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These are a few recent testimonials that have been collected on the effectiveness of our Bloodroot Paste (similar pages exists for testimonials on our Cansema products - both human and veterinary applications). As with its sister page, we have made no attempt here to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Many hundreds of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
This page has little graphics, but is text heavy. If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to email us.

Disclaimer & Advisory: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.
Please Note: No testimonials were added or changes made to this page from 2003 to 2009, as a result of the FDA raid detailed in the Sept., 2008 issue of the Ashwin.

Case #070914: Bloodroot Paste & Candida Rash
Hi, I don't have a question but some information to share. Over the last couple of weeks I have been using your Bloodroot Paste on my candida rash with amazing results. I have been plagued with on again and off again eruptions of the rash for the last several years. Last year the problem became severe and would not go away. After a year of trying I got the most severe rash on my leg to go away, but then it moved to my neck. When I subdue it in one spot it moves to another. Anyway, I put it on the neck rash and it brought up some hard lumps that finally turned into the eschar. When the lumps appeared I actually put an extra coat on each of them. When this round heals up I'm going to do a second application. I want to make sure I kill this stuff. Hands down, this is the BEST thing I've used to get rid of the Candida. Next month I hope to buy your tonic. I'm going to be adding most or all or your products at some point.
Thank you so much for all your sacrifices. I truly appreciate all your efforts. P.S. -- My mom died of hip cancer. My dad died of esophageal cancer. My uncle died of bone cancer, and my aunt died of cancer. I healed myself of breast cancer 22 years ago, but I still think there might be a risk so I'm now using your products.
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

[ Name Withheld by Request ]
Port Hadlock, Wash.
Sent via email: July 9, 2014

Case #112613: Bloodroot Paste & Sebaceous Cyst
I came across your product by accident. I wanted to find a remedy to help rid my sebaceous cyst that formed on my neck & stuck around for months. I tried other remedies to no avail until I tried Bloodroot Paste. Upon application, I could feel a tingling on the area treated. I reapplied daily for about 4 days and started seeing major swelling. I got nervous thinking it was infected so I stopped using the bloodroot to allow the area to scab over and heal on its own.
Two days later it started oozing white. At that point I knew it was the eschar forming. I gently pulled away at it with tweezers & the entire cyst fell off!!! There was no bleeding at all and it stung just a tiny bit. I kept it covered with a bandage and each day after it healed more and more. I no longer use a bandage to cover it up. It just looks like dry skin. Once it completely heals up within the next week or so I'm sure it won't look any worse than a chicken pox scar. In total it took less than a week for the eschar to form & would've fell off on its own. Three days later the opening is closed up. Healing is easy & the pain is minimal. I really wish I would've had this information ten years ago when one formed on my shoulder and grew to 1" in diameter. I had it removed once surgically, only to have it return again within months and grow even larger. I now have a 4" long scar on my shoulder.
Thanks for this wonderful product! It was much cheaper than my multiple surgeries & way less painful!!

[ Name Withheld by Request ]
United States
Sent via email: November 26, 2013

Case #110613: Bloodroot Paste & Unspecified Skin Cancer
[Editor's Note: Although Cansema is our "skin cancer remover" of choice, some users prefer to use our Bloodroot Paste to attack skin cancer growths. It takes longer and is not generally as thorough, but as the testimonial below indicates, it does the job. We discuss this more detail below.]
I had some sort of skin sore on my face at the right temple that would bleed, then scab, then bleed, then scab, never healing. Always there in the form of a skin sore or a rash. I began to wonder if it was some sort of skin cancer, so I tried Bloodroot Paste by Alpha Omega Labs, as recommended by my brother.
It was a 3-month process of applying the Bloodroot Paste on the skin sore every day, but well worth the time. I watched as the skin sore began changing and, by the second month, became very, very sore over the course of 2-3 days. The sore then formed what appeared to be an embedded pimple, which then "popped" and oozed out "stuff". I was sure this hole it left on my skin would become a permanent scar, but I actually didn't care if it did if it meant that the skin cancer was gone.
Then miraculously after that, the soreness subsided. Within a week later, the skin sore was gone. And, by the end of 3 months, there was NOTHING there! No scar, no trace of anything! Not one mark on my temple area that showed anything had been there previously!
[ Name/Location Withheld by Request ]
Sent via email: November 6, 2013

