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September 30, 2009 -- After a five year absence, we are most proud to bring back our AO III Herbal Toothpaste. Together with the use of H3O as a gargle, this team represents the best dental care combination we've ever seen -- as we first discussed in the December, 2001 Ashwin.

Also introduced this month is a "less aggressive" Cansema® Salve with Aloe.

For years we had advised our customers and practitioners as to various techniques for diluting Cansema in various base materials, especially where pain management was an issue. Many customers wrote back that this was an extra burden . . . and others were not able to do it correctly.
The Cansema® Salve with Aloe Vera Gel is an "easier to tolerate" formula sold in the "clinical sized" jar and priced at less than half the regular clinical-sized jar.
Those with larger growths to remove will find it a welcome relief. See product page.

Extending the Cansema® family still farther is Cansema® Nuwais -- a variation of our original which is designed to treat oral cancers . . . something for which Original Cansema® has been used for many years. Cansema® Nuwais is an improvement for this one specific area of application by virtue of the properties discussed on its product page.

Our AO Chima Matiku utilizes a traditional healing plant that has a reputation as a wound healer for centuries.
See product page for more details.

Vilcabamba - taken from Montesueños - Sept. 19, 2009

How Cansema® Secured
Its Own FDA Approval

"Now you, too, have your 'nitsch,' [ 1 ] and, in time, you will find that what the FDA did to you is not a mark of disgrace but a badge of honor!"
Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D. [ 2 ]
Private letter to Greg Caton -- July, 2004

Truth is No Defense
Courtesy of Dees Illustration

Not long after we re-opened Alpha Omega Labs last year -- (June, 2008) -- having been closed for nearly five years, during which the U.S. Food & Drug Administration worked with counterfeiters of our products, one of them even selling a "Cansema," containing nothing more than vegetable oil and flour [ 3 ], we began to get strange endorsements. Not from prior customers. These were product endorsements from people who had never even tried them. They would usually sound something like this:
"You must have been doing a lot of good . . . The FDA would never go to this much trouble if you weren't curing a lot of people."
I found this most surprising because I had felt for some time that the Public was clueless -- that only a tiny sliver of us knew the Truth: that the U.S. FDA is just another 5-Star brothel, this one servicing the pharmaceutical industry. That it is essentially a crime syndicate that cares not one whit for the health and well-being of the American people.
I was wrong.
People are beginning to wake up -- not the critical mass those of us in the alternative community would like to see . . . but slowly waking up, nonetheless.
Over time . . . in blogs and emails all over the internet, the FDA raid to destroy Alpha Omega Labs' facility in the U.S. and confiscate assets has been compared to the FDA's shameful efforts to destroy Harry Hoxsey, Wilhelm Reich, Jonathan Wright, William B. Koch, R.R. Rife -- to name just a few of the luminaries who were, themselves, helping too many people, curing too much disease, and by their very existence creating too great of an embarrassment for the FDA's true client, Big Pharma, to endure.
And it isn't just in the U.S.
People all over the world are waking up.
My first inkling of this trend was during my first visit to Moscow in January, 2003. I happened to spend time with a Dr. Dashkov, a medical doctor there who specializes in bio-electronic medicine -- an area quite verboten in the U.S. He asked me while we both rode to visit a Russian business contact, how much I knew about the medical applications of Wilhelm Reich's work . . . specifically the use of "orgone energy" to cure disease.
I told Dr. Dashkov that I was aware of Reich's work, but I found it odd that he would ask me this. "I don't specialize in 'orgone energy,' so why are you asking?"
"Oh . . . I was just curious," and then he added prophetically, "You know . . . we get our best ideas from the U.S. Government. We look to examine what scientists are being prosecuted with ridiculous criminal charges -- quite common, we think -- and that tells us what research we should be looking into."
Eight months later, the FDA destroyed our U.S. lab with just such ridiculous charges.

The crime wave generated by the FDA over the better part of a century is so great now -- the healing technologies they've suppressed so numerous -- that it has never occurred to them that to publically destroy the lives of a person or persons connected with something they don't like creates a most unintended consequence. It creates the biggest endorsement, the biggest approval that the FDA could ever render. It says to the public -- just like it has done for Russian scientific researchers for years -- that something important is being buried for political reasons that needs to remain out in the open, something that benefits ordinary people, thus disempowering the political classes.
When the FDA conspired to violate the U.S. / Ecuadorean extradiction treaty last November by having me illegally kidnapped, that sent a message, too. It only got worse for them after President Correa of Ecuador kicked two U.S. diplomats out of that little racketeering operation in Guayaquil, called the U.S. Consulate, and then they responded to my case by having me posted on Interpol as a "cancer quack" in February and backdating the arrest information to the previous November, when the illegal kidnapping attempt took place.
All this nonsense provided Alpha Omega Labs with untold free publicity -- to a Public that increasingly knows that the FDA cannot be trusted . . . that they are incapable of telling the Truth when corporate profits of their pharma-clients are at stake. The lying, the theft, the filing of false claims, the criminal prosecution, kidnapping -- it all provides an FDA endorsement for my work, for Cansema®, and for those who employ our healing techniques that no amount of money can buy.
Yes . . . Cansema® is FDA approved.
. . . unintentional on the part of the FDA, to be sure . . . but most significant to those who understand what's really going on.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. Hans told me the story where in German military schools early in the 20th century, two combatants would engage in hand-to-hand combat with knives -- the goal being to scar the other party in the face. At the conclusion of the fight and the determination of a winner, the losing party would go to the school's surgeon and be stitched up such that a nasty scar would remain. This scar -- then called a "nitsch," became a badge of honor . . . The term is used here metaphorically for brave people who find themselves engaged -- against all odds -- in hand-to-hand combat with the FDA.

  2. Though I have a personal library of over 4,000 books, rarely am I moved to write another author. But this time I was. I sat down to write a letter to Dr. Moolenburgh in the Netherlands, thanking him for an incredible read -- specifically, his book, "As Chance Would Have It -- A Study in Coincidences".
    As I began to write, I looked at the calendar. "Oh my God!" I thought. It was June 28, 2004 . . . Quickly I went back to the book to find a personal story where Dr. Moolenburgh revealed his birthday. June 28. And so, my "thank you letter" did double-duty as a birthday "wishing you well" card, wherein I described how I had read his book in prison and the FDA travesty that had landed me there.
    To my surprise, he sent a detailed letter back. And in that letter he made the comment reproduced above.

  3. None of the counterfeiters of Cansema® has caused us as much grief as has Toby McAdams, a/k/a -- also known as I first wrote about this in Chapter 7 of the first draft of Meditopia®. His products are so ineffective that we have been diluged with complaint letters from people who --- I'm sure many of them to this day --- think that Cansema® is a complete hoax.
    It is because of this experience that we created a Fake Product Compensation Program.

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