he genesis of Alpha Omega Labs, quite strangely, came out of our work as a food manufacturing company that we founded in 1986, called Lumen Foods (soybean.com), which we operated in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We operated the company there until 2007, at which time the food business was sold. Not only were we highly innovative in nutraceuticals, but we specialized in natural preservatives, through a division called Natura Scio.
Although Alpha Omega Labs began operations in 1990, it was not until September, 1995, when we opened shop on the internet under the domain, Altcancer.com, that our work began to be noticed. Most people who know our work are aware that we were the first online company to publicize escharotic products -- notably Cansema®, our trademarked black salve. However, most people do not know that we introduced, and continue to sell, the most innovative health care products on the internet. Among these products are those that are arguably the best, most important, health care products available on the internet. Besides being -- to the best of our knowledge -- the very first alternative health care products company on the internet, we have also been the most innovative.
Below, we list our our top 10 contenders.

Cansema® -- This is the original "Black Salve" -- which began an online revolution following our introduction of it on the web in 1995. This Salve has traditionally been used to remove skin cancers -- (basal, squamous, and melanoma) -- and I trace its use back 500 years. The advantages of our Salves is so great that we openly advertise our competitors' pricing and customer service policies. We provide hundreds of testimonials and pictorials, along with a description of the process, detailed user instructions (in multiple languages), pain management guidelines, and practitioner guidance for those who need it. We also do period rebuttals to outrageous "hit pieces" in the media to escharotics, in general -- the latest one addressing an obnoxious, hyperventiliated piece by Science Propaganda-Based Medicine. This product was publically endorsed by Mike Adams (NaturalNews.com) on the Alex Jones Show in 2011.
In response to detractors saying my association with this product makes me a "cancer quack," I went ahead and produced a detailed pictorial showing my use of the product to remove a dozen skin cancer growths from my body, as well as a diagnosed case of actinic keratosis, which I acquired in 2017.

Bloodroot Paste -- Bloodroot Paste falls into the classification of "escharotics," just like Cansema (and the other trade names we use for our flagship escharotic paste). As the product page explains, this "lower intensity" escharotic is primarily used to get rid of non-cancerous moles and warts. There is nothing like it available now on the web in its price range.
Strange, if you go to Amazon.com and enter either Cansema Black Salve or Bloodroot Paste into the SEARCH field, you get a long list of products which are not connected to us or are even escharotic preparations. The products at the top of the Bloodroot Paste claim to be "homeopathic" -- which is patently absurd, because the mechanism of any of these products is in no way homeopathic. I explained back in 2004 why this practice is encouraged: why diluting the market with ineffective products, medical authorities hope to convince the public that they don't work. This is, as I argue, a corollary of Gresham's Law.

Alpha Omega III Herbal Toothpaste -- This is one of the most amazing products we ever created. It isn't just a dentifrice. It literally and safely cleans the teeth right down to the enamel. No other toothpaste currently on the market will give you this experience. Some products you have to use repeatedly, over a specified time, before you see results. With this dentifrice, you're a believer after your very first use. As we discuss on the product page, this product strips not just plague, but also calculus, from the teeth. You've never felt your teeth this clean and free of debris without having gone to the dentist.
This is a stand-alone product. However, for even more thorough results, particularly when users have a infection in the mouth, we recommend it be used together with our Calcium Sulfate Hydronium Solution -- (see below).

Calcium Sulfate Hydronium Solution -- (Concentrate), which we originally called H3O, has numerous health care applications --- unquestionably more than any product we have ever made and perhaps any product we have ever heard of. First introduced in 2001, further refinements were made after we relocated to South America, and the new "H3O" page is here. (Incidentally, the product originally acquired its name because it's loaded in extra hydrogen-bearing hydroxyls, but analysis of the product shows that in addition to H3O, it is also loaded in H5O2, H7O3, H9O4, etc.) Many of the "H3O's" extraordinary properties come from the fact that it is highly antimicrobial, while at the same time non-corrosive when used as directed. I personally inhaled this product at a trade show in 2002 and got rid of an acute, chronic bronchitis that I had been suffering with for years. Many digestion problems can be solved by taking this product at the 1:64 or 1:128 dilution ratio.
Inspired by the work of Jonathan V. Wright (M.D.), we began recommending this product to those with digestive problems years ago, and were surprised at the number of people with acid reflex, ulcers (H. pylori), and other ailments of the upper GI tract, who reported that the problem simply went away.
If medicine were about healing people, every doctor's office would have this product -- or one just like it with the same medicinal properties.
Before using this product, we ask that customers read the product page carefully.

Sangre de Drago -- This botanical material comes from the sap of a tree here in South America. We've harvested it ourselves in the Amazon jungle. There are a variety of vendors on the internet, because there's nothing proprietary here. We include it in this group for two reasons: (1) Because "Sangre" has such astonishing healing properties -- we even recommend it as an after-care product when using escharotics, and (2) Because it's difficult to find the "genuine article." It is widely known here that unscrupulous suppliers will cook the inside of banana peel -- (widely available, after all, Ecuador, as tiny as it is, is the largest exporter of bananas in the world) -- add red coloring, and produce a "counterfeit sangre." Moreover, there are different grades of Sangre based on where it is grown and the tree's proxity to running water. We consistently sell the highest grade of Sangre, harvested from the Amazonian region of Pastaza Province in Ecuador.

