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Countering Wikipedia Disinfo:
How My Bio Would Read
if Truth Mattered

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author Sometime in early 2010 -- months after my extraordinary rendition at the hands of U.S. government operatives, yet years before the Ecuadorean government would formally condemn the U.S. for its illegal activities and disregard for international law in my case -- I was able to talk to a journalist friend in Massachusetts . . . from a U.S. federal holding facility, no less, in Louisiana . . . thousands of miles from my home in Ecuador. The conversation, as I recall, went something like this:
"Cathryn (my wife) says that there are a good number of people, including Mike Adams from NaturalNews, covering my abduction in the alternative media, but no one in the MSM (mainstream media) will touch it . . . "
"Well . . . I wouldn't say that's entirely true," replied my friend.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Somebody in the Medical Industrial Complex must have an interest in your case, because your biography is in the encyclopedia . . ."
"What? Wikipedia?" I interjected, referring to the sixth most popular website in the world. (It had to be online, because not enough time had elapsed to see something in print.)
"Yeah. Wikipedia."
"Well, it's a 'hatchet job' -- to be sure. They paint you as the world's biggest quack. In fact, it reads like all your adversaries got together, held a convention with the goal of producing the most libelous document they could possibly conjure, using every available pejorative, every piece of vitriol, and employing whatever literary devices are necessary to cast you in the worse possible light."
"Is it really that bad? Can you send me a copy?" I asked from the prison phone.
"Yes. It's that bad. I'll print out a copy and send it to you. But, in a way, you should expect this. Think about it. The government and its lackeys aren't going to kidnap you, plaster your name and photo all over the States as one of the world's most wanted criminals, place you on the Interpol Red List with Osama bin Laden, and then show what liars they are in their very own court proceedings without recruiting Wikipedia to support their fake narrative . . . "
"You're a contributing Wikipedia editor. Can't you correct the inaccuracies?"
"I tried. They have a set of editors overlooking your bio. The small stuff. Sure. Misspellings, poor syntax or grammar. That'll get through. But nothing substantive to the libel itself. Every change I've made is reverted back the original text, and then the alteration is scrubbed from 'View History'. So the fix is in. They will not allow any changes to be made that interfere with the message about you that they want to get out. It's a permanent libel piece . . . that's what these guys do."

The idea that Wikipedia is a 5-star brothel to Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex at large is hardly new. For years now, Mike Adams (NaturalNews) has been documenting the countless ways that Wikipedia is a source of official propaganda and is highly biased against natural approaches to health care. (Mike Adams is very supportive of author, Mike Bundrant, who is in the process of publishing his book on this subject, The Truth about the Healing Arts on Wikipedia.)
Not only is Wikipedia used by the U.S. government to smear and defame alternative media personalities like myself, but their sideline racketeering activities include blackmailing and extorting funds from small businesses, copyright theft, muckraking legitimate wholistic modalities -- like homeopathy; and using fake editors so extensively and so egregiously that NaturalNews has gone so far as to tag them the "sock puppet collective for the medical mafia". This has resulted in a petition directed to Wikipedia, petitioning them to "halt outrageous slander and lies against holistic and alternative medicine. (Like that's going to make a difference . . . well . . . I suppose it's the thought that counts.) None of these verifiable facts get to the root of Wikipedia's origins, nor do they help explain how it came to abandon any thread of independent thought. However, we do know that Wiki's founder came with deep pockets due to his extensive involvement with internet porn site revenue streams.
In response to all this nonsense, NaturalNews is working to build its own counter-propaganda website, TruthWiki.

This having been said, it should be noted that not everyone in "officialdom" is willing to roll over for Wiki. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA) published a study demonstrating that 90% of the Wikipedia articles related to health contained one or more factual errors. On the educational front, several universities have banned Wikipedia as a primary source, and one Illinois university has banned Wiki's use entirely. So, clearly not everyone is submitting to the dictates of the Medical Mafia.

Why Should It Even Matter?

