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At Alpha Omega Labs, except for the interruption of our business (2003 to 2008) brought about by an FDA raid, we have been working on vet applications of our escharotic preparations since the 1990's.
You can view our older testimonials -- from 1999 to 2003 on another page.

Case #010720v: Cansema® & Mast Cell Tumor
"How do I post a review?
"I just want to say thank you! I've posted on my Facebook page but I want to post elsewhere and on your site! I stumbled upon the reviews before on your website but I can't find them now. [Editor's note: All testimonials are maintained here, even if, at times, we run behind in posting.] It took a year of on/off treating the tumor on my dog. It originally looked like it was getting bigger and it was pretty messy. Once I started apply it to the base of the tumor, as you suggested, it really started to attack it from what I could tell. I definitely took breaks applying it but this last time when I started applying it, it rapidly shrank and the Cansema® just ate the tumor! Here's a photo. Thanks so much!!!
Jennifer W.
Email rec'd: Jan 13, 2000

Case #011120v: Cansema® & Undefined Canine Cancers
"Spartacus is a 13.5 year old male Boxer. This is not my first time using Cansema. I learned about black salve from a vet who saved my 12 year old Boxer, Delilah, from a rapidly growing cancer lump next to her nose. I was told the black salve only touches unhealthy cells and leaves healthy cells alone, and it can find the margins since it has the intelligence to differentiate healthy from unhealthy.
"It takes time and preparation and a little goes a long way. I used two very small 22g veterinary version on Spartacus' lump. I have taken care of over a dozen boxers since the 1980s and I know their main cause of death has been cancer and heart problems. I have also used this stuff on myself four times. Three of the four, I had reactions and small tiny lump came off my cheek on one of the times. The lump on Spartacus was difficult to put a bandage on. I could not actually. It's good to have H30 water or Vetricyn extra strength just to spray on the healing wound so it doesn’t get infected.
Carol England
Email rec'd: Jan 13, 2000
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Case #080519v: Cansema® & Undefined Canine Cancer

[Editor: This vet testimonial falls into two parts, the first correspondence from July 1, 2019 and then the second, a progress report, sent and received on August 5th -- roughly a month later. There are three photos above. The first two, starting from the left, are referenced in the first email below. The third was sent with the August correspondence, which follows.]
(First letter) --- Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate your help. I have attached pictures of the area of concern. The first picture I zoomed right in on it and the second picture is a distant shot, taken two days apart. My dog is a 6 year old rottweiler, weighing around 35 kg. The cancer is on his nose. I was wanting to apply a topical application.
I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind regards,

(Second letter) --- I just wanted to share with you an update, one month into the treatment.
You can see from the before photo's to a photo taken this morning, my dog's nose has healed and looking great again. :)
Thank you for your help.
Kind regards,
Serena B.
Email rec'd Jul 3 / Aug 5, 2019

Case #071719v: Cansema® & Feline Cancer

Dear Cathryn,
I thought I would just send you an update on Brösel. He has been on the recommended dose of Amazon Black Topical Salve [internal use] for cats now for 4 months. Brösel has been xrayed 10 days ago as there have been shadows on his lungs initially. The abdomen, liver, spleen, etc. have shown no signs of any growth at all and his lungs are clear. The vet said it could possibly have been a bad quality xray that they took a few months ago … :-))) well however, Brösel is feeling fit and, so far, has a clear bill of health. ( they gave him 3-6 months max-) we are over half and I belief that the treatment is working just fine for the little man. He eats as always, is happy as always and has never shown any discomfort with all the treatments at all. SUPER!!! I will keep you posted on his progress.
Thank you so much for your continuous support. I have been reading / listening with great interest and disgust to the messages (newsletters) of your husband. Nothing surprising there, just unbelievably disgusting facts of today's world ruled by money, power and control. I find it so sad to realise more and more how many „sheep" I am living amongst, "Ignorants by choice" I call them, as the info is there for anyone to read and learn before they take them to the slaughter, getting their lives, there money and their health ruined on the way.
I cannot imagine where you and your husband and crew get the necessary strength from. I have nothing but the greatest respect for you.
Kind regards
Email rec'd July 17, 2019

Case #060319v: Cansema® & Canine Cancer

[Editor: We haven't posted many veg cases here lately, as a previous assistance we mixing vet cases with the human caseload, but we'll resume posting here, this being the first of future veterinary posts.]
I wanted to thank you again for your advice and help with our grand pup, Brick. His tumor/cyst on his shoulder has almost completely healed up and the small cyst/tumor around his ear has softened and shrunk. My son and daughter in law are very grateful for helping save his life, as the veterinarian had convinced them that he was a goner.
May God Bless you!
We read today that bloodroot is now illegal in New Zealand and Australia. Is this coming to the USA, do you think (meaning it becoming illegal?)
We’re trying to grow some in different areas of our property.
Thanks again,
Sherrie A.
Email rec'd June 3, 2019

