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" One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is
so much bullshit. "
Harry G. Frankfurt
On Bullshit
Princeton University Press

" The truth is so fragile, it needs a bodyguard of lies to protect it. "
Winston Churchill

The Unmasking of Conventional
Medicine As Fake Health Care,
Medical Authorities as Shock Jocks

" Fake clinical studies, fake journal reports, and Dr. Oz . . .
Just when you thought it couldn't get any more surreal . . . "

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author Last month (Apr., 2017), I received an email from GreenMedInfo, highlighting an article by Jefferey Jaxen, entitled, " Retractions and Errors Driving Loss of Faith in the Peer Review Process." The lead-off sets the tone: "Establishment medical professionals are quick to hold up peer-reviewed studies as the gold standard, argument-ending proof in an attempt to shut down valid discussions around 'alternative' health and healing. Major medical and science journals have long-been considered the sacred cows from which information gets disseminated down through the roots of mainstream medicine with unquestioning adherence mirroring religious dogma. What if this peer-reviewed research was flawed? What if major medical journals acted as gatekeepers long-crafting a health paradigm that favored only limited and dangerous pharmaceutical interventions?" [emphasis added]
The article then goes on to discuss the recent retraction of 107 research papers by Tumor Biology, which released a statement that read: "The current retractions are not a new case of integrity breach but are the result of a deeper manual investigation which became necessary after our previous retractions from Tumor Biology in 2016. The extent of the current retractions was not obvious from the earlier investigations in 2015. We are retracting these published papers because the peer review process required for publication in our journals had been deliberately compromised by fabricated peer reviewer reports." None of this is news to established, practicing naturopaths, who have to battle disinformation every day of their career. I, myself, began an Ashwin article in June, 2015 with quotes from Marcia Angel, M.D., former Editor-in-Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine and Richard Horton, M.D., former Editor-in-Chief of Lancet, who both have decried the increasingly bullshitty character of the peer-review process and the unreliability of most published clinical studies, in general. (Moreover, both of them figure prominently in the GreenMedInfo article cited above.) Going farther back, I've written a series of articles about the untruthful, dishonest character of "official information." I've written about the unjustified war against herbal products (April, 2015); the disinfo campaign against escharotics (Sept., 2014); orthodoxy's campaign against reputable alternative companies and their websites using WOT (Aug., 2012); convention's art of disinformation using mediated experience (Oct., 2009); and the deliberate lies that spew forth from that beacon of official medical lies that's known as Quackwatch ("Confronting the MIC's Unending Cavalcade of Pathological Lies") (Apr., 2009), etc., etc., etc. And none of this addresses the unending lies that the FDA's minions of darkness used in connection with their attacks on me since 2003 -- (see Chapter 3 of Meditopia.)
Do the lies that emanate from anything that's remotely connected with conventional medicine ever end?
Apparently not.
Earlier this month -- on May 10, 2017 -- the Dr. Oz Show aired a segment on "Black Salve," based on a private interview I gave to Dr. Oz himself on April 17. I have to hand it to Dr. Oz's staff: they did an incredible job in the editing room of twisting everything I said and crafting a hit piece on my person, that anyone who didn't know me or my work would be quite convinced that I deserved a place among the world's most notorious criminals that put me somewhere between Osama bin Laden, Al Capone, and Jack the Ripper.
Even worse, Dr. Oz made so many provably false statements about Black Salve, that I had to respond with a lengthy, comprehensive rebuttal of my own.
The interesting thing about Harry Frankfurt's work -- whose quote I use to begin this Ashwin article -- is that he has found the extreme lack of truthfulness so prominent in our culture that it has lead to him to produce a Unified Theory of Bullshit. Prominent within Frankfurt's theory is the idea that the "value" of spoken communication is its ability to persuade, with no mind as to whether or not its truthful. "The liar cares about the truth and attempts to hide it; the bullshitter doesn't care if what they say is true or false, but rather only cares whether or not their listener is persuaded." With that standard in mind, it has become all too obvious that the Medical Industrial Complex has filled its ranks with wall-to-wall bullshitters.
On inconsequential matters, it's easy to ignore this feature of our culture. But when the Theory of Bullshit is applied to organized medicine, it leads to disastrous decisions by ordinary people on matters that, all too often, turn out to be a matter of life and death.
And all of this returns us to our reason for being at Alpha Omega Labs: supplying raw, verifiable information that consumers can use to make their own health care decisions -- void of the tendency of those in the orthodox medical community to tell anyone who will listen to them, whatever they want -- no matter how provably false it is -- as long as it makes more money for the Medical Industrial Complex.
More than ever, it's important for consumers to think for themselves, knowing that those in authority do not live to provide the public with what's in their best interest. Never before has it been more important to think independently and do one's own research.

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