With so many people waking up to what Wikipedia is really about, the question may be posed, "What difference does it make?" Even I cannot address this subject without slightly cringing, because in the self-absorbed age of social media, I find having to address attacks on my person as abhorrent. Perhaps this is why I have waited more than 12 years since the FDA arrested me and destroyed my lab to set the facts straight.
Firstly, it is important to clarify the truth (or bring the truth to light). When you don't push back against corporate propaganda, the hapless consumer has nothing to compare the disinformation against. Back in 2009, I wrote a rebuttal to the outrageous claims about escharotic remedies, Cansema, Alpha Omega Labs, and myself personally, that are made by Quackwatch. Yet few people know that as shameful as Quackwatch is, as a dispenser of false information for the benefit of Big Pharma, it is only a small part of a cornucopia of similar sites created for the very same purpose.
Secondly, both Cansema®, our U.S. registered trademark, and my own name, have been falsely treated as representatives (i.e. synecdoches) for the entire field of escharotic medicine. This has been done by our counterfeiting adversaries, as Alpha Omega Labs pioneered escharotics online from its inception.
Thirdly -- if I may borrow from an ancient Latin axiom, "Silentium est consensus" -- my silence in the matter lends Wikipedia legitimacy, particularly as it relates to disinformation about my person. I cannot allow that to stand.
So, with this in mind and at the risk of sounding annoyingly trifling, the following is a truthful account of myself . . . the way it might read if Wikipedia were not a "disinfo" organization and if truth actually mattered. [Compare to their version -- as I follow most of their content format].

The Free Encyclopedia

A Brief Bio

"Much of the incentive to denigrate my life's work has to do with my associate with escharotic medicine, which I popularized on the internet . . . never mind that 80 years before I got involved, there were various doctors, like Perry Nichols, M.D., and Harry Hoxsey, N.D. who were curing thousands of patients using the same class of compounds." GC
"Over the course of over 50 years, Nichols' Sanatorium cured an estimated 70,000 people of cancer, of which only a fraction are mentioned in his primary monograph, a book so popular that it was reprinted almost ever year during the life of his clinic: Cancer: Its Proper Treatment & Cure." GC
"The idea that a well-made escharotic will burn or harm healthy tissue is ludicrous. I've used Cansema® to remove cancerous growths on my own body since 1989. I even did a pictorial at the bottom of a Quackwatch rebuttal, where I took off several growths all at one time." GC . . . [The photos below were taken on September 3, 1989 (over the Labor Day weekend) by Caton and his first wife, Laura. The "smudges" on his face were areas where he had been experimenting with a Black Salve. One of these turned out to be cancerous, as is documented in Chapter 1 of Meditopia.]
"Wikipedia went out of their way to emphasize that for a brief period in the early 2000's, I took a pro-GMO position . . . one that I later retracted as studies of the dangers of GMO became more compelling. Today I run an organic farm and do not permit any GMO seed on the property." GC [ Below . . . Caton in one of his fields, where goldenberries are grown.]

Wikipedia’s co-founder
says he no longer trusts
the site he helped create
"Anyone who has ever looked something up online has probably come across the collaboratively modified encyclopedia Wikipedia. After all, it is the world's fifth biggest website. While some people may consider it authoritative simply because it is so vast, attracting an estimated 6.1 billion followers each month and making up the most-read work of reference in history, it is so prone to error and bias that many people now simply click right past it and many reasonable teachers won't accept it as a source for reports. One person who's especially distrustful of Wikipedia, however, is one of its own co-founders, Larry Sanger.
"At first, Wikipedia was written and monitored by a community of volunteers who worked together and raised flags when information was not backed up with facts. This battle of ideas was at the heart of the platform's original commitment to neutrality. However, times have changed, and it has now become an increasingly biased source, in many cases taking a liberal viewpoint that often comes across as propaganda.
"In 2007, Sanger left the site and said that it was 'broken beyond repair.'

Sanger gives examples
of Wikipedia's bias
"He recently sat down with Lockdown TV's Freddie Sayers to discuss the sad state of the site. For example, he pointed out, 'You can’t cite the Daily Mail at all. You can't cite Fox News on socio-political issues either. It's banned. So what does that mean? It means that if a controversy does not appear in the mainstream center-Left media, then it's not going to appear on Wikipedia.'
"This can be demonstrated by looking at the site's coverage of COVID. According to Sanger, its articles on the topic parrot the viewpoints of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the CDC, the World Economic Council and Dr. Fauci. He said, 'There’s a global enforcement of a certain point of view, which is amazing to me, amazing to a libertarian or a liberty-loving conservative.'
"He went on to support the notion of the establishment view being espoused by many of Wikipedia's pages by citing the example of Eastern medicine, which he says is dealt with in a dismissive and judgmental tone. In addition, he said that the viewpoint of Christianity is a very liberal one that one might find in mainline denominations rather than from the point of view of people who believe in the Bible."