Case #030813: Undiagnosed Mole
Thank you so much for for this information you sent me.
I have ordered and began using the Bloodroot Paste. After about 2 days of application, an eschar has formed. There is zero pain; the area is inflamed and a little swollen. I am not worried about this. I stopped using the Bloodroot Paste according to the online instructions and am keeping it clean with 3% H2O2. Small parts of the eschars are beginning to crumble off . . . Thank you for your help . . . No other treatment that I have tried has shown noticeable results like this without pain.
I wish you guys the best.
Best regards . . .
Sent via email: March 8, 2013

Case #052709: Bloodroot & Non-Cancerous Mole

Just thought I'd send my [pictorial] testimonial for bloodroot paste and mole removal: just use my first name and not my last . . . [ View Kerri's pictorial testimonial ]

Sent via email: May 27, 2009 @ 5:41 p.m. CST

Case #052009: Bloodroot & Cancerous Moles

I ordered your Bloodroot Paste about 3 weeks ago because the Dermatologist would not remove them. I decided to try it on the worse moles I had. Within one week the 4 worse moles I have ever had was sore and red. I stopped using the paste for one week and the entire mole was gone.
Thanks for your amazing product. I will be able to remove all 30 moles without surgery.

Sent via email: May 20, 2009 @ 12:56 p.m.

Case #022009: Bloodroot & Cancerous Moles - Long-Term

I have been a nurse for 20 years and I know a physician should always be consulted . . . but, I have had two moles on my back and two moles on my neck for 38 years. Thru time they have enlarged to the point that when I wear a shirt, I must make sure these areas do not show. My kids say they look gross. I have tried doctor scripts, everything on the market and on the internet to no avail. I stumbled on this page by accident, read it, and thought "Hey, what do I have to lose?"
I received the Bloodroot Paste, began to use it, and two weeks later my largest mole came off. Since then all 4 moles are gone. I will say the process did burn some, but was tolerable. I covered the areas with bandaids, bad deal, I, after all these years have found I am allergic to the adhesive in bandaids!
So, I had to allow the areas to remain open, the Bloodroot Paste still worked! If I knew you people personally, I would give you a Big Hug. These moles have drove me crazy for most of my life, and they are finally gone. I have bought me shirts that actually show the neck and some show my back, with confidence.
Thank-You all sooooooo much. A product that actually works, that is hard to find these days. THANKS!

" Mary "
Sent via email: February 20, 2009 @ 6:35 a.m.
Case #082303: Bloodroot & Non-Diagnosed
(Though Most Probably) Skin Cancer

I'm a 48 year old woman who bought your bloodroot paste last year and used it on a skin cancer lesion under my left eye almost on the cheekbone area. I didn't have it diagnosed but I KNOW it was skin cancer because it looked like nothing else I'd ever had on my body. It was slow growing over a year or so and looked just like the skin cancer pictures you see all over the web. Irregular shape, kind of cauliflowery in one area ... just strange looking.
I kept ignoring it, wishing and hoping that it might just be a wart of some kind and that my wishing would just make it go away... silly me. When it started to change colors and get bigger I knew I had to get busy and do something about it but really dreaded seeing a physician. I don't know why I didn't see my doctor and highly recommend that other people DO, but there it is. I decided to look for alternative methods instead and found your bloodroot paste on the internet and ordered it. I applied the paste according to your directions and noticed it was ACTIVE.
A month later I had only a small reddish area where the lesion had once been. After a year you can't even tell where it was.
THANK YOU for your help! Not only for your incredible healing bloodroot paste, but for the pictures and testimonials on your website that answered my questions and showed me what I should expect to happen. I tell everyone my story, even to the ones that don't believe in alternative therapy for cancer.
I hope my story will help someone else someday. BELIEVE THAT IT WORKS. Feel free to release my email address to those who'd like to ask me any questions. Sorry I don't have any pictures. To be honest, I wasn't sure it would work at first so didn't bother taking any. I REALLY wish I had now!
Thank you again a MILLION times over!
Sent via email: August 23, 2003
[Editor's Comment: Cansema works better for most skin cancer types, especially growths, such as BCC's, that have a well-developed structure that quickly becomes decentralized and diffused. However, for very localized skin cancers caught in the early stages -- and this is particularly true of those not yet developed to a point where they would be diagnosed as a skin cancer as such (which we cannot say in this case -- there was no diagnosis to begin with), our Bloodroot Paste offers an immediate (i.e. within a few days) and very inexpensive way to get rid of the problem. Nonetheless, if you KNOW you have skin cancer, Cansema should be your first choice.]