Case #070518v: Cansema® & Canine Cancer

My cat, Cosmo, had a tumour outside of his skin (like a wart) on the side of this right neck (near his micro-chip) for years, occasionally it gets bigger and remained that size for awhile, approximately 1 cm in diameter. Last night, Monday, June 11, 2018, I thought I'll put some salve on the growth to see what would happen. I prepared the area by cutting the fur short with scissors, put the salve on the growth, and the cat went outside. Approximately one hour later he came back inside. The side of his neck was bloody. I took a look, and the growth had gone. I cleaned up the area. I don't know if he scratched it off, or the growth fell off. There was no more tumour on his skin.
The next day I cleaned and checked the area. I touched the area and underneath the skin was a hard lump about 4 cms in diameter. That was never there before. I thought perhaps it's the tumor under the skin. I put salve on the area. The result was the next day an eschar/ scab began to form. I cleaned and placed salve on the area for a total of 4 days.
The results after day 8 the eschar/ scab began to lift from the skin. Underneath was raw pink skin. I continued to wash and clean the area daily. Day 9 most of the eschar/scab was off. Then the raw pink skin began to heal and become normal skin again. No more lumps. Thank you for all your support!

[ Name withheld by request ]
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Email rec'd July 5, 2018

Case #012118v: Equine Pythiosis -- (treated using an in-house protocol)

To my dear friends, in Ecuador!
Within the past week of using your products, my horse has improved so much! We are all amazed. Attached are pictures of her pythiosis sore taken this evening. As you can see she is healing all around the sore and new skin is forming. WOW! ONE WEEK!
I would like to order more products. I am almost out of (Lugol's) iodine . . . I know you send it in a 2.2% bottle and if it is okay, I would like more! If you could call me at your earliest convenience, I would like to narrow down what to send. All the ant tinctures worked well! Maybe I can eliminate one? I believe your Copaiba has really accelerated her healing process, as well. Many are extremely interested in the progress (even my vet). Savannah has had NO setbacks since using your products. She is eating well and actually being much more active in her paddock.
God bless you all! We are excited to share this news to so many that need it for their horses with pythiosis. I will wait to do this until it is completely healed. :)
Yours truly,

Follow up email: 6/28/2018:
Hello, my dear friends!
It is with great pleasure and gratitude I'm sending these pictures of Savannah's healing of Pythiosis using your products. They have been such a blessing to us! I have been eliminating the ant tinctures because she is not itching anymore. I also use the Lugol's Iodine every other treatment due to expense . . . I'm also curious if you think her hair will grow on top of the new skin. As long as she is cured of this deadly disease, I don't care if she scars and might have some scar tissue.
God bless you all for your advice and product recommendations. I am and will be recommending my treatment to anyone who's horse contracts Pythiosis.