Writers and editors paid
to change Wikipedia entries
to suit special interests
"He also discussed how Wikipedia's entries are distorted, with companies like Wiki PR paying writers and editors to change articles and not identifying them. He believes that the site's ubiquity in the world is what has led to so much undue influence, saying, 'So there's a very big, nasty, complex game being played behind the scenes to make the article say what somebody wants them to say.
"He also explained why neutrality is so important online, saying that we need to give people the tools required to think about issues. When someone is trying to find basic information about topics, they don't want to be led by the nose, he said. 'We are free individuals who want to make up our own minds,' he added.
"Sanger also pointed to the entry for U.S. President Joe Biden, which he said includes very little about the concerns many Republicans have about him. He said, for example, that there should have at least been a paragraph about the Ukraine scandal in his entry. A few days after the interview, someone moved information about the scandal into the same paragraph, but the message remained that there was no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Biden. "Although Wikipedia likes to position itself as 'the encyclopedia anyone can edit,' it is really just a powerful medium for special interests to control the flow of information to the public and influence people's opinions. Unfortunately, like many sources of information online, many people don't realize they are not getting the full story and are making decisions based on biased information."

From Wikipedia -- were it not tasked with libeling people in the alternative health care field

Gregory James Caton (born April 6, 1956) is an American businessman, inventor, author, and manufacturer of various health care products. The best known of these is Cansema®, which follows an herbal tradition that has been successfully used for centuries to remove skin cancers and also treat a variety of internal cancer conditions. [ 1 ] Cansema®, a U.S. registered trademark of Herbologics, Ltd., which Caton founded in 1993, is mistakenly listed as belonging to another party in their online listing of 187 Fake Cancer 'Cures' Consumers Should Avoid. This appears on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration website. Many of these "cures" involve natural products that have been successfully used for generations and predate the existence of the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry by centuries. [ 2 ]


  1. Early Life, Education & Military
  2. First Businesses
  3. Lumen Foods, Alpha Omega Labs & Herbologics
  4. The Sue Gilliatt Disinfo Campaign
  5. Federal Conviction
  6. Kidnapping from Ecuador
  7. Publicly Cites Wikipedia as a Fraudulent Enterprise
  8. Authored Works
  9. Additional Reading
  10. References
  11. External Links
Early Life, Education & Military

Caton was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He graduated from Bishop Alemany High School in 1974 in San Fernando, California -- which today makes its home in the old "Queen of Angels Seminary" (OLQA) nearby, which Caton also attended (1971-1973).
"People think of a seminary as a place of religious focus, but I specifically asked my parents to send me there because it was academically competitive and close to home," Caton remarks. "Enterprising students would find places to hide while they crammed all night to get better grades. Education at that level of intellectual intensity has become increasingly rare."
While attending OLQA, Caton took up the practice of Transcendental Meditation, initially inspired by the film, Tribes (1970), combined with a course in Comparative Religion he took while a freshman at Chaminade Preparatory of that same year. He was initiated on the OLQA campus in November, 1972 with the permission of the Dean of Students.
Four months later Caton met and conversed with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the mountains outside Santa Barbara, in an encounter he describes as "uneventful." Nonetheless, the resulting experiences of altered states of consciousness would later influence Caton's involvement, use, and individuation of entheogenics and color his working career as a practicing herbalist. Caton credits his sweeping sense of intellectual adventure to that time. "The place was teeming with intellectual freedom and disdain for convention. We would stay up for hours at night debating the finer points of Teilhard de Chardin's work with priests on the staff -- everyone knowing full good and well that the Vatican held his work with disfavor. It made no difference."
"Strangely, people who know I attended the seminary in L.A. at that time, ask me if I witnessed any of the abuses that have become so widely publicized in the media concerning the Catholic Church. In all candor, I never witnessed anything of the sort, but I've heard from numerous sources that this began to surface sporadically after my time . . . " [ 3 ]
Following high school, Caton spent the next year and a half studying anatomy, physiology, anthropology, biology, chemistry, physics, and related sciences at a local community college, still uncertain as to a definite life direction, but feeling strongly that it was connected to health care. In August, 1975, he graduated from L.A. Valley College with an Associate's Degree and less than a month later enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a cryptologic technician -- partly because of the state of the job market and partly to take advantage of the G.I. Bill.

