April, 2020
Picking up from where I left off from last month, I continue to supply the intellectual popcorn while we all "stay in place" in our front row seats, watching the complete dismantling of modern civilization. Lost in all the official disinfo are certain basic facts, the denial of which only serves to attenuate the exercise of common sense -- little things -- like the fact that influenza viruses are not contagious; that even if they were, these silly Halloween masks that everyone is wearing provide no protection against the passage of viruses that are so infinitesimally small you need an electron microscope to even see them; that CoVid-19, like the influenza flu pandemics before it, is an "electromagnetic adaptation disease," which means -- among other things -- that it is impossible to produce a vaccine that would protect you against it; that the number of people who will die from hunger, malnutrition, and suicide in response to governmental enforcement actions around the world to this CV is orders of magnitude greater than the actual number of people who will die from the virus itself; that this pandemic is so fake and fraudulent, the CDC (and presumably other agencies around the world like it) are threatening medical workers to list Coronavirus as the cause of death, even when it is obvious to any clinician that it isn't; that the mainstream media and Big Tech have outdone themselves in proving that they truly are "the enemy of the People." If you took away all the fraud and misrepresentation from this CV phenomenon, our world would not be vaguely recognizable. Humanity is staring at its darkest hour.

Coronavirus®: News & Developments
for April, 2020

e continue with the ongoing CoronaVirus saga -- a service for our customers that began with the Coronavirus: News & Developments for February, 2020 and continued with daily blog entries last month, covering March, 2020. So here are our entries for the month of April. Any complaints to the management -- for politically incorrect statements or inappropriate humor can be directed to support@herbhealers.com. Maintain social distancing at all times and be sure to use proper gender pronouns, where appropriate, or we're telling your mother.

April 30, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
  • Tucker: Our leaders are making a mockery of their own quarantines -- What is the key, indisputable takeaway from this 10 minute presentation? From the videos of leaders behaving like none of the lockdown rules to them? Well, we know what it is. Our leaders are communicating to us in clear non-verbal terms that they know that the Coronavirus is complete bullshit. The lockdown is completely bullshit. The media hysteria is complete bullshit. As always, never listen to what politicians say. Instead, watch what they do.
  • Chinese Doctors Wonder Why US Medical Dogmatism Covers Up Effectiveness of Vitamin C in Treatment of Covid-19 -- It isn't dogmatism. Doctors are able to read independent studies and converse with other doctors who are working in CoVid clinics so that they know what works and what doesn't. The problem is a medical hierarchy that clings, as I wrote in Chapter 1 of Meditopia in 2004, to their privileges. Truth has no meaning in today's organized medical establishment -- not even in medical journals. Again, from Chapter 1 of Meditopia, when I discovered the extent to which legitimate cancer cures were aggressively suppressed by Big Medicine, I wrote, "I was getting sucked into a vortex of discovery that would, in time, lead me to fully view the unseen underbelly of what some call the "Medical Industrial Complex", a system in which a combination of pride, profits, and prejudice had created a fabric of corruption so vast, so evil, and so breathtaking in its breadth, longevity, and audacity, that it would reshape my entire worldview."
    That was sixteen years ago. Today it's even worse.
    As I've written many times, numerous physicians have told me over the years that they would never undergo chemo or radiation therapy if they had cancer, nor would they recommend it to a family member or close friend. Yet these same doctors recommend these therapies to their own patients, knowing how dangerous they are, because it's profitable and to do otherwise means risking their medical licenses.
    So what is the cure for CoVid-19? After three months of receiving clinical results from CoVid doctors around the world, we know what it is. Vitamin C (min. 5,000 mg. per day), Zinc (60 mg. per day), and chlorine dioxide (15 drops per day of a stabilized solution, often less). (Chlorine dioxide was found so effective in treating respiratory disorders that in 2006 a European company filed a patent, entitled, "Chlorine dioxide gas for use in treating respiratory viral infection"). All three are found abundantly in nature. Now, mind you, there are other vital nutrients that will assist in your cure and recovery -- specific vitamins and minerals, but the untainted data from the field suggests that you can assure your recovery with just these three. They are what I used when I had Covid-19 last month (March, 2020). None of them are patent drugs. No doctor is going to make much money dispensing these vital curative agents. And what does this mean?
    It will be a cold day in hell before established medicine ever admits to their efficacy. This, in turn, means that the same hand that has suppressed numerous cures for degenerative disease is the same hand that wants you to believe in the Corona Hoax, that wants you ignore the fact that telecommunication companies applied enormous political pressure to assure that not one legitimate scientific study would be conducted on the safety of 5G, that wants you to ignore that thousands of scientists protested against 5G and its inherent dangers before they ever began implementing it last year.
    Do we have a long-standing historical example to illustrate the depth of this massive, global fraud? Yes, we do. The last half of Chapter 4 of Meditopia is devoted to the suppression of ascorbemia (mild Vitamin C defiency). In 1748, Dr. James Lind, a surgeon on the HMS Salisbury, discovered the cure for scurvy -- the most advanced state of Vitamin C deficiency. He found it in citrus fruit, two centuries before Vitamin C would be isolated and identified. Nonetheless, Meditopia tells the story of how even up to the present day, the suppression of Vitamin C as an essential nutrient, at amounts much greater than the ridiculously low 60 mg. per day recommended by the U.S. FDA, is still with us.
    We still see this suppression today.
    In clinics throughout the world.
    In the suppression of yet another disease.
    A disease, the fear of which, has bankrupted the entire world economy.
  • A brief history of California's institutionalized corruption -- California is a hell hole of insider corruption. This is an issue somewhat close to me because I'm a fourth generation Californian. (My great-grandfather, Eugene, ran a machine-shop in Riverside county for years.) This is relevant to the CV crisis, because this level of corruption exists at all levels of government -- national and international.
April 30, 2020 -- Early Morning
  • What Really Makes You Ill #2 w/ Dawn and David, Non-Communicable Diseases -- It's a little over one hour. Covers the real causes of disease sans medical propaganda.
  • White House is dumping Bill Gates' and the vaccine-whores' fear-mongering virus models. Hard to believe. We'll see. Stay tuned. This just might be good news.
  • CORONAVIRUS THE SECOND WAVE IS COMING -- We're at the end of April and this is just the beginning. "Richie from Boston" has some interestingly observations. Remember: "it's all about getting everybody vaccinated."
  • ID2020 + Central Banking Digital Currency=NWO by Nicholson1968 -- This came out from two weeks ago and I missed it. It highlights the tyranny that was hard-wired into the Corona Hoax from inception. It also shows you what is guaranteed to come next. Nicholson1068, the YouTuber here, uses the horrific surveillance technology now used in China to show what is planned for the world.
  • This little boy is endangering his life by not practicing social distancing from this alpaca -- see article below.
  • After some cats test positive, CDC says social distancing applies to pets, too -- Do you know why they talk to you like this? -- Give up? -- Because they think you're stupid. They've gotten away with the Corona Hoax this far, so they must feel that the sky's the limit when it comes to lunatic ideas they can drum up so they have something else to prove to themselves that humanity is composed of complete, programmable, zombie-mutant morons.
    We live on a farm. Between us and our neighbors, we have horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, cows, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, and fresh-water trout. Should they all be practicing social distancing, too? If you read this article, you soon realize that the answer must be "yes."
    Don't laugh.
    Don't do it.
    Because if you've even contemplated for a moment getting that soon-to-be-mandatory vaccine with the ID2020 RFID chip, you're not smarter than the person who reads this article and took it seriously. You know -- the vaccine that 95% of the population will gleefully accept while knowing nothing about viruses, let alone the sordid history of the vaccine industry.
April 29, 2020
  • URGENT: For Immediate Release -- Very Powerful -- This actually came out five days ago, but it does an excellent job of summing up the ways in which current medical protocols are killing CoVid-19 patients. Orthodox medicine is doing this, and yet these are the same people we should entrust our lives to with an untested vaccine. Something else to think about.
  • They Live -- We Die -- "Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses. -- Plato" -- Advance to 4:52 to get past the intro and a poetry reading that is inferior to the rest of video.
  • De Blasio Threatens "Jewish Community" With Mass Arrests After Funeral Gathering -- Attention, Humans! Behaving like a human will not be tolerated!
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready As Early As September, Researchers Say -- While billions have been confined in their hampster cages, wondering how they're going to survive, all that Big Pharma can think of is how to produce a mandatory vaccination with predictable side effects and obscene profits that has zero chances of ever protecting you against exosomes -- errrr, excuse me, THE non-contagious Coronavirus.
  • COVID-19 Turning Out To Be Huge Hoax Perpetrated By Media -- I've said it before and I'll say it again: when Trump called the media "the enemy of the People," relative to what they really do, this wasn't an insult. It was a complement.
  • A bipartisan group of former health officials seeks to sell a $46.5 billion coronavirus plan to the White House -- CHA-CHING! I almost had to reach for a barf bucket when I read this article. Again, all the recommendations assume that the fake narrative of the Corona Hoax is the truth. It extols the virtues of self-isolation for a disease that is provably non-contagious. It assumes that the RT-PCR test used to for Corona testing is valid -- it isn't -- so says the scientist who invented the damn thing. It invites an even higher level of fiscal irresponsibility than the one that has been a hallmark of the Corona Hoax -- one that will lead to hyperinflating the dollar into Zimbabwehood. Expect to sell a lot more of this from Big Pharma, Big Medicine vultures who are seeking, as economist Michael Hudson would say, "to suck the rest of the blood out of the American ecomony while the body is still warm."
  • Howard Stern: Trump Should Resign -- His Supporters Should Take Disinfectant and 'Drop Dead' -- Forget the Trump part. I don't care about the politics. What is noteworthy is that "Chlorox" and "disinfectant" are now memes being used to bury chlorine dioxide (ClO2) into the realm of pure lunacy, when the original seed thought stems from the fact that this simple, cheap compound has been more effective in curing CoVid-19 than anything else mentioned. I reported this earlier when Dr. Klinghardt mentioned that German medical doctors in Berlin on the front line of the CoVid-19 fight were successfully using chlorine dioxide in Berlin to treat the disease with a 100% success rate. In my mind, this doesn't change my earlier advisement that Vitamin C and zinc supplementation are extremely important, but pieces like this one show you how far the medical establishment and their whores in the media world will go to denigrate a legitimate cure. Especially when it supplants their worthless patent drugs and dangerous vaccines -- all marked up many times over what anyone would charge for stabilized chlorine dioxide.
April 28, 2020
  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! This was all planned! -- Another update from AMTV. Worth watching. Proof of implementation of depopulation that is ongoing.
  • It is time to end the lockdown by any means necessary! The time for civil disobedience has arrived! -- The title speaks for itself.
  • Sen. Tom Cotton Calls To Ban Chinese Students From Studying Science In The US -- He also claims that the Chinese will try to steal the Coronavirus vaccine from the U.S. You know, I gave this guy more credit a couple months back. But here we see -- quite regretably -- that you have to be a politician to say something this mind-numbingly stupid. Again, boys and girls, repeat after me: There is no vaccine that will protect you against a virus.
  • Top Manhattan ER Doctor Commits Suicide After Treating Coronavirus Patients -- The pressure to be a medical doctor, to be forced to employ therapies you know will hurt that patient, perhaps kill him or her, falsely report a fake cause of death on account of a death YOU contribute to --- turns out to be more than some people with a conscience can take. Seriously --- we will never know the REAL reason Dr. Lorna Breen took her life. I'm sure her own father (also an M.D.) is being influenced to spin a narrative. So we can only speculate.
  • The Crash Has Only Just Begun"The crash has only just begun. Everything, including a rational, connected-to-reality, effective financial system, is on back-order and unlikely to ship any time soon.
  • "We Will Never Return To Free Market Capitalism": Guggenheim's Minerd Warns Fed Is Pushing US Toward A Populist Revolt -- What comes next? I don't know. Somebody email me and let me know if "Mad Max and Thunderdome" is still viewable on Netflix. It's as predictive as anything else you're gonna see.
  • BREAKING: California Doctors Go on Ingraham Angle, Challenge Official COVID Policy -- YOUTUBE THEN TAKES DOWN THEIR VIDEOS! -- Understand -- here and now -- that Big Tech is an even bigger enemy of the People than the mainstream media.
  • Latest Numbers from Italy Prove Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Are Needlessly Destroying US Economy -- They aren't "needlessly" destroying the U.S. Economy. They are NEEDFULLY destroying the U.S. economy if they're going to maximize their profit from their respective interests in the soon-to-be-worthless and very dangerous Coronavirus vaccine.
  • Data Suggests REAL Coronavirus Death Rate In L.A. Is 0.18%, And 0.89% In NY -- Proof of just how outrageous the Corona Hoax really is just keeps pouring in.
  • Lockdown Vs. Non-Lockdown 'Did Not Produce A Statistically Different Number Of Deaths,' CA Docs Say -- Of course it didn't.
  • The 'Experts' Were Wrong: Since 1995 the UK Has Seen Five Flu Seasons Worse Than Current Coronavirus Outbreak -- The experts weren't wrong. They experts were lying. And now the experts got caught. There's a difference between willful ignorance and willful murder.
  • Why Is FDA Playing Politics with New Warnings on Hydroxychloroquine? Why Would they Put American Lives in Danger? -- I've been numerous article about how the FDA doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone's health, particularly the general public's. The FDA is responsible for the murder of untold tens of millions of people just on account of the legitimate cures they have suppressed so that their real employer -- Big Pharma -- could maximize their profits with inferior, more dangerous, more costly pharmaceutical drugs.
  • The "New International Economic Order." Guest: Patrick Wood, "Technocracy News." -- Retired CIA officer and whistleblower, Kevin Shipp interviews economist and specialist on "Sustainable Development," Patrick Wood. The interview is an hour long, but -- again -- it gives you some idea of the agenda behind the Corona Hoax, and it tells you how long this atrocity has been planned. What we see now is the result of generations of meticulous planning.
  • Casi... 100.000 NIÑOS y CADÁVERES... desde agosto de 2019 hasta hoy... han sido RESCATADOS de redes PEDÓFILAS INTERNACIONALES en U.S.A -- To completely understand this one, you'll need to know your Spanish. There's enough English, throughout, however, for you to get the gist of it all. Translation of title: "Almost 100,000 children and dead bodies -- from August, 2019 until today -- have been rescued from international pedophile networks in the U.S.A. I had my doubts about this, but a military source close to me confirms that these rescue missions are actually ongoing.
    My take is that the network of Satanic Elite, which is too vast for the average person to begin to comprehend, let alone believe, feels that steam-releasing, counter-narratives are requisite in the Age of Coronavirus, as the blood of grotesque lies spills out everywhere like a slaughtered pig for all to see who still have two brain cells left to rub together. This began even before Coronavirus. What we're seeing is the Big Fish sacrificing the Little Fish. This is what happened to Harvey Weinstein. As all-powerful a Hollywood figure as he was, he wasn't high enough not to get sacrified. He could have been saved, but the REAL Elite chose not to. So they threw him in the mainstream media piranna fish tank, so his dismemberment could be highly publicized. What Weinstein did, as reprehensible as it was, is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- compared to the real atrocities that go on behind the scenes involving infants, toddlers, and small children. At least Weinstein was just sexually harassing, if not raping, grown women. There are, however, evils far greater than this in this world.
    I am aware that child rape, torture, Satatic blood sacrifices, adrenochrome-collection, etc. is something the average person has trouble believing is widespread. But it does go on and it is widespread. The famous Hollywood director, Stanley Kubrick, attempted to show the world a small taste of what went in within the real halls of power with his movie, Eyes Wide Shut. Obviously he thought he had ascended high enough in the entertainment industry to get away with it. After all, it was Kubrick who helped stage the fake moon landing back in 1969, a feat so well executed that 99% of the general public actually believe we did it to this day, even though with far more advanced technology today, we haven't returned in many years. (Perhaps we'll have the technology to break through the Van Allen Belt and safely go to the moon and back 50 years from now.)
    For Kubrick, it was a risky gamble. And he paid the ultimate price. He died six days after the final screening of the movie. Of course, we're supposed to believe he simply died of a heart attack in his sleep. However, Jay Weidner came along years later to conclusively prove that he was murdered.
    Now, I am well aware that you can go to innumerable, official, mainstream sources online that will tell you that all of this is conspiratorial nonsense. They already do that for the Coronavirus, and we are scarcely over three months into the crisis. Actually, it's worse than that. The Satanic left-wing media acts like the pedophilia issue is a big joke -- a figment in the imagination of gun-toting, racist, misogynist, right-wing deplorables. Early this year, Golden Globes Award host and comedian, Ricky Gervais, joked about pedophilia, going so far as to speak directly to the full auditorium of Hollywood elites and say, "speaking of all you PERVERTS." (watch from 1:40 to 2:18). But I have been aware throughout my career from my own sources that these horrific things have, in fact, been taking place -- and it's rampant.
    The Truth is that all the A-listers in the movie, music, and allied entertainment industries know that this goes on. It may shock the common person that these kind of atrocities have been going on for years. But nobody high up in the power structure is unaware of it. This same source told me that there is a battle going on inside the Elite and that the strange pattern of earthquakes that have been going on -- particularly in the Western U.S. are the result of nuclear explosions that have been going on in various DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) -- home to entire cities set aside for the Elite. These explosions are completely destroying huge Elite facilities that, in the aggregate, have cost trillions of dollars over 50 years to construct. It is true? Has this really been happening? I have no idea, because obviously, I have not been a witness to any of it myself. But keep your Eyes Wide OPEN.
  • Robert Cinque: This is what I have learned so far -- It isn't anything you haven't heard already, if you've followed this CV blog, but the facts are concisely and cogently presented. The comments on cancer and osteoporosis are over-simplifications. Nonetheless, it is a good, factual presentation that stands in contrast to the nonsense that gets peddles as official science:
    • Experimentally provable, scientifically credible summary:
    • The Germ Theory is 100% completely wrong.
    • The presence of viruses in the body does not prove they are the cause of disease.
    • Correlation does not prove caustion.
    • Viruses, somatids, pleomorphs and bacteria appear when cells are toxic and injured. They exist to clean up the debris.
    • Koch's Postulates were not applied to CoVid19
    • Hospitals are being given $13,000 for every Covid19 diagnosis by the NIH.
    • According to Kerry Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, it cannot be used for the diagnosis of disease.
    • The test packets contain a disclaimer that says: Not to be used for diagnosis of disease.
    • The tests test for antibodies and genetic sequence, which does not prove causation.
    • Viruses originate within the cells, are DNA and RNA fragments.
    • Pastuer stole Bechamp's research who proved that fermentation takes place even within a closed container, proving that bacteria, etc., exist within the cells.
    • Assigning a single cause for a plethora of reasons why the cells become stressed is unscientific and is not supposed by the data. In Wuhan, 130,000 5G towers, severe air pollution and mandatory vaccinations just might have something to do with people dying.
    • Hypoxia is not pneumonia. 5G wavelengths disrupt hemoglobin's ability to absorb oxygen because iron is attracted to magnetic fields.
    • Chlorine Dioxide is native to the cell, along with ozone and hydrogen peroxide, and kills pathogens through oxidation.
    • The FDA falsely claims that chlorine dioxide is a bleach, a chlorinator. No, it is an oxidizer, huge difference.
    • Disease is caused by toxicity, obstruction, congestion, nutritional deficiency and environmental poisons, like 5G, pesticides, flouride, heavy metals, glyphosate, GMO's and pharmaceutical poisons masquerading as medicines. Suppressing symptoms does not a cure make.
    • Viruses are the effect, not the cause, of disease.
    • Allopathic medicine uses drugs, radiation and surgery in a warfare model which posits invaders from outside the body as the sole cause of disease.
    • Politicized science is not science. It is agenda that hijacks actual science and inverts it to justify its conclusions.
    • Health is the result of taking personal responsibility for adequate nutrition, fresh water, sunlight, oxygen, rest, love, purpose, and direction.
    • Disease is the result of a failure to care enough to live in alignment with Reality and cannot be prevented by vaccines, drugs, or the confusion of cause with effect.
    • Examples: What is called cancer is the body's response to low oxygen levels. Unable to combust the glucose in the mitochondria, the cell has to live on fermented glucose and forms a tumor in order to do so. Flood the body with oxygen, cancer disappears.
    • Osteoporosis is the body's response to high acidity in the blood. Minerals like calcium are stolen from the bones in order to buffer the acidity. Restore minerals to the diet, alkaline ph is established, osteoporosis disappears.
    • Governments peddle the germ theory because it makes a ton of money and creates the illusion that it is protecting the people from invaders.
    • Childish fairy tales are for children. The hard, cold facts are for adults.
  • Canada: The Truth will not be tolerated. We'll punish you if you speak it. -- Expect this to be a global edict in the very near future. Learn what you can from this blog now. It will soon be illegal for me to speak, because I will not be a party to misinforming the public.
April 27, 2020
  • GLOBAL NEW ORDER!!! MASSIVE CELESTIAL EVENT INCOMING! -- Observations on our current state by AMTV.
  • Truer Words Never Spoken -- The observation is truer today than when Henry David Thoreau wrote it over 160 years ago: "We have become tools of our tools." Man's mental acumen has descended to a point where people are no longer able to understand the relationship between themselves and their surroundings. Almost 20 years ago, Michael Pollen wrote The Botany of Desire (2002). The subject is how even plants have figured out how to use humans to their best advantage. He picks just four plants to make his point, each using a different attribute to coax humans into doing their bidding: apple, tulip, marijuana, and potato. I realized in how many ways plants were superior to ourselves when I read -- as a mere teenager -- The Secret Life of Plants (1972). How many people know, for example, that whereas we have five senses, the average houseplant has twenty? We allowed Elites to elevate our own hubris. Our entire history and literature is anthropocentric. Older, wiser cultures always knew different: "Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it." (Chief Seattle). And now that it is obvious that the Corona Hoax was a mere trick to force mankind into a dark, dystopian New World Order (listen to AMTV's video above), we will become tools so inanimate, just like our IPhones, that we will forget we were ever sentient. This raises another obvious point: The manner in which we allowed even inanimate objects to enslave us: which has had their path more seriously altered in the relationship: the human or the iPhone? Which is the subject and which is the object?
    If modern educational systems had devoted themselves to enlightening the young instead of indoctrinating them with propaganda, we would be living in an entirely different world. But why would those in charge of us have allowed that? If children were actually educated, how would the Elite have been able to make us tools of THEIR tools?
  • Critical thinking -- bioweapon economy -- Clif High put this out on April 19, after repeated attempts to keep the information online, all taken down by Big Tech censorship algorithms. I don't agree with everything in his analysis. He obviously hasn't read the books and studies I've recommended. But still he has some worthwhile observations.
  • Bobby Kennedy Jr.: Just How Much Money Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci Will BENEFIT from Vaccine -- "The push for more vaccines is all about the money." -- They're not testing it (for safety). They have an incentive not to test it -- (because it's not designed to be safe). And if the vaccine kills you, they are not liable. Our prostitute politicians have passed laws to indemnify the murderers. Actually, Robert Kennedy Jr. is 30% correct. Sure, it's about the money. But there's a deeper agenda, as well. We've talked about ID2020 already. I hope you were paying attention. If you know no religious or spiritual beliefs, you can just ignore all those "Mark of the Beast" comments.
    Kennedy claims that he was a kid, he got three vaccines. "Today's kids get 72 vaccines, and it has nothing to do with health." Keep in mind that despite Kennedy's standing, and political family pedigree, Trump (who is not longer in charge -- poor thing) had him kicked out of the White House. I applaud what Kennedy is doing. I only wish there were more people with backbone who were like him.
  • Scott Perlman, M.D. -- "Vaccines are dangerous" -- This Christian medical doctor from Georgia gives valuable advice on the dangerous of vaccines and the importance of purifying the body and building immunity.
April 26, 2020 -- Afternoon
  • "I'm trying to teach you something." -- I was chided by a friend last night. He felt that my language has gotten a little harsh. "The people aren't stupid. They're just ignorant. They trust government, the media, and the medical establishment because they weren't properly educated by their parents or caretakers that these were instruments of exploitation and enslavement. Don't make it like it's their fault." I understand the point, and perhaps what's being missed is that I'm playing "Shock Jock." Sometimes you have to shock people into understanding the depth of their plight.
    In the clip above, Sargeant Collier (played by Brad Pitt) has to teach Norman Ellison (played by Logan Lerman) a painful lesson in the horrors of war. Harsh realities have to be confronted for what they are and not sugar-coated. The comparison is not far-fetched. Coronavirus is a war -- and humanity is currently losing big time. It's an info (propaganda) war, a technological war, and a spiritual war. Humanity's opposition has been preparing for nearly 250 years, and only a small number of us have the insight to understand the battlefield. The rest of humanity is asleep. It is a war that in the absence of some huge, unforeseen intervention will lead to humanity's extinction. Let that word sink in --- Extinction. (I saw something like this coming when I wrote Living on the Precipice (2018). I just didn't know when.) So forgive me if I seem a little harsh at times.
    I'm just trying to teach you something.
April 26, 2020 -- Morning