K. Habura
Initial email rec'd 01/20/18

Case #111817v: Cansema® & Canine Mammary Cancer
I just wanted to send you some photos of our dog Suzi – during treatment and what her scar looks like now, as well as a testimony for your website . . .
Before we started using Cansema / Black Salve on our dog, I visited our vet who concluded that the same mammary cancer had come back. The first time being 5 years ago 2012, the 2nd time being in May 2017 – she had surgery both times, but the one in May this year, we were told by pathology that the cancer was not encapsulated and they could not be sure it had been all removed. Sure enough, less than 5 months after, another hard growth (like a +1cm lead ball) could be felt right under her skin, but seemingly above the mammary tissue, similar to what she had in May. We were going to have her operated her (cost about $1,200 in total..) but the vet also told us that it would most likely return anyways, and if we didn’t want to operate that it was ok as well – she mentioned that it was what was going to take her anyways.. So knowing about Cansema, we decided to go for the paste over the surgery (it took her 3-4 weeks to fully recover last time, having contracted an infection).
We shaved as much as we could off her hair, and applied the paste, and bordered the area with bandaids. Within 12 hrs, we could see a reaction. We waited until 24 hrs before washing it off with 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and then re-apply another layer due to the depth of the tissue.
In the first photo, the eschar is about 4-5 days old – you can still see the upper skin and hair left untouched but the paste having chewed its way under it! Amazing really!! Unfortunately, on the 5th day, she ‘ate’ it, bandage and all – as the band-aids were giving her an allergy, we found an alternative tape (for older and diabetic people) which comes on & off, very easily, as well as non-stick pad to cover the area. We re-applied the Cansema another time, as we could see a white patch where the eschar had been. It reacted very quickly, and we actually removed the paste after only 12 hrs. The whole time, we carefully washed it morning and evening very gently with 3% H2O2 [when I mean wash it, I mean, I dampened a cotton ball with 3% H2O2, and squeeze it over the eschar, and repeated it a couple of times – it got fizzy a lot, and she was always wagging her tail as it happened . . . I think it must have been itchy and giving her some relief.] A larger eschar was formed, and we placed an Elizabethan collar on her, and she no longer was able to chew the band aid (or so we thought..). In any case, the eschar the second time fell off on its own, and we were left with a beautiful pink ‘hole’ where the eschar had fallen off. We kept washing with 3% H2O2, and within 4 days, it had pretty much completely closed. She never caught an infection the whole time, and she acted as nothing had ever been there and was outside doing everything a dog likes to do the whole time – we did give her some pain medication the first week that we had kept over the years from various ailments she’s had, but nothing the 2nd week. The whole thing took approximately 2 weeks and half. She no longer has any mass in the area, and we keep monitoring her to see if anything comes back. If it does, we know what we’ll do again: repeat the Cansema!
Thank you, again, for all your help in answering my questions, I hope Suzi’s story will help other dog owners and other doggies have another chance at life.
Thanks, Cathryn . . . .

November 14, 2017

I just wanted to thank you, it worked perfectly! We decided to not go ahead with the surgery and instead use the Cansema, and within 1 week, it fell off. We had to re-apply as we could still see a white thread (our dog ate the bandage and all of it, so it was more yanked then fallen, but by then it already had pretty much fully detached itself).
The second application worked wonders, and even faster than the first -- she had an Elizabethean collar by then, and so thankfully it completely fell off on its own. The ‘hole’ was filled in within a week, and now she just has a white patch and no hole where she had the tumor previously under the skin. That is great news!!!
It reacted very quickly too, within 6 hrs, we could see pustules appearing on the skin, until they all merged into one big blob. I had one question, if we wanted to check the fall-out to know which tumor it was, could that still be done? Or is the dead tissue unable to give us information? -- [Editor's comment: The eschar can be sent to pathology. It must be preserved in formaldehyde after ejection.]
She had 2 types of tumors previously, and it would be helpful to know which one it was.
Thanks again for your products, it has saved our dog’s life . . .

Geraldine P.
Initial email rec'd 11/18/17

Case #060118v: Cansema® & Canine Wart
[Editor's Note: We've known for at least 25 years that Cansema is effective in the removal of warts -- although on the "human side" we usually recommend Bloodroot Paste for this purpose, although we clearly show Cansema indicated, as well, for the removal of warts. The vet case below shows that large, nasty warts are also treatable using Cansema for domesticated pets. The treatment process took place over a couple weeks, and so the testimonial below shows the correspondence in chronological order.]
There has been a huge change since yesterday in Chloe’s wart. It went from a little discharge in the center and what appeared to be some good skin coming off above the wart (am guessing that may be wart releasing?) to a massive mess where it looks like it is releasing. The black part on the bottom of wart looks like it is ready to detach from the center part which is still pink and where there still is discharge.
In the picture, you see the skin at the top left as "not normal" and this did not touch the wart. Also, there is a large area beneath the wart but not touching the wart that is "hard & raised." I don’t know if this is from internal drainage or the salve targeting roots?
I have been giving her Traumeel.
I will call and hope to speak with someone as I have only cleaned the area and not applied anything. I am not sure what to do and need assistance . . .
Dana and "Chloe"

We are on the 3rd application of smothering the “root” with black salve. Root is hard and the same color as the salve so it’s working! Chloe has been a little grumpy this time as she may be feeling a sensation . . . but she’s still eating and being Chloe! I have given her Traumeel. I also realized that she possibly breezed through the first 5 applications of the salve as the salve went after the "off shoots" of the root. These off shoots happened with the 2 different remedies the holistic (vet) gave that clearly made things worse.
I had started the Sangre de Drago, but stopped because the Salve took over and sort of chopped up the pink part that was healing. I think it’s amazing but so guided the timing of the departure of Chloe’s entity. It’s a full moon today. She has been working on many levels and it’s time to let go. Even with some discomfort, this is a much kinder process for the body to heal. I hope to send you a picture soon of the new Chloe!
Thank you so much for all your help!!!
Dana and "Chloe"

