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from Alpha Omega Labs --- June, 2017

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Microflora Restore II (tm) - 98 grams
Microflora Restore II:
A Major Advance in
Probiotic / Prebiotic Formulation

When we introduced Microflora Restore in 2002, it was the broadest-spectrum probiotic then introduced on the market. Containing 28 different synergistic bacterial organsism, Microflora Restore set the stage for what would increasingly become an industry standard: the use of multiple probiotics (usually over 20) to help replenish intestinal flora and restore normal bowel function.

"We are quickly reaching a point where you won't be able to live a normal, healthy, human life without the aid of probiotic / prebiotic formulations. We did this to ourselves. We lived with this illusion that we could saturate our fields with horrifically poisonous herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and other 'plant pharmaceuticals,' filling the ecosystems from which we eat with this garbage, and then somehow remain unaffected. There is no human medical condition that is not ameliorated with a properly functioning GI tract . . . which is now almost impossible without good probiotics if you live in the Western World."
Leading international soil microbiologist
speaking to Greg Caton anonymously
April 25, 2017

Microflora Restore was so effective that not only did it spawn imitators, but lead to requests for years thereafter to bring the product back, after we were no longer able to make it, following the closure of our U.S. lab in 2003.
It is now 14 years later, and -- finally -- we are proud to introduce a new and improved version: Microflora Restore II (MR2). Packaged in an easy-access glass jar, MRII comes as a powder -- no capsules or tablets. You simply take 1/2 tsp. (about 2.5 ml.) per day, mixing it in water or juice, or even sprinkling it on a meal.
MR2 costs just $47.50 (comes with free shipping) and is a 60 day supply -- or less than 80 cents per day.
If you respond using the Discount Code below, we'll give you an introduction 20% off (making the product just $38.)
Early tests have confirmed the product's effectiveness with end users: *
  • Regularity: "I sometimes went two, sometimes three, days without having a bowel movement. Now, I go twice daily, even if I've eaten just one or two light meals. Using the toilet is quick and easy. I spend more time washing my hands than I do going to the bathroom."
  • Better Hygiene: "I don't know how else to say this and I'm not even sure this was an intended feature of the product, but there is no more smell when I finish using the bathroom. At first, I thought it was just a fluke, but this has been a consistent experience since starting on Microflora Restore II."
  • Flatulence Elimination or Reduction: Users have noted that they have either little or NO flatulence within a day or two or beginning their use of MR2.
  • Feeling "Cleaner": Users have reported feeling "cleaner" -- even "lighter" with the user of MR2.

"Liver / Colon"
Special Bundles
Microflora Restore is part of our Liver / Colon Cleansing Program. At the request of many customers, we have bundled the products contained with the Program into two "bundles": (1) Liver/Colon Cleansing Program Bundle #1 -- which contains Clean Colon, Omega LB (now Botanical LB), Worms-B-Gone (formally Old Amish Dewormer), and Microflora Restore II; and then (2) Liver/Colon Cleansing Program Bundle #2 -- which contains all of the above products, plus our prebiotic booster product, Microflora Acceler-X.
All products above SHIP FROM THE UNITED STATES -- with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED -- and come with unlimited access to our professional consult team for any questions, comments, or concerns.

Discount Codes: June 26 to July 15, 2015

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