    There's three things you need to know to understand how the CV Hoax was possible.
    1. People are stupid. 2. People are stupid. 3. People are stupid --- For years now,
    YouTubers have entertained us with videos showing people signing petitions to get
    the government to make dihydrogen monoxide (H2O, water) illegal. Why? Because it's
    a dangerous chemical. Yeah. Water. So dangerous. Let's make it a felony to own it,
    drink it, touch it, store it, use it. SO IMAGINE how easy it is for authorities to get
    citizens to shit their pants over one of the most incredible healing compounds
    to ever be discovered: chlorine dioxide (ClO2). How do they do it? Just tell the Sheeple
    that it's chlorine bleach, because this compound ALSO just happens to have disinfectant
    properties. That's the real back story to the recent media flap involving a Trump comment,
    quite innocuous and truthful, I might add, about this compound -- see story below.

  • Man who peddles bleach as 'miracle cure' reportedly contacted Trump ahead of his bizarre disinfectant comments -- The FDA and anyone in conventional medicine HATES chlorine dioxide, because it's very cheap and it cures a host of maladies. If most people knew what chlorine dioxide did and how to use it, 50% of Big Pharma companies would go out of business. Instead, the FDA and their evil minions in the media are able to get away with writing it off as "chlorine bleach" (which it is not). I've used sodium chlorite (MMS) to make chlorine dioxide myself for many years. I can't count how many infections I've eliminated through my own personal use of it. Once again, an official narrative having no basis in facts wins the day. Keep in mind that this is the same compound I reported on earlier that medical doctors in Berlin were using to successfully treat the Coronavirus -- cheaply, effectively, and without side effect.. "For lack of knowledge, My People suffer . . ."
  • Part 3 of 4 - Time to WAKE UP! | Dr Rashid A Buttar -- Dr. Buttar is BEGGING people to wake up to the innumerable lies about CV that are being promoted by Fauci, governments worldwide, and the mainstream media. It's just 6 minutes long. The basic facts: concentrated.
  • China Continues To Flood The World With Defective Medical Supplies -- This is inexcusable. On the other hand, the supplies are no more defective than the arguments supporting the pandemic and the life-threatening quarantines that they spawned.
  • More From The "New Normal" (In 50 'Darker' Headlines) -- "The world is different now. Unfettered expression is a luxury of the pre-Covid society. Doubt is the weapon of the virus spreader --- "Pro-Infection propaganda" will not be tolerated." How does it feel knowing you're moving into a world where any truth, no matter how obvious and indisputable, is illegal if it runs contrary to the official narrative?
  • "They've Got To Feed Their Children" -- Cash-Strapped Businesses Reopen In Georgia As 16 States Join Push To End Lockdowns -- Maybe we can throw all these people in the FEMA concentration camps for having the audacity not to stay home and "starve in place."
  • Global Coronavirus Deaths Top 200k: Live Updates -- Does it make any difference that as many as 90% of those people had comorbidity factors -- you know -- little things, like terminal cancer, pneumonia, advanced diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc. Absolutely not -- just ask Fauci, Gates, the CDC, WHO, and anyone else who is invested in vaccines.
  • Bird Layoffs: Thank you for making our company successful! Our management and board wants to thank you for their fat salaries and bonuses, even though the quarantine has made things more difficult. Oh -- one minor aside -- YOU'RE FIRED! -- No one likes losing their job -- especially one they've put their heart and soul into. Check out this recording. Employees were fired in mass through a pre-recorded message. Brutal.
  • Anatomy Of A Fiat Currency Collapse -- It's happening faster than you think -- while you're stuck in your hampster cage. We're back to Voltaire's famous quip: "It is the destiny of all fiat currencies (i.e. U.S. dollar, etc.) to return to their original value. ZERO."
  • "The Ripple-Effects Of The Government Lockdown Are Only Starting To Take Shape -- "For the under-50-year-old population, the death-rate is 5 per 100,000... That's a rounding error in the scheme of things. You can't run a society based on the risk of 5 out of 100,000 people." Our cups overfloweth with unending proof that this "pandemic" had nothing to do with this 5G-induced "virus." Behind it is a totalitarian agenda. Or as we used to say back in Louisiana: "Ur tryin' to stuff five pounds of shit in a two pound bag -- and gettin' 'er everywhere." It's just that obvious.
  • Tens of Thousands Defy Newsom's Authoritarian Lockdown Order and Flock to SoCal Beaches Amid Heatwave -- It's about time people start objecting to all these anti-Homo sapien laws, regulations, decrees, edicts, mandates, advisories, stipulations, etc., etc., etc.
  • Italian Government to Investigate Nursing Homes on Manslaughter Charges after 40% of Coronavirus Deaths Occurred in Senior Homes -- Do any Italian politicians actually KNOW who occupies nursing homes and hospice care facilities?
  • Caught in the Act: Independent citizen catches media CREATING "Fake News" -- Mainstream media is theater. It's all fake. It's amazing that there's anybody left who is dumb enough to see or read anything the MSM puts out anymore. As I point out in The Joys of Psychopathocracy, it reminds me of professional wrestling. Anyone with brains knows that the guys in the ring are actors, not athletes. The performance is scripted. The winner is pre-determined. Yet promoters fill entire stadiums with paying customers who sit there and root for their favorite wrestler AS IF what they're seeing were a real athletic performance. I can't stand watching it. It's depressing to realize that there are members of my own species who are STUPID enough to behave like this --- just like it's depressing to see people carry on as if Coronavirus were not pre-scripted. It, too, is a staged event. The difference is that ignorance of that fact could end up costing you your life. More than at any time in human history, STUPIDITY now carries an immeasurable consequence.

April 25, 2020
  • SHOCKING: 80% of Swine Flu Victims were Under 65 -- No Lockdown -- 84% of Coronavirus Victims Are Over 60 -- Lockdown Required -- When are people going to accept the ultra-obvious. It was a scam from the very beginning.
  • AWK News 4.24.20: LIGHT INJECTION! What could it be? Has Q told us? -- Again -- and I've said this before -- it pains me to have to address the "Q", David Wilcock crowd. Trump is not in charge. This whole idea that he's on the inside, fighting the Deep State, is disillusional. Go back and review Steven Ben-Nun's video. Understand that Trump has been compromised. He's not in charge. He's being pressured to be a bigger puppet than he even was before. This is evident by the fact that Trump used to be an anti-vaxxer, and now is saying that EVERYONE needs to be vaccinated -- all evidence to the inherent dangers be damned.
    Everyone needs hope. I've written volumes on the human psychological need for safety and security. We have a tendency to twist the things we observe in our environment to coform to our psychological needs. But there is a time to confront reality -- however painful that may be.
    You don't advance your own interests by using your brain -- the one remaining asset they can't take away from you (unless they kill you or you accept the vaccine, whichever comes first) -- to avoid reality. At least try to behave at the level of a lab monkey: square peg goes into square hole. Round peg goes into round hole. Stop trying to squeeze the square peg into the round hole. It doesn't go there. Put the square peg into the square hole and the round peg in the round hole, and I'll give you a special treat!
  • Police Again Murder and Again Coverup Their Crime, and now they are preventing any protest. -- You're going to see a lot more of this going forward. So prepare yourself. We are moving into a place where there there is no greater crime when questioning the official narrative. This case involves a 21-year-old software engineer and Second Amendment advocate who was gunned down in his own bedroom while sleeping. Essentially, the police are saying, for all intents and purposes, that they are above the law. They owe no explanation to anyone. They are essentially saying, "We can murder anyone, anytime, for any reason. We don't have to explain our actions. There will be no consequences to any of our officers, and if you complain about it, we'll come after you."
  • Unjustified Germ Obsession Comes with Consequences -- Most people will see this and laugh. It's intended to be comical. It didn't make me lauch. And the reason I didn't is because for me it's a metaphor for all the other elements of the Corona Hoax that are intended to put on full display just how stupid the general public has become.

At least before, the Hollywood and music industry types made a modest
attempt to hide their Satanic possession. Not any more. With the Coronavirus
scam now obvious as day and the majority of people still clamoring for their
vaccine, why should they be? What's the point in hiding in the shadows
anymore? Now that the people have surrendered, it's no longer necessary.