Caton spent the next three years in U.S. Navy -- most of it on the U.S.S. Coral Sea. "Years later it was pretty easy for me to grasp the machinations of the Medical Industrial Complex, because I'd already had a front row seat in the Military Industrial Complex. With a TSSI [Top Secret, Special Intelligence] clearance level and three compartmentalized levels above that, I came to understand the inner workings of our global culture and our civilization -- within the same context as Toynbee's sense of this latest iteration of civilization, or that of Quigley or even Spengler. In a nutshell, there are no militaries anywhere which exist to serve the interests of ordinary people. They exist to serve a privileged Elite . . . or as J. Paul Getty once so charmingly put it, 'The meek shall inherit the earth. But not the mineral rights.' " [ 4 ]
Following military service, Caton dabbled in his return to academic life -- first at CSUN (1979) and then at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa (1979-1980) -- not feeling at home at either. "Some time in 1979, I had a chance to meet an old, wealthy, Jewish real estate investor in the Valley. His name was Raymond C. Levine. I was negotiating the purchase of a 23 unit apartment complex up in the Sacramento area, as I had been involved in real estate almost my entire time in the military and I planned to continue.
"At one point in the conversation, Mr. Levine asked me what I planned to do after 'the deal' (which, as fate would have it, was never concluded). I replied that I wanted to go back to school and perhaps finish with a four-year degree in Business Administration.
"'Why would you do something so stupid?'" Levine replied.
"'Excuse me?!'" I said.
"'Why would you do something so stupid? You're doing business. With me. Here. Right now . . . Business isn't something you study. It's something you do. The best weight lifters don't study weights. They lift the damn things. There is no education that's a substitute for experience.'"
"The lecture stuck with me until the end of November (1980), finding myself sitting in my dorm room, stretched to the limit between school and business. As synchronicity would have it, a friend had told me about an oft-quoted line he heard from his favorite musician, Frank Zappa, 'I left school to get an education.'"
"And that's precisely what I did." [ 5 ]

