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Scalar Wave, Revealed as
Basis Of New "pH Solutions"

W hen Alpha Omega Labs first announced the introduction of H3O and HRx Concentrates in January (2001), it was based on a contractual arrangement with another company for the development of food, beverage and nutraceutical applications, worldwide - so stated a sidebar announcement on Alpha Omega's home page.
Subsequent research on Alpha Omega's part uncovered an unusually high level of cadmium (Cd) in the first H3O solution, which lead to AO's quest to produce its own "pH solutions" using a new, emerging technology called "scalar wave."
The idea of using scalar wave technology to alter and enhance the properties of various natural compounds, without actually changing any of the underlying chemistry, is a concept that is heretical to the orthodox scientific community. However, in practical, real-world terms, several companies have already successfully introduced products that empirically prove that this science is real - and that it works.
The science has been proven by the likes of NatureWell Inc., a U.S. company that succeeded in taking a solution containing feverfew, a herbal long known and prescribed for the treatment of headaches, and creating a product that has been clinically shown to be effective (and rapidly so) in the treatment of migraine headaches. The resulting products, MigraSpray (tm) and MigraDaily (tm), are touted as being "homeopathic," but only because that label is the closest the company could come to finding a regulatory niche into which it could define the underlying basis for its products. In actuality, NatureWell's formulators have never dabbled in the Homeopathic Pharmacoepia (U.S. or U.K.)
Another pioneer in the creation of products that employ scalar wave technology is Tainio Technologies near Cheney, Washington (USA). Its president, Bruce Tainio, has long been recognized as a pioneer in the field and several of that company's products successfully employ scalar wave propagation.
Alpha Omega sought to employ the same technology to product superior "pH balancing solutions." The technology is exciting for two reasons: (1) The resulting solutions have properties that are "drug-like" in their medicinal effect and immediacy of action, and (2) They involve taking compounds that already have regulatory approval in most countries and changing their vibration, but not their underlying chemistry. Therefore, what you end up with are products that require no regulatory approval - even if "medicinal claims" issues remain open to debate. Moreover, the products are safe and actually difficult to abuse - not at all like real pharmacologicals.
The solutions created by Alpha Omega Labs and its partners are a good example. H3O Concentrate involves the application of scalar wave technology to an aqueous solution of sulphuric acid. (The product gets its name because a by-product of the process itself is hydronium, or "H3O"). Sulphuric acid is not a drug. In the U.S., for instance, it is on that country's food & drug law books as "G.R.A.S.," or Generally Regarded as Safe, making Alpha Omega's H3O Concentrate perfectly legal under CFR 21, subsection 184.1095 (“Direct Substances Affirmed GRAS”).
Sears Tower, Chicago, IL (USA); home of Gronek & Armstrong, U.S. FDA legal counsel Likewise, HRx, which applies scalar wave technology to an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide, is protected in the U.S. under CFR 21, subsection 184.1631 ("Direct Substances Affirmed GRAS").
According to Paul Winniewski, an FDA specialist and senior associate at the U.S. legal firm of Gronek & Armstrong (Chicago, Illinois), which represents Alpha Omega in the U.S., "These solutions (H3O and HRx) fall into a very novel and protected area of prevailing drug laws. On the one hand, Alpha Omega Labs can't be expected to seek approval for substances that are already approved. But from the FDA's perspective, how can it be argued that these products are substantially different if the technology employed is not yet recognized by orthodox science? If you want to regulate something, you first have to acknowledge its existence."
Thomas Beardon, Ph.D. To emphasize just how "cutting edge" Alpha Omega's journey was into scalar wave technology was and how "against the grain" it was within orthodox science, we sought the input of world-noted scalar wave authority, Dr. Thomas Beardon. (Parts of our interviews with Dr. Beardon were committed to video and can be viewed in our video gallery). According to Dr. Beardon, the reason that scalar wave technology and its practical applications are so anathema to orthodox science is that it undermines "established models" in physics and chemistry. "The scientific method today is under assault by a critical mass of rank-and-file academics who behave like fundamentalists. Instead of changing their models to include new, provably repeatable scientific phenomena, they'd rather use politics to discredit the science."
This rest of this month's issue of the Ashwin is devoted to reports from field concerning applications for H3O and HRx. Although we find the reports we reproduce here credible, it is provided for information and research purposes only. Nothing contained on this page should be construed as a representation that H3O or HRx are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, except where otherwise noted. Our prior focus is research.