April 24, 2020
  • This ER Doctor Just NUKED Fauci's Pandemic Fraud Straight to Hell! -- The fabric of the entire official, CV narrative is burning. The Emperor is naked and everyone can see it. Despite all the official government-enforced cheating they just can't get the numbers to work. They are running out of bullets that will continue to get the Sheeple to shit their pants every time they see another human being not wearing a mask.
  • Only Satanists Should Be Allowed to Give White House Press Conferences -- Ok -- I'm stretching things, slightly. This actual title of this article is: "Biden Says ONLY Fauci Should Speak at Press Briefings." But -- come on -- give me some credit. I was close.
  • Corona Endgame: Forced Vaccinations And Total Control And Surveillance Over Our Lives -- If you can't see that this was the agenda from inception, and compared to this, everything else has just been distraction, I don't know what more to say.
  • Here Are The Key Dates As The World Reopens From The Coronavirus Coma -- The masses are being fed "hopium" as more and more people begin to figure out the particulars of the Corona Hoax. Rather than let that reach a "critical mass," they're going to allow people just enough freedom to let off some steam. But it's obvious the life will never return to the way it was. The mass PTSD will never go away. The situation reminds me of Immanuel Velikovsky's post-humous work, Man in Amnesia (1982) -- concerning the legends and myths that mankind has created to hide the effects of enormous collective trauma. Coronavirus ascends to that level. If mankind, as we understand ourselves, were to survive another 1,000 years from now, the scars from this fake pandemic would still be with us.
  • Violent Food & Fuel Shortage Riots Grip Venezuela Amid COVID-19 Lockdown -- People are starving in Venezuela, yet the government is still insisting that people remain in their homes. This is not the only country where these kind of Draconian measures are being maintained, and it provides yet more proof than the CV lockdown measures have nothing to do with protect the public against a virus.
  • Reopen The Economy While Protecting Those Truly At Risk -- Or Risk Another Great Depression -- The "Great Depression" is already here -- just as was planned. We should not pretending that it's not here or that it wasn't deliberately executed.
  • "It Will All End Badly" -- The Coming Economic End-Game -- Allan H. Meltzer was a noted American economist, who thought that economic policy after the 2008 financial debacle was a disaster. His views were antithetic to the interventionist policies that followed -- something reflected in his notable quote: "Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin. It doesn't work." That is, guarding companies from failure "removes the dynamic process that makes stockholders responsible for losses and disciplines managers who make mistakes." He died in 2017, and I'm sure he's on the other side somewhere, thanking his lucky stars that he did.
  • The Data Is In... Stop The Panic & End The Total Isolation -- Why should they do that? Since when were the needs of the People ever as important as those of power-drunk politicians and their overlords in retaining power? As I've said repeatedly, we've reached a point in the devolution of our culture where facts have no meaning. Well-financed narratives trump mountains of empirical evidence, and they have only served to zombify the general public and turn them into such pathetic mush-brains that the puppet masters can and do get away with anything and everything.
  • The Digital Revolution Is Inconsistent With Liberty -- This reminds me of comments made by the ET Ektomites to Jose Yaguana: "We are 25,000 years in technology ahead of your world. So listen when we tell you: 'The farther you proceed down the path of technology, the farther you remove yourself from Nature.'"
  • Pandemic And Economic Collapse: The Next 60 Days -- The "two weeks until reopen" mantra is designed to keep the public placated and docile, and the establishment will continue to use it until people are finally fed up, which is already beginning to happen..."
  • James Howard Kunstler: "The Old System Is Permanently Broken Now" -- "...the craziness out there is very likely to start expressing itself differently as we discover the urge to action does not produce the desired result of returning-to-normal."
April 23, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
  • UFO Appearing Larger Than Venus Makes an Appearance and then quickly speeds off below the horizon -- I had to post this because this occurred last Thursday, April 16, 2020, and it is the single most unreal thing I've ever seen in my life. If you watch this video and think it's a planet, then you're blind. A host of people from different parts of the world saw it, filmed it, and posted it on YouTube, and few were willing to admit the obvious -- (just like Coronavirus!)
    Here is what I posted on several YouTube comment sections: "No, it wasn't Venus, another planet, or a star. If you had Starry Night or a similar astronomical program, you could have confirmed this for yourself. It was the largest, brightest UFO I have ever seen. I live in Ecuador and it appeared in our northwest sky -- remained there for about 20 minutes at about 45 degrees from the horizon. Then it quickly dropped down below the horizon in less than 5 minutes. There is no mere planet that will do this. I had a friend in Florida who saw the very same thing on the night of Thursday, April 16. What that tells me is that this craft had to be many kilometers in diameter. Over the last six months, here at 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) in the Andes, we are observing many weird phenomena from UFO's, more than we've ever seen before. What this tells me is that this wasn't "one of ours" -- a Top Secret antigravitic craft doing manuevers out of Area 51. This was a craft from a far more intelligent civilization. Jose Yaguana wrote about such things in a book here called "Para Que Vienen" that nobody read. Expect to see a lot of this as our leaders continue to play god and attract the attention of vastly superior beings who have just about had enough of our shit."
April 23, 2020 -- Morning
April 22, 2020
  • WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORPS CAUGHT ON HOT MIC "TAKE OFF THE MASKS...IT'S A HOAX!" -- The global Corona hoax is now obvious to everyone. Not even those in media and the government whose job it is to help promote the greatest scam in the history of civilization can keep this under wraps anymore. In this video, you can hear White House workers in the White House Coronavirus situation room joking about what a "hoax" this is. Download it and share it. No way this will be up much longer.
  • Exasperated respiratory therapist speaks about the fraudulent reporting practices behind CoVid-19 -- Facebook keeps banning this video and it keeps getting reposted. So download it before it is permanently unavailable. A summary of his comments: "This is all fake. It's about scaring you." This supports what's we've been hearing from numerous other sources. CDC, a private corporation that is heavily invested in coming vaccine, is doing everything in its power to exaggerate the CV phenomenon.
    "The're not testing for a virus. They're testing for RNA sequence from a reaction for the virus. Then they put it in a PCR test to amplify it (the results), so that if there's any evidence of that RNA sequence from a damaged cell in your lungs or in your nasal passages, you're going to test positive. That can come from cancer. It can come from radiation -- from several different things. (So) they are NOT testing for the virus itself. Why are Ford and GM making more ventilators when we have enough already and there are plenty of companies that already make them. Politicians are lying about us needing more ventilators. We're not using the ones we have now . . . Most of those who are dying have other conditions that are the REAL cause of death. Yet we are pressured to classify them as CoVid deaths. H1N1 was a million times more scary than this (CoVid nonsense).
    There is no vaccine that will protect you from this -- and I'm not so sure anymore it's even a real virus. None of this warrants the lockup and economic damage. The other doctors know this. They're just not saying anything. They're just following orders. +I've come to the conclusion that Trump's not in charge. He's just following orders, too. This is just 'Deep State' stuff." (Then the video is cut off.)

THE MATRIX: It wasn't fiction. It was predictive programming.
  • This Technology Turns You Into a "Digital Puppet" -- The goal is to use AI/5G/vaccines/chip-technology, to turn a human into an AI machine. They are constructing "The Matrix" -- as if the one we were living in before wasn't hellish enough.
  • Here We Go -- Corrupt WHO Warns People to Get Used to "A New Way of Living" with Continued Lockdowns --- Intelligent people knew this was the game plan all along.
  • This Has to Stop: Mother Handcuffed and Arrested by Police in Idaho for Letting Kids Play in a Park (VIDEO) -- George Orwell's 1984 doesn't begin to describe the horror we're seeing before our eyes. ["Men's hearts will fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Luke 21:26]
  • Compared to 5G Coronavirus Is No Threat At All -- PC Roberts provides a link to an article put out by RadiationHealthRisks.com. Central to the article are the peer-reviewed scientific studies that show that the RF radiation put out by 5G is both mutagenic and carcinogenic. It's harmful in numerous areas central to human and animal health.
  • How Ecuador Descended Into COVID-19 Chaos -- What a crock. I received an email, claiming that the story Mike Adams circulated below had images of dead bodies on a beach that wasn't even in Ecuador. There are now a HANDFUL of reported cases in the eastern provinces, running from Colombia to Peru. Now do I know that? I'm an herbaliist with connections from Orellana to Zamora provinces. There are parts of Ecuador --- primarily the Amazon region ("Oriente"), where indigenous peoples don't know what's going on with all this nosense, and they don't care.
    The real Corona news comes from the coast, where 5G was vigorously tested and deployed. Fake news is everywhere and your only protection from it is to personally KNOW people in an area that's being reported on. We're approaching a point where if Big Tech and the MSM are not actively trying to bury or suppress your story, video, message post, or blog it's probably because it's bullshit.
  • Report: Obama Admin Funded China's Coronavirus Research, Gave Millions in Taxpayer Money to Wuhan Lab -- You should expect no less. Obama gave countless clues and signs that he was installed by the "Deep State" to destroy the U.S., and in that he did an extraordinary job. Still, the creation of the "virus" remains a cover story for the larger truth that shows us the purpose and direction of this exercise in insanity: the worldwide installation of 5G and its complementary role in the functionality of the coming, mandatory vaccine/microchip.
April 21, 2020 -- Afternoon
  • "Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say "NO!" -- Less that 12 minutes long, and I'd download this one before it's taken down. Lots of good information on the disastrous history of vaccines.

    "People walk along Norr Malarstrand street in Stockholm on April 19, 2020."
    No lockdowns. No masks. No gloves. No snitches. No fear. No public disinfectants.
    No CNN reporter to tell you you're a nationalist, racist if
    you don't support giving up all your civil rights.
    No Dr. Fauci to tell the citizens that they have to stay in their
    hampster cage until they starve to death.
    No complete abandonment of common sense.

  • Sweden Official: Coronavirus Strategy of Keeping the Country Open Seems To Be Working -- It's working because the global lockdown that destroyed the world economy was never necessary in the first place.
  • John Kaminski: Untrustworthy doctors put your health at risk / VIRUSES NEVER KILL PEOPLE BUT VACCINES FREQUENTLY DO! -- "Vaccines are dangerous and should never be injected into anyone for any reason." ~~ Dr. Suzanne Humphries, 2011 -- In his usual eloquent style, Kaminski explains why we need to stop punishing those who speak unpopular truths about the current CV situation. And he innumerates the many reasons why vaccines are so dangerous.
  • How 5G alters blood cell permeability, amplifying coronavirus fatalities -- Mike Adams does a good job of explaining how 5G causes calcium ions to be driven into cells through Voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation. This causes cell toxicity -- (the very thing that induces exosome-production, which test as identical to influeza flu viruses.) He cites an article published in Environmental Research, entitled "Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health" -- known effects leading up to 5G.
    One interesting aspect of 5G is that it is uni-directional, and not omni-directional, like 3G and 4G. It targets "YOU." Then it is pointed out that the known effects of 5G exposure closely mimic those who get CoVid-19. He then explains how 5G exposure alters hemoglobin structure so that it has greater affinity for carbon monoxide than it does oxygen, and this leads to oxygen deprivation -- the same thing we see in advanced CoVid-19 patients. He then delves more deeply into other uncanny connections between 5G exposure and Co-Vid19. Next he covers the travesty of Big Tech companies doing everything they can to suppress impartial discussion of 5G hazards, just like they ban impartial discussions of the dangers of vaccines. He then covers how 5G will help drive whatever discernable garbage is in Bill Gates' vaccine INTO your cells, including sperm cells, allowing (among other things) a fulfillment of Gates' vision of global depopulation. It's an excellent presentation with excellent graphics. Made by Mike Adams' pandemic.news channel.
  • Bill Gates -- Most Dangerous Philanthropist in Modern History? -- This from Dr. Joseph Mercola. Excellent points:
    • Bill Gates’ answers to the problems of the world are consistently focused on building corporate profits through toxic means, be it chemical agriculture and GMOs, or pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.
    • Gates has used “charity” as a way to gain tremendous political power
    • The true beneficiaries of Gates' philanthropic endeavors tend to be those who are already rich beyond comprehension, including Gates’ own charitable foundation
    • Over the past 20 years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given close to $250 million in charitable grants to companies in which the foundation holds corporate stocks and bonds, yet it gets tax breaks for the charitable donations it makes money from
    • Vaccines are one of Gates’ mainstay “solutions” to most diseases. Gates has gone on record saying the U.S. needs disease surveillance and a national tracking system that could involve vaccine records embedded in our bodies
    That how he OPENS his piece -- and it only goes downhill from there.
April 21, 2020 -- Morning
  • UK Nurse Explains The Corona Virus PCR Test Fraud -- This British nurse and nutritionist does an admirable job of explaining the absurdity of sending armed police forces and SWAT teams to forcibly rip people out of their homes (now happening under a new UK law) and throwing them in a detention center on the basis of a ridiculous test that has no basis in reality. (Pay close attention -- because this Nazi-esque tactic will soon be practiced in every country on earth.) She does a review of the true scientific facts (as opposed to the politically-driven medical propaganda) surrounding this notorious test which -- once again -- has about an 80% false positive test. There is no "gold standard" for this test, but it does pick up dead exosomes, which never have and never will be contagious. Still groovin' on that unending stream of fake news? Feeling stupid yet for ever having trusted medical authorities? Not yet? Then it's time to review Caton's Razor. And you better memorize it this time, because they'll be a snap quiz in the morning.
  • Here Is The Full Explanation Behind Today's Unprecedented Negative Oil Price -- Hope you're enjoying your new residency in Crazyland. It's reminds me of The Eagle's one-liner from "Hotel California": "You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave!" First, our beloved world leaders brought us "negative interest rates" on deposited funds. Now they've induced NEGATIVE prices on oil (a very basic commodity) because of the CV hoax's influence on futures contracts. You're watching fundamental markets imploding that form the very basis of civilization. These markets will not recover for a generation or more -- if they ever fully recover at all. For you leftist "Green New Deal" lovers who think there's an environmental silver lining in all this -- take your pussy hats off and think again. This crisis is forcing Ecuador to sell off one-third of its Amazon rainforest to Chinese oil companies. There is no end in sight to the environmental destruction this global takeover will cause. On all fronts we are witnessing a pre-planned race to the bottom . . . Of everything. --- Happy?
  • THIS IS FRAUD: CDC's Latest Rules Change Forces States to Include Confirmed AND PRESUMED Coronavirus Fatalities -- States Forced to Pad Their Numbers -- "The CDC is forcing states to recount their coronavirus fatality deaths and update their numbers." Curious how this kind of behavior used to be illegal and now it's mandatory.
  • Dr. Fauci Condemns Protests -- Claims Freedom Protesters Are "Hurting" the Economy -- But Not the Lockdowns? So Does Fauci Suddenly Care About the Economy? -- Please tell me you don't know anybody who is still listening to this vaccine-loving, paid-off, Luciferian shill.
  • Undercover Cops Arrest Two Texas Women Offering Cosmetic Services From Home After Getting Tipped Off by a Snitch -- Do you remember when people used to get arrested for doing something wrong?
  • Government Sanctioned Suicide: Study Finds Coming Economic Crisis Could Lead to 831,600 Suicides -- Or 13 Times the Number of Coronavirus Deaths -- This CV hoax is working out exactly the way its designers intended. And why shouldn't it? They spent the last 100 years using think tanks to refine it.
  • Kellyanne Conway Slams Governor Who Has 'Physically Distanced From Common Sense,' Says in Michigan 'You Can Smoke Your Grass, But Not Cut Your Grass' -- I make the argument in my book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy (2017) that an essential function of government is to continually test the stupidity and gullibility of the governed. No government can risk cultivating a governed that is truly educated, informed, or intelligent. Government efficiency improves the dumber people are, so all governments have a built-in incentive to develop and executive policies that guarantee that their citizens are dumber than hedge hogs. GMO foods, fluorinated water, ever increased electromagnetic pollution, shitty-ass educational programs, zombifying television programs, agricultural policies that ensure that the People consume foods with less and less vital nutrients and more and more toxins, chemtrails, etc. -- they have all worked perfectly to bring us to the present crisis, where we have legions of dumb asses who fell for this nonsense. So it isn't just some governor in Michigan.
    People laugh about Joe Biden's advanced dementia. Here is a guy whose brain is so fried that a normal person would exit public life who had any self-awareness of his condition. But that's just the thing. Even embarrassment has an intelligence threshold. I would argue that Joe Biden is just a reflection of the very electorate he's courting. This process applies at the very top, as well. Have you ever noticed how many politicians aren't operating with a full deck? There's a reason for this. The REAL creatures in charge don't like the politicians who act as their fronts to be any brighter than politicians do their constituencies.
  • Facebook Working With State Governments to Take Down Coronavirus Lockdown Protest Announcements -- I've known since the beginning that social media is a disgusting manifestation of globalist control. I knew this 20 years ago. It's just that transparent. I didn't even set up a Facebook account. Somebody set it up for me after my kidnapping and extraordinary rendition in 2009. Once in a blue moon I'll put something up -- but rarely anything of substance. I know next to nothing about it, and I don't care. I have like 800 "friends" on my account, and I have no earthly idea who 95% of them are.
  • Electrical Pollution and COVID-19 -- Dr. Bradford Weeks (M.D.) is a personal friend. He wrote the Foreward to my last book, Black Salve -- (yes, the one that Amazon promptly banned). Here he offers his own insights into the relationship between electrical pollution and CoVid-19. One of his observations: one of the reasons they waited so long to pull off this caper is they needed time for the chemtrails to work. We now all have enough aluminum in our lungs so that we are literally acting as 5G antennas.
  • 5G Satellites
April 20, 2020
  • If You Had a Flu Shot You Are at Greater Risk from Covid-19 -- This from P.C. Roberts. How interesting. The very thing that governments push every flu season ("get your flu shot") is the very thing that will increase your CoVid-19 risk. But please. By all means. Just keep those vaccines coming. Maybe I can find a life insurance company that doesn't have a CoVid exclusion for when I get CoVid-19 the second time. My wife could use the money. You don't think so? Fat chance? Yeah --- you're probably right.
  • FDA: Let's Make Vitamins Illegal! -- This came this morning from Dr. Frank Shallenburger, who sends out a popular email newsletter called Second Opinion. It details how the FDA worked with Big Pharma to make pyridoxamine, an important form of Vitamin B6 that "helps prevent and treat Alzheimer's, heart disease, cataracts, and many other health problems" unavailable. How can Big Pharma sell you artificial drugs if you're not vitamin and mineral deficient? So, they've put in place a strategy that bypasses elected officials and nullifies any attempt you make to protest. As Second Opinion explains:
    "With the help of the FDA, Big Pharma is now successfully taking your vitamins away. Are they doing it through legislation? No. They have tried that and it did not work because you protested. So now they have found a better way. One you can't stop. They have now talked the FDA into making it impossible for you to buy certain natural vitamin forms unless you buy them from Big Pharma. And here's the real clincher. Big Pharma may never make these vitamin forms available."
    We know that disease ensues when you are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. That's why they're called "essential." But there is no such thing as being "vaccine-deficient." Isn't it interesting that the same vested interests that are trying to take away your essential vitamins and minerals are the same interests that are trying to tell you that you need vaccines to maintain good health? Think about that long and hard. Think about the fact that it is these same interests who backed the installation of 5G without one single health study -- over the protests of thousands of scientists worldwide.
  • Doctors Report Covid-19 Tests Are Unreliable -- From PC Roberts. Those who aren't accepting payment to promote medical propaganda agree: the RT-PCR test is a junk product, based on junk science, and is currently being used to support a fake pandemic.
  • An Accomplished Microbiologist Explains the Destruction of Truth-tellers Who Get In the Way of Big Pharma's Vaccine profits. -- I've posted interviews before with Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., who was prosecuted for telling the truth about the dangers of vaccines. This video is a shorter presentation from 2018 -- shorter and more concise than some of the others and worth listening to.
  • Fauci: No Recovery Possible If Virus Isn't "Under Control" -- That's the whole point. The "recovery" (end of lockdowns) will never be possible unless YOU accept their chip -- errr . . . vaccine.
  • Exactly How Many Deaths Are Needed To Justify Giving Government's Control Of Everything? -- "Taking sixty-one thousand deaths as our baseline, how deadly does a virus have to be to justify the destruction of our livelihoods and economy in general?" Amazingly, it took a lot of fraud, false reporting, and an RT-PCR test that has about an 80% false positive rate to even get to those numbers. More amazing is that most of humanity fell for the decimination of their own species, because that's what's driving this train of horror.
  • Led By "The Science" Towards A Medical Despotism? -- "...the aura of scientists and especially Government-endorsed scientists seems to be sufficient to make people roll over like puppies being stroked gently on their bellies..." -- The problem is that people don't understand what science is. They think it has something to do with facts. They think science has to conform with reality. It rarely does. Particularly when it comes to anything involving medicine or public health. I wrote an article in 2015 entitled, When Big Pharma Shills Rule The Blogosphere. In Point #2 of that article I argue that THERE IS NOTHING "SCIENTIFIC" ABOUT "MEDICAL SCIENCE" . . . AND THIS IS BECAUSE ORTHODOX SCIENCE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE IMPARTIAL QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE --- BUT RATHER THE QUEST FOR CONSENSUS WITHIN A PRIVILEGED, PROFESSIONAL, AUTHORITATIVE ELITE. People were outraged when Thomas S. Kuhn made powerful arguments to show that science is inherently corrupt and out of touch with reality in his monumental work, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1963). (Kuhn, both a physicist and a philospher, coined the term "paradigm shift." Ever heard of that one?) Ivan Illich used similarly lines of reasoning when he wrote Limits to Medicine / Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health (1976). Dr. Gerald B. Dermer extended these ideas to show why cancer research is a complete joke (just like vaccine research) when he wrote The Immortal Cell: Why Cancer Research Fails (1994). You can find at least a hundred other books like this in the bibliographical section of Meditopia, most of which I penned in 2004. It's a free read online and in 16 years perhaps a couple hundred people have read it. If more people had this knowledge, Coronavirus would never have happened. But -- then -- tragically, people might have had to give up a few episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head or South Park. And how catastrophic would that have been!
April 19, 2020 -- Afternoon
  • Harry Vox Predicts the Corona Panic in 2014 -- They were telling you for years that this was coming -- with considerable specificity. You just weren't paying attention.
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers, as Economy Collapses -- All true. All valid. What the larger question is: does it matter now? Too few citizens have the capacity to see the CoronaHoax for what it is. In my humble opinion, what we need to focus on now are the spiritual dimensions of this rapid descent into hell. Because that's what it is -- the complete destruction of humanity, as we understand it, using a Satanic game plan that has had a gestation period of more than 200 years.