Case #070802: Bloodroot Paste & Eczema
My name is Nina Owens. I am 66 years of age. From the time I was 15 years old I suffered with Psoriasis. The only time I would be clear of it was when I was pregnant. It would all go away for 9 months. Then within 2 or 3 weeks, it would return full force. This past year I was treated with oxsoralen-ultra [sic] and the puva-lamp. In December of this year it went away and I have been free of it. BUT in its place, eczema came. I went to my doctor and he put me on some pills and salves, which did not do me much good. So while I was at my daughter's (who lives in the state of Mississippi), she told me to use some of (your) Bloodroot salve. I did: on my shoulder just that one time. (The) next morning it was almost clear ;) , so I ordered two Bloodroot (Pastes). (I) started using it and in 3 days it was most completely well. I put a little witch hazel on the site and then rubbed in the Bloodroot Paste. It just wanted to let you know so that maybe someone else can try it. Oh yes --- my daughter took 2 skin cancers off of her shoulder and stomach. They were moles. Thank God for your company. Nina Owens West Monroe, LA 71292 (Submitted by U.S. Mail to our office in Nassau)
Case #051502: Bloodroot Paste & Plantar's Wart
I used your bloodroot paste for a giant plantar's wart and other warts on my foot and hands. In 2 weeks the big wart was gone; the little ones went away about 4 months later. You have the best product on the market for warts. THANK YOU! Sent via email: 5/15/02
Case #042302: Bloodroot Paste & Moles
I bought some of your Bloodroot Paste and love it! I've had a mole on my leg since I was 5 and the dermatologist said it was too big for him to remove - I needed to go to a Plastic Surgeon. Instead, I started using your Bloodroot Paste and for about $1.50 [worth of product] it is almost gone. I'm hooked and am touting your paste to family & friends. Maria Guthier Sent via email: 4/23/02
Case #040302: Bloodroot Paste & Moles
4/1/02 Letter: Is there any way to tell if it (the current mole to which the bloodroot paste is being applied) was a cancer of some kind? It has already fallen (out) and the cavity is there now, with some fresh skin. Total time was 4 days. Our Response (4/1): There is no way to "tell" after two days because the cancer cells are killed off in the process. A biopsy will find nothing. This is why we encourage good diagnostics in the early stages (by a qualified physician) -- perhaps even a biopsy. That way, you know, more precisely, the nature of the growth you eliminated before you get rid of it. User Response (4/2): I'll just assume it (the mole just removed) wasn't (cancerous) as I've had it since I was born and am now 23. It always looked the same... and (it's) gone now anyway. Thanks for the prompt responses. B. Smith Sent via email: 4/1/02 - 4/2/02
Case #032702: Bloodroot Paste & Moles
Thanks so much for your fabulous products..and I am a new user! I had some Bloodroot Paste, but didn't use it immediately. Very recently I decided to put some on 2 spots on my right leg ... didn't know what they were aand both looked different. In a day or two I felt a burning, looked and there was a small black center in each ... one larger. I just got a PC so went to your great site and realized the one spot looked like the cancerous ones. The black scab eventually came to be 1/2 inch diameter. I contacted your thru email and was told to just wait 'til the body did the rest. And it did! On my 8-9th day the large scab just dropped off, leaving a clean large cavity. i am just amazed!... and thrilled!. Yesterday I ordered Cansema, and Medicardium. If I get half the results from then as I have from (Bloodroot Paste) I will be happy. Since your testimonials helped me so much, feel free to use mine. Thanks so much! ***** (Name withheld by request) Sent via email: 3/27/2002
Case #011502: Bloodroot Paste & Moles
Whow, (Bloodroot Paste) really worked on my 25 year old mole!!! (Ron) Sent via email: 3/4/2002
Case #011502: Bloodroot Paste & Moles
