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December 18, 2019 --- [ Season's Greetings from Alpha Omega Labs --- You are receiving these newsletters because you "opted in" as an Alpha Omega Labs' customer. If you wish to "unsubscribe," see easy instructions below.]
This edition has important news, deep discounts, and some notable freebies for the Holidays, so please read carefully. As always, questions and comments are welcome and can be addressed to: support@herbhealers.com.

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"Impeachment Hysteria Reins While Exploding U.S. and International Food Shortages Point to Darker Days Ahead."
50% discounts on key popular items
Deep discount in December for Sangre de Drago, the amazing Amazonian wound healer -- (one we use extensively in connection with Black Salve).
Get an email address Big Tech won't molest
FREE digital books for Christmas
Prepper's Corner: Are you prepared for what's coming?
How to Find Our Help Pages, Videos & Other Support Material
Discounts for December.

Impeachment Hysteria Reins
While Exploding U.S. and International
Food Shortages Point to Darker Days Ahead
"People can argue about global warming versus global cooling. Anthropogenic inputs versus natural cycles. Effects (or non-effects) of higher CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gases versus the catastrophic effects of worldwide weather modification programs (i.e. chemtrails). The engineered genocide resulting from glyphosate and other highly toxic agricultural chemicals. etc. . . . It doesn't matter. I don't care. Let's talk about what we know with certainty. Let's confine ourselves to the indisputable. We're seeing ecosystem collapse and crop failures worldwide. This isn't a political position. It's a observable fact. (Moreover, I agree with Professor Guy McPherson that we have most probably passed the proverbial 'point of no return' -- something I discussed with him personally in 2017).
If I'm standing outside my house, watching it burn to the ground, and I say, "I have no home" -- that's not my opinion. It's a fact. We can argue about what caused my home to burn, but my attention is better spent on focusing on what I'm going to do, now that I'm homeless. That's the stark reality of our global situation."

Greg Caton
Living on the Precipice (2018)

aybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just getting too old. But it seems that the current public discourse is getting cruder, more irrelevant, and more dismissible with each passing day. Speaking of dismissible, this evening the current U.S. president, Donald Trump, became only the third holder of that office to be impeached by the "House" in U.S. history. Some might argue he deserves it. After all, hasn't he learned anything from the prosecution ('cause that's what it is) of Julian Assange by the very executive branch over which he presides? Never, never, never question the criminal activities of people who work for the Deep State -- whether they meddle in Ukraine, Iraq, or Antarctica. Voltaire's admonition from 200 years ago still holds true: "If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you're not supposed to talk about."
Trump hasn't learned that. The reason he will never drain the swamp is because the swamp is too busy draining him. I'm being facetious, of course -- the world would be far worse off than it is now without courageous individuals to fight against this unspeakable corruption. I've spent most of my adult life working to try to include myself among those individuals. But you can clearly see what odds one faces when you challenge this audacious tyranny.
Regardless --- all of this political nonsense strikes me as mindless distraction given the real challenges we face, the largest one, in my mind, being habitat collapse. Not just insect, plant, and animal collapse. This one is affecting us. Humans. I'm not talking about "Greta Thunberg" style climate change. I'm not referencing the dark forces that are orchestrating this farce and using this poor girl for their sick, utterly transparent "global climate tax agenda" like a cowardly combatant would grab a 5-year-old in the middle of a gunfight -- for use as a human shield. I'm talking about real, verifiable habitat collapse that will lead to massive starvation within the lifetimes of the majority of people who will read this article. Not just in Africa. Not just in the Himalayas. But in places like the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia. The simple fact is that crop failures are occurring worldwide and the problem is getting much worse.
Lumen: Food for a New Age I first started talking about this in 1986 with the release of my first book, Lumen: Food for a New Age. Even then, it was obvious to me from massive "dead zones" that had formed in the Gulf of Mexico that we were headed for serious trouble. I saw the situation escalating dramatically, and it has. When I wrote about the effects of Fukushima in 2015, that, too, was another milestone. A big one. Even here in Ecuador, we are seeing the effects of food production failure, in everything from bananas to shrimp cultivation, in our case due to unstoppable diseases, as opposed to drought. This development has only caused myself and those close to me to intensify our gardening activity.
Certainly, it is beyond the scope of a simple newsletter emailer, to advise those I love and hold dear as to all the things they should do to prepare. It does, however, go without saying that the first step in preparing for any disaster is to first recognize that there is one. Certainly, at Alpha Omega Labs, we have attempted to make a small contribution by supplying crucial supplies at deep discounts for impending societal decrescence. But food and water supplies along with access to growing areas should top the list.
Take the time to invest in yourself. Have faith that the political circus will live without you, and you have more important things to attend to. It takes discipline to "unplug from the Matrix." But unplug you must: avoiding the obvious mind control --- something the Elite is so confident you're too stupid to recognize that they have been openly comfortable bragging about it for years.
Time is running out, and you don't have forever. So start giving thought and attention to these things now.