  • Trump challenges China reporting on CCP virus; CCP's influence on WHO; Virus follows communism ties. -- This video points to an unexplainable phenomenon: those with the closest ties to China are those with the biggest reported problems with Coronavirus. Ecuador is the center of attention from 5:15 to 8:20. The biggest "pieces of the puzzle" are clear for all who are paying attention. But there is a great deal of the phenomenon that is still inexplicable.
  • Dead bodies litter the beaches as Ecuador sees explosion in fatalities from the coronavirus -- VIDEO -- I brought up Mike Adams position on the Coronavirus earlier this month, when Adams condemned David Icke's position on CV as a disease he labelled STUPID-19 (a play on CoVid-19). As I stated then, I like Mike Adams. He has taken up the cause on a host of Big Pharma myths over the years. I've quoted him frequently and am in agreement with the majority of his positions. But he's wrong on this issue. Here's how the intro to this video reads: "A shocking new video reveals dead bodies washing up on the beaches of Ecuador as that South American nation appears to be constructing mass graves to deal with all the dead. It's a gruesome scene of what happens when you don't practice social distancing and mask wearing."
    Strangely, I have many friends in Guayaquil, and no one I know has witnessed the kind of images you seen strewn throughout this video. I have to wonder where they came from. As for the cemeteries, they were full already, and long before CV came along, there was talk about where new ones were going to be built. There are other images shown that highlight the poverty, but that is something you'll see in any poor, third world country.
    By and large, this video is just nonsense.. My attorney just drove to visit me on Friday (two days) ago -- traveling from Guayaquil (where he lives most of the time) to Cuenca. He stays in contact with many people throughout the city and says that although the numbers in Guayaquil are higher than elsewhere, there is not a significant uptick in cases. Apparently Mike Adams is ill-informed because he doesn't live here anymore. This place is locked up tighter than a drum. There are fines (we call it "multa") for not wearing your mask in public. If you get caught a second time, you go to prison. It's the law here now. As for social distancing, it is obnoxiously practiced everywhere.
    Mike's position of authority comes from the fact that "I lived in Ecuador for two years." He's right. He did. From 2009 to 2011. The non-sequitur here rests on the fact that Mike isn't here now and doesn't know what's going on. He's relying on disinformation from others -- and apparently we are no longer close enough such that Mike would ever think to call me and ask me what's really happening. He would prefer to get reports from people he doesn't know, pushing an agenda about which he appears not to care.
    As I reported late last month, Guayaquil is the capital of the province of Guayas, one of 24 provinces comprising the country of Ecuador. Guayaquil contains about 18% of the nation's population, but well over 75% of CoVid-19 cases now. We know what's going on, both in terms of what is officially reported and what's unofficially observed on the ground, because the people who live here are intensely interested in what's happening to their country.
    People throughout Ecuador practice social distancing and mask-wearing -- except for most of the Amazonian provinces, because the people know better. Maybe the indigenous are just smarter people. Plus -- not as if this really matters -- the people in our Amazon don't have any cases of CoVid-19. The people of Guayaquil are suffering from CoVid-19 for one reason and one reason only. That's where 5G was introduced last summer, as previously reported. Moreover, we have the same reporting practices here as elsewhere. If I died tomorrow -- from a heart attack, COPD, snake bite, pick your ailment -- and I had tested positive for CV, guess what? My cause of death is coronavirus. If I did NOT test positive, my cause of death would be probably be listed as "probable CoVid-19" just like you see in today's daily coronavirus report, issued by our largest newspaper, El Universo.
    Incidentally, that figure to the right -- 9,468 cases --- in an nation of approximately 17,300,000 people --- represents 0.05% of the population. This is even after taking into account the ridiculous incidence of false negatives produced by the RT-PCR test and the frequently mentioned incidence of "case reporting misrepresentation." Despite all that -- as I have stated elsewhere -- we will end up having more people die here from starvation, malnutrition, and suicide than the "virus" could have ever taken out.
    Lastly, Mike is bitch-slapping Ecuador here for "not wearing masks and practicing social distancing." As I've just made clear -- because I live here now and not 10 years in the past -- none of this is true. But let us assume for a moment that Mike Adams is reporting something factual and that he has a point. Can he explain why Sweden doesn't practice lockdowns and most of this other goofy shit, yet it has far less fatalties than New York, where every form of tyrannical control is now practiced? Ecuador is much, much more restrictive today than Sweden is. Could Mike explain this?
    Me thinketh not.

  • "Dióxido de Cloro Vs Covid-19. Estudio en humanos en Colombia." -- You'll have to know your Spanish to understand this one, but what it covers is the effectiveness of MMS (chlorine dioxide) in treating human patients in Colombia -- particularly CoVid-19 cases. This comports with the phenomenal success that German doctors are having in Berlin, as reported by Dr. Klinghardt in a previous video. Nonetheless, if you listen to medical officials in the U.S. and elsewhere, and anyone having an financial or professional interest in vaccines, they will tell you that this is all fake and has no medical value. It's like telling people that water doesn't boil at 212°F.
April 19, 2020 -- Morning
Hint: It isn't "human creatures" who are the
principals in "espousing" this philosophy.

April 18, 2020
  • Documentation Proving FEMA Is Importing Hydrogen Cyanide -- Go halfway down this page. FEMA whistleblowers like Celeste Solum have been screaming about this for years. Did anybody listen? Of course, not. --- Small aside: there is only one reason that any government agency would be stockpiling hydrogen cyanide. To kill people.
  • What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step. -- Dana Ashlie just might be the bravest woman I know. The first two thirds of the videos show protests that are happening around the world as more and more people realize that this has nothing to do with a virus. However, beginning at 21:36, a United Nations document dating to 2010 (ten years ago) is discussed which reads like a battle plan against humanity with elements incorporating everything you're seeing happening how. Go ahead. Read it for yourself. It's called "Scenarios for the future of technology and international development." Still think this is about a contagious virus?
  • We are from the future -- The cynical part of me would offer this for those who haven't been getting 100% of their U.S. FDA Recommended Daily Allowance of Woo Woo -- but on the other hand, it comports with "information" I received which I wove into The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca and The Joys of Psychopathocracy. Even though we are entering the darkest of Dark Ages, there is a rebirth on the other side for those who believe there is a Divine Plan.
  • 'Event 201' happened 6 weeks prior to the current pandemic -- This comes from RichPlanet.net. It's a 36 minute video and it's important to watch and spread. Host: Richard D. Hall. More evidence points to how fake and fraudulent the Corona Hoax is. He draws from the work of Andrew Kaufman, M.D., Thomas Cowan, M.D., the research of David Icke, and others. Includes another astonishing interview with Bill Gates, where he assures us that things will not return to normal until "7 billion people" get "THE vaccine." That won't come for another 18 months. Humanity was living on "prison planet" before -- the fascists behind this hoax simply upgraded our global detention center to MAXIMUM SECURITY.
  • Daniel Estulin: 90% of Businesses Will Fail. 90% of people won't have jobs. -- "Former Russian military intelligence officer, Daniel Estulin joins Daniel Brigman on The Power Hour podcast to talk about what's really going on with COVID-19 and the global clampdown. Hie version of events is very different from what you'll hear on CNN and it makes a whole lot more sense." I've read Estulin's books through the years. In his mind, this scam was predictable.
  • New York City ICU Physician unknowingly describes the EFFECTS of 60GHz on patients -- David Icke put this on website with the comment, "New York doctor - it's NOT 'COVID-19' - people are dying through lack of oxygen (5G STOPS PEOPLE ABSORBING OXYGEN)" -- We are presented with the personal testimony of Cameron Kyle-Sidell. M.D., an ICU doctor working with CoVid-19 patients. Here's the unusual thing: Big Tech is doing everything possible to dissuade this message from getting out. People have been convinced of murder in state and federal courts on less evidence than we have now of a connection between 5G and Co-Vid19. The doctor points out that sufferers being labelled as "CoVid-19" patients actually are suffering from Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and doctors are hurting patients because they are operating under "a false paradigm." This is yet another facet of the CononaHoax that surrounds us.
  • Retired President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE -- There is not one single person who will ever read this blog that is more qualified to comment on the relationship between 5G and the dangers of radiating people with 60 GHz transmission. He speaks as an insider. He laments what so many others have been saying, "5G has not been tested at all for human safety," which as I've said before, is insane. It's a bio-weapon. It's even used for crowd control. Clegg lists the many symptoms and conditions that one can get as a result of exposure to 5G frequencies. He notes the ridiculous conflicts of interest at the FCC, which regulates the telecom industry, plus the absurdity of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which prevents telecom companies from being sued -- no matter how harmful their products are. It is pointed out that telecom companies KNEW already about the dangers of 5G, and proceeded with it anyway.
  • No Way Back -- 20 yr. FEMA Officer Lays Out The VERY Long Planned "GREAT RESET" Agenda -- This woman presents a startling testimony -- some might call it a confession -- over an hour and a half, detailing the role of FEMA in the Corona conspiracy. Again, Icke is recommending this video.
  • A Special Time-Sensitive Message from Nia Peeples, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton and Dr. Rashid A. Buttar. -- Skip to 1:45 to get past the horse play. An interesting attempt to use mass consciousness to alter current events.

April 17, 2020
  • This will probably be deleted by the time you see this, but try to access it anyway -- An Amazon Alexa -- the popular AI assistant from Amazon -- is asked,"Alexa, did the government release the coronavirus?" "She" responds, "According to Event 202, the government planned this event, created the virus, and had a simulation of how the countries would react. This simulation occurred October 18, 2019. The government released the virus among the populaton and has lost control of the outbreak." I don't buy it. But that's not what's important here. What's important to note is: (1) Alexa is controlled by Amazon, and the explanation given completely defies the "authorized narrative." (2) If you click to the original post, you find that Facebook has banned the video, and the only reason it's up at the moment I write this is because the FB police haven't traced it back to Messenger yet and killed it. Once again, we are seeing Big Tech working with the "real" government to kill any and all narratives that do not conform with the official story we are legally required to believe. Crack open a beer. It's George Orwell time!

  • America Has Died. New Amerika is Here. It happened overnight without your consent. -- How many U.S. citizens know that their country has been dissolved? How many citizens around the world are aware that their government has -- for all intents and purposes -- been nullified. Governments are now doing what they'are been told to do by the entities I talk about in my book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy: Why Criminality is Essential for Effective Modern Government (2017). I call them the Overlords.
    It's a global coup, and no country is exempt. What comes next is pressure to get every person vaccinated -- a vaccine that will allow you to be tracked at all times, and electronically controlled with AI (artificial intelligence). Remember --- the People agreed to this because of a virus that is not alive, cannot reproduce, is not contagious, for which there are not distinct species, and for which it is fundamentally impossible to create or invent a vaccine that would prevent you from getting it or cure you if you did get it. The People agreed to do this while ignoring the warnings of thousands of scientists who warned that something like this would happen if 5G were ever activated -- which it was in locations around the world in 2019.
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on Coronavirus -- This woman knows first-hand what a walking, talking fraud Dr. Fauci is. There is so much truth packed into this two hour interview, that I can hear the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland screaming in the back of my head, "Off with her head!" Covers the fact that the advisors to Trump (who isn't in charge anymore) were hand picked by Bill Gates himself.