Enormous Potential
In OB/GYN Applications
Alpha Omega Labs is now testing a vaginal suppository which could be used in conjunction a broad range of vaginitis conditions which have a microbial basis. It could also be used for yeast infections, STD's, and even as a prophylactic to prevent pregnancies.
"We already know there are no toxicological issues," notes AO master herbalist, James Carr. "And for most cases, we know that efficacy is there, as well. So now it's about consumer acceptability and, in applicable countries, the usual regulatory hurdles."
Carr notes that women who wish to obtain the benefits without waiting would do well to use the H3O solution at the 1:85 ratio (1.5 tablespoons to a gallon of water). An effective, though not necessarily convenient, protocol calls for holding the solution for a minimum of 10 minutes before release.
Again, there are no toxicological issues or contraindications to worry about using this approach.

Sports Drinks That Work
A lot of legitimate complaints have arisen from the sports training community about scientific research that's more confusing than useful, sports beverages that really don't work, and comments (most recently in the Wall Street Journal) that the brand leader, Gatorade (made by Quaker Oats), has built an empire based on questionable research. (The argument that athletes need the kind of electrolyte combinations found in Gatorade turn out to be true only for those endurance athletes who go in excess of 60 minutes or more of intense cardiovascular activity -- hardly the case for 99.9% of your neighborhood gym visitors, or even the majority of professional athletes!)
A far more exciting sports beverage would be one that increased strength and endurance regardless of how long you'd been working out.
According to a variety of reports we have received from the field, in both humans and animals, the internal use of HRx brings both increased strength and endurance - but not in all subjects.
One customer in Texas who breeds race horses told that, "We put it (HRx) in their drinking water, and although it doesn't make the horses run faster, it definitely makes them run fast longer...
Several subjects who weight train, including an Alpha Omega Labs staffer, have noted that HRx increases both strength and repetitions in their weight training routines. As one staffer noted, "The weight difference, for instance, on bench pressing was modest - I'll do 310 instead of 280 lbs... but instead of five or six reps in the morning, I can do ten - even when I'm not feeling all that great." Of course, the results have varied from person to person - and on the amount of HRx solution and its strength. Another factor we are seeing is cumulative benefit over time. Some of the benefits are realized in the first day - but others can take weeks to fully realize.

One of Alpha Omega Labs' long term goals it to partner with a beverage company to make HRx-based beverages available to the fitness market. Currently, there is no widely marketed sports beverage which alkalizes the body and increases strength and endurance.
As more research results are made available, and the benefits of HRx are more conclusively known and publicized, we feel it is only a matter of time before a real sports beverage is made available to the public.
Note to our Readers: This is the second edition of the The Ashwin (pronounced "Ah-sh' win"), covering November, 2001. The premier October, 2001 edition is archived. If you have questions, email us.

New Uses Reported
For "pH Solutions"

Novel uses reported for regulating blood sugar in diabetics, eliminating arthritic pain, remarkable OB/GYN applications . . . H3O & "Incurable" Melanoma: The Story of Robert Banks "My hair is reverting to its original color..." The debate over scalar wave's accessing the "time domain" - and its implications "You may well have found the fountain of youth." (Dr. A.J. Sehkon, M.D.)

The introduction of H3O and HRx was based initially on theoretical work conducted in the U.S., and on end user tests and empirical findings that took place from 1996 through 2000. We already knew that the compounds were safe. We knew had some ideas as to their basic medicinal properties -- or so we thought -- and we had an ideas as to the worldwide markets for the product.
What we didn't know was that our own customers would end up circumventing our research, discovering their own uses and protocols for the products - causing us to morph our marketing efforts into a "end user database collection" project.
Below, we discuss some of the novel uses that our physicians, alternative health care practitioners, and end users are bringing to our attention.

"They both alkalize..."
Our work on HRx - the alkaline side - was patterned after work that was ongoing in Japan with various alkaline solutions and the physiological effects their internal consumption initiated. (Among the best known of these efforts is Ionized Alkaline Water and Alkaline Antioxidant Water.)
We knew when we first started working with HRx, that it was far superior to other solutions available - then or now - and for very definitive reasons: (1) HRx can be sold as a concentrate, making it more cost competitive than any "alkaline water" available, (2) It is non-caustic and non-corrosive, even as a concentrate - something that concentrations of other "alkaline water" cannot claim, and (3) It can be safely consumed at more alkaline pH levels, making it faster acting, effective in lower amounts, taken over shorter periods of time.
The idea of using H3O for internal use, particularly as an alkalizing agent, escaped us at first, because it seemed to very contrary to all available literature that was coming out on the relationship between systemic pH and pH altered "waters." In addition, there were other medical groups working with "acidic water" - none of whom were producing credible evidence that their acidic waters, whether ionized, bioenergized, electrofied, or otherwise modified, worked as an "alkalizer." Lastly, what was the point? If HRx could be shown to consistently lower pH and bring out the many medical benefits that our research and other related medical literature seemed the promise, why look in other directions?
The reason became apparent with several mysterious cases where the patients reported only marginal pH lowering benefits. Although these cases were in the small minority, their very existence was confounding. The mechanics behind HRx's action seemed sure to provide an alkalizing effect to anyone who took it. Nonetheless, we were not in a position to dispute the reports of these few cases - or the physicians who brought them to our attention.
By early summer, 2001, we got reports from Alpha Omega Labs' customers who used H3O internally - usually for ulcers and other GI tract problems with microbial etiologies. (H3O has greater than a Log 8 kill rate for all classes of micro-organisms - with the exception of some fungi - even when diluted up to a pH of 2.2, making it safe and effective for a broad range of digestive system problems.) Closing a couple of the commentaries was input that was both startling and puzzling, "Oh yeah ... one other thing --- the H3O solution is actually alkalizing my urine and saliva pH readings. Are you getting any other similar reports?"
Further experimentation and clinical input began to provide a farther different picture than the one we had when we first made our transition to scalar wave production.
Here is what we currently know and what we don't know: (1) HRx is still the best solution for alkalizing the body and assisting the healing effects of other adjunct products, ours and others -- but it is not work for everyone... and for those which do not respond well, H3O tends to work in those individuals, and vice versa. It is as if there were "H3O leaning", "HRx leaning", and "H3O / HRx neutral" patients. (In the last case, H3O and HRx appear to work equally well to alkalize the body, eliminate toxins, increase circulation, etc.)
Our current focus is on discovering what factors make a given individual lean in one direction, versus another.