First Businesses

In 1982 Caton formed a direct sales company called Richland Foods, designed to be an improved version of a popular multi-level marketing (MLM) firm at the time, Meadow Fresh Farms --- which folded due to over-expansion. The operation was based in Fairfield, Iowa, and sold textured vegetable proteins and other long-term storable foods. During this venture, Caton met Tom Schreiter, a seasoned MLM veteran and motivational speaker. Their friendship lasted throughout the Richland Foods venture, until the business closed in the summer of 1983 due to lackluster sales.
Caton moved back to Los Angeles in September, 1983, and over the next year worked with Schreiter on several small projects until Schreiter proposed that they join forces with a near-bankrupt MLM cosmetic company in Lake Charles, Louisiana, called "Elegant Cosmetics."
Next, in October, 1984, Caton incorporated Consumer Express in Delaware, as an MLM company, specializing in homeopathic and alternative health care products. In addition to Caton and Schreiter, the company began with their Louisiana partners, David Bertrand and Jana Mitcham. Later an assortment of some of the strongest producers in the MLM field at the time joined, including Bill Gouldd, Dayle Maloney, and shortly thereafter Kevin Trudeau, along with many other luminaries in the industry.
Greg Caton and Kevin Trudeau with 'friend' -- Mardi Gras, New Orleans, 1987 Over the next two years (1985-1986), Consumer Express picked up 35,000 distributors and grossed over $20 million. Concurrent with this, Caton had been researching various ways of expanding Consumer Express's reach into manufacturing --- a natural, since Caton's paternal side had been involved in manufacturing for three generations. The first such venture would end up being the last: Lumen Foods, which was created to make meat replacement products and a provide a base for doing the vertical form-fill-and-seal operations for varied consumer products.
Because of growing discontentment with the manner that Bertrand was running the company, along with a desire to move in a different direction, Caton cashed out of Consumer Express in March, 1987, prior to it going public and becoming Nutrition For Life.
Subsequently, Caton wrote a book in 1991, entitled "MLM Fraud: A Practical Handbook for the Network Marketing Professional." The first half of the book was essentially "whistleblower" material, and since it was guaranteed to bring the wrath of those reported, additional measures were taken to maintain credibility. Intent on insuring that the disclosures he made would not be questioned, Caton took a PSE lie detector test and published the results in the book, which detailed numerous illegal activities surrounding the activities of the partners he had been working with. [ 6 ]
Litigation ensued which lasted well into the 2000's. The highlights of these various acts of litigation include a default civil judgement (because Caton was neither present in the Illinois court room in question, nor was he ever served) in favor of Kevin Trudeau for $10 million dollars. [ 7 ] In time, all of Caton's claims concerning Kevin Trudeau would come to light and he would become vindicated -- Trudeau's current stint in Federal prison for contempt of court charges, notwithstanding. "YouTube alone is now awash with negative testimonials of people who were defrauded by Trudeau," Caton states. [ 8 ]
Things ended differently in the battle between Caton and his ex-partners at Nutrition For Life, which had, by then, moved from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Houston, Texas. The company claimed that because of Caton's book, which had, at that time, sold less than 200 copies, they suffered $150 million in damages --- proffering to the court in Houston that each copy of the book was so damaging, influential, and hypnotic in effect that it induced losses approaching a million dollars per book. Caton maintains that the irony of the situation was that he was sued for reporting fraud, corruption, and gross mismanagement of a publicly traded company that he himself founded -- which blamed the revelation itself as the source of its ills rather than the fraud, corruption and gross mismanagement reported. (Nutrition For Life ended up filing for bankruptcy on July 8, 2003. [ 7 ], leaving many distributors unpaid. [ 12 ]. For his part, Caton was forced into personal bankruptcy in November, 1996, as a result of Trudeau's default judgement, based on a court proceeding for which he was not served, not represented, had no knowledge, and was not physically present. [ 7 ]. )
Unabashed to push the envelope, no matter how absurd, Nutrition For Life continued suing Caton, who was by that time broke and representing himself. In the end, too, were able to obtain a default judgement -- initially close to $195 million, but later lowered to $133 million -- (one of the largest civil awards ever granted to a plaintiff against a writer in the history of law). [ 9 ]
This experience became the backdrop for Caton's treatment of whistleblowers and the grave dangers they face which he details in Chapter 4 of Meditopia. [ 10 ]

Lumen Foods, created to be a manufacturing arm of Consumer Express in 1986, lost its one and only customer after Caton split with his partners in March, 1987. Caton's position has always been (and continues to be) that the gross mismanagement and systemic criminal nature of the enterprise, which he only discovered in the final months before his departure, necessitated his voluntary exit. The details of the breakup are covered in exhaustive detail in the first half of his book, MLM Fraud [ 11 ]
The online Wiki version of this bio makes much ado about Caton's initial embrace of GMO technology. What the cited references fail to mention is the history behind his thought process. At the time, Caton became convinced by a reading of Dr. Michael Jacobson's work at the time that GMO fears were overblown. (Dr. Jacobson is the founder of Center for Science in the Public Interest). It was the later release of compelling scientific research questioning the safety of GMO seed and foods that caused Caton to reverse his position. His current views are reflected in the organic practices which he maintains on his farm in Ecuador, Gaiameter.
Similarly and not surprisingly, the corporate entities that followed in the timeline are misidentified by Wikipedia, as well.
Lumen Food Corp., the original corporation that Caton founded in February, 1986 filed to have the company reorganized under Chapter 13 in September, 1989. In August, 1992, Caton created a new entity called Herbologics, Ltd. to combine together under one company all his manufacturing activities, including those of one DBA, Alpha Omega Labs. To this present date, Caton and his wife, Cathryn, still work for Herbologics, Ltd., which is maintained in good standing with the State of Louisiana where it was incorporated. In 1995, Caton created the first websites for Herbologics' respective entities: for Lumen Foods, and for Alpha Omega Labs. These domain names are still in use to this day -- (though Caton no longer has any vested interest in
On March 15, 2007, the Catons sold the Lumen Foods portion of Herbologics, Ltd. to Dana Dykstra, for which the latter had created a Louisiana entity called Lumen Soy Foods, LLC. For transparency, the Catons posted an online publication of a detailed business plan preceeding the sale.