Hello (Dr.) Carolina!!!
I just got the bandage off and it’s GONE!!! It seemed to ooze more this time or is it the body’s own healing “serum” kicking in? Those non stick bandages really, really stuck bad the last 2 days. As Chloe snapped at me less today(!), I kept spraying the calcium sulfate solution (H3O) and bandages eventually -- and I mean in their own sweet "when I feel like it" time! -- released. The dark parts are the "oozing stuff" that you said to clean when all healed! It’s a good pink color otherwise -- picture doesn’t really show it. First picture isn’t great but gives you an idea what stem/root looked like after three (3) applications of black salve. The second picture is about an hour ago. I have applied the dragons blood and not bandaged as she’s leaving it alone. Third picture is her fancy head gear when she was bandaged! She wasn’t too impressed! ?? The “off shoots” of the root took 5 applications around the root for their departure. The root was 3 or 4 applications all over the root. Everything about her normal routine was pretty normal throughout this process. I will say there were a few times when she was quieter than usual and the only indication of pain was getting the bandage off these last two times! She does sleep more when her body goes through the healing period which is perfect! Animals are smart!!!
I will give you a call and see what I should expect next.
Thank you so much for the black salve!!!!!!!
Dana and "Chloe"

Chloe had a bath today and the area looks great! She has never bothered with it! You really wouldn’t know what used to be there!

Case #080615v: Cansema® Tonic III & Unspecified Canine Skin Cancers
I wonder if you could send me a paypal link to buy some more of your Amazon III Tonic for my dog, Red. I wrote some months ago with a doggie problem and Cathryn advised me to get the Tonic. I am pleased to say his condition stablized, no advancement of the black skin lesions and clean blood tests so far after nearly a year on.

Amanda (UK)
Email received May 7, 2014

Case #050714v: Cansema® Tonic III & Mites
We had a very chronic recalcitrant problem with ear mites with our cats. I used a little of an old bottle of tonic, watered down, on a cotton swab and the critters disappeared in not time. :-).
Haven't had the problem since. I TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE TO NO AVAIL.

[ Name withheld ]
New Jersey
Email received May 7, 2014

Case #032714v: Cansema® & Cutaneous Haemangiosarcoma
Hi. First, I would like to tell you that your salve is amazing. I contacted you last year to get help regarding a cancer my dog got from the sun (cutaneous haemangiosarcoma). It worked. It's gone, and (so are) the red spots on her belly.

[ Name withheld ]
Western Australia
Email received March 27, 2014

Case #090213v: Cansema® & Canine Oral Cancer Case
[Editor's Note: Sometimes, especially with older pets, we end up curing the cancer, but not an unrelated health care problem about which we had no knowledge. Such is the case with this veterinary report from Australia.]
Twelve year old Australian Terrier diagnosed with cancerous tumor in her upper gum area with “mets” to the eye . . . (Sadly) she still died of kidney failure, but there was no cancer. Thank you for your kind words, Cathryn.
After speaking to the Vet again. It appears almost certain that it wasn't the cancer that took Sammy's life but kidney failure. All the signs point towards this. Sammy was drinking extreme amounts of water and also losing weight even though she was eating properly.
So it's come as consolation for me (and you!) that what we were doing was actually working! The vet said it was quite remarkable that Sammy was still alive with this particular cancer some 9 months after it was diagnosed. He said in his vast experience most dogs only live 2-4 months with this cancer. He said as far as he could tell the tumor had not spread all that much from 9 months ago (he said it's quite amazing!).
So it appears your advice was spot-on, Cathryn, and we were winning the fight against the cancer. Unfortunately her kidney failure ended her life. I am convinced Cansema works and if I or any of my loved ones ever get cancer I will certainly be recommending it to them.
Once again, thank you so much for your kind assistance and keep up the great work. :)

C. Kera
Email dated: Sept. 2, 2013

Case #071913v: Cansema® & Feline Cancer

Thank you so much for your product as it did the trick in 3 days. The cat scratched at it some, especially right before it fell out. I guess it was cancerous! You can use these pics if you would like to show others the result.
I am forwarding the pics that I took.

