A Quantum Leap in Water Purification & Crystallization
"What This Product Does . . . You Won't Believe" -- ( G. Caton )

Ralph Suddath, water technology expert, inventor and patent holder of Hydreva (tm) at the
Extraordinary Technology Conference of 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico -- (July, 2014).
[ Lecture title : "Vibration, Energy & Water"--- (56 min mp4 -- 206 Megs ). ]

water : the way nature intended

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(by Greg Caton -- 8 Jan 2015)

No other compound is more basic to life and good health. The adult human body itself is mostly water (55-60%); babies weigh in at about 78% water. For some invertebrates, the figure exceeds 95%. So it is no wonder that throughout my career, I strove to understand water, its energetics, the ways in which its life-giving properties could be compromised, the ways it could be "programmed," and the ways in which it could be effectively remediated. When I finally did find out some of the most sacrosanct discoveries about water, it did not surprise me that "water arcana" had been suppressed as much as any other facet of health care.
The article you are about to read is, in part, about my discovery that the structure and energetic properties of water are at least as important as the removal of its gross inpurities . . . and it is only now -- after 25 years in business -- that Alpha Omega Labs has found a unit that addresses the subtle characteristics that make for truly life-supporting water.
It is a story that is, at once, amazing, earth-shattering, and deeply personal.


In 1984 I founded an MLM company in Louisiana, called Consumer Express, whose lead products were almost exclusively devoted to alternative health. ( 1 ) Rather than develop water purification products that were truly revolutionary, we introduced private-label equipment that essentially incorporated the grossest functionalities that were then considered vital to improving water quality: removing the bad taste and odors from treated water, negating turbidity by removing visible solids, filtering out harmful organics and inorganics, such as chlorine, THM's, TCE's, PCB's, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, phenols, etc.
The role of water purification was not lost on one of Consumer Express's founding distributors, who went on to start his own MLM company, Equinox International, which in 1996 was declared the fastest-growing company in the U.S. with a five year, year-over-year, sales increase of over 35,000% and annual sales of $195 million. Before experiencing a hailstorm of legal action for fraudulent activities that were even more aggregious than those of my partners, which I reported in MLM Fraud (1991), Equinox was one of the world's largest vendors of water purification products.
It was about this same time that Cathryn and I founded Alpha Omega Labs, based initially on my work with the late Dr. Russell Jordan. Rather than create a sales organization, our focus was quietly selling products by word-of-mouth that we found to be the very best in alternative health care. I understood from my extensive studies that healthy water was vital, but as the years went by, I encountered one approach after another to processing water and improving its life-giving properties -- above and beyond the standard accepted techniques -- activatated carbon filter, reverse osmosis, etc. -- that later proved to be exaggerated. This is why, in our 25 year history of working in this field (1990-2015), we have never promoted, sold, or endorsed a water purification or processing system -- until now.

H3O, HRx & Scalar Waves

In 2001 we introduced "pH solutions" that made use of scalar wave technology to produce their unusual properties. Named H3O and HRx, these solutions were later the topic of discussions I had with one of the world's noted authorities on scalar wave technology, Dr. Tom Bearden. My interview with Dr. Bearden, which took place in his home in late 2001 and seen by over 100,000 people on YouTube (unusual for such an arcane subject), further illuminated the forces that are at work on the energetics behind these products.
In October,2001, we had a booth at Expo East in Washington, D.C. At that exposition, I gave demonstrations of the unusual properties of these products. In one of them, I added pure H3O (pH: under 0.2) and HRx (ph: over 13.8) to produce a near neutral solution for which there is no exothermic reaction. At the conclusion of my discussion, a professor in chemistry from Georgetown University walked up to me and said, "I don't know what kind of game you're playing here, but what you've described is not possible under the laws of physics and chemistry as we understand them."
So . . . basically, I was being told I was a charlatan, pushing a hoax on an unsuspecting public.
Boy, didn't that sound familiar . . .
Now I knew I was on to something . . .

