Family 'Bug Out' Bundle #1
The Family 'Bug Out' Bundle #1, like all the "bundles" in the Prepper's Corner are designed to cover the most critical medical conditions that one can confront in a disaster situation -- with low cost, efficacy, and shelf-life in mind. In the table below, we list the contents of the bundle, its cost in relation to an "a la carte" purchase of the bundle's contents, and links are provided for each individual product. In the text below at the right, we provide additional information with a link that covers each product, conditions treated, usage protocols, and other important information about the bundle and its contents.
This Bundle is designed with a small family in mind, but if the duration of a given disaster is sufficiently short, it could conceivably cover five or more people. Again, it depends on the duration of the disaster and the health challenges one would confront.
Optional, durable, waterproof carrying bag: In emergencies, being organized is critical. To make it easier to "get out of Dodge," if the nature of the emergency requires you to change locations, we are now making the Family 'Bug Out' Bundle #1 carrying bag available for $25 extra as an added accessory. (View carrying bag at right, and if you want to see more detail, click on the image.) If you just want the products in the bundle itself, this is still available at the price indicated below. But if you want everything in the bundle well-organized in its own specially designed carrying case, so that you can just "grab it and run," then you should consider this carrying bag.
If you order this Bundle with the carrying bag, your order comes with all the products neatly arranged within the bag. You'll find both items in the Prepper's Section of HerbHealers.com (for orders to the U.S or Canada). If ordering outside North America, order from the Prepper's Section of AlphaOmegaLabs.com.
For this, and related bundles, we have created a Usage Instructions page that covers conditions treated and usage protocols. If, at any time, you have any questions, we ask that you contact us at: support@herbhealers .com or, (in the U.S.), call us at (305) 851-2308.

Description Quantity Price
( 1 ) Amazon Deep Tissue (Salve) -- 102 g. 1 $ 59.95
( 2 ) AO Bloodroot Paste -- 22 g. 2 19.90
( 3 ) Lugol's Iodine 2.2% -- 8 fl. oz. 1 14.65
( 4 ) Sangre de Drago -- 8 fl. oz. 1 39.95
( 5 ) AO Chlorite -- 2 fl. oz. 1 5.95
( 6 ) AO Chlorite -- 4.05 fl. oz. refill 1 10.95
( 7 ) OmniPatch -- small circular 2 17.90
( 8 ) OmniPatch -- large rectangular 2 19.90
( 9 ) Ant Tincture (Tan Gant) -- 1 fl. oz. 1 11.95
( 10 ) Amazon Tonic III -- 8 fl. oz. 1 59.95
( 11 ) Defense Formula A 2 56.00
( 12 ) H3O (Calcium Sulfate Hydronium Solution) 1 24.95
TOTAL (at Retail Price) 16 $342.00
DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR THIS BUNDLE -- (22.57% off) 16 $264.80