AO Heart Drops -- We first heard about Strauss Heart Drops in Canada sometime in the 1990's --- and for those who haven't heard the story, you'll find it on this product's Heart Drops page. It's nothing short of amazing what AO Heart Drops do to rejuvenate the cardiovascular system in general, and the heart, in particular. None of this obviates the need for proper nutrition -- essential to the proper function of thead cardiovascular system. By way of example, Dr. Linus Pauling, a winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, was excoriated for his discovery that the Vitamin C / L-Lysine combination rendered statin drugs unnecessary. (Keep in mind that this was before we discovered that the cholesterol / heart disease connection was a Big Pharma hoax. See also the excellent work by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., The Cholesterol Hoax. To double-down and reinforce this hoax, Big Pharma apologist publications, like Science-Based Medicine have begun to use the term 'cholesterol-denialism' to counter the findings of nutritional truth-seekers.) I talk about the indisputable proof that even mild Vitamin C deficiency ("hypoascorbemia") is quite harmful to the cardiovascular system in Chapter 4 of Meditopia (2004). However, even these considerations aside, the regular use of AO Heart Drops makes a noticeable difference for those who have heart issues, available at a fraction of the cost of comparable products on the market.

Botanical Support Capsules -- We originally introduced these products in the early 2000's, under the name CanSupport®. Later we changed the name to Botanical Support so as not to give the impression that they were not only helpful to those suffering from malignancies of the specific organs and systems specified in the line. We then sold them in bundles to create more complete nutritional support approaches.
Botanical Support products are based on old, ethnobotanical, tried-and-true herbal combinations that have shown that just as specific vitamins and minerals are beneficial to corresponding organs of the body, there are herbal combinations that benefit corresponding organs and systems of the body. By way of example, I have genetically weak lungs. Three of four grandparents had pulmonary issues, and I myself was diagnosed with TB when I was 5 years old. (The condition are continued all these years in dormancy.) And until I found H3O (see #4 above), I suffered from acute, chronic bronchitis. I take Botanical Support - Lung to support the lungs and help in warding off other respiratory problems.
There is no comparable line of its kind to be found on the internet.

Microflora Restore III / Microflora Accelerx -- We were one of the earliest proponents of probiotic support for optimal health on the internet. This product is the third iteration. We began in 2002 with Microflora Restore, to be replaced later with Microflora Restore II (2017), which in turn lead to developing Microflora Restore III.
Things have changed dramatically since we posted our original arguments for the importance of regularly taking a potent, multi-strain probiotic.
One of the greatest environmental threat now is glyphosate. It contributes to kidney disfunction and chronic inflammation and liver disease. The non-industry supported work of Samsel and Seneff, which are not industry funded -- (the only truth to be found in scientific papers anymore are the ones that are not funded by the offending business interests) -- are even more disturbing. Their meticulous work lays out the pathways to glyphosate's contribution to cancers, obesity, diabetes, asthma, infections, osteoporosis, neuropathies, infertility, and birth defects.
In connection with this work, I had one of the top soil scientists in Iowa tell me privately that we are quickly reaching a point where the bacterial flora necessary to sustain norman human life will not survive without the regular ingestion of probiotics. That's how serious the situation is with the proliferation of this agricultural poison.
The position of the ag industry naysayers is clear. Nonetheless, when you feel the difference taking this pre- and probiotic combination, you'll have no doubt as to the benefit of resetting your intestinal flora againt the harmful effects of ag-related poisons, of which glyphosate is among the most serious.

Lugol's Iodine -- Lugol's has been with us for a long time, since 1829. It is incredibly anti-microbial, but also being a potent oxidant, care should be taken when using it, particularly internally, so that a sensible dosage is not exceeded. It is available from a variety of vendors on the internet, but having first introduced it online in 2001, we believe we were one of the first. Lugol's is effective against candida, the carcinogenic effects of halogen displacement, topical infections, iodine deficiency, among other conditions. Please read the product page.
This is yet another product that should be included in everyone's medicine cabinet.

Oje -- (From the Spanish: pronounced "Oh'-hay") -- The pathogenic role played by parasites in contributing to a host of diseases in modern western countries is greatly under-recognized and under-appreciated. Many don't even know what a parasitologist is -- let alone having ever met or consulted with one.
Most people have one or more parasites and have no idea that they're "carriers." I know this to be true because of the sheer number of people who have used one of our anthelmintics (anti-parasite products) and end up shocked at what they subsequently found floating around in their stools. If your understanding would be assisted with graphics, read my parasite primer.
Our Oje, which is sourced from the Peruviana Amazonia district, is the most potent of our anthelmintics. It is the nature botanical that the indigenous use to rid the body of a parasite when nothing else, even paico, gets the job done.
It's one of the Amazonian nature remedies that amazes me the most.

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