"Paper Doctor" : Programmed Water with Curative Properties

In 1991, author Don Gerrard published a book entitled, Paper Doctor: A Vibrational Medicine Cabinet, which detailed 58 different health conditions that he claimed could be "cured" by ordinary water that had been programmed using merely magnets and specific geometric symbols. These were the only programming tools. (The book is out of print and now sells used on Amazon for $1,300, but I later found a PDF version on the internet for free.) The premise itself was not novel, and none other than Richard Gerber, M.D., author of Vibrational Medicine (1988), wrote the book's Preface.
I didn't hear about the book until 2007, but it got my attention for two reasons: first, because a practitioner I knew and respected in Guayaquil (Ecuador) was actually using these techniques successfully. Secondly, the FDA went after Don Gerard for fraud, despite the fact that Mr. Gerard was merely the author of the book. He wasn't selling any health care product, at all. If you wanted to possess any of this programmed water, you had to make it for yourself.
This was just too unbelievable for words.
I mean . . . I already knew that there was nothing left of the First Amendment in the U.S., to but prosecute an author for publishing a book about programming water? Oh really? Come on now. There is no way I could leave this stone unturned . . . so I went to the trouble to track down Don Gerard's home number in Tucson, Arizona.
Some time in the spring of 2008, I called Don Gerard to talk about book and legal troubles I had heard it created. I made it clear that I was a fan his of work and that I just wanted to know more about his case with the FDA. Within five minutes, I couldn't tell if I had called the author of an out-of-print book, or a patient in a psych ward. Don said that he just wanted to be left alone and he didn't appreciate the call. He insisted that I must be an agent, working for the FDA, who just wanted to entrap him. It seemed that nothing I could say or do could persuade Don that I didn't work for any governmental agency and that I was -- indeed -- just a private citizen who wanted to know more about his most unusual case.
I wasn't a detractor.
I was an admirer . . . and yet the more I talked, the more fearful, frantic, paranoid, and hysterical Gerard's responses became until the sound over the phone receiver came across as a strange blend of disjointed words and hyperventilated blather. I can honestly say it is unlike any other phone conversation I've ever had.
Whatever torture the FDA and its brethren in the U.S. cornucopia of alphabet agencies had inflicted on Gerard, it was enough to turn a gentle author concerned with the health and welfare of others into the worst case of post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) that I have ever seen.
The strangest part is that for years, inventors were already discovering and verifying the core principle behind Gerard's work -- namely, that specific shapes and the vibrations they produce have unmistakeable effects on biological entities. This is a basic tenent of homeodynamics, as well as the basis for an Egyptian inventor's 2005 patent, entitled "Biosignatures: Linear Diagrams for Biological Energy Balancing." (Click image at right.) In it, patent holder, Ibrahim Fahmy Karim, identifies 247 different symbols that can be used to "prevent or heal" specific organs and "prevent (them) from environmental energy disturbances."
No doctors . . . No pharmaceutical drugs . . . No side effects . . . No hospital visits . . . Just results.
God forbid.

Ralph Suddath Meets Masaru Emoto

In 2001, American inventor, Ralph Suddath, a good friend of ours since the 90's, met with Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, whose lifelong work on the relationship between human thought and consciousness on water molecules is famous. [It is covered in the award-winning documentaries, What the Bleep Do We Know? (2004) and Great Mystery of Water (2006).]
Ralph had already spent years investigating water's unique ability to hold onto different frequencies, wherein different frequencies and combinations of frequencies imparted varying health benefits for those consuming the water -- in humans, animals, and vegetation.
The combination of Ralph's experimental work with Emoto's theoretical framework, only expanded the understanding of both. Ralph helped to arrange for Emoto's visits to the United States and wrote articles on Emoto's behalf. One of the unintended consequences of promoting Emoto's work was the usual labelling by orthodox apologists of Emoto's work as "pseudo-science." Ralph found this most unusual, because he had no problems duplicating Emoto's results. Could the poor reception by conventional scientists have anything to do with the fact that Emoto's work might lead to practical applications that improved human health in the absence of pharmaceutical drugs?

Among the discoveries that Ralph made during the time he associated with Emoto was that geometry traps light, thus creating vibration. However, unlike Gerrard's work, the patterns that Ralph created were three-dimensional and were far more proactive in relation to their effect on water. This went far beyond Emoto's photographing the structure of "healthy water." Ralph's goal was to remediate water and produce experimental, reproducible results. [For those don't believe that vibrations have profound effects on water, please watch the two-minute YouTube below . . . Also, a primer on Ralph's process is covered in his brief article, The Evolution of Water.]

The Development of Hydreva & The Onslaught of "Me-Too's"

Out of Ralph's exposure to Emoto's work came the predecessors to what we now call "Hydreva": AquaJewel (TM) and Natural Falls Living Water (TM). Additionally, based on the effects of the frequencies themselves, Ralph created the IRenew Wrist Band and launched a worldwide $250 million a year industry. Even when the claims that were being made publicly by the marketers of IRenew was called into question under the ERSP, the regulatory end result was that marketers were allowed to make the claim that "(the IRenew wrist band) may promote strength, endurance, and balance." (See ERSP Decision).
Hydreva is protected and preceeded by four U.S. patents which have been filed by Ralph Suddath and his associates. Patent numbers 8,305,290; 8,106,849; 7,473,374; and 7,238,289.


