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Few compounds in the pharmacy of Mother Nature compare as an all-around antibiotic and anti-viral to oleuropein - the active medicinal ingredient in leaves from the olive tree (olea europaea). Revered by ancient civilizations, the olive tree provided food (its fruit and extracted oil), medicine (leaves), fuel and building material (bark and corpus).
Although there are more than 95 different, known medicinal compounds in olive leaves, most recently interest has centered on oleuropein. According to medical journalist and researcher, Dr. Morton Walker, recent interest in this substance has been kindled not only because of its "vast healing powers (as it) actually eliminates the viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other parasites that cause disease," but because so many pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics "have failed us." Ever new and exotic bacterium and viruses which are resistant to drugs are posing greater challenges to "single entity antibiotics" which have formed allopathy's traditional answer to microbial infections.
Olive Leaf Extract - Back Cover Olive Leaf Extract - Front Cover Morton's primary monogram on the subject, Olive Leaf Extract (click on the images at right to see enlargements of the covers) deals not only with the known therapeutic components of olive leaf, but the infectious diseases they act again. [We have prepared a very detailed summary of Morton's work (in DOC format) - 14 pages, 318k in size. Nonetheless, some of you may wish to purchase the book.]

Caution: As with our Old Amish Dewormer, "die-off" or Herxheimer Effect may be experienced by those with parasites. If you have not recently used a vermifuge, you may want to consider taking olive leaf at a reduced dosage and building up to the label's "baseline dosage" of two capsules, twice daily.
Additionally, you should not take Olive Leaf with the amino acids, cysteine, glycine, histadine, or lysine as it may interfere with olive leaf's actions, and you should never take Olive Leaf with pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics as it may interfere with those drug(s) which your doctor has prescribed.
Olive Leaf itself is a potent antibiotic, and in fact is known to attack certain helpful probiotics, including the soil-bacterium, bacillus subtilis. We recommend that you do not take Olive Leaf concurrently with any probiotic formula, and after concluding your use of Olive Leaf, follow up with Microflora Restore to replenish the intestinal tract with helpful bacteria.
Contraindication: We recommend not taking Olive Leaf if you are using warfarin (Coumadin™), since Olive Leaf mutes coagulation and has a relaxing effect on blood vessels.

Olive Leaf vs. Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract Olive Leaf Extract The bulk of the literature extolling the virtues of olive leaf refer to the product as "Olive Leaf Extract." This helps sell books --- after all, most of the supplement manufacturers can charge more money with a value-added extract than they can by repackaging the base material. Extracts are superior to their raw herbal sources in many cases -- and provably so.
But not so with Olive Leaf.
And to prove our point, we sell both the Olive Leaf powder in capsule form and Olive Leaf Extract, made using traditional extraction methods with 190 proof grain alcohol. Then we provide chemical analysis to provide a basis for comparison (see below).
The arguments involving just how much standardized, medicinal compounds are in Olive Leaf products may seem petty on the surface, but, in fact, they strike at the heart of the value of the product. You're not paying for lignins, cellulose, or ash. You're paying for Olive Leaf's active ingredients. Although there are over 95 different compounds in Olive Leaf, the current benchmark for purity is the concentration of "oleuropein," currently believed to be the most active phytopharmacological compound in the leaf.

Company Quantity Mg Lot Number %
Price Match
THE ORIGINAL 60 Caps 500 220199 20 22.1 $25.50 $25.50
East Park Research 60 Caps 500 49918 39 11.4 $29.95 $57.80
Enzymatic Therapy 90 Caps 250 117y35QH1A 17 - 23 15.2* $29.95 $29.95
Natures Herbs 30 Caps 500 803171A 6 5.9 $8.95 $30.34
Natures Plus 30 Caps 250 C33198FE 6 6.5 $10.95 $67.38
Olivex 60 Caps 500 010142 5 4 $19.95 $49.88
Oliver 45 Caps 500 010174 38 11.3* $33.20 $39.18
Prolive 60 Caps 500 806135 -0 8 $25.45 $31.81
Solaray 30 Caps 250 020805 17 15.1* $10.79 $28.58
Solgar 60 Caps 225+ N/A 3 3 $8.95 $66.23
Natural Factors 90 Caps 500 14060 10 1.64 $16.99 $69.15
Natural Life 60 Caps 500 S-0804 12 1.91 $8.99 $103.55
Natures Way 60 Caps 225+ 904293 12 9.4 $8.99 $46.76

One internet merchant, Natural Health Consult.com has gone so far as to analyze the competitive products on the market, with laboratory results that are embarrassingly at odds with manufacturer claims (see table at left). The merchant claims that neither the independent lab that did the work, nor Ameridan (which is associated with Natural Health Consult and submitted the samples) knew in advance whose sample was being tested).
Whether or not these lab results are accurate, we cannot attest, since we did not run the tests. But our own lab tests show that freshly picked leaves run about 3% oleuropein by weight.

Oleuropein, Upper Trace HPLC analysis shows our Olive Leaf powder at 3.04% in one recent test, which translates into 22.77 mg. of oleuropein per 750 mg. capsule --- (see graph).
The same analysis shows our concentrated tincture at 0.55 mg. of oleuropein per milliliter (ml.) of 'starting material' --- (see graph). That translates into 24.40 mg. of oleuropein per tablespoon of tincture. In other words, an entire tablespoon of extract contains only slightly more extract than a 750 mg. capsule. (The extraction method for the Olive Leaf made for the Phyto Rx line is different - and those results will be published shortly.)
Again, we make both available, but the capsules will be more suitable for most people.

To U.S. Users: Neither Olive Leaf, nor any of its extracts, have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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