April 16, 2020
  • Trump Plans Destruction Of WHO After Marlboro Man Grabs Sun And Pummels Coronavirus To Death -- WOW. So smoking is good for you after all? The vast majority of those who get CoVid-19 and have problems are non-smokers! Can't make this up? What next? You improve your chances with a fifth of Jack Daniels a day? Do the promiscuous who practice unprotected sex improve their chances? What next?
  • ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines -- Golly. Sounds like the "Mark of the Beast." Strangely, it's as if somebody was actually using the Book of Revelations as their playbook.
  • THIS IS THE PLAN AS IT IS UNFOLDING, AND ITS NOT STOPPING. -- What you seeing before you is the result of many years of meticulous planning. The goal? The complete enslavement of humanity.
  • Coronavirus: The Dead Speak! -- "Pathology results studying those who have died of covid-19 are starting to unveil some of the virus' secrets."
  • Dr Klinghardt latest COVID19 15th April 2020 -- Despite all the CDC-enforced reporting fraud, Coronavirus cases are dropping rapidly. What's next? Does the State start shooting people and say they died of Coronavirus? He doesn't abandon all of the established CV propaganda, but his therapeutic observations are valuable, and they come from numerous clinicians that Klinghardt is in connect with. Many studies cited. From 52:02 to 52:25, Dr. Klinghardt briefly cites the "mapping" of where 5G has been installed, and wherever 5G has been installed, there you have a high concentration of CoVid-19 cases. You have to be on crack (or a paid-off shill) not to know by now that there's a correlation. (My words, not his.)
  • Control of a virus or control of a population -- A display of the astonishing number of disconnects in connection with the CV phenomenon. This comes from John Bergman, D.C.
  • 21.5 MILLION DEAD IN CHINA? Phones Deactivated Covid 19 A.I. Decoded -- Did China use CV as an opportunity to off 20 million of their own people. Are we seeing the Chinese Cultural Revolution, 2.0?
  • CBS News Spiked Sharyl Attkisson's Accurate Expose of the 2009 Fake Swine Flu Pandemic -- History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme. "People were stampeeded into taking dangerous and needless vaccinations; many suffered." As is heavily detailed in the book, Virus Mania, each new fake epidemic has brought deadlier and deadlier consequences. And now here we are on the threshold of a coming Coronavirus vaccine that is supposed to cure humanity's ills. Yeah. Of all the Trojan horses that medical authorities have cooked up to cripple the Public, this one may be the worst.
  • Third World America Incapable of Providing Nurses and Doctors Treating Covid-19 Patients with Protective Masks -- "How can this junk country be a 'Superpower'?" This obsession with masks of part of the fake narrative and, again, reflects a lack of knowledge about what viruses are and how they behave. The claim, also, I find a dubious one -- but, regardless, it reflects an inability to support the very fake narrative that those in authority created in the first place. Unsupported in what is supposed to the one remaining world superpower.

April 15, 2020
  • Ok -- maybe I will add a few more posts::
  • DEAR MR. PRESIDENT, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME -- I'm very familiar with Martin Armstrong's work. Like myself, he was railroaded and thrown in prison for crimes never committed. With his creation of the "Socrates" computer system, he is arguably the most brilliant economist in the world today. His advice: open up the markets by May 1st, or his current model shows that there will be no recovery until 2032. That's right. It will take 13 years to come back from this. What Armstrong -- in all his brilliance -- doesn't understand is the bigger picture. We won't be opening up on May 1st, because the complete destruction of the global economy was one of the goals in the first place. He doesn't understand the spiritual dimensions of this exercise in Luciferianism.
  • Respected Views on "Harmful to Health" Vaccines -- The single great contribution of vaccines to humanity is its use as a bio-weapon. It you understand human physiology, the very conceptual foundation upon which vaccines rest is flawed. I was about to say "laughably flawed," but there's hardly anything funny about an entire discipline of modern medicine being devoted to cripplling large segments of the population. It reminds me of the use of chemotherapy to treat cancer -- when the "success rate" of chemotherapy has been statistically shown to be around 3%. (Privately, oncologists are known to say, "Our goal is to kill the cancer before the chemo kills the patient.") The "real facts" surrounding vaccinations are contrary to the common narrative, and the MSM goes apoplectic when you advance irrefutable arguments. Kinda gives you the impression that Homo sapiens aren't the ones in charge, doesn't it?
  • CNN Finds Bright Side to Tens of Thousands of COVID Deaths: The Air Is Cleaner -- CNN is justifying indefinite lockdowns. Why? Because it's worth it to get cleaner air. Never mind that suppressed technologies have existed since the 1940's to eliminate gas-powered internal combustion engines, so we don't have to go around using quarantines to kill people. Wouldn't that be better? Hell, no. That would be the sensible, compassionate thing to do.
April 14, 2020 -- Morning
April 13, 2020 -- Evening
  • France Plans To Test New Genocidal Vaccine On African People -- This was sent to me by an associate in West Africa. Ok, I admit. This YouTube title doesn't say "New Genocidal." Can't flag the YT police. It will be taken down soon enough. But it might as well. The history of vaccines has been long and sordid. Vaccines are a form of secret warfare. The majority of people in the free world don't understand that. They know nothing about this history of vaccines and how they were used repeatedly to kill off black people. Now vaccines are being re-purposed. Why would you want to restrict the use of vaccines to kill off pesky black useless eaters, when you could use vaccines to kill off the useless eaters of all other races?
  • Obama Warned The U.S. To Prepare For A Pandemic Back In 2014 -- Over five years ago, Obama speaks as if he knew this was coming. Things that make you go,"Hmmmm."
  • The Corona Lies & Deceit Are Just Too Much To Take Anymore. Paul Craig Roberts Blows a Head Gasket -- I'm been following Roberts for a long time. His website is erudite, and he often has insights you can't find anywhere else. Roberts was prominent in the Reagan administration, so he's no spring chicken. He turned 81 a few days ago, around the time I turned 64. What happened today was most uncharacteristic of Roberts in the many years I've followed him. He literally sent out a boatload of emails with articles and links, which taken together, tell you one thing. You've been lied to. You've been hoodwinked. Here is just a PARTIAL list of what he sent out today:
    • What Are Fauci & Gates Up To? -- Roberts is an academic and a former professor. He didn't serve in the military, like I did, so he doesn't suffer from intermittent bouts of potty mouth. But -- seriously -- this is as close as you'll get to hearing Roberts say, "Have these people lost their fucking minds?" The juiciest parts are too priceless not to reprint: "Fauci says the government is considering giving out COVID-19 'immunity cards'' in order to reopen the economy. This is absurd. It is a well known established fact that not all get immunity. People cured of the virus have again become infected. This negates the usefulness of 'immunity cards.' How can Fauci and Gates not know this? Clearly, they have a different agenda. If you thought Bill Gates was intelligent, think again. The moron wants the economy locked down for 18 months until his vaccine is ready. 18 months in a locked down economy means no one will be alive to vaccinate with his toxic concoction."
    • Western billionaire control of democracies must be resisted -- He's wrong about infectious transmission. It's not his field. He's forgiven. He ends with: One does not have to be a "conspiracy theorist" to recognize that Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the Deep State, and a variety of interests with their own agendas will use, and already are using, the health and economic crisis for their own ends. I have addressed this problem several times, and I have stressed that we, the people, must be sure to have our say in what kind of world emerges from the combined crises. We cannot allow Bill Gates and the Deep State to construct our world for us.
    • The World Health Organization (WHO) Is Controlled by Bill Gates & Big Pharma -- I believe the "aerosol tranmission" particulars are suspect. However, the rest of the comments are absolutely on the money: "The World Health Organization (WHO) Is Controlled by Bill Gates & Big Pharma. WHO is a bought-and-paid-for organization that serves Gates' vaccine agenda and Big Pharma’s profits. Are NIH and CDC also under the giant thumb of Bill Gates & Big Pharma? For Bill Gates and Big Pharma, science is in their way and has to be denied, discredited, and truth-telling scientists cut off from research money."
    • Is Bill Gates, Described as "Ruthless and Immoral," the Most Dangerous Narcissistic Tyrant on Earth
    • Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O. -- In email to his subscribers, what comment does Robert makes: Dr. Shiva Aylyadurai Explains Fauci Serving Fauci's Interest by Leading Us to Doom & Death / Listen to this scientist tell you the truth.
    • Google Covers Up 5G Danger

  • WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Mr. President, Stop Listening to the DC Swamp Politicians, Deep State Bureaucrats and Ivy League Eggheads -- Trump probably wishes that he could. If he was in charge, I believe he would. But he's not.
  • Deep Economic Suffering Has Erupted All Over America, But Guess Who The Fed Is Helping? -- "As millions upon millions of Americans lose their jobs in the greatest wave of unemployment in U.S. history, the Federal Reserve has decided that now is the time to spend trillions of newly created dollars in a desperate attempt to protect financial asset values. In other words, as much of the country suddenly plunges into poverty, the Federal Reserve is working exceedingly hard to protect the wealth of the elite."
April 13, 2020 -- Early Morning
  • US Sees Significant Easter Downturn in Coronavirus Deaths, New Cases -- It doesn't matter. If there were ZERO cases going forward, they'd still insist that you get the vaccine.
  • Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret. -- The article is quite detailed. Among its other revelations is that it concerns what we've heard elsewhere: the ventilators do more harm than good, and there is the inescapable problem of oxygen deprivation to the organs, which cascades into a myriad of other problems. The unmentioned assumption? "The virus did it!" No where in the article is 5G even mentioned, even though what the article describes is precisely what researchers were warnng about before 5G was ever tested or deployed. Despite an admirable delineation of the physiology involved, this article is still obnoxiously conventional. It focuses on the process and not the cause. What is described is exactly what happens when you're exposed to 5G radiation. It would be like describing what happened when a man has a wound in the chest and bleeds to death, neglecting to mention that he was attacked in his driveway by a thief, who shot him with a 45 to the chest. Does the role of a bullet in this scenario have relevance? You see my point. Interestingly, this link comes to us from the Wayback Machine (archive.com) -- the same place that plantiff attorneys go to find web pages that have been erased by defendants, who want to pull a Hillary Clinton -- namely, "acid wash" all the incriminating evidence. In time, look for even the Wayback Machine to be pressed to "acid wash" any information those in authority don't want you to have access to. It's coming. Trust me. It's coming.
April 13, 2020 -- Early Morning
April 12, 2020
  • Too many coincidences in Revelations 18 -- It's a very short chapter -- only 24 verses. No more than a couple pages in most Bibles. What is described is the complete destruction of "Babylon, a "great city." Despite the language, what is described really isn't a city at all. It is more like what we would today call a "superpower." What's described is a super influencial power that controls the seas and has influenced the cultures of all other countries. What's described is a nation that has veered so far away from God, that she is referred to as a "whore," who has committed "fornication" with the all the leaders (i.e. "kings") of the earth. Again, no mere city, by our modern way of thinking. Essentially, what is described is a nation that has abandoned Natural Law and embraced everything that is foul and corrupt.
    Of course, you can't expect even the most adept psychic, mystic or prophet to use language that is easily understood after nearly 2,000 years. So, in a sense, you have to read between the lines. Nonetheless, if you attempted to superimpose these 24 verses over today's world, you would get the unmistakeable impression that "Babylon" in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 18, is actually describing the United States. There is no other country that comes close to the description provided in this chapter.
    In 2005, I happened to read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, 1492 - Present. If you stop long enough to see beyond the incessant flag-waving, you realize that these are not the memoirs of a peace-loving nation. I'll grant you that we've seen worse. In the last 100 years, we saw both Russia and China murder tens of millions of their own peoples. Yet no country has been so firmly at the helm of what we now call Western Civlization as has the United States. Additionally, the "corona vaccination" will give the United States the opportunity to "catch up" -- to exceed the atrocities committed by those other nations.
    Returning to "Chapter 18," total destruction comes in the course of one hour -- something that brings nuclear war to mind. Is the CoronaVirus a prelude to something even darker? The way things are going you have to wonder. One minor footnote: this "revelation" -- if you will -- came to me the same year I read Zinn's book. In my own criminal case, I witnessed so many unspeakable acts of corruption on the government's part that I came to the realization that it would be better off it I "got out."
    So now you know why Cathryn and I moved to South America in 2007. True story.
  • Dr. Fauci Claims It's 'Possible' That Americans Will Carry 'Certificates of Immunity' -- It isn't just "possible." Nor is it even the United States. The game plan is to have all Homo sapiens tagged, like cattle. Have you had your ass branded yet? Well, get ready, because the pressure is on to move you in that direction. This news announcement? Right here? That's just testing the water. They want to see how you'll respond first.
  • Elon Musk: Humanity Is a Kind of 'Biological Boot Loader' for AI -- This came on from Wired last September. It is relevant to the Coronavirus phenomenon now, because the installation of chips into human beings, combined with the enormous digital speed of 5G, give us a clear image of what the game plan is. Robots are far more manageable than people. What is the benefit to rulers if they can convert human beings into programmable AI computing machines? You can't begin to measure it! Wouldn't it be great if they could kill off our humanity and turn us into some kind of twisted, industrial version of The Stepford Wives? Hopefully, you get the general idea. Oh -- my bad. I didn't mean idea --- I mean highly pre-meditated game plan.

  • Vimeo follows YouTube's lead and bans David Icke's interview -- Would this kind of behavior be necessary if there wasn't something to hide? Not on your 5G-radiated ass.
  • 5G / CoVid-19 on new £20 Notes -- They're celebrating. They're waving it in your face. They're laughing at your gullibility. Now, they're preparing to vaccinate you, so that you don't make a fuss about it. This new 20 pound note would have had to have been designed last year. Yet there is imagery of a 5G tower and the corona symbol -- (watch the brief video clip so it's pointed out to you).

  • The Case for Corona/5G as an Alien Takeover --- If you dig deep enough, it's not as outrageous as you might think -- You better sit down for this one, because this isn't something you're going to hear on Ancient Aliens. In July, 1992 --- yes, nearly 28 years ago --- Cathryn and I had a booth for our food company at Expo East, which happened to be in Nashville that year. A friend I knew from my college days visited our booth, and he and his wife invited us out to dinner. Halfway through dinner, my friend -- let's call him Ted -- volunteers that he's been very busy as a psychologist, working with "abductees." I literally had to ask him what he was talking about. He told me that many people had and were being abducted by alien entities, and a very small percentage of them were able to remember the encounter.
    "From the little bit I've heard, there has been what? A few dozen cases at most? Worldwide? How in the hell can you make a living doing that?," I inquired.
    "There's a lot more of this going on than you realize," Ted replied.
    "What are we talking? A few thousand people?"
    "No, Greg. We're talking millions. And of those millions, as I said, a very small percentage are capable of recalling their experiences to the point where they seek out help."

    In June, 2014, I drove south to Vilcabamba to have a meeting with a man named Jose Yaguana Zhuma. Jose claimed that he and his wife were approached by an ET group, named Ektomites, who requested their assistance in having offspring. Jose claims that many other couples have been similarly approached and have cooperated -- most of them from indigenous communities who have the least corrupted DNA. The result of their experience -- or much of it -- is contained in a small self-published book, entitled, Para que vienen? (For what do they come?) that nobody read. I still have seven copies. I found their story unbelievable, so I wanted to meet Jose for myself. A media baron here, whose name escapes me (owns both Vistazo and EcuaVista in Ecuador) wanted to prove that Jose and his wife were liars. He prepared his publications to do an expose. So he hired a lie detection expert from the States, flew him to Ecuador, and had (with permission) Jose and his wife tested. They both passed with flying colors.
    Here are the highlights of what the Ektomites told Jose: the farther you travel down the path of technology, the farther removed you become from Mother Nature. The Ektomites cannot reproduce. They've been coming here to get assistance in creating their own hybrids, and presumably other planets where primitive humanoids, like ourselves, can still be found. They are over 25,000 years ahead of us technologically. They have beliefs that most humans on our planet would not be able to understand or relate to --- things such as Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. That Jesus Christ really did exist, is recognized as divine even by Ektomites, though Jesus' life and work are greatly misunderstood. That those in charge in of our planet are "Luciferian" -- (their words, not mine) -- and involve a veritable soup mix of vicious, lower evolved ET's. That there really is a place which we refer to as "Hell," and at the end of this misadventure, this is where the Luciferians will end up. The reason for this --- I found this comment interesting --- is that "our Creator has no other place to put them." I could write a book about all the things that I learned from Jose -- but then, like Jose's book, nobody would read it.