I am very much impressed with your products. It has saved me a lot of time and expense with running to the dermatologist to get some moles removed. It took just 1 day of treatment with your Bloodroot Paste and already my skin is starting too show the effects of your product. I can't wait too show my 70 year old mother---I am sure she will enjoy your product also. Whomever decided to market this product--you are the dermatologist's worst enemy. You are taking away their income, that is for sure. God bless you and believe me, I will help other individuals by telling them about your products.
Mari Huscio Sent via email: 1/15/2001
AO Reply: We thank you so much for your testimonial. One small point of clarity, however -- as it is important that our position be properly represented. Alpha Omega Labs could never replace dermatologists because we are void of the ability to diagnose patients' problems. Yes, dermatologists are part of a system that markets overpriced, often ineffectual, remedies under the long arm of the Medical Industrial Complex. But you can hardly blame them: those that wish to work with alternatives take enormous risks with their license to practice medicine - to say nothing of the legal stakes. In the end, dermatologists will be an important - even integral - part of the solution. They have the specialized knowledge, the expertise, and the focus to help bring life-saving alternatives to the forefront in the areas of skin cancers, keratosis, warts, moles, angiomas ... all treatable at a fraction of what it currently costs in the West - and far more effectively.
Because of politics, the educational system that produced them has been misguided, and their valuable services have been misdirected. With people such as yourself -- millions of them -- we hope to change that.
Case #101401: Bloodroot Paste & Moles
It worked! I ordered your Bloodroot Paste about a month ago and decided to try it on a single mole rather than all of them at once. At first nothing happened but after a few weeks a part of the mole seemed to be infected. I stopped using it and the infection cleared up and sure enough, some of the mole was gone. So I proceeded with the Bloodroot paste and in another week the whole mole was sore and red. So I stopped the paste again and lo and behold the entire mole was gone and just a little crater left in the skin! It is filling in nicely and will be smooth and healed soon. A doctor could not have done a better job if he'd cut it out! There is nothing to even hint that there used to be a mole there. Amazing! ... Perhaps people don't know that moles can cost anywhere from $25-$100 apiece for a doctor to cut them out. And than will he get it all or might it grow back? Bloodroot paste is a bit of trouble but soooo much cheaper and I avoid cutting and doctors anytime I can! Carol Taylor Rec'd via email: 10/14/01
Case #082100: Bloodroot Paste & Warts
Gentlemen, I had a colony of warts on the bottom of the heel of my right foot for 8-10 years. It may have started from stepping on a thorn or sliver of glass, but it never really went away from the time it first developed, until my application of your Bloodroot paste. It effected my walking comfort and sometimes had me hobbling. Countless times, my dermatologist had cut, and frozen the initial wart, only to have it return. As the years progressed and my economic circumstances changed, I resorted to actually trimming the tissue myself, every couple of months, to reduce the discomfort. This caused the wart to spread and multiply, even moving with some new growths up the outside of the foot and a couple near my ankle. In 1998 I decided to make a concerted effort to eradicate them once again and began treatments with the same Dermatologist as before. We started by freezing the areas several times, only to have them return. The smaller ones on the ankle seemed to leave permanently, but the colony under the heel persisted. The treatments were costing hundreds of dollars and finally the doctor suggested the option of a Bliomyecin (sp?) injection. This substance is apparently a chemotherapy agent and creates a necrosis of the wart and some surrounding tissue, in an effort to eradicate the growths. The shot alone was $200.00, very painful, took almost 2 months to heal... and didn't work! The doctor decided to refer me to a specialist at UCLA, who was working with a material called DNCB. I underwent a process of systemically sensitizing the body so