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The Ashwin is a regular webzine for ΑΩ Labs' customers -- May, 2003 Edition
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To Our Readers in the U.S. -- The products/devices mentioned on this page, and the information presented herein, have not been examined or evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Adminstration. Therefore, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

'Silver Tablet'
Manual Released

Our search for the very cutting edge in the alternative health care field has taken led us to examine a number of devices from the field of "electronic medicine," including several "Russian zappers."
Last month we introduced an instructional document from NIICP, a Russian producer of such devices and maker of the "Tomsk" gastrointestinal stimulators we carry on this site.
This month we introduce a similar document from Duna, which, like NIICP, hails from the city of Tomsk, deep in the Ural Mountains.
We encourage our practitioners as well as serious users to carefully examine this document as there is very useful information provided on the wide range of therapeutic applications for which this product is now used -- with full governmental authorization -- in the Russian Federation.

Shen Min - bottles displayed
Shen Min Chosen
To Replace 'Hair Follicle'

Given the enormous interest in herbal-based products which naturally suppress DHT, the biochemical cause of male pattern baldness, we have decided to replace our own South American product ('Hair Follicle') with Shen Min (made by Basic Research, Inc.), which has stronger clinicals supporting their product. [ Read product page. ]
Note to our Readers: This is 8th edition of the 2nd year of our Ashwin (pronounced "Ah-sh' win"), covering May, 2003. Previous editions are archived. If you have questions, email us.

Ketozyne - Carob Flavored
Alpha Omega Labs
Gets Serious About
Weight Loss

With obesity now recognized as a epidemic disease in its own right, it would have an anomalous oversight for AO Labs to indefinitely forego commentary and not weigh in with its own approach to the problem -- or at least a set of advisories.
This month we introduce two product lines (one made by Alpha Omega Labs and the other manufactured by Klein Becker, from the States) -- each representing the two most popular (and successful) schools of thought on addressing serious obesity.
Ketozyne is our candidate for kitosis-inducing weight loss, modelled after The Atkins Diet. There are certainly similar products now on the market following this nutrient profile -- but few that will match our features and price points. Initially available in Original and Carob-flavored, other flavors will follow. Not only does Ketozyne make a great between-meal shake, but the Original version will help keep you on the 'straight-and-narrow,' since any ketosis program still requires a fair amount of self-discipline. Ketozyne will be a favorite among bodybuilders who routinely purchase "Weider-type" protein shake formulas with little else to justify their high price tag.
The success of Anorex, manufactured in the U.S. by Klein Becker, which has impressive clinical data to support their thermogenic approach to weight loss, was enough for us to provide our imprimatur. For those who have problems with vasodilating stimulants to speed their way (and their metabolism) to those coveted lost kilograms, the Anorex SF is a welcome relief.
Study the Anorex product page for more information.

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