October 8, 2019

Bloodroot Paste is a mild escharotic used to get rid of non-cancerous moles and warts.
With enough applications you can also use it to treat skin cancers --
however, for more thorough treatment of malignancies, we instead
recommend the use of Cansema -- (misspelled above by the videographer).

Different Escharotic Preparations
Treat Different Conditions
(People who know about escharotics closely associate it with skin cancer
because that's what this class of compounds has traditionally treated.
Escharotics, however, have other uses -- often effectively treating conditions
for which the pharmaceutical industry is still searching for solutions.)

People familiar with our work frequently associate us with escharotics, particularly Cansema. The reason for this is that we were the pioneer of escharotic preparations online, beginning with the creation of altcancer.com in 1995. There is not one single company that is selling escharotics online that does not, in some form or fashion, copy our work. We provide a comparison chart revealing who most of them are. (We talk about our role as the pioneer of escharotics online in an article we posted more than seven years ago.)
The line of escharotic products we have has been posted for quite some time on Cansema home page --- the same page that lists hundreds of testimonials and pictorials showing how these products work.
We are sometimes asked what is the difference between Cansema and Bloodroot Paste? This is discussed briefly in the two minute video above; however, a more thoroughly understanding of their differences can be obtained by examining the product pages, or going through the old Cansema FAQ section.
These and other amazing formulas with long histories of effective use can found on our online stores, or you can write to us at support@herbhealers.com for more information, or call us: (305) 851-2308.

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Black Salve:
Paperback Version Released
Last month we announced the release of Black Salve, the most instructional book on the use of escharotics ever written. The digital edition has been available on the author storefront since the end of July. We have now released the paperback edition, which is available on my personal storefront. In mid-September, we are releasing a second edition in both digital and print editions. (This is a updated version, which includes Appendix F, which is an extensive personal pictorial of my removal of skin cancers and actinic keratosis through the years.)
Black Salve is coming out at a particular crucial time now. There are now numerous parties on the internet offering advice on how to use to the salve, and much of this information is incorrect and even harmful. It is my hope that Black Salve will help restore a proper footing on the best way to use Black Salve to treat diseased tissue.
The book begins with an introduction by Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. -- an integrative physician in the States whom we have known for many years, an is illustrated by the famous political illustrator, David Dees. I dare say it is a must read for anyone interested in escharotic medicine. Questions about the book can be addressed to greg@gregcaton.com.

Learning About An Effective Method of
Removing Cancers --- The Descent Down the Rabbit Hole:
A Brief History of Alpha Omega Labs

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