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news / updates / monthly specials and discount codes
from Alpha Omega Labs --- November, 2018

[ contains Discount Coupons good thru November 30, 2018 -- see below ]

Alpha Omega Labs
Now Carrying Select Line
of Nature's Garden Products
In preparation for the opening of its own clinic
in Ecuador, AO Labs' is now carrying Nature's
products, making them available
at deep discounts this month.

This month we introduce select items from Nature's Garden, one of the most popular manufacturers of natural products in Ecuador. In making this announcement, we are discounting the line (which is already competitively priced) at 20% this month as an introduction.
A detailed product page with catalog sheets, all in English provides all essential details. Additional questions can be address to us at:

New tools for finding the
correct products on AO Labs' sales sites
At the top of our sales sites, and, you will find two new icons. The first prominently states, "How to Use This Site." When you click on it, you are directed to a brief, instructive page, which in return contains a link to a very detailed page, entitled Traditional Product(s)-for-Condition Recommendations that assists customers in finding the best products for the condition(s) about which they are inquiring.
The second icon, which reads, "Wholesale and Private Label Queries," when clicked will lead you to a query page that assists in getting wholesale and private label information.

Update on Countering 'Black Salve' Misinformation
(reprint from Oct. 2018 newsletter)

Many online developments have occurred since we first introduced 'Black Salve' and pioneered its use to a larger global community online in 1995. There are now a host of social media and related web pages that devote themselves to people sharing their experience with escharotics. The vast majority of people who belong to these sites are well-intentioned, and in fact, most participants are just trying to help other people, particularly those who are new to the use of escharotic preparations.
Problems arrive, however, when a technique catches on and becomes "fashionable," even though it is contrary to the vast experience of those of us who know escharotics best. The latest example, one that is quite current, is a recommendation that when users get to the decavitation stage, if any remnant 'white tissue' is found, additional applications of Black Salve should be made.
This is a horrible recommendation, because more times than not, this material is dead, cellular detritus. Not cancer. Applications of Black Salve above and beyond what is necessary to kill the target cancer only risks additional pain, discomfort, and scar tissue -- unnecessarily so.
If you have questions about a particular application, remember that we have both a medical doctor and naturopath on staff to answer your questions. Once again, know that although we charge for our products, we do not charge for our professional consultations. So, if you have doubts about an application or you just need guidance, just let us know by writing us at

Discount Code: November 12 to November 30, 2018
Use the following Discount Code on the checkout page of
either of our web stores to get the indicated discount on your product purchase.
NATGARD20 = 20% off the purchase of any Nature's Garden product ---- (no min.)
Questions? : Write to us at
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