  1. I founded Consumer Express as Delaware corporation in October, 1984, working with my partner, Tom Schreiter. (Three years later it morphed again into Nutrition for Life, but by that time I had already cashed in my chips and left.) Shortly after starting the company, Tom and I brought David Bertrand and Jana Mitcham aboard, and unfortunately, the brief, sordid events that followed are the subject of a book I wrote in 1991, called MLM Fraud. As a result of this experience, I have a unique perspective on the networking marketing phenomenon.
  2. It should be pointed out that Emoto's Wikipedia bio is no less a hachet job by scientific orthodoxists that that of yours truly.

Ralph Suddath (L.) with AO Labs' co-founder, Greg Caton (R.), discussing the specifics of agricultural tests that are being conducted at the Caton ranch in Azuay Province, Ecuador.

Properties of
Water -- (confirmed
and reported)

Hydreva produces crystaline-structured water with amplified life-giving properties that can be seen under high magnification :
This above photo presents an image of ordinary, filtered tap water. Even visually, you can readily tell that it lacks the wholistic structure of the images below.
The above photo shows an molecular image of water that has been soaked in the patented "Hydreva beads" which carry the all-important vibratory patterns that separate Hydreva from units that merely attempt to capitalize on Suddath's previous work with vortexed water. Compare this six-sided hexagonal structure with the chaos and heterogeneity of the first picture.
At the same time that Hydreva erases previous negative "water memory," it imprints positive frequencies and life-supporting structure on the water as it passes through the unit. The photo above was taken of water that had been passed through an Hydreva prototype.


"Had I not seen
it with my own
eyes, I would have
said, 'Impossible!'"

The quote above is mine. In January, 2015, I informed Ralph about our trout ponds, where altogether we have about 2,000 fish. He indicated that he could turn the water crystal clear in just three days if we installed a Hydreva unit. The pictures above (click on each to view enlargements) show what one of the ponds looked like immediately after installing one unit. Now keep in mind that the source water comes from a mountain canyon stream ("quebrada") and the pond water itself is constantly disturbed by a solid stream of water that drops into it to provide oxygenation for the fish. I already knew that Hydreva greatly improved water quality, but to completely clean up the fish pond? Impossible . . .

AFTER ---- (3 Days Late)
What you see above is what happened to the pond water after just three days of passing the oxygenating "feed water" through a Hydreva unit -- the same unit sold by Alpha Omega Labs. Though we are currently in our rainy season (Úpoca de lluvia), we've had an unusual paucity of rainfall so far this year, so there were no changes of climate or weather that could have contributed to this change. The water looks 1000% better and the fish seem happier. It was upon observing the changes to this small body of water after three days that I made the statement that began this short "case study."

Cistern Tank:
Purification Test
The photo above (which is better viewed enlarged) shows the inside of an underground cistern. Anyone who owns a cistern knows that you can faithfully maintain a 5 micron activated charcoal filter in the feed line and still end up with stored water that has fine particular matter, off flavors, and discoloration caused by minute mineral particles that get through over time.
For years, the water in this cistern (which measures 4 x 6 meters at the base by roughly 2.5 meters in height) would allow clear viewing from the top of no more than half a meter. After attaching the Hydreva unit to the system, within a matter of a few days, nearly all particulate matter (as you can see) settled to the bottom of the cistern and you could view it in its entirety. In fact, this cistern tank is now so clean, you have to look carefully to even see that it has water in it. The water is that clean and that transparent.

The unit responsible for the producing the results above in our cistern testing is shown above. Note the pre-filtering system on this configuration, necessary because the "feed water" is not municipal water, but rather a nearly mountain stream. Also, the labelling on the device itself shows "Jungle Secret," which used for agricultural applications, but will work as well for home installations.

Counterfeit Units
As is the case with our escharotic preparations, particularly Cansema, which has been counterfeited for years, Ralph Suddath's technology is not without its copycats and patent violators.
One example of this is the work of John Doe of Natural Action Technologies (NAT), which sells a small encasing with a handful of small plastic balls for $300, while claiming that it performs as well as Hydreva's technology. An entire mythology has been built around NAT, which is nothing more than distilled pieces of Ralph Suddath's "water lectures" over the past 15 years.

Our Hydreva
Commercial Unit
Our Hydreva Commercial Unit is shown above (click to enlarge), and with two inch fittings, it will process thousands of gallons per day to even the largest home or medium sized commercial building.