bundles" are broken down so that you know the retail prices of each item, total price for each bundle, and percentage discount.
  4. Shelf-Life. The shelf-life -- (most are nearly limitless) -- of each item is covered in detail.
New Addition: The Personal Ao "Bug Out" Satchel -- This waterproof, canvas bag makes it easy to keep your most essential anti-viral and other supplements in one convenient place. See product page for more details.
Questions not covered here or on the product pages can be answered by writing to:

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Other Prepper Bundles

Personal "Bug Out" Bundle #1
This is a simple 9 item "bug out" package for one or two people. It contains products with extremely long shelf-lives, designed to address the most common health challenges you will confront in a disaster situation. [ See details. ]

Family "Bug Out" Bundle #1
Containing sixteen life-saving products, this package contains remedies for the most critical issues that may confront a small family in disaster. [ See details. ]

Family "Bug Out" Bundle #2
This bundle expands on the products and their functions as given on the detail page for Family "Bug Out" Bundle #2. It simply accommodates a larger family. [ See details. ]

The Pandemic Bundle
The emphasis in this survivalist kit is successful confrontation against infections, pathogens in the environment (be they natural or government-designed), and threats that can lead to long-term subclinical conditions. [ 28 items -- See details. ]

Nature's Pharmacy Bundle #1
This deeply discounted bundle is a veritable storehouse of remedies, sufficient not only to take care of a large family, but provide high-value bartering items, since you can expect the prices from the items in this bundle to increase several times over in a crisis situation where supply lines are disrupted. [ 138 items / See details. ]