Reversing the Effects of Alopecia
(Male and Female Pattern Baldness / General Hair Loss)

axReGro is a further enhancement to an old Chinese herbal formula that has traditionally been used in the Far East to treat hair loss (usually male pattern baldness) and invigorate the hair. It contains all natural ingredients. No artificial chemicals or additives have been added.
Results can often be seen in as little as three to four weeks, although five to six months should be allotted to see impressive "before and after" comparative differences in hair growth.

Pictorial Examples

The results of using MaxReGro can be significant, even in the first one to two months. The before (left) and after (right) photos above were taken of Norbert Trokki, a customer and businessman from Warsaw, Poland -- (contact: Click on the photos to see enlargements.
Mr. Trokki was so impressed that he is currently setting up distribution of the product in the EU and UK.

The photos above are taken of myself (Greg Caton). The first four shots were taken in January, 2018, about eight months before I started using MaxReGro. Despite having dyed my hair at that time to improve appearances, you can clearly see that the loss of hair is quite substantial, particularly in front.
The second set of photos were taken in January, 2019. Although by this time, I had let my hair go back to its current natural color. When you dye your hair, you have to maintain it, and I got tired of doing that. Here you can see the improvement in hair growth. What is significant about this is that concurrent with the use of MaxReGro, I had been experimenting with testosterone enanthate (male hormone replacement therapy) and human growth hormone (which are surprisingly cheap here in Ecuador) to see how they affected my training sessions. This combination is well-established to accelerate hair loss, but MaxReGro was able to counter these effects.

October / November, 2021 Update
In order to improve stability, concentration of herbal medicinals, and efficacy, we took MaxReGro offline earlier this year. We are now introducing an improved version. One notable difference is that to solve both the consistency and preservation issues, we had to dump the thickening agents. The result is that the formula is notably thinner, although the same amount of product is used with each application. Understand that as a labor of love, we've been working on this issue for months.
The good news is that the formula works as good or better than ever before. We will provide further updates.
Nov., 2021 For the holiday season we're offering MaxRegro in an attractive, reuseable and highly secure glass container (see top of right column). The container has 230g. of product and is being sold for $49.95.

Nov. 2021 -- For the Holiday Season and for a limited time, we are offering MaxReGro in a reuseable, secure, glass jar -- 230g. -- for just $49.95.
Order now while supplies last.

To U.S. Users: This product has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil; herbal extraxts of he shou wu (Fallopia multiflora), kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa), mutamba (Guazuma ulmifolia), avenca (Adiantum capillus-veneris), proprietary essential oils, and rubusoside 70%. .
Preparation -- (read carefully)
Intro: This product is designed to be applied to the head, over the area where hair growth is desired, at night before going to bed. Then it should be allowed to sit until morning, at which point the product has been absorbed and residual allowed to sit until the next shower.
First, wet hair lightly with water and apply MaxReGro to the hair over the front, top, and temples of the head. Usage of two teaspoons per application is sufficient. Then, take a firm bristle brush and vigorously comb the product throughout your entire head -- wherever you are trying to regrow hair -- massaging the sculp as you more thoroughly distribute the product. You should do this for about a minute.
Next, place a thick towel over your pillow to protect it from product staining. MaxReGro will work throughout the night while you're sleeping.

Do you carry any
other herbals that
work for hair loss?
Among our diverse medicinal herbal offerings, we have four different botanicals in stock that work, in varying degrees in combating alopecia. Extracts of the last two are used in MaxReGro. They are:
  1. Chanca Piedro -- (Phyllanthyus niruri)
  2. Cola de Caballo -- (Equisetum bogotense Kunth.)
  3. Avenca -- (Adiantum capillus-veneris)
  4. Mutamba -- (Guazuma ulmifolia)
However, it should be noted that this comes to us from the extent literature. We know of nothing that works quite as well as MaxRegro, so our advice is, for the purposes of alopecia, to treat these other herbals as adjuncts.

What's your take on drugs?
Nutraceutical treatments?
We have always taken the naturopathic approach, though there is no question that dietary corrections can be made to prevent and even stop alopecia, and to aid regrowth. (By way of example, prior to 2003 -- when the U.S. FDA destroyed our U.S. laboratory --- we used to carry a product that also used "Fo-Ti" as a base called Shen-Min Hair Regeneration.
In the interest of alternative opinions, here is advice offered by the esteemed Dr. Joel Wallace, N.D.
"Monoxidil and Retin-A creams will aid some male and female pattern baldness, if treated early in the process and use is maintained.
"Deficiencies of the mineral tin have been shown to cause male pattern baldness in lab animals. I personally have had considerable hair regrowth following the use of plant derived liquid colloidal tin. Alopecia that occurs with eczema is often caused by essential fatty acid deficiency and will respond to IV interlipids and/ or oral flaxseed oil at the rate of 9 grams/day. Zinc at 50 mg t.i.d. is also indicated. Elimination of wheat and cow's milk from the diet will increase the rate of recovery. Betaine HCl and pancreatic enzymes at 75-200 mg t.i.d. 15-20 minutes before meals are a must."