    Years have passed since these experiences. I've spent years studying the UFO and abduction phenomenon. And then last year, I had a visitor from the States, who recommended the book whose cover you see above: Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity (2015) by David M. Jacobs. It is the follow up work to Jacobs' earlier study of the abduction phenomenon, The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda (1997). I had it on the bookshelf and didn't get around to reading it until this January. It would be beyond the scope of this simple post to review the entire book, so I'll give you the short version, and you can do anything you want. You can believe it. You can think it's fiction -- or unfounded fear porn. You can think the abductees whose reports form the core of the book are all liars. You can think the author's crazy. You can think I'm crazy. Again, I don't care anymore.
    There has been a plan in place for at least a half century to eliminate humanity completely, and countless women (two of whom I've met online), have been abducted, impregnated, and then after the birth, abducted periodically to breast feed the resulting "hybrid" child. These hybrids now exist all around the world, and occupy important positions in government, industry, and are the most prominent polity now occupying the Deep State. Enormous effort has been put into off world training so that "hybrids" look and act in every way that you would expect humans to. To the untrained eye, they are indistinguishable from us. They are not like us, though. On the one hand, their telepathic skills are superior; on the other, they are easily controlled by those who are hierachically above them, because they have a "hive mentality" -- much like the Borg, if you were ever a Star Trek fan. They view Homo sapiens as laughably stupid, gullible, and easily tricked. Humanity's wholesale embrace of the Coronavirus hoax has done nothing but reinforce that view. These "hybirds" and those above them are in league with Draconians, Reptilians, and all manner of ruling ET classes who were here before them.
    Is there a historial precedent for what's happening now?
    There is.
    About 40,000 years ago, we had cousins who lived in Eurasia. Today we call these people Neanderthals (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis). The word itself is now a pejorative. If you call somebody a Neanderthal, you're probably trying to insult them -- you think they're primitive, uneducated, or just stupid. But the Neanderthals were none of those things. They were very refined -- even sophisticated. They knew how to make fire and build cave hearths, make fabric and create clothes, make sophisticated chemicals, formulate medicinal herbals on par with what the best herbalists make today, create cave art, build boats and sail throughout the Mediterranean; they were very loving and family oriented.
    But they had one major flaw --- they weren't violent.
    The leading theory today is that WE killed them off. WE -- meaning modern Homo sapiens. We wanted their caves, their land, their possessions. Maybe we wanted to rape their women and then kill them off, too. Who knows? The point is that they went extinct and we probably did it.
    So it should come as no surprise that we, the descendants of these ancient conquistadors, are now threatened by alien races that are even more violent, cunning, and ruthless than we are. If you examine the ruthless, reptilian-like behavior of, say, Bill Gates or George Soros, who are obviously not human, you get a sense of this. In fact, if you understood the Coronavirus, all of this would be obvious to you.
    We are a species now living on borrowed time. In the absence of divine intervention, we will go extinct --- just like our cousins. And then the demonic, Luciferian world of our Elite will rein supreme. For a short while. The one they've been planning for the past two centuries that people could read for themselves if they could have ever broken away long enough from the television.
    It I sound ever so slightly pissed . . . it's because I am.

  • An ICU nurse of 30 years speaks out. -- This nurse is risking her life to tell you the truth. Same story: if a person comes to the Emergency room and dies from a gunshot wound or a drug overdose, whatever -- doctors are strong-armed to list Coronavirus as the cause of death.

April 11, 2020 -- Afternoon
  • Nothing is as it appears . . . Wake up . . . You're in a Matrix -- I keep getting these emails and links. They concern GESARA, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Corey Goode, "Q" -- some posts and videos are recent. Some are old. Let's group these people together and just call them "The Rescue Team!" Their basic message is the same: everything is alright. The White Hats are coming to the rescue. "Reinforcement troops are on the way." Soon, everything is going to be just peachy. I'm not trying to be facetious. In fact, two of my previous books, The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca and The Joys of Psychopathocracy speak of a coming spiritual renaissance. That said, that time is not now. I believe that great pain is ahead of us before we get to the end of tunnel. Again, I would like to believe otherwise, but I see no convincing evidence to the contrary. For his part, I don't know anybody who has been as repeatedly off the mark as David Wilcock, and I'm not going to lie about it. The Pollyannas are using the unfounded and unsubstantiated to drown out the observations of the Cassandras. Troy is about to burn, and too few can see that the Trojan Horse has penetrated the Citadel and is stuffed with enemy combatants.
    A common theme of those who follow The Rescue Team is that Trump is playing along, but behind the scenes, he is taking out the Deep State. I haven't addressed this issue uptil now, because I don't want to offend good people. But this isn't avoidable anymore. Frankly, I feel sorry for Trump. I am not of the opinion that he's a bad person. But he's not in charge. He never was. The Deep State is in charge. We learned that from JFK. Trump can be threatened to do whatever they want him to do. (Listen carefully to And They Gave Their Power Unto The Beast and if the religious parts of the presentation set you off -- tough . . . Ignore it at your own risk.)
    I'm getting to the point where I don't care anymore.
    Trump knows how dangerous vaccines are, and -- for all intents and purposes -- he used to be an "anti-vaxxer." What's his position now? "Everyone must get the vaccine," which, I truly believe, is synonymous with the biblical "Mark of the Beast." In support of my position that Trump is now a cheerleader and is being forced to do things that he otherwise would not do, consider the following:

    I could go on and on. But why should I? You know how to use a search engine.
    If there was ever a time to face reality, instead of paying people who want to charge you to hear "everything is perfect" or "ascension" messages, that time is now. In time, mankind WILL ascend from all this, but in the 3rd dimensional here-and-now, it is essential that we face what is before us.

  • The Pedigree of Bill Gates' Depopulation Agenda | Greg Reese -- To the people who rule your world, eugenics isn't a vague intellectual concept. It's their religion. And right now they are dutifully practicing it big time.
  • Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! -- You need the vaccine! You need the vaccine! You need the vaccine! This video attempts to intersperse comic relief into this montage of Bill Gates clips and interviews, all centered around Gates' relentless call to have everyone on earth vaccinated. This is, by no means, a recent development. Gates was talking about this many years before Gates close associate, "Tony" Fauci predicted in January, 2017 that a pandemic would occur during Trump's administration -- (see the clip for particulars.) It's 31 minutes worth watching.
  • We're Living in 12 Monkeys -- This is put out from the same channel as the previous email. Solid facts (most of them quite disturbing, but necessary to know) are, again, interspersed with comic relief. It's bitter medicine delivered in a sugar cube.
  • 5G Apocalypse -- The Extinction Event -- "A full length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity in a way we never imagined possible! Please SHARE this as widely as you feel drawn -- use it to target your local bureaucrats, technocrats." I think it's a little late for that now. Nonetheless, this documentary is essential viewing to understand 5G essentials.
  • Transformation & Possible Positive Outcomes with Sacha Stone, Patty Greer, and Alfred Lambremont Webre -- Lest my previous comments about David Wilcock and the Rescue Team brand me as an incorrigible CV curmudgeon, I offer you an alternative view that is positive and uplifting -- possibly. In this video, these three esteemed participants -- all of whom I respect -- discuss, as the title suggests, "possible positive outcomes" to this entire, sordid, cluster-virus affair. Cheers.
Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people.
Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.
Genocide is when you use a false narrative to quell a People's concerns
while you install, and then execute, a system of population reduction.
Ignorance is when you can't tell the difference.
Informed is when you understand that humanity is now facing all four."

G.C. ~~~
April 11, 2020 -- Morning
  • The Corona Chronicles II -- A different take on the Corona phenomenon from Mel Fabregas. One interesting post from the comment section: "The same person who wants to control population is the same person who wants to save everyone with a vaccine."
  • U.S. Postal Service on verge of shutting down due to pandemic -- Oh hell. Who needs a postal service? If we vacate all the post offices of federal workers and remodel them, just think how many illegal immigrants we could create homes for -- making it even easier for us to send them free welfare checks!
  • Fauci Proposes Immunity Certificates To Those Who Have Gotten Over Coronavirus -- The fascist, totalitarian proposals see no end in sight. It's becoming a daily event now.
  • 'Can't Operate Out Of Hysteria': Dr. Carson Says '98 Percent' Of Coronavirus Infected Will Recover -- Let's stop counting people who already had cachexia from cancer, are suffering from a drug overdose, or are 100 years old and just might die of old age, etc. Drop the "fraud count" and let's see if we can raise that figure to 99.6% -- a more realistic number, given everything we know to this point.

  • Red Alert 100% Proof America is Under Attack -- Inside fresh FEMA documents, military hardware movements. If you live in the U.S. and this doesn't wake you up, nothing will. Watch it before it's taken down.

  • DR. TOM COWAN | los sistemas inmunológicos -- This was done in early January. It's an interview where Dr. Tom Cowan discusses the particulars of the body's two immune systems and how they function. The interview is in English with Spanish subtitles -- a good primer for Spanish-speaking friends. You have to be patient to listen to this and understand it all if you're not strong in medicine, biology, or their allied disciplines, but it's worth the effort. Why? Because it makes glaringly clear how batshit crazy the very philosophical foundation of vaccinations are. It reflects a profound lack of understanding as to how biological systems work.
April 10, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening
  • Attorney General Barr: 'Draconian' Lockdown Measures Need to End Soon -- Ok. "We're not going to continue encroaching on your civil liberties." Check. Historically, governmental policies tend to behave like large intestines. Shit moves in one direction: once civil liberties are taken away, as Ron Paul as stated numerous times, it is rare that they are ever restored. We'll see soon enough.
  • And They Gave Their Power Unto The Beast -- (Israeli News Live) --- You are either prepared to entertain the possibilities of what this man is saying, or you're not. It reflects the Jewish messiac, biblical perspective, but claims are made of confidential information passed to the host by high level government and intel sources.
    Highlights: Stop thinking that Trump is in charge. He's not. We're headed into a "one world government." The headquarters for the world government will be in Jerusalem. "They will bring out a false messiah -- an anti-Christ -- that they will claim is the Messiah." 3:35 -- Trump is no longer commander-in-chief. Because of concerns about civil war, he will be permitted to continue on as president. Trump can be compared to the CEO of a dying corporation.
    All politicians in both parties have been " bought out by AIPAC." By the end of the year, you will see "a complete (economic) collapse, like you've never seen before. It will make the Depression of the '30's look like it was nothing . . . A very sad situation in the nation . . . Trump not only has no further control over the military, and he has no control over what policies are implemented relative to the American public. You can see a high level of frustration in Trump, when he speaks. He is allowed to continue to issues "executive orders" that will "feed the agenda."
    Rothschilds and Rockefellers in charge. Henry Kissinger speaks for them --- "he's friends with Putin, and he's allied with Israel." We will see "the United States replaced. We will see the Sanhedrin come into power." It is truly the "beast kingdom." "We are watching the Beast Kingdom formed right before our eyes." Many pastors and ministers cannot be trusted, because many of them have thrown in the towel and "are just mouthpieces for mainstream propaganda . . . they are 501(c) corporations that have tax-exemption." The host speculates that they have been threatened (overtly or covertly) that if they do not toe the party line, they will lose their tax status, or they will lose everything, or they will be imprisoned."
    We are living in the closing hours of humanity. The U.S. will never been the same. We are at a point of no return. We are about to go through catasclysmic events on this earth. By May, you will begin to see strange changes in weather patterns. "By September, there will not be a single person on the planet that doesn't know that something major is about to happen." The host uses the term "alleged pandemic," because he, too, doesn't agree with the fictitious narrative. When the major climate changes begin to occur the political puppets and media will begin to blame the unfolding economic crisis on that. (He infers that people will be gullible enough to believe it.) He makes a veiled allusion to the return of Planet X. He admits that many people have inaccurately predicted this before, but he makes the case that dramatic astrophysical events are about to begin.
    Talks about a gravitation shift that is already underway and ties it into unusual phenomenon -- such as the city, Miami, which is now an average of 4 inches under sea level, and like New Orleans, is only able to keep the streets clear with the use of water pumps. These "earth changes" will cause widespread panic. Says the families who are "in charge" know that genocide will be widespread in the U.S. -- focuses momentarily on Texas, Florida, and New York. Talks about their view that "the herd must be thinned out." As never before, it is a time for prayer. Says this video will soon be taken down.
  • Pope Francis Submits to The Beast Kingdom -- Here's something you won't hear about in the MSM. (Israeli Live News, again). Attention is made to an article that Pope Francis drops traditional titles, including 'Vicar of Christ'. Strangely, one top level Israeli official has already declared that the Messiah is arriving in April (this month, actually he mentions Passover, which we are in now). You just can't make this up. These cannot possibly be "coincidences."
  • Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android -- If we're going to talk about the Satanic, we might as well include a link to the latest from Big Tech. This something else, you just can't make up: "Google's engineering teams have banded together to create a decentralized contact tracing tool that will help individuals determine whether they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Contact tracing is a useful tool that helps public health authorities track the spread of the disease and inform the potentially exposed so that they can get tested. It does this by identifying and 'following up with' people who have come into contact with a COVID-19-affected person."
  • Joe Biden Coronavirus Advisor Ezekiel Emanuel: 'Living Too Long Is Also a Loss' -- I've reported on comments by this eugenist lunatic before. He expounds that we need to keep people in quarantine for another 18 months. "Emanuel has had a longtime and controversial fascination with healthcare rationing, writing scores of papers over the years on the ethics of allocating medical resources to a population." He even wrote a paper entitled, "Why I Hope to Die at 75." I wonder if he can be talked into making it sooner.

April 10, 2020 -- Morning
April 9, 2020 -- Evening
  • New brain-damaging disease "Stupid-19" makes people think the coronavirus is a HOAX -- I like Mike Adams (NaturalNews) -- I really do. Both personally and professionally. I've known him since 1999. I've met him before, been interviewed by him, and I agree with the position he takes on the majority of his articles. I also post on his new video channel, Brighteon.com -- his answer to the dreadful censorship going on at YouTube. He's made a huge contribution to exposing the many falsehoods perpetuated by the Medical Industrial Complex, including Big Pharma. But this article is shot through with inaccurate statements, and it attempts to call into question obviously falsehoods about the official CV narrative and label its adherents, "pandemic deniers." He calls the CV truth movement, "Stupid-19" (after CoVid-19). It pains me to point out glaring misstatements in his article which simply must be put straight. Below I come to the defense of David Icke and I make the necessary corrections:

