. . . but first, a Letter of Heartfelt Thanks this Holiday Season
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"So much has happened to us since the FDA's destruction of our U.S. lab in 2003, our reopening in Ecuador (2008), and my subsequent kidnapping in 2009, that we realized that in all that time, we had not stopped to thank all our many friends and customers for the love, appreciation, and support they have shown through these difficult years.
"For those who might think this is quite a delayed response, I should mention that it is not our way to bother our friends and customers with unwarranted calls or email. In fact, we are so conscious of people's need for privacy that the emailing that lead you to this page is the very first we've ever done since we opened our online doors in Sept. 1995 -- over 20 years ago. (Since so many have asked us to continue to send them 'specials' and 'updates,' this will be the first of a series of monthly mailouts. We respectfully ask that if you don't want to hear from us again, you may op-out by emailing us.)
"As we head into 2016, we will continue our policy of providing free consultancy on all your naturopathic needs. And if you have any questions, you know that we're just an email away . . . "

Greg & Cathryn Caton, N.D.
Azuay, Ecuador / Dec. 28, 2015

[ It seems like a lifetime ago that the abduction took place . . . and among the many individuals to whom we remain forever grateful are Alex Jones (infowars.com) and Mike Adams (naturalnews.com). . . who were among the few in the alternative media who had the courage to even touch our story. Certainly, no one in the mainstream media would go anywhere near it. Well after this happened, we produced a series of articles highlighting the unjustifiable war against escharotics by the orthodox community; the U.S. drive to scare consumers away from herbal products; and the proliferation of paid shills whose sole job it is to sully the reputation of all things natural. ]

Defense Formula A:
50% Off This Month

In July of this year, we did a story about the mass suppression of truthful information coming out about the real gravity of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. We developed a product for ourselves and our local community, having learned that even here in Ecuador, living at almost 10,000 feet in the high Andes and three degrees below the Ecuador, we weren't safe.
A couple months later, having used the formula ourselves and feeling a decided difference, we made the product available on our sales sites.
We are now making this formula available at 50% off the regular price -- $14, instead of $28.
On a more serious note, our suspicions about the implications of where Fukushima and other manmade disasters are taking us are coalescing with that of more serious climate scientists -- (i.e. read : scientists who dare to speak the truth and not prostitute themselves to corporate or government interests) -- like Professor Guy McPherson. We, too, are going through Elizabeth Kubler Ross's "Five Stages of Grief" (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). With a bit of tongue-in-cheek, McPherson adds two more stages of his own.
However, in the meantime, you have the power to protect yourself with Defense Formula A.
You will find this item reduced 50% on our sales sites through January 31st . . .

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