The New Liver/Colon
Cleansing Bundle #1

(intro. June 1, 2017)

See particulars of L/C Bundle #2

Alpha Omega internal cleansing products
The Liver/Colon Cleansing Program:
Products as they appeared when
first introduced in 2002.

Alpha Omega's Liver / Colon Cleansing Program

This bundle, first introduced in May, 2002, has been updated with the newest products and pricing (as of May, 2017). This bundle includes:
  1. One bottle of Botanical LB -- (formerly Omega LB)
    (120 Caps x 500 mg.: $28.00, incl. shipping),
    just $23.00, as part of the Bundle.
  2. One 2 lb. jar of Clean Colon (tm) - $25.00,
    just $21.00, as part of the Bundle.
  3. One bottle of Worms-B-Gone (replaces Old Amish Dewormer(tm)) - (16 fl. oz, $39.50),
    just $34.00, as part of the Bundle.
  4. One jar of Microflora Restore II, formerly
    Microflora Restore (tm)
    , - (3.45 oz.,
    63 servings / 63 days, $47.50)
    just $41.00, as part of the Bundle.
Total: $140 -- (when purchased separately)
Total: $119 -- or 15% off, includes FREE shipping, when purchased together in this bundle.
You will need a handful of other products from your local grocer or drugstore to complete this program, all of which are inexpensive: one small container of Epsom salts, two grapefruit, one capsule of Vitamin C; one of ornithine (most health food stores carry these); Extra Virgin olive oil; optional: one bottle of Valerian Root (alternative herbal relaxers can be substituted).
Separately these products cost $140.00. They are bundled at 15% off ($119.00) to assist consumers in obtaining all items needed to successfully begin ... and complete their Liver/Colon Cleansing Program.

Omega LB
Clean Colon
Microflora Restore II
Liver/Colon Cleanse
Program Bundle:
Code 720 $119.00
(Unbundled: $140.00;
15% Savings)

The Bundled Products