that the application of the ointment would create a reaction from within, that rejects the wart tissue. Again, painful, expensive, and ineffective. The systemic approach may have caused other skin sensitivities, but that is for another letter! I finally stumbled onto your product, after searching for information on warts and other skin problems, on the internet. I applied the paste for only a few weeks, and the warts were gone. A pink area of fresh skin was the only reminder of what had been a painful area for over 10 years. I have been absolutely amazed at this success, and now after almost a year since the last Bloodroot application, I am writing to report this true success. I even related this to my doctors, who had little to say other than admitting no familiarity with the material I used... they weren't even interested in looking at the affected area... My wife has witnessed this cure and referred your product to several friends. I literally spent thousands of dollars with conventional (and experimental)approaches, suffered through dozens of ineffective surgeries, only to find success with your product. I am now considering your Cansema ointment to try on a couple of skin cancer areas (that have also been conventially treated by the same Dermatologist)... [A couple of additional queries follow...] I look forward to your response and would be happy to answer any questions about the wart treatments that I experienced prior to trying Bloodroot paste. Thanks for your products, D.H. Hall (via email) August 21, 2000
Case #081300: Bloodroot Paste & Non-Cancerous Mole
I have some good news. The brown, M & M - sized mole which resided on my left side for 30 years, is gone. I peeled off the last remnant of it this morning. It has been 20 days since I began applying your bloodroot paste to the mole. The mole didn't come off in one fell swoop. On Day #l6, I noticed that it looked tried and old. It had lost some if its vitality. On Day #l7, I was able to get a fingernail under the edge of the mole. On Days #l8 & l9, I peeled off most of it. Today, I used my nails and tweezers to remove the last of it. Perhaps, James, I rushed the process. Another ten days and it might have fallen off of its own accord. I don't know. Anyway, it's gone, and I'm a happy man -- not to mention a VERY satisfied customer of Alpha-Omega Labs. I'm treating the site with fresh aloe-vera salve. It's a bit tender, but only if I touch it. No pain. And no discoloration. I want you and your associates at Alpha-Omega Labs to know how grateful I am to all of you for creating and distributing this wonderful healing product. As soon as the site has healed completely (and I'm sure the mole is not going to grow back), I plan to tell ALL my friends and relatives about my healing experience, courtesy of Alpha-Omega Labs. I ordered some Cansema Salve this morning. I plan to apply it to the ganglion cyst in my right palm. I'll let you know if the Cansema is successful in reducing or eliminating the cyst. Thanks again for everything, James. You've got a good friend in Delray Beach who's in your debt.
(Name withheld by request) Delray Beach, FL July 30, 2000 *
Case #070900: Bloodroot Paste & Warts
Hello again!! Just wanted to update you on "the wart"!! I had spoken to a dermatologist who suggested I stop using the Blood- root Paste immediatly as the wart was inflamed and that was not good. I didn't listen to him, and went on vacation. After swimming in the pool, I hurredly brushed out my hair and accidentally brushed over the wart. I touched it to be sure I didnt cause it to bleed and to my amazment, the brush finished the removal process!! It only left a very small indentation, and there was absolutely no discomfort involved. I am so thrilled with the results that I will gladly suggest this treatment to anyone before they opt for surgical removal. [Editor: We do not encourage people to ignore their physician, who is most often the best source for accurate diagnostics. Our official position is that consumers should have a choice of treatments after having consulted with their qualified health care practitioner(s). See welcome page.] Susan (last name withheld by request) July 9, 2000

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