Tori Goode
Email dated: Jul. 19, 2013

Case #110212v: "My experience with Cansema" -- Equine Sarcoids

I have owned my 9 year old Anglo-Arab mare since she was a yearling. A lovely horse with no problems, except she regularly gets sarcoids. I try to catch them when they are small. At first I called in the vets and she underwent treatment with Liverpool Cream for six of them. It worked but the treatment was very painful for the horse, left sizeable scars and I vowed never to do it to her again. Only the vet could use the cream and that involved daily visits over a week, which meant it was expensive. Then the vets tried laser treatment on another 5 small ones. It took 4 hours, the horse had to be heavily sedated with local anaesthetic all over her hind end and sores were left. That too was expensive.
I researched sarcoids and treatments on the internet and found out all about Cansema Black Salve, specifically produced by Alpha Omega Labs as the true Cansema. I ordered a jar and at the appearance of the next sarcoid I dutifully used the salve according to the instructions. (I tested it on myself as well).
To my delight the Cansema worked. The horse was not in too much discomfort as an eschar formed, fell off and healed over. I have used it on several sarcoids since, all with good results, though sometimes it has taken two treatments just to make sure the sarcoid is gone. For the horse, the application itself is not painful, but for three or four days, after it gets hot and swollen round the site as the Cansema does its job. Once the eschar forms (about 10 days) and lifts from the surrounding tissue, the horse doesn’t seem that bothered. But it is best not to fiddle with it as nature takes over. The eschar drops off after about three weeks leaving a ‘hole’ which heals over quickly. Job done. No need to sedate horse for treatment or have expensive vet visits, but most importantly it is acceptable to the horse. I am not saying the horse looks forward to the application, but a few minty sweets easily distracts her from the treatment.
For the owner, the simplicity is great and the beauty is it leaves healthy skin alone. Smear the Cansema on the sarcoid and walk away and let nature do the rest. If I spot anything looking ‘dodgy,’ I treat it. If it is nothing, the Cansema does nothing. If it is a sarcoid, the Cansema gets on with the job.
I am greatly impressed with how it works and the fact that bloodroot and the other herbs in Cansema are natural ingredients. Also the sites that were treated by Cansema leave much smaller scars than Liverpool Cream or laser treatment.
So for me I am sticking with Cansema and keep a jar on hand all the time, but I make sure its the proper stuff from Alpha Omega Labs and not imitations. I use Cansema Deep Tissue because it just takes one application, but I have used the vet version, as well. I am very grateful to Alpha Omega Labs for keeping this product available to horse owners worldwide. It is a blessing to horses and owners and has saved me thousands in vet bills.
I would just like to add that the customer service at Alpha Omega Labs is excellent. They respond to any queries promptly and with great courtesy, and I get the impression they really value their customers. Its a good feeling to have a product and supplier you can trust.
Johanney Woodhead -- U.K.
Email dated: Nov. 2, 2012

Case #082708v: General Commentary : Pat McKay
Cansema® Vet User : 1990's to Present
. . . Now that you are back in business, I am writing a "small book" about a great many of the cases I've helped since 1992, people and animals, and I'm including my whole take on what dogs/cats should be fed during the healing, what supplements to give, how to use both the black salve and the Tonic III, because there are some things I think would be more appropriate for animals than what is now being suggested.
Anyway, when I complete my writing, I will send all of it to you, and you can pick and chose whatever information you would like to put in your testimonials or other sections of your site, and what you would not like to include. For right now, by all means, you have my permission to include in your testimonials what I have written in my previous email. You may also mention www.animalhomeopathy.org; however, until I talk with Richard Pitcairn, there won't be any information on Cansema on that site.
Even though I am the founder of the Society for Animal Homeopathy (SfAH), I respect the opinions of Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, because of his vast knowledge of veterinary medicine, and in particular, homeopathy. He was kind enough to accept the presidency of this organization. He has not used Cansema, so I will submit my writing to him when it is finished so that he is aware of what it can do, and then I will ask him how he feels about adding Cansema onto the SfAH site. He is quite a purist when it comes to alternative veterinary medicine, so I have no idea in advance how he will feel about Cansema. We are a team on this particular site, so I will have to see how he feels about Cansema before including it on our site.
However, if he decides he doesn't want to include a section on Cansema, then I intend to start another site, just for Cansema. There is a yahoo group who is very open to Cansema that has asked me to present information to them, and it would make it much more acceptable to the yahoo group if they could send their dog/cat people to an animal site rather than promote Cansema in the chat portion of the yahoo group. They prefer not to mention specific products. That's another reason why I am doing this present writing, to give people who are considering using it on their dogs/cats some of my personal experiences for the past 16 years. Fortunately, when I retired and closed my businesses in 2003 I had quite an inventory of both your black salve and your Tonic III. So I've been able to continue helping animals these past five years. I've never dared use any other products, so I wondered what I would do when I ran out, and here you are again, just in the nick of time. Thanks again.
Pat McKay
Email dated: Aug. 27, 2008 @ 2:23 p.m.

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