"My Blood Sugar Dropped
From 200 to 120... Now
I've Cut In Half My
Dependence on Glucophage ®"
With only a handful of exceptions, both physicians and end users are reporting that diabetes patients (mellitus, Type I and II) are seeing dramatic improvements in blood sugar normalization and improvement in circulation with the use of HRx. We reported in a email circular that Lions International was looking into the use of making HRx available to diabetes treatment facilities worldwide -- a sizeable proposal that is still under review, but in the meantime, the reports keep coming in.
Dr. Larry Cole, a chemistry professor at Texas A & M (College Station, Texas), first reported this application to us, but many others have followed since. The most common protocol is having the patient drink one to two quarts (roughly one to two liters) of HRx water daily, diluted 1:100. (One quart of our HRx Concentrate will, therefore, make one hundred drinkable quarts.) A little stronger solution can be made by going with 1.5 tablespoons (45 ml.) per gallon (3.96 l.) - a 1:85 ratio. In the latter solution, the resulting pH is usually in the 10.5 range, depending on the pH, mineral content, etc. of the initial water.

"My H3O / HRx Mixed
Solution Eliminated
My Arthritic Pain."
One of the biggest and most ubiquitous problems our older patients report is arthritic pain - and often just non-specific or undiagnosed joint and muscle pain. We created Joint Relief for arthritic sufferers - and this works quite well for about 35% of users - but that only leaves the other 65% without a good remedy. Most arthritic sufferers have their choice of analgesics, usually NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), but the highly publicized danger from potential overuse is ever-present.
About 50 cases have been reported where arthritic pain was dramatically reduced, if not eliminated, and circulation greatly increased using the following formula:

1 Gallon, Water
2 Tablespoon, HRx
1 Tablespoon, H3O
We are currently looking for an alternative health care clinic specializing in arthritic conditions with which we can create clinical studies.

Robert L. Banks
"You Guys Saved My Life!"
Reverse Aging? An unintended byproduct:
Pictures show his hair turned from grey
to its original blonde color.

Certain cases that do not respond well (i.e. a rapid improvement in alkalization is not seen) with HRx, have been drinking H3O solution, instead. One particularly touch case we had (monitored by "George" - one of our staff herbalists) was an advanced Stage IV melanoma cancer patient, Mr. Robert L. Banks, who was told by his oncologists that he had no chances of "making it." His case saw a DRAMATIC turnaround after adding H3O to his daily regimen. His case has its own page - where you can view a pictorial history of his case.
One of the important things to come out of Mr. Bank's meticulous photographs is the progressive change in his hair color. If you compare the "early 2001 pictures" to the "latter 2001 pictures" you see, unmistakeably that his hair has reverted from grey to its original blond color.
This was something we were aware of - but not so dramatically. Dr. A.J. Sehkon (M.D.) of Yuba City, California, noted that both the H3O and HRx had that effect - and in his own personal case, turned his hair from grey back to its original black color.

"You May Well
Have Found The
Fountain of Youth."
Dr. A.J. Sehkon prepared the original proposal to Lions International, based on his observation of HRx and its effects on diabetic patients -- (primarily its ability to normalize blood sugar and increase circulation).
In private Dr. Sehkon notes that H30 and HRx, taken separately or together, affect so many physiological functions in a positive way and appears to reverse the effects of aging when taken regularly, that it could be the most effective anti-aging regimen yet discovered.
Although he adds that we are only at the beginning stages of research to uncover its many properties, in reviewed the latest findings, he noted to a close associate, "You may well have found the fountain of youth."

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