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"For thirty years now there has been a slow shift in paradigm of healing from the monotheism of scientific medicine toward a concept of holistic medicine and more recently one which has been called sometimes 'energy medicine.' . . . the deeper search needed to establish 'the etheric world of energies' remains to be done and until it is completed satisfactorily, scientists and physicians steeped in the 'Newtonian model of reality' are unlikely to be ready to begin thinking along these lines . . . "
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. (founding president, American Holistic Medical Association)
[ Taken from comments on Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D. (1988) ]

Russian Zappers
How Russian military research into the effects of low voltage EM radiation on the human body accidentally lead to important discoveries in 'energy medicine' The astonishing clinical results the new breed of 'Russian Zappers' are achieving Why the West will resist the development of this breakthrough technology, but must eventually concede its validity.

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Ecomed Electronic Normalizer Most medical breakthroughs, as we've discussed in previous editions of the Ashwin, come about by accident - and it is no different with the development of a new breed of electronic "normalizers" - more frequently referred to broadly as "zappers" by North Americans who are readily familiar with their particulars.
Ecomed Electronic Normalizer Our interest was peaked with the discovery of an internet distributor in Dublin, Ireland - which was reselling one imported version of the device for $99.95 - catering mostly to U.K. and U.S. consumers with previous knowledge of area of 'electronic medicine.' So we purchased a half dozen units and began experimenting on our own. Very early in our investigations we noticed the appearance of small orange stones and other unidentified debris appearing in the stool of test subjects. One astute practitioner in Ohio (USA) reported back to us that these stones were nothing like the soft, green stones from the liver and gallbladder which result from a liver flush - and, in fact, he hypothesized that these stones were most likely dropped from the pancreas. Moreover, even in those subjects who included worm-killing vermifuges in their supplemental diet and were models of good health, there was evidence that the zappers were expelling parasites.
This lead us to deal directly with research firms in Moscow and Tomsk (both in modern-day Russia) which appeared to be on the cutting edge of this area of 'energy medicine.' . . . Much to our surprise, not only did the researchers interviewed have a full grasp of the medical potential for their devices, but in the case of one manufacturer, Ecomed - the components of the technology were found to be covered by a potpourri of worldwide patents (in 16 countries in Europe, Asia and the U.S. (PCT/RU 96/00023); the device itself was "registered" by the respective Ministries of Health in 10 countries as well as by the U.S. FDA (No. A920518), and extensive clinical testing has been conducted to validate a variety of specific medical applications. It was also apparent, both in dialogue with Russian researchers and in examination of some of their promotional literature that they understood the power of their technology to upset many phamaceutically-based therapies.

Ecomed Electronic Normalizers have been clinically tested and proven to:

   1. Glycemia 1.4 times   10. IgE 1.9 - 4 times
   2. Glycosuria 4.9 times   11. IgA 1.2 times
   3. Testosterone 2.4 times   12. Estrogens 7 times
   4. Cholesterol 1.9 times   13. Triglycerides content 2 times
   5. Intensity of allergic inflammations   14. Tonus of sympathetic nervous system
   6. Antineoplastic activity of phagocytes   15. Juice acidity 1.6 times
   7. Contractile ability of gallbladder 1.2 times   16. Lipoproteins of low density content 1.6 times AT THE 
   8. Stability of affective-emotional sphere   17. Lipoproteins of high density content 2.5 times
   9. Prolong remission, to relieve intensity and frequency of asthma   18. Cure constipation in 93.9% cases
  19. Work capacity 1,5 times
increase       decrease
Prepared by:

Professor G.A. Pokrovsky
----- Deputy Director, State Scientific Center for Coloproctology
A.P. Tupikova -- ("Candidate of Medical Sciences")
L.F. Pokmarenkova -- ("Candidate of Medical Sciences")
Vibrational Medicine Despite well-defined data and recommendations on prescriptions, applications, protocols, and contraindications -- all derived from years of gathering clinical data, it is doubtful that this technology will be accepted any time soon in the West - perhaps for the better part of the 21st century. There are certainly medical doctors and other practitioners in the CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) community who now make 'energy medicine' an important part of their work, but their numbers do not begin to approach 'critical mass' within the powerful, orthodox medical community - which largely regards this area as pure quackery (translation: a collection of competitive elements).
Recent, regulatory history in the U.S. and Canada, for instance, is chock full of examples of medical researchers and physicians developing and/or utilitizing 'energy medicine,' only to be met, quite often violently, with an enforced cessation of their work (if not their lives). Notable examples include the demise of Royal Raymond Rife, Wilheim Reich, Albert Abrams, and many others. We will not attempt to either support or find fault with any of the ideas or methodologies of any of these individuals, but merely point out a simple observation ---- that the employment of energy medicine, in any form whatsoever, represents a competitive challenge to the pharmaceutical paradigm that is the very foundation of the health care industry in the West - particularly in the U.S. ... and, therefore, regulatories have responded accordingly.
Since it is well-established that governmental agencies which regulate this area of health care exist largely to serve the interests of their 'clients' - the large pharmaceutical companies, there is no precedent or reason to believe that regulatories in the West will do an "about face" when confronted with this new breed of "energy medicine" -- no matter how weighty the clinical data which supports it.

What this means is that, at best, this form of energy medicine (which we first encountered in the widely celebrated book, Vibrational Medicine, written in 1988 with a more recent update) will be largely suppressed for quite some time to come. [ Gerber's work opened the way to more recent works on "Energy Medicine" that further defined diagnostic tools and various modalities that focus on energy balancing - though nothing, in our opinion, that approaches the solid results we now see coming out of Russia. ]
Those who wish to hear more about the Ecomed Electronic Normalizer from a physician's perspective are invited to write our in-house medical advisor, Dr. Robert Wickman. Those who wish to purchase the device for research purposes from this site may do so as well.

Next month (September, 2002) we will provide additional data on the Ecomed Electronic Normalizer, freshly translated from Russian texts.
To U.S. Users: This device has been 'certified' but is not 'approved' by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; nor should it be viewed as a substitute for the timely examination and diagnosis of any specific ailment by a qualified, licensed health care professional.

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