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"It's NOT Cancer . . . You're Not Sick . . . Maybe you're Ascending." Comparing notes on the large number of people who are having "strange symptoms" which can be associated with serious illness. We give you the possibilities and leave it for you to decide.
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It's NOT Cancer
"You're not sick. Maybe you're ascending."

e routinely get phone calls from customers who want to treat one order or another using natural methods of healing. Most often these are customers who have tried the conventional route and whose conditions only became worse. Despite the fact that we've been doing medical research on "alternatives" for 30 years, occasionally we encounter a case that confounds us.
For example, a couple years ago, we began getting calls concerning unusual coughing, congestion, and other respiratory symptoms for which Herxheimer, flu or other viral infections, bacterial infections, and other common pulmonary ailments could be ruled out. It didn't take us long to figure out that this was an epidemiological phenomenon. The cases came from localities for which there had been extensive chemtrail spraying.
I spoke to one of my friends who is an "integrative and complementary physician" about the phenomenon who recognized it immediately.
"Don't ever quote me by name," he said, "Because I'll deny it, but in my own circle of practitioners we call this Chemtrail Respiratory Syndrome. You'll never hear a physician talk about this publicly. You'll never see it addressed in a medical journal. To do so would end your career, but it's becoming increasingly common, particular in areas in which you find the heaviest degree of spraying."
Now I realize that for many this is a controversial topic. Authorities deny that chemtrails exist. Good ol' Wikipedia quite predictably says it's all a conspiracy theory -- since chemtrails are nothing more than water vapor. Never mind that chemtrails utilize scores of issued patents detailing weather modification. Never mind that Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch fame, has amassed a huge library of documented cases and environmental effects of chemtrailing for many years now.
We're all stupid. Now go back to sleep.
Similarly, I've been getting quite an unusual number of reports concerning conditions that are more systemic. These symptoms include occasional bouts of dizziness, light nausea, ataxia, loss of equilibrium -- to the point where the person cannot comfortably stand, hearing unusual high pitched frequencies. Some people report that they "feel drugged" when this occurs to them. The majority report that these "attacks" last somewhere around two to five minutes in duration. Many people who have these symptoms go to their physician for testing, only to find out that their doctor cannot find anything wrong. (That in itself is anomalous. After all, medical doctors are trained to find something -- and prescribe a drug to treat it!)
Two nights ago -- on December 27th -- I received a call that was the inspiration for writing this article. I can't give the man's real name, but for reference purposes, I'll call him "Jim." The conversation lasted almost an hour, but I were to take the most relevant parts and reconstruct them into a coherent, logical sequence, the following would be my best recollection:

The Conversation
Jim: The symptoms are dizziness, nausea -- to the point where sometimes I feel like I have to vomit, lack of equilibrium -- I usually have to sit down when it hits me, sensations like I'm not all 'here.' A symphony of high-pitched frequencies that I can hear in one or both ears . . . When these symptoms hit it, it usually lasts about five minutes or so and then it disappears until the next episode occurs. I don't know what to think. Maybe it's something in the water. I'm going to go to the clinic and see if I have cancer.
Me: Why do you think it's something in the water?
Jim: I don't know. Perhaps I'm pulling at straws. My sister in New York is experiencing the same thing. The same exact symptoms.
Me: And you live where?
Jim: In Central Florida.
Me: Ok, well that rules out anything in the water supply. Obviously, you and your sister are separated by a thousand miles, and you're not pulling from the same water sources. As for cancer, I can give you a number of reliable sources for non-invasive blood antigen tests. I talk about these in my book, Black Salve, but I can just email you the list. That said, I recommend people get tested if they have reason to believe they have cancer, but I doubt this has anything to do with cancer.
Jim: Why would you say that?
Me: Because I've been experiencing these same symptoms since 2018, and my wife has been experiencing them since this past summer --- just like you.
Jim: Then what's causing this?
Me: Well, there are a two major schools of thought on this phenomenon. I'll briefly give you both, tell you my opinion, and then you can do your research and come to your own conclusion.
Jim: Ok.

What Has Happened to ME
Me: Roughly eight years ago, in November, 2011, I was doing a lot of entheogenic work. This is a common practice for nearly all herbalists in this part of the world (the Andean region of northwest South America). For my part, I have long known that I am mildly clairvoyant when doing "ayahuasca." In fact, many of the things that I have been shown have come to pass, and I talk about this online. On one occasion, I perceived a global awakening of consciousness that involved a perceptual "merging" of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. I found this difficult to grasp then, and I find it difficult to grasp now -- probably because the statement itself resides well outside any meaningful scientific discussion. But this was the unmistakeable "message" transmitted.
As a result of this one journey, I made a decision to do a deep series of "vision quests" using ayahuasca to try and get a better "look" at what I was seeing. The result of this effort -- which I inaccurately ascribed at the time to the "2012 phenomenon" because of the sheer timing of it -- was my book, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca.
As we proceeded into 2013, I put vision questing aside and simply attributed what I had been told as a misinterpretation on my part. Even the best clairvoyants are not correct 100% of the time. Mistakes are mistakes, so you learn from them and you move on.
Last year -- sometime in early 2018 or so -- I began to get these strange symptoms. They are exactly the same symptoms you are describing to me. I began to get worried. I had spells where I couldn't stand up straight. I had spells where I was driving and I had to pull over to the side of the road, put my emergency flashers on, and wait for the spell to end. After a while, I began putting feelers out to friends and associates. Slowly at first, and then building up over time, I got more and more reports that precisely matched my own. There are, of course, variations. For example, a friend in Quito has been feeling his entire body "vibrating" for the past couple of years now. This isn't an episode that lasts a few minutes. This is something he lives with 24 hours a day.
Concurrent with this, I began to notice that my consciousness would sometimes be affected so that I "felt" like I was moving in and out of the third dimension. That part of me was "here," and "part of me" was somewhere else that was much bigger and expansive, but less well-defined. I have tried to be completely objective in my self-evaluation of this phenomenon -- even though I am well familiar with escatological beliefs of the three Abrahamic religions, and countless indigenous traditions.
So this is what I'm going to do, Jim. I'm going to tell you what I THINK is happening, and then I'll tell you some alternative theories proposed by other friends of mine who are experiencing the same thing. Most of them agree with me -- but not all.