The online Wikipedia article for this bio makes much ado about the "Sue Gilliatt case," in which a nurse from Indianapolis claimed that the combined use of Cansema Black Salve and H3O (Calcium Sulfate Hydronium Solution) literally "burned off her nose." The particulars of the case have been so distorted with so many provably false statements by Wikipedia, Quackwatch, the FDA, and other interests in and surrounding the proponents of conventional medicine that Caton devotes a huge portion of Chapter 3 of his online Meditopia to this subject. [ 13 ]
Since Caton's rebuttal of the FDA / Quackwatch / Wikipedia disinfo campaign on the Gilliatt case, which was posted to Meditopia in 2004, no attempt has been made to address his points. Caton believes that this is because Gilliatt was convicted as a liar, opportunist, and vexatious litigant by the statements she makes in her own sworn deposition of July 22, 2004. [ 14 ]
Among the shocking revelations that Gilliatt admits to in her deposition:
  1. That either Cansema® or a competing product from (the late) herbalist, Dan Raber (Appalachian Herbal Remedies) completely removed her cancer, but she was suing anyway because she believed that Cansema® took off healthy tissue, though she could not provide any credible reason as to why she thought that. [ 15 ]
  2. That she had worked continually at Community Hospital East in Indianapolis from 1975 to the time of the deposition (2004), nearly 30 years for the same employer, including years as an oncology nurse -- [ 16 ] -- and yet in 2002 she decided to seek out "alternative" methods, specifically "bloodroot" products, because the "conventional (approach) takes a portion of healthy tissue and leaves scarring" [ 17 ]. Later she adds that she didn't want to go the conventional route, because she didn't want to confront the "disfigurement." [ 18 ] Moreover, she expresses such little faith in conventional cancer treatment after having worked as a "licensed practical nurse" for nearly 30 years that she affirms that she didn't speak with anyone in the conventional community before using alternative products. She didn't even tell her own doctor that she thought she had cancer. [ 19 ]

    "The irony is that the FDA / Quackwatch / Wikipedia / Mainstream Media consortium was so anxious to vilify and demonize me that it never occurred to them to check what Gilliatt --- their former oncology nurse and "anti-escharotic poster child" --- was saying in her private testimony to communicate that orthodox cancer treatment is unreliable, untrustworthy, and should be avoided." ~~ Caton