This week we are taking 50% off of our four of our popular items to help introduce them to those who are unfamiliar with their remarkable properties.
The first is H3O -- (Calcium Sulfate Hydronium Concentrate) -- which has an extraordinary history and remarkable properties. I cover my personal experiences with H3O in a short YouTube video, but this is not a substitute for reading the detailed product page. The 8 fl. oz. bottle of concentrate normally sells for $24.95, and until the end of the month, the price drops to $12.47.
The other three products at 50% discount are from our InnovationNaturals anti-aging group:
To take advance of this special office, simply use Code "50FOUR" at checkout at either of our website stores.

Sangre de Drago:
The Amazing Amazonian Wound Healer
On Sale at 30% Off Through Dec. 31

Of all the remarkable botanicals we work with in the Amazon, one of the most amazing is Sangre de Drago -- which has an impressive list of medicinal properties . . . so significant that many herbalists skilled in South American botanicals believe it belongs in every medicine cabinet.
This month, we are reintroducing the eight ounce version of "Sangre" at a 30% discount -- (the larger $39.95 bottle is thus discounted to $27.96) -- something you can purchase with other items to minimize the per unit shipping cost). Just use the code SANG1219 when checking out to get the discount.
If you have any questions about this offer or you have technical questions about Sangre itself, you can write to us at support@herbhealers.com, or call us at (305) 851-2308.

Get A Real Job Email
We reported last month that customers with AOL and Yahoo email addresses were having problems getting some of our emails. Occasionally, we have the same problem with Gmail. Our recommendation is that customers get a "real email" with a company that isn't actively censoring content and blocking correspondence because they have a Big Pharma, pro-cancer, pro-vaccine, pro-GMO, anti-human, anti-nature agenda. I hate to even have to cover this, but Big Tech's "trade interference" practices are becoming the 800-pound gorilla in society's living room and it's becoming impossible to ignore it.
Let's just agree to call a spade a spade. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram used to be High Tech companies. Now their just crime syndicates with rackeetering activities that revolve around supressing the content, message, and even email of competitors of their highest bidders. Hundreds of people have gone to federal prison under RICO My solution? In addition to my usual emails, where sending and receiving email is increasingly becoming a "toss up," I got a FREE email account with ProtonMail.com -- an encrypted email service out of Switzerland -- and I've had no problems to date. My personal email address is: ccwaso@protonmail.com. (If you're curious, "ccwaso" is shorthand for an Amazonian tree with unique medicinal properties that I love.)
Additionally, beginning with this mailing, I am posting all newsletters to our new MeWe group, and if you haven't joined, here's the link.
For those of you who have missed our previous mailers and alerts, I've created a special log detailing all previous newsletters, alerts, and mailings.

Free Digital Books (with purchase)
Okay . . . well . . . this is the part where I make my feeble, shameful attempt to pay the bills. This month I am offering four copies of the three books above -- (a $39.80 value) -- to any combination of email addresses, no less, for any purchase on our online stores of $100 or more in the month of December. All you have to do is email sales@gregcaton.com with your Order Number (which you receive when you purchase) and indicate:
  1. The name you used when you ordered.
  2. The book titles above you would like sent -- to yourself or someone you love for Christmas.
  3. The email addresses you would like the book links to go to.
It's that simple. If you have questions about this offer, please email me at greg@gregcaton.com.

Our historic and information site is well over 2,500 pages in size. Many of these pages are 10 to 20 pages long themselves if you were to ever print them out. We've been working on these pages since 1995, so -- yes -- it's overwhelming. In fact, some of these pages are outdated because with this level of volume parts of the site have become unwieldy.
As for videos, they are now spread over two sites (YouTube and now Brighteon), so it can be difficult to find what you're looking for.
So what we've done is a number of very helpful tools to help you find the information you're looking for. These include:
  1. Product Listing --- Every product we've ever carried -- with only a handful of exceptions -- can be found on the Altcancer Sitemap's product section.
  2. Video Listing --- All the videos we've posted can no be found on one easy-to-use Video Listings page -- (Excel format).
  3. Helper Page --- This is a list of links to pages that answer the most commonly asked questions.
  4. Website Listing --- This is a list of our websites, along with other helpful information.
Still, if you can't find what you're looking for, you can write to us at: support@herbhealers.com.

Are you prepared for what's coming?
It seems that there's a great deal of "prepping" going on lately. The conventional view is that such activity has decreased in the "Trump era," but paradoxically, we've never heard as many of our customers discuss it with us by phone. In response to requests by customers to have "discounted bundles" for survivalist and preparation purposes, we've created a page called Preppers' Corner, with links to five separate "prepper bundles." We've designed the bundles so the selections lean toward products that have almost extremely long shelf-lives, as well as added utility in a crisis situation -- worth several times what we're charging for them.
These bundles can be purchased either on HerbHealers.com (for customers in the U.S. or Canada) or on AlphaOmegaLabs.com.

Discount Codes thru Dec. 31, 2019
Use the following Discount Code on the checkout page of either of our web stores to get the indicated discount on your product purchase.
Only one discount code per tranaction. These codes are independent and above-and-beyond the Digital Book offer made in this email edition:
10DEC2019 = 10% off any purchase over $100
FSDEC2019 -- free shipping on any purchase of $250 or more
SANG1219 = 30% off Sangre de Drago (8 fl. oz.)
50FOUR = 50% off H3O, Cerasil+, Clear & Thrive
Questions? : Write to us at support@herbhealers.com

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