An Astrophysical Event
Me: My good friend, George Green, died earlier this year on June 21st. He was, at one time, a prosperous international banker, who funded some of the work of Dolores Cannon, the creator of QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy). Dolores did thousands of hypnotic sessions, where she was able to access the subconscious of untold people, asking about current and future events. To put it in a nutshell, an "event" is coming -- similar to the one I discuss in my books, The Gospel of 2012 and The Joys of Psychopathocracy, one that has astrophysical origins or influencing factors. I didn't pay attention to this for years after 2012 -- even though I was aware that many others were continuing the dialogue. Part of the reason that I stopped paying attention is because I regarded many of the people who discussed "ascension symptoms" as imbalanced and immersed in unfounded, unprovable "New Age" woo-woo. I didn't find most speakers on this topic as sounding credible or repeatable. So although I was aware of the ongoing dialogue, I simply chose to tune it out. Then -- suddenly -- last year I began to have the very same symptoms that you and my other friends are reporting. At that point I couldn't tune out what was going on, because it was so regularly taking charge of my entire physiology.
The description of what's happening and how people are experiencing it is not completely homogenous. Instead of a singular event, some see it coming in waves -- so what's happening now is not a "precursor." We're in the middle of the change. Timing is also different for everyone. I've been experiencing this since 2018, but some have been experiencing these symptoms for several years. Although the primary symptoms I deal with are light-headedness, nausea, loss of equilibrium and balance, ataxia, disorientation, and unusual high-pitched sounds, others find even more effects to their hearing ability, unusual taste experiences, or unusual dental sensations. I haven't experienced any of those things -- (yet). Some of these 'symptoms' involve even stranger experiences.
Nonetheless, because of the onset of when these experiences began occurring with most people, coupled with the homogeneity of most of the accounts, the coming "event" I've previously written about is what I attribute it to.

Other Explanations
Jim: But you do note that others have different explanations.
Me: Yes, that's true. The primary, if not predominant, alternative theory is that malevolent demonic or extraterrestrial forces are using the infrastructure that already exists for 5G to blanket the earth with debilitating frequencies. [You get some sense of this school of thought if you watch from 09:50 to 13:00 of the sci-fi thriller, Dominion --- the timeline is pure fiction, but the explanation of how the world works largely sums up their thought]. The book, Aliens Among Us, by David M. Jacobs, makes a pretty conclusive case that supports the idea that contrary to our common narrative, the ET's are in charge. They never stopped being in charge. They've used human hybrids for years to control the rest of us. Is it true? Is it pure nonsense? I think people should study the source materials for themselves and come to an informed opinion.
That having been said, my friends believe that there is nothing spiritual, or divine, or evolutionary about this phenomenon.
Jim: But you're not buying any of this -- right?
Me: It isn't so much that I don't buy it. I mean, sure, the explanation sounds loony on the face of it, but this phenomenon is affecting people in extremely remote places and in deep valleys, which seems implausible. I have an extra advanced ham radio license. I thoroughly understand radio wave propagation. I suppose it's possible. There are forms of scalar waves and electromagnetic applications that aren't in the public domain. So what do I know? But still --- why employ a debilitating technology which would also affect the evil little minions that are so vitally important to the Deep State -- however you conceive the Deep State to be? I don't wholly discount this theory. I just find it less compelling, given everything I know and my own personal experiences.
Jim: Have you considered that maybe both theories are correct? That this isn't either / or?
Me: Oh, sure. I suppose that's possible. But keep in mind that this phenomenon -- which is happening now in many places -- was accurately predicted many years ago, with stunning specificity -- before ANY of us were experiencing ANYTHING of this nature. Additionally, if this were malevolent, I think the symptoms would be more severe. I have had episodes that I actually found euphoric -- some even accompanying a series of intellectual revelations. No malevolent species is going to use existing technology to try and induce that. But again, I'm open-minded and I don't claim to have all the answers.
Jim: So what does this mean in the here and now?
Me: Well, going all the way back to your initial comments, you thought you had cancer. Fine. Get some tests done which I recommended. But just have an awareness that the symptoms you are describing are happening to a great many people. It isn't conspiracy theory. It isn't wild speculation. It's all happening.
Here. Now. Every day.
And it's isn't anything you'll see objectively covered in the mainstream media, and if they ever did, it would be an attempt to paint the phenomenon as something deeply pathological. Again, if it isn't governmenet-approved with Deep State origins, it must be dangerous, deranged, or otherwise extremely discountable. So my advice is to be aware of what's happening -- divorced from media propaganda . . . because frankly, there's almost nothing in the media anymore that isn't designed to keep people ignorant and uninformed. Armed just with that knowledge, you will end up making better decisions about your health, your environment, and your state of mind.
Cancer is real. We see it every day. But this isn't remotely cancer. And if I am right, then it is something of deep spiritual significance and it should be treated as such.

Blessings . . .

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