  3. Gilliatt shows such disdain for the very orthodox system she represents and in which she has devoted nearly the entirety of her adult life that she makes clear that she avoided any attempt at obtaining a biopsy or a meaningful diagnosis. [ 20 ] (In fact, the word "diagnosis" appears nowhere in the entire 266 page transcript of this deposition.)
  4. Gilliatt provides plenty of testimony that her cancer was no mere "in situ" skin cancer, but that it was extraordinarily extensive. Although standard instructions call for an initial 24-hour "residence time" after application, Sue's cancer was so severe that she could only leave the Salve on for "6 hours" -- so great was the pain. [ 21 ] In fact, so great was the pain in her case that Ibuprofen wasn't enough. She had to use Darvocet to control the pain response. [ 22 ]. And whereas the treatment of a basal or squamous cell carcinoma on the face will involve localized edema, Gilliatt reports that the inflammatory response (edema) was so great, that it affected her entire face. [ 23 ]. This is rare in the history of escharotic use. [ 24 ]
  5. Gilliatt admits throughout the deposition that she freely spoke about her experiences in using Alpha Omega Labs with Dan Raber, a competitor at the time, but not with Alpha Omega Labs itself. Moreover, at no time did she ever speak with Caton, the very person she was suing. [ 25 ] Still more astonishing, Gilliatt admits that she never communicated with anyone at Alpha Omega Labs that she was using other escharotics having nothing to do with AO Labs. [ 26 ]
  6. Gilliatt states that her distrust of Alpha Omega Labs stems from a conversation she had with George Ackerson, who -- at the time of the lawsuit -- had a highly adversarial relationship with Alpha Omega Labs. [ 27 ] She testifies that she purchased H3O and HRx from Alpha Omega Labs strictly on the basis of her communications with George Ackerson [ 28 ] -- the only one she spoke to at AO Labs [ 29 ] -- that she purchased the products with no intention of using them but only as "evidence of fraud" [ 30 ], that she never even "opened the package." [ 31 ].
  7. Though the FDA, Quackwatch, and Wikipedia portray Gilliatt as someone who had their nose ripped off using Caton's product, Gilliatt actually testifies that she removed her own nose using EMBROIDERY SCISSORS! [ 32 ] -- going so far as to remove "dead bone"! [ 33 ] However, her embroidery scissor-wielding skills were so great that she was able to do so without getting "near healthy tissue." [ 34 ], as if this would even be possible.
  8. She justifies her claim that Cansema "burns healthy tissue" by stating that she found some of her cartilage escharized, going so far as to make the non-factual claim that "cartilage . . . does not get cancer." [ 35 ] Could this former oncology nurse really not know about the existence of chondrosarcoma? [ 36 ]
  9. Gilliatt states that she was initially drawn to purchase Cansema because "there were hundreds" of testimonials on the Alpha Omega Labs website [ 36b ] -- even when she saw them in 2002 (and there are many more today). Yet later she states that she came to believe that the testimonials were "fictionalized," essentially fake. When asked if she has any evidence that the testimonials are "fictionalized," strangely, she says that she does not. [ 36c ]
  10. Gilliatt admits that she went on a media smear campaign with WISH TV, Channel 8, saying that the use of zinc chloride was deceptive, because "consumers would confuse it with zinc oxide," [ 37 ] and that zinc chloride was dangerous because "it's made by pouring hydrochloric acid over zinc" [ 38 ] in order to suggest that it would be highly dangerous to use Cansema®.
Postscript on the Gilliatt Matter: In May, 2006, while Caton was serving the first of two "half house residencies," he received two anonymous Skype calls. This occurred during the day while Caton while was working in Iowa, Louisiana. The caller said she wanted to meet Caton in Texas -- something that was clearly a violation of the terms of Caton's condition release from prison. Only after Caton told her that he wasn't interested did the woman confess that she had been hired by Kevin Trudeau to "lure" him over the stateline and report it to the authorities so that he could be put back in prison. She also indicated that Sue Gilliatt, George Ackerson, and Kevin Trudeau had been secretly working together from inception, with Trudeau footing expenses. Caton feels that this would be easy to discount as unfounded were it not for the fact that the woman in question, who never disclosed her real name, knew facts about the parties involved that only an "insider" could possibly know. [ 39 ]

Federal Conviction

On September 17, 2003, United States Federal agents comprising the FDA, ATF, federal prosecutor's office in Lafayette (Louisiana), U.S. Marshall's Office, and Lake Charles Police Department raided Caton's home, offices, and manufacturing areas. [ 40 ] During the raid, details about what agents were looking for made it clear that George Ackerson, who had worked for Caton, was the "confidential informant." Extensive details about this event are covered in Chapter 3 of Meditopia. Over $500,000 worth of inventory, supplies, and equipment related not just to Alpha Omega Labs, but to Lumen Foods, were destroyed. [ 41 ]
Although Wikipedia makes much ado about "weapons possession," it fails to mention that these charges were dropped. [ 42 ] Nor does Wikipedia mention that the "counterfeit case" in 1990, which -- coincidentally enough -- came out a cooperative relationship between Ackerson and Caton's then-partner in a copy service, Carl Hubert, were bogus. No mention is made that the action that took place at a photocopy service (Copy Magic), or that it never resulted in counterfeit currency, which is why Caton was not sentenced to a single day in prison as a result of the court action. Neither is mention made of the fact that Carl Hubert was the "confidential informant" in the case, motivated by a desire to take over Caton's half of the enterprise. [ 43 ].
The grievance that Caton filed against his attorney, Lewis Unglesby, is clearly stated in the relevant court document. [ 44 ]