    • That there is no covid-19 virus. -- Icke is not saying that the phenomenon does not exist. He's simply correctly pointing out the same thing that Thomas Cowan, M.D., Andrew Kaufman, M.D., Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Arthur Firstenberg, and many other brilliant medical minds have seen: that what we call a "virus," is the by-product of a toxic condition in the body. Influenza viruses are not the same as bacteria, fungi, or protozoa. They're not living. They're not alive. They don't reproduce, and they are not contagious. They are endosomatic products of your own body. Firstenberg cites numerous studies in both human and animal subjects where attempts were made to MAKE viruses contagious. They all failed miserably. Modern medical hangs on to a different narrative, much like they've hung on to Pasteur's Germ Theory or Robert Koch's Postulates, not because they are true, but because these models are better for business. A man of Adams' stature should know this. He's talking as if he doesn't.
    • That PCR gene analysis technology doesn't work. Oh -- it works alright. Just like chemotherapy works 3% of the time -- a fact that Adams admit to. It works at making money. It just doesn't provide useful diagnostic data. How could it with its sky high false positives.
    • That all the deaths would have happened anyway, but are being re-categorized as covid-19 through some grand conspiracy involving tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and coroners. If the shoe fits, wear it. Credible reports HAVE surfaced that clinicians are being strong-armed into reporting deaths from other causes as Coronavirus casualties. As I've reported below, it's in the CDC's own documents. Besides, Icke never says that ALL deaths are unrelated to the CV phenomenon. He simply points out that there is false reporting going on at the encouragement of agencies that have a vested interest in a CV vaccine -- which, when you study Firstenberg's evidence, you realize will never exist -- never exist in the sense that it is impossible to create a vaccine that would be a viable therapeutic agent against an endemic toxic response that your own body produces.
    • That all healthy cells in healthy people excrete covid-19-like virus material when stressed, which is why covid-19 tests keep finding covid-19. Icke never says that, nor do the other contrarians above who stand on solid scientific ground. CoVid-19 is the product of specific electromagnetic conditions, just like previous influenza viruses that Firstenberg cites voluminously. Adams is calling people stupid, when he himself is obviously unfamiliar with what the extant literature in this discipline has already determined -- which isn't like him.
    • That ANYONE can "test positive" for covid-19 since the test only spots routine genetic material that's found in the body of every living person. Sorry -- but that is correct, and Dr. Cowan goes to great lengths to explain why this occurs. We all have hundreds of different viruses floating around in our body at any given time. The average American adult, in one study I read, is a carrier of five of eight different herpes strains. The CV test is highly flawed, and I just suppose Adams hasn't taken the time to investigate it.
    • That doctors can ramp up or ramp down the number of infections they want to find by simply altering the PCR replication of genetic material in test samples. It isn't that doctors are doing this deliberately. It is an inherent flaw in the test itself, which is why the creator of the test has gone on record stating that his test should never have been used for its current CV application. Dr. Cowan provides all the relevant data. I believe it because I've worked with prostate cancer sufferers who didn't know how laughably flawed the PSA test is and -- same situation -- its creator says that the use of his test for prostate cancer is a misapplication.
    • All the 100+ nations around the world have faked their own economic collapse scenarios, faked all the cremations of dead bodies and rigged lockdowns for no reason in order to pull off some sort of global prank. Icke never says that. My take is that most governments are just following orders from the global elite and don't want to be put in a position where the MSM, which the Medical Industrial Complex controls, can make them look irresponsible. Lower level politicians are every bit as ignorant as the general public. Remember -- all governments (that I know of) support chemotherapy in their hospitals for the treatment of cancer, despite a "success" rate of around 3%. Just that alone is hugely scandalous, so with this in mind it's easy to see they could be lead to "keep to the party line" on the CV nonsense.
    • Icke claims covid-19 is actually being caused by 5G cell towers alone. This is unfortunate since 5G exposure may be a co-factor in the loss of structure and function of hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells, but that's only a co-factor. 5G alone cannot explain the exponential spread of the coronavirus which almost perfectly follows the spread pattern of a transmissible infectious pathogen. -- That's complete nonsense. Again, Adams hasn't read the extant literature on unsuccessful tests that were made to try and MAKE flu contagious. As I've said repeatedly, I had CoVid-19 myself last month. Symptoms manifested on March 5 and I lived two days of hell, taking everything I knew to halt the disease. I suffered with fatigue for an additional two weeks. No one around me, including my wife, assistant, or employees caught the disease -- and where we live in the country, nobody wears a silly mask, gloves, or takes other precautions. Reports that have surfaced claiming that CV is an infectious pathogen come from highly questionable MSM sources. Same sources that will tell you that chemotherapy has a high success rate when there is not one credible study on earth that will confirm this.
    • It's almost as if the pro-Trump indy media has lost two hundred years of scientific knowledge and now no longer believes in the germ theory. Why should they believe in it? It is so flawed that at the end of his life, Pasteur himself disavowed it. Adams doesn't know his medical history. See The Curse of Louis Pasteur by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D. (2000). Learn how Pasteur rigged scientific studies to get the results he wanted, just like Big Pharma financed medical studies are conducted today.
    • It turns out that I'm actually among the most science-educated persons in independent media, and I find myself now arguing with others in the industry who can't solve basic math problems and don't understand the difference between atomic elements, molecules, proteins and chromosomes. To them, it's all one giant mish-mash of foreign concepts, which is why David Icke manages to gather an audience of similarly science-illiterate people who think that what he's saying makes sense. Mike will end up regretting saying this. I like Mike. He's a great guy. But his knowledge of the disciplines involved in this debate pale in comparison to Cowan's, Shiva's, Kaufman's, or Firstenberg's. I do medical research for a living, and yet when I read The Invisible Landscape, I realized that my knowledge in this area was paltry compared to his. Firstenberg has spent the last 30 years completely focussed on the relationship between electromagnetic phenomena and disease. Adams is in no position to talk down to him -- especially since it is obvious that Adams has made no attempt to read his 560 page tomb, the last 160 pages of which are bibliography. Firstenberg doesn't just bury his critics. He machine-guns them with a Himalayan mountain of indisputable facts until they have -- speaking figuratively -- no DNA left. I've never seen anybody, regardless of their position on this issue, display such extraordinary erudition on a medical subject. For Adams to imply that Firstenberg is STUPID is beyond groundless. Adams is no match for Firstenberg on this subject -- yet Adams implies that those who disagree with him on this issue never made it past high school chemistry or biology.
    • The only reason Icke has an audience on this subject is because the masses of illiterate people also suffer from Stupid-19. You, the reader, shouldn't listen to Adams or myself. You should listen to the interview yourself. Listen to the numerous references and logic that Icke uses. Do these sound like the ramblings of a stupid person? I've been following Icke for years. I've read roughly seven of his 21 books. If you think for yourself and do your research, you'll realize that Icke's position is anything but stupid.
    • Brian Rose of LondonReal.tv wouldn't have allowed his platform to be used to spread horribly wrong disinformation that will quite literally lead to people being killed by complacency. [sic] -- Poor grammar aside, the only thing that will kill people is the coming vaccine that Adams is inadvertently promoting. Icke talks plenty about the dangers of complacency. It's been a major part of his message for 30 years. Adams comment is not only misplaced, but it reflects a lack of knowledge of Icke's work.
    • Brian Rose has also interviewed Neil Degrasse-Tyson, who no doubt would vehemently disagree with David Icke's claim that viruses aren't real and that covid-19 isn't caused by an infectious disease at all. True. But Neil Degrasse-Tyson is an establishment shill -- no different than Pasteur in his time. He reminds me of that old saying by historian, Gary North: "Always beware respectable people, because they are beholden to the institutions that are the source of their respectability."
    • He let Icke roll out extremely bad misinformation grounded in science illiteracy without halting him with basic questions like, "If the virus isn't real, then why did China enforce draconian quarantine measures that nearly destroyed its domestic economy in order to stop the spread of the virus?" -- First of all, nothing Icke said was "grounded in science illiteracy." Maybe we weren't listening to the same interview. Icke came to the gunfight heavily armed with references, sources, and facts. Secondly, China worked hand-in-hand with WHO -- they were thick as thieves -- to set the global template for the rest of the world. China left those quarantine measures after about six weeks. I talk to suppliers in China all the time. For effect, citizens still wear masks, but in every other respect, the Chinese people are walking around, carrying on their normal lives. What is the rest of the world doing? They are following China's initial lead, while WHO shills in the U.S. alone are using that template to destroy the American economy. What China did was sacrifice her queen to checkmate her opponents' Kings. It's an absolutely brilliant Chess move. This level of geopolitical mastery appears to be going over Adams' head, I'm sorry to say.
    • Apparently, David Icke believes that China, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, the UK, the United States and nearly a hundred other countries all got together and simultaneously agreed to run a global lockdown hoax and destroy their own domestic economies as part of a worldwide hoax. That's literally what he believes. Such a belief is insane. There is no scenario under which all those countries would shake hands and agree to destroy their own domestic economies for a hoax. And why wouldn't they if the real rulers -- not the puppet policians, but the real rulers -- told them to? Every one of the countries mentioned has in place a fake system of fiat currency -- money backed by nothing, and they all act in unison to support that system. They all acted the same way in response to the AIDS epidemic -- long after brilliant researchers were able to demonstrate that the HIV / AIDS model was completely bogus, and AZT (the cure) killed more people than the "virus" ever did. Jon Rappoport ("AIDS, Inc."), Bryan Ellison ("Why we will never win the war on AIDS"), and world-class virologist, Peter Duesberg ("Inventing the AIDS Virus") contributed to show the world what a money-making scam the entire AIDS affair was. I've never seen the work of any of them properly refuted. Instead, what we get is kindergarten name-calling, such that anyone who questioned yet another huge viral scam (pun intended) got labelled an "AIDS denier." Coronavirus is just a repeat performance on a grander scale. The Elite have come back for seconds. Adams -- for as super knowledgeable as he thinks he is -- understands none of this.
    • David Icke and other pandemic denialists are complicit in the deaths of these people. They share the responsibility for those deaths. On the contrary, and, again, it pains me to say this, but by this action Adams is supporting a position that will kill more people who take the vaccine than all of those who died during the Corona phenomenon -- whether they had underlying conditions or not.

    Those are the main points. What follows is mostly regurgitations of what you see above. I urge people -- to listen to the available videos by the doctors whose names I list above, and if you are able to get a copy, I urge you to read Firstenberg's book, even if you find it a little bit over your head. I also recommend Vladimir N. Binhi's book, Magnetobiology: Underlying Physical Problems, for those of you with a strong science background.
    I strongly applaud what Icke has been doing, and I strongly encourage my fellow world citizens to do their own research and uncover what I truly believe is the single greatest hoax in the history of modern civilization. The endemic particulate matter that people are calling Coronavirus is real. People are dying from this, though the evidence is overwhelming that the numbers are being inflated, by design. So the phenomenon is an epidemiological reality. What is fake and fraudulent are the ideas that this is contagious, that viruses are living, reproducing organisms, and that 5G and other changes in the electromagnetic milieu in which humans now live isn't the primary, if not sole, causative agent of the health crisis itself. In 2019 and prior years thousands of scientists, most of them doctors and Ph.D's, signed petitions from around the world, and submitted them to governmental agencies, warning of the results of 5G implementation. We are seeing the results of what they predicted. However, to listen to Mike, all of them are STUPID, too, and none of them know anything about science.
    The Mike Adams that I know is a good, honest man. I believe with the passage of time, he will change his position. It isn't anything any of the rest of us haven't done in the course of our careers.

  • Bill Gates Pessimistic on Schools Reopening, Economic Outlook -- Of course, he's pessimistic. The fabric of his fake narrative to scare people into a mandatory vaccine that cannot and will not protect them against an endemic virus is burning all to hell, and his pressure on Big Tech companies to silence those making the 5G / Conoravirus connection isn't working. This guy has invested billions in vaccine related projects over the years. Now he has to be one pissed off Reptilian billionaire.
  • Ezekiel Emanuel: 'We Cannot Return to Normal Until There's a Vaccine,' Could Be 12-18 Months -- That's how insane the pro-vaccine hucksters are. I had to read the whole article, because at first I thought I was reading something from Comedy Central. Here is the juice part. This dirtbag -- same guy who engineered Obamacare -- actually said this: "Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more. We will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications. I know that's dreadful news to hear. How are people supposed to find work if this goes on in some form for a year and a half? Is all that economic pain worth trying to stop COVID-19? The truth is we have no choice."
  • AND NOW FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT: French Prostitutes Demand Coronavirus Govt Cash Bailout -- An organization representing France's sex workers argued that a sex worker bailout "would be the only solution to prevent the risk-taking associated with performing sex work." I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But isn't this line of work a little bit risky in the first place?
  • Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator (VIDEO) -- "We need your help to get those fake CoVid numbers up, damnit!"
  • Don't rely on supplements to treat or prevent the Covid-19 virus -- Yeah, right. This is our little English speaking online rag here in Cuenca, Ecuador: CuencaHighLife. It supports a local pro-Big Pharma writer named Susan Burke March. Read this article to see just how far these people are going in attempting to get people to avoid taking supplements. Never mind that there is an enormous amount of clinical data to support the benefits of Vitamin C and zinc supplements -- products I do not sell -- which I've discussed extensively on this blog.
April 9, 2020 -- Morning
April 8, 2020 -- Afternoon / Evening

April 8, 2020 -- Morning

April 7, 2020
  • Police State: Woman Pulled Over, Fined $200 for 'Going on a Drive' -- There is a danger in questioning the authority of the Agents in the Matrix. "If you leave your hampster cage, we will find you, we will fine you, and we may arrest you." There is no virus they could possibly come up with that merits this kind of treatment.
  • Race Against Time: Scientists Find 'Possible Achilles Heel' as Fauci Warns Virus Could Go Seasonal -- As I discuss in my book, Black Salve, the entire medical establishment has one prime directive, "The patient you cure is the customer you lose." Dr. Anthony Fauci is now the most visible public figure who promotes this toxic agenda. The goal? To make CV a disease that you never get rid of and which requires treatment from now until they day you die. And to ensure perpetual treatment, they need an agent that will ensure that you never get well. That is why we have this unending mantra circulating through the complicit MSM day and night, "You must get the vaccine. You must get the vaccine. You must get the vaccine." How thoroughly transparent.
  • Hydrochloroquine stops the harmful effects of 5G, and this makes sense because this drug is known to "stop the harmful effects of radiation in most cases -- This is just a Twitter post, but what it signifies is that an arcane area of medicine involving the use of hydrochloroquine to emeliorate the harmful effects of radiation therapy is beginning to go viral. Studies abound. If you have a background in medical research, check out this little gem from Radiation Research. This further reinforces the causal connection between hydrochloroquine as a therapeutic agent and coronavirus, which is the result of 5G radiation. The false narrative now promoted by the Medical Industrial Complex and its evil minions in the MSM, negating the connection is beginning to bleed out through all orifices.
  • Frightening facts to consider -- I received email from an associate with an email that appears to be making the rounds. This is one case where I'm not going to spend several hours "fact checking," and I'm not going to weigh in except for some closing comments at the end. You're going to have to some to your own conclusions.
    It's it strange and unexplainable?

    • Wuhan to Shanghai = 839km
    • Wuhan to Beijing = 1,152km
    • Wuhan to Milan = 15,000km
    • Wuhan to NY = 15,000km
    • The Coronavirus started in Wuhan, yet there is no effect of Coronavirus in nearby Beijing or Shanghai, but many deaths in Italy, Iran, European countries and USA.
    • All business areas of China are now safe.
    • America is not just blaming China without a reason.
    • Even today, India is locked down but all the cities of China are open. China has also announced the opening of Wuhan from April 08. Not a single leader in China has tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.
    • The virus has ruined many economies around the world. Many have had to close their borders in an attempt to contain and control the spread of the Coronavirus. Thousands have lost their lives, millions have now got this disease, countless people have been locked in their homes and many countries have placed their citizens on lock down.
    • The Coronavirus originated from the city of Wuhan in China and has now reached every corner of the world, but the virus did not reach China's capital Beijing and China's Economic Capital, Shanghai, located in close proximity to Wuhan itself.
    • Today Paris is closed, New York is closed, Berlin is closed, Delhi is closed, Mumbai is closed, Tokyo is closed, the world's major economic and political centers are closed, but Beijing and Shanghai are open. No Coronavirus effect is seen in either cities. There were only a few cases, but the virus had no real effect on Beijing and Shanghai.
    • Beijing is the city where all the leaders of China live, including their military leaders. There is no lock down in Beijing.
    • Shanghai is the city that runs China's economy. It is the economic capital of China, where all the rich people of China live and run major industries. There is no lock down there, there is no effect of the Coronavirus there.
    • Beijing and Shanghai are the areas adjoining Wuhan. The virus from Wuhan reached every corner of the world, but the virus did not affect Beijing and Shanghai.
    • Another big thing is, that the worldwide share market has fallen by almost half. In India also the Nifty has gone from 12,000 to 7,000, but the share market of China was at 3,000 and just merely dropped to 2,700.
    • This leaves one to speculate that the Coronavirus is a bio-chemical weapon of China, which China used to carry out destruction in the world in order to gain economic supremacy.
    • China has now put this virus under control, maybe they also have the antidote or vaccine that they are not sharing with the world ever or will do when it is in their best interest to do so.
    • Hollywood stars, Australia's Home Minister, Britain's Prime Minister and Health Minister, Spain's Prime Minister's wife, Canada's Prime Minister's wife, and Britain's Prince Charles, among others, have contracted the Coronavirus, but NOT A SINGLE POLITICAL LEADER IN CHINA, NOT A SINGLE MILITARY COMMANDER in China have tested positive for Coronavirus.
First of all, the comment about a "vaccine" is purely bogus. I can attest to this much: I talk to people all throughout China, because it's where I source a lot of raw materials that I'm not able to source elsewhere. As far as I can tell, Chinese is open for business. They're shipping orders. Their people are reporting to work. They express genuine happiness that "our Corona nightmare is over with." They confess that there are cases that pop up here and there, but it is not impeding their ability to function in a normal way. This very week, I'm spending thousands of dollars for raw materials and the Chinese companies I work with are making what I need and shipping. Again, I can't attest to all the statements made in this missive. One, as i said, the vaccine comment, is complete nonsense. I DID talk to one Chinese saleswoman there who offered to send me -- at no charge, just as a courtesy because I'm a customer -- "an herbal combination that Chinese doctors here are using to cure the virus." I'm not embellishing. That's exactly what she said. We talk on WhatsApp.
Chinese is a the ideal model for a New World Order. A few people at the top, running the show. And everybody else works in sweat shops. You know about Chinese sweat shops, right? It's the place where your iPhones, computers, and most of your household appliances are made. It's where they give production workers just enough to barely survive, and the leadership lives in luxury. It is the very model that most corporate heads around the world salivate over. The general view is that workers in the U.S. and other first world countries have been living too well for far too long, so now it's time to put them in the sweat shops, and eliminate the elderly, sick, and other "useless eaters" who aren't doing their part to keep the sweat shops of the world open. Here's the problem: how do you get the public moved in that direction without suspecting they're getting sodomized? Well, Coronavirus solves all that. And a gullible public is allowing itself to be lead by the nose to the slaughterhouse without knowing the wiser.
April 6, 2020
  • April Fools Plandemic~ Alfred Lambremont Webre ~ Host Elkordy -- This came out 5 days ago. I've been interviewed by Alfred, and he's has a very penetrating intellect. An attorney and former judge, Lambremont calls the CV phenomenon and forthcoming vaccine a "war crime."
  • CoVid-19: How it Spreads, Know the Truth -- In case you haven't heard of him, meet "Richie from Boston." ("the asshole with a laptop"). Richie comes off a little rough around the edges, but his channel's reports are direct, to the point, with no regard for official positions that are completely without evidence or merit. He covers the usual territory that those who are aware already know: a virus doesn't have DNA. It's not alive -- unlike bacteria or fungal organisms. It is the result of a toxic, diseased state and not the cause of it. The dollar is soon to be gone. Universal (communist style) income is coming. You'll need a digital passport to travel. All weapons confiscated. Vaccines that allow you to be tracked. ID2020 belongs to Bill Gates. The corona patent belongs to Bill Gates. The coronavirus vaccine belongs to Bill Gates. This guy's entire YouTube channel is living on borrowed time. Check out his videos (and download them) before they are taken down. Other pointers: no way around vaccine, since they will have machines everywhere to detect whether you've been vaccinated or not. A spell has been over the general population, who are acting like zombies, swimming in an ocean of gross disinformation. Brief interview towards the end with Dr. Andrew Kaufman (M.D.): "A virus has never been proven to exist that causes disease." (That is, it is a by-product of another causative agent -- in this case, 5G. )
  • Getting Real about Covid-19 and the Elite! -- YouTuber, Nicholson1968, contributes yet another voice negating the CV common narrative. The hoax from a Christian perspective.
  • Bronx Zoo Tiger Tests Positive For COVID-19 -- I just tested some cockroaches in my garage. Yup. They tested positive for coronavirus, too. Have no idea how I'm going to quarantine them. The truth is that 5G negatively affects all carbon-based life forms. The same week that I got CoVid-19 in early March, one of my dogs, suffering from serious pneumonia and a dry cough, died.
  • Bill Gates on his 2015 'virus' warning, efforts to fight coronavirus pandemic -- Right out of the start gate, he says that if anything is going to kill 10 million people in the "coming decades," it will be a deadly virus, not a war. Yeah. -- It will be something that you and your Luciferian billionaire buddies have cooked up, Bill. I'm posting this Gates interview with Fox News, even though it's wall-to-wall horseshit, just so you can get a sense of how well orchestrated this phenomenon is.
  • New York Woman Arrested for Not Socially Distancing -- Then Thrown into Jail Holding Cell with Two Dozen Women -- The CoronaHoax was bound to produce mountains of cognitive disonance, and sure enough, that's what we're seeing.
  • Republicans Set April Target Date for Reopening Economy -- I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Cuomo To Seize Privately Held Masks and Ventilators, Scoffs at Legal Threats -- If they have the power to steal your life at will, which is what they're exercising during this pandemic, then why shouldn't they feel entitled to steal anything else you've got? People are going to have to find some way to begin hiding their valuables.
  • Rock me, Nostrasdamus! -- Here we go. Seems like every time we have a catastrophe, somebody has to dig up Nostradamus. Both the Axis and Allied forces during World War II had propaganda pamphlets made up supporting the position that Nostradamus predicted that THEIR side would win. Well, the prediction to the right has reportedly been pulled out of one of Nostradamus's 942 prophetic quatrains and has been making the rounds. The exact book from Nostradamus's The Prophecies nor its verse is quoted, so somebody could have just made it up. That won't keep people from passing around this graphic, without citation. However, if true -- it's an amazing representation of what's happening.
  • WA Gov. Inslee: While Trump Was Saying Coronavirus 'Was a Hoax,' We Were Saving Lives Well, if the shoe fits, wear it. It IS a hoax. It is the greatest hoax of our lifetime. The virus is real, and the disease is real. But the assumptions made to put the world into a lockdown are fake and fraudulent. I love it when politicians take credit for non-events, and then expect the public to kiss their feet.
  • Ghoulish: St. Louis Federal Reserve Head Says Americans Should Be Tested for COVID-19 Daily And Forced To Display a Badge on Their Clothing with the Result -- This is like an even more twisted version of the American classic, The Scarlett Letter. Except now, wearing the letter is good, not bad. Let's see, those testing negative could be required to wear a shirt with a big red "A" (for Admissible), because they passed one of those fake coronavirus tests. This is getting more grotesque by the day.
April 5, 2020 -- Afternoon Edition
April 5, 2020 -- Early Morning
  • And back in Ecuador -- Cases continue to increase, most predominantly where 5G testing had been conducted in 2019. See graph above.
  • "Don't Disrupt The Supply Chain": The 9 States Still Resisting Stay-At-Home Orders -- Remarkable. Nine states out of 50 are resisting all this insanity.
  • Covid-19 Deceptive Agenda, Censorship. Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, M.D. -- Why are all of this medical doctor's videos being censored on major video platforms. Could it have anything to do with the fact that he, too, believes that the common narrative is bunk? I highly recommend seeing this video, just so you know the extend of High Tech censorship. Among the things that Dr. Buttar talks about: the extreme danger of 5G, why you don't want to get vaccinated, what you need to do to continue to get accurate information. "If you know the agenda, what is at stake now is the very survival of humanity." He confirms that death certificates are being massively altered to "Corona Virus" as the cause of death. He says a lot of of this driven by life insurance concerns: there is a clause in most policies that if the cause of death is a pandemic, the insurance company doesn't have to pay. (CDC is pressuring physicians to list CV as a cause of death, even when it is clear that it's obviously not.) CV is more about human population control.
  • Tucker Carlson On Fauci's Quarantine Call: Pushing "National Suicide" While He Has Job Security -- It's the same throughout history. The "governed" are merely a subspecies.

