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"Are You Guys The Real
Originators of Cansema®?"

Our Response to The Confusion Generated by an Onslaught of Counterfeiters

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author Within the past few weeks, we have received not less than a dozen emails, the essence of which runs something like this: "Are you guys the real originators of Cansema®? . . . How do I know that you're not one of the counterfeiters? . . . What can you email to assure me that if I buy from you I'm getting the real product and not a fake?" . . . and so forth . . .
The irony, of course, is that not only are Cathryn and I the originators of Cansema®, but we created the very lexicon now used by both practitioners and end users of escharotic preparations around the world. We turned an obscure, forgotten, suppressed, and professionally neglected tidbit of herbal folk medicine into a full-blown medical discipline, creating scores of new protocols for successfully treating cancer in the process. That this discipline is not accepted as such by the orthodox establishment is quite beside the point. That this discipline -- simple, straight-forward, effective, and unyielding to those who want a proprietary angle -- will never be accepted by an orthodoxy that is totally consumed by greed is also quite beside the point.
Nonetheless, not a single querant has come to us with this question who wasn't sincere in their query. The question they pose is perfectly legitimate. Therefore, they deserve a serious, straight-forward, independently verifiable answer.
And here it is:

  1. Proof of Original Use -- We began Alpha Omega Labs with the domain name, -- which we still use to this day. The internet's largest and oldest archive, The Wayback Machine (, has crawled our site 300 times going all the way back to 1996. A snapshot of our site as it appeared in 1996 is clearly visible, as is our use of our tradename, Cansema. However, even this is not an accurate portrayal of our time as herbal merchants on the internet. You have to use a WhoIs site to do some digging and discover that I secured on September 3, 1995, after which I began using it shortly thereafter. (See proof on

  2. U.S. Registered Trademark -- The tradename Cansema® is our U.S. registered trademark. Our filing with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office clearly shows that this trademark has been in use since September 3, 1995, corresponding to when we secured our first domain and began FTP'ing documents to our site.

  3. Expressed History of Use -- The body of Meditopia®, which is also on file with the U.S. Trademark & Patent Office provides an extensive history of escharotics -- not only with my own professional use going back to the 1989, but of evidence showing that even Paracelsus was working with this medical art in the 1500's. (See Chapter 2).
    In 2004 -- in my first incarnation of Chapter 7 of that online book -- I clearly describe how corrupt FDA officials worked with a counterfeiter of our products to introduce deliberately adulterated versions of Cansema® that didn't work. I even show a closeup of the fake ingredient statement that was used in the theft of our trademark. To this day, despite the massive evidence we provided to FDA officials, Toby McAdams and his online companies, and have never been prosecuted . . . And they never will. . . . Why? . . . Because all along they were working with the FDA. From the beginning, Toby McAdams was working with FDA confidential informant, George S. Ackerson, as I detail in Chapter 3 of Meditopia®.

  4. Single Greatest Promulgator of About the Dangers of Counterfeit Escharotics on the Internet -- Our attempts to bring counterfeiting of our escharotic preparations into view did not stop with Meditopia®. I have repeatedly brought this subject to bear -- largely through these periodic Ashwin postings.
    After re-opening in Ecuador in June, 2008, I began discussing this subject the following November -- focussing on Toby McAdams in the U.S. and Bevan Potter in Australia, following up with the latest atrocities of the former in March, 2009.
    What followed was the systematic dismantling of Quackwatch's pathological lies about escharotics the next month, followed by an exposť on Jennifer Wilson's activities in Australia in the June / July, 2009 issue.
    In March of this year I found myself forced to revisit the counterfeiting issue after a series of deliberately false statements were made by Elaine Hollingsworth -- an American living in Australia who, frankly, should know better.
    My point is that no one has done more to bring this subject to light than we have . . . Hardly an accomplishment when you consider that the majority of the counterfeiters are quite silent on the subject.

  5. Only Program To Compensate Victims -- For years, we maintained a Fake Product Compensation Program, the only one of its kind, to the best of our knowledge, wherein people who had purchased counterfeit Cansema® products could receive compensation in the form of large discounts in return for their report. We eventually had to end the program when we began getting an avalanche of reports / complaints from people who had purchased product that either didn't work or was clearly substandard to Cansema®'s performance. We identified the most prominent counterfeiters, past and present, in the above link, but given the nature of this missive, they bear repeating:

    • -- U.S.
    • -- U.S.
    • -- U.S.
    • Jennifer Wilson -- Australia
    • George S. Ackerson -- U.S. and Australia . . . and . . .
    • -- Australia

  6. Authorized Sites of Alpha Omega Labs -- A few users have complained that our having different domains made things more complicated. Perhaps they have a point. Therefore, below you will find a complete list of the websites that are connected to the real Alpha Omega Labs, to Cathryn and I, and to the real Cansema®:

    • and -- The first of these is our original site, as I mention above. We added the second for those who want access to the same information without Joomla or other platform enhancers. Everything on is in authored in simple HTML and this is now our primary "archive" site.
    • -- Our sales site for the U.S. and Canada
    • -- Our sales site for all other countries.
    • -- A "work-in-progress" history of escharotic preparations, in general; our work, in particular . . . set within the larger context of what would be required to create a health care system that didn't operate like a crime syndicate.

  7. Visual Identification -- Any customer who has met us in person or talked to us on the telephone will be able to identify us in the handful of videos that we have posted on our YouTube channel.

That should do it.
But for those readers who feel it does not, you can still email me at to offer a suggestion, comment, or complaint.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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