Kidnapping from Ecuador

"On 5 June 2006, after serving his sentence, [ 45 ] Caton was released on three years probation with specific restrictions against possession of firearms or manufacture of non-FDA approved materials. [ 46 ]. Caton and his family relocated to Ecuador in the summer of 2007. [ 47 ] Alpha Omega Labs were reopened in June 2008.[ 48 ]
On 27 October 2007, Caton was found in violation of the terms of his probation. [ 49 ] In September 2008, a filing was made with the U.S. patent office in which Caton expressed a fear of arrest for violation of his probation, if he returned to the US. [ 50
Caton's probation violation was reported to Interpol, and was placed in their database; it was reported on Interpol website on 30 September 2008. In February 2009, Caton was featured in Parade Magazine's "On the Run In America" as an Interpol international fugitive. [ 51 ]
On 2 December 2009, Caton was arrested at a checkpoint in Ecuador and held in prison. What followed was a complex set of legal manoeuvres involving multiple parties. According to vague reports by Cathryn Caton, his wife, these maneuvers included various members of the Ecuadorian judiciary and police officials. A judicial hearing on the case was scheduled in Guayaquil, Ecuador on 14 December 2009. [ 52 ]
Caton was sentenced in a Louisiana court in May 2010 to serve the remainder of his probation (24 months) in prison. He filed a motion of appeal on June 23, 2011, under the provision that the court failed to consider sentencing guidelines. This appeal was denied. [ 53 ]. "

Publically Cites Wikipedia as a Fraudulent Enterprise

The preceding section, Kidnapping in Ecuador -- all five paragraphs of it -- are almost a word-for-word plagarized copy from the online Wikipedia version of this bio. What makes it significant is that references from which the information comes is exclusively from web pages that Caton authored or documents that Caton, his associates, or his attorneys filed. Therein lies the hypocrisy that is at the foundation of THIS web page, and in completing this bio, I will come full circle and return to a first-person narrative:
When you abstract from someone else's work for the sole purpose of creating a "libel piece," you get a complete distortion of reality. The information above is entirely true, and how do I know that? Because I was an witness to the events and I authored most of what you read above. So then, what's wrong with it? Answer: it deliberate excludes the most critical facts that would give what occurred a balanced context.
Is the meaning of a "probation violation" altered when one excludes the fact that an ex-employee (Crystal Leslie) embellized over $20,000 from her employer (Caton) while he was in prison and is feeding a prosecutor's office false information to prevent her own arrest? Is it altered by the fact that two other ex-employees (Tabetha LeDoux and Xenula Farris) are told what to say if they are questioned on the witness stand and threatened if they don't commit perjury? [ 54 ]
Is the meaning of an Interpol report altered by the fact that it is giving false information to the public? That I was not wanted on "drug charges"? That I was not armed or dangerous? That my picture was photoshopped to make me look bad? Or that a probation violation that carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison hardly justifies one to be placed on the "World's Most Wanted" list with Osama bin Ladin? [ 55 ]
Is the meaning of an "extradiction" altered by the fact that it really isn't an extradiction at all, but a full-fledged kidnapping -- a kidnapping so illegal, so unethical, so scandalous, and so contrary to the guidelines created under international law that the Ecuadorean government formally condemns the actions of the U.S. government as illegal and expunges all mention of his "deportation" from the federal records in Quito (the capital of Ecuador)? [ 56 ]
Is the meaning of a "quack" or "quackery," as it pertains to my work, in any way altered when so many thousands of people worldwide have stated that escharotic preparations that I pioneered online, beginning in 1995, have cured their cancers? That among those who have endorsed the legitimacy of my work include the late NASA astronaut, Dr. Brian O'Leary, and several leading figures in the alternative media? [ 57 ]
This is why the "slander / libel" machine that is Wikipedia must be exposed for what it is: a hall of prostitution for large corporate interests, where the magnetic flux lines of power, profits, and prestige warp any attempt to present reality in an unbiased fashion.
This is why it must be exposed for the propaganda machine that it is.

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