This is what our lives have been reduced to.No work, no way to make a living,
the banning of seeds and end of sale of gardening tools -- (see below).
Do you still believe that whoever is behind this has your best interest at heart?

April 4, 2020
April 3, 2020
  • Bill Gates TED talk says Reduce Population 4 TIMES!! MUST WATCH -- No words.
  • Bill Gates Calls for a "Digital Certificate" to Identify Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine -- "Bill Gates recently stated on Reddit that "digital certificates" will be used to identify who received the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. And these certificates will also be used to identify who can conduct business or not. Here's how this plan is already backed by a massive organization called ID2020." Here we go. Somebody just showed their poker hand. If you can't see the connection, maybe you should stop reading this blog. When police investigate a murder, they look for a motive. In investigating the CoronaVirus, you need to do the same thing, and we just found it. Predictably, Reuters says it's "fake news", but others clearly read his comments on Reddit, and what Gates said is quite unmistakable.. His stance on using microsoft implants to "fight coronavirus" is well-established.
    People who work for the demonic leaves signs. Bill Gates is no different. This comes to us from RidingTheBeast.com: "The real name of Bill Gates, president of Microsoft, is William Henry Gates III. Today he is known under the name of Bill Gates (III), where "III" the third. By converting the letters of his name using ASCII value (lower-case letters), and by adding 3, we obtain: b(66) + i(73) + l(76) + l(76) + g(71) + a(65) + t(84) + e(69) + s(83) + 3 = 666. Furthermore, someone also says that he earns $666/minute." This seems more than coincidental.

  • Retail stores in large cities appear to be preparing for MASS RIOTS by boarding up their windows -- Mass riots are predictable in this situation. People throughout history have been known to do this before they starve to death.
  • Rikers Island prisoners tasked with digging mass graves for coronavirus victims -- This is put there for effect. Anybody who works in construction knows that a good backhoe can do in one day what a couple dozen unmotivated prisoners can do in the same span of time.
  • Big Tech will be your new slave masters under global coronavirus authoritarian rule -- Makes sense to me. I've had one of my books banned, and many of the sites I pay attention to are having material banned, as well.
  • FDA aggressively attacking colloidal silver products to clear the way for a Big Pharma coronavirus VACCINE (that will probably kill 100,000 Americans all by itself) -- None of this surprises me. I've seen the FDA ban or inhibit effective natural products that cure serious diseases the entirety of my career. Why would they stop now?
  • In Ecuador, families wait with their dead as bodies pile up -- I'm sure this is happening in third world countries around the world.
  • 'Covid 19' And 5G - What's The Connection? The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast -- I've provided other links to David Icke interviews, but this one is particularly poignant, as it focuses on the 5G / CoVid-19 connection. Provides countless examples to illustrate what a scam this entire misadvanture is.
  • Experts tell White House coronavirus can spread through talking or even just breathing -- Be responsible! Maybe this will go away if we all just hold our breath for 10 weeks. Is it just me? Or do you sense, as well, that it isn't just Joe Biden. Everyone in government these days seems to be suffering from major "dain bramage"! Speaking of which . . .
  • Coronavirus 'may cause brain damage' as dangerous swelling found in 'confused' patients -- Ya got it backwards there, buddy. Here's what causes major brain damage: listening to anybody in the MSM, putting trust in medical authorities or anybody else from the Medical Industrial Complex, and giving credence to their lackies (enforcers) in politics.
  • Residents in Texas city can face $1,000 fine for not wearing 'some form of covering over their nose and mouth' after new motion -- Just the nose and mouth? Oh, thank God. For a moment there, I thought they were going to require us to wear a butt plug.
  • BREAKING: New York Data Confirms Once Again -- 99% of Coronavirus Fatalities Have Pre-Existing Conditions - 94% of Fatalities Over Age 45! ... Open The Economy! -- What? And allow a return to anything resembling normal human life? We can't allow that! Bill Gates and his cronies have made a HUGE investment in getting a vaccine ready with RFID chips, so that they can track everybody like farm animals.
  • And Trump Takes Advice From This Quack? ... Dr. Fauci Says He Will Lift Social Distancing Restrictions After "No New Cases, No New Deaths" (VIDEO) -- Here's Exhibit A that the Corona Hoax was put in place to steal away the rest of our few remaining liberties and allow the Elite to treat us like the cockroaches they think we are. Dr. Fauci said something similar yesterday. He's been steadily moving from stupid to stupider to stupidest.
  • Coronavirus Australia: Queensland beach sunbathers could receive fines from police -- Read the article. This is irrespective of social distancing --- so --- Getting sufficient sunlight is no longer important. Got that? Vitamin D is no longer an important nutrient, and since this is coming from our most trusted medical authorities, it must be true.
  • The 5G / Corona connection can no longer be disputed: no matter how vigorously governments, the media, and Big Tech exert pressure to deny, suppress and kill the facts. This video came out a month ago. The title does the material a terrible disservice: "Best News Re CORONA virus you've heard all month." I'm sure they chose this goofy title to get around the all-seeing eyes of the Big Tech censors. We're reached the point where whenever truth is discussed, more and more effort is now required to use coded language, coded imagery, and obscure references, to communicate real facts above the noise and the din of ubiquitous medical propaganda. For all intents and purposes, nobody saw this video. Now that more and more evidence is surfacing that the people behind 5G were fully aware of the horrific effects their technology would unleash on the general public, it is more important than ever that the people who wish to understand what's really behind this gruesome phenomenon of government-sponsored mass murder and impoverishment get the facts. If you don't KNOW the facts, or you don't have the time or the intellect to understand Firstenberg's The Invisible Rainbow, you should at least invest 57 minutes to listen intently to this fact-filled video. I recommend that you download it onto your computer and share it with everyone you know.
  • Facebook Censors Conservative Project Veritas Video On Coronavirus -- When Alexis de Tocqueville wrote Democracy in America (1832) one of his many observations was that restrictions on thinking and freedom of expression in the U.S. -- even then -- was greater than at any time during the Spanish Inquisition. Were Tocqueville alive today, he would be stunned beyond belief at the degree to which freedom of speech is suppressed. None of our ancestors, who fought to defend our civil liberties, would believe the nadir to which we have descended. There is no other species in existence that allows one group to suppress the natural expression of other members of their own species. Nor can you find an example quite like this in the entire history of world civilizations where the ability of free citizens to naturally express themselves has been so severely restricted.
  • Elites Uber Alles -- Roberts' gives his assessment of this development: "Twitter Forces Laura Ingraham to Delete Post on Chloroquine Helping Coronavirus Patients. It seems virus cures are unwanted as they interfere with big-pharma vaccination profits." Is that what it is? Just profits? Or there a more sinister plan here? Should we be foolish enough to ignore countless documents, and even a dedicated monument in Georgia, that speaks of the need to kill off the majority of humanity and get world population down to 500 million?
  • Clowns in Panic! -- The new matrix is something more horrific than anything Orwell could have imagined. The host makes the argument that we have to find a way to end it now, or we're finished.
  • Facebook removes anti-vaxxer's coronavirus video -- This is only part of the original video. Everything that this Australian gentleman, Mr. Tom Barnett, says is true and verifiable. Yet how does Big Tech (Facebook) respond to it? They say there is zero evidence to support Barnett's claims, when the fact is the opposite: there is a mountain of evidence to support Barnett's claims. The truth is, there is no evidence anywhere to support the claim that 5G is safe. This is yet another instance where Hitchin's Razor should apply: "An assertion made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." However, the current situation demands a more relevant corollary of this principle, itself rooted in pure common sense: "An assertion made without evidence -- irrespective of how many voices in government, media, and Big Tech support that assertion -- is even more dismissible when the contrary position is supported by a mountain of evidence that officials demand that you ignore. The affirmation of an assertion by those in authority not only fails to confirm validity or empirical truth, but is more likely to confirm its opposite. The interests of a People can never be aligned with entities whose survival depend on the parasitical feeding off the creativity and labors of those same People. Dishonesty and fraud are fundamental necessities of negaprocity (negative reciprocity). No parasite can advance its agenda without them. No parasite can perpetuate its existence unless it can convince its host that its activities are either non-existent or benign, if not beneficial. The closer a host comes to accepting the parasites' activities as beneficial, the closer that host comes to embracing its own destruction." There. You now have Caton's Razor. You now have a model to explain what the Corona Hoax is really about.
  • Medical Expert Sees 'Beginning of the End' in Coronavirus Fight with New Treatment Results -- "Dr. Stephen Smith, founder of the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health in East Orange, New Jersey, said the remarkable results he is seeing in his coronavirus patients using a combination of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin marks the 'beginning of the end' of the COVID-19 pandemic." Frankly, as an herbalist and naturopath, my feeling is that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, which do work -- too often with side effects -- are inferior to cheaper, more natural solutions, such as MMS, Lugol's, and anti-viral herbs and essential oils -- the very things I used to get rid of my own CoVid-19 last month. Nonetheless, I have no reason to believe these clinicians are lying, particularly since they know that their claims will end up having to survive the harsh light of scrutiny. They're putting their reputations on the line, and they know it. The fact that none of this is affecting public policy -- the fact that none of these discoveries are having a dent in the official position that we must continue with this crazy lockdown is proof positive that the CV has just been a ruse to enforce a totalitarian agenda.
    Not even an hour ago, I received news that California passed legislation that students will receive mandatory vaccines or they can't return to school. The same goes for medical personnel trying to return to work. Politicians get paid off to pass this crazy shit. Mandatory vaccinations will proceed even if there is NO evidence of further CV infections. This reminds me of countless people I have known throughout my career who have cured their cancers using natural methods. When they go back to their oncologist(s), they are told, "It doesn't matter that you're cancer free. You still need to take chemo as a preventive." This is crazy talk. This is financial reward vetoing the dictates of good health practices.
    In private, oncologists like to joke, "Our goal is to kill the cancer before the chemo kills the patient." It's poison. They know it. A good 95% of them won't take chemo themselves. We have reached a point in the devolution of Western culture where there is no such thing as an atrocity so great that it cannot be justified, as long as somebody in power is making a lot of money doing it. We've reached a point where life itself has no value in the face of financial reward -- and over time, the threshold for that financial reward has only been lowered. The only difference between many medical officials and "sicarios" is that the former attempt to use science to justify their position as "hitmen." However, the end result is the same: both get paid to kill people.
  • "We're Gonna Vax the Shit Out of You Whether You Want It or Not" -- That ought to be the headline for this article, whose header actually reads: "Outrageous! Dr. Birx Went All-In on Bill Gates-Funded Coronavirus Model - Sits on Gates-Funded Foundation Board." Still want to know what's driving this lockdown?
  • Medical Doctor Blows C-Vi-Rus Scamdemic Wide Open -- Andrew Kaufman M.D. -- Yet another practicing physician in the wilderness begs the public to open their eyes. He and other physicians have come to the conclusion -- (a la Firstenberg, but independent of him) -- that viruses are "exosomes" that are excretions of toxic cells. Kaufman examined electron microbe photographs of exosomes, and found they WERE the viruses. The ancients understood this. "Virus" comes from the Greek, meaning "poison." They are not transmittable. Exosomes are a response to illness and not a cause of illness. Exosomes are necessary because they facilitate healing by devouring toxic matter.

April 2, 2020 -- Afternoon
April 1, 2020 -- Early Morning
  • Important Note Before We Begin April -- The entries made in the closing days of March were among the most important and significant to date, particularly for the dates March 28-31.. If you didn't peruse them you should, because they were vitally important. Let's review the most important revelations include:
    • We now know with certitude that SARS-Cov-2, like all the influena flus that have proceeded it, is not contagious.
    • The cause of CoVid-19, the basis for it earning the title of "pandemic," is 5G radio transmissions. CoVid-19 like the major flu pandemics that have preceeded it over the past 131 years, is an electromagnetic adaptation disease. The source of the virus is your own cells, responding to the cellular poisoning intiated by 60 GHz and other near-microwave frequencies related to 5G, which are ten times stronger than anything used in 4G.
    • There is no such thing as a vaccine that can protect you against coronavirus. It doesn't exist now nor will it ever. There are no credible studies anywhere that a vaccination will protect you -- quite the opposite.
    • Officials at the CDC in the U.S. and other government agencies worldwide knew that the "pandemic" was coming. It is a highly coordinated, staged event. There is nothing accidental about it.
    • There are whistleblowers surfacing who are telling the public, at great risk to themselves, that the CoronaVirus political response is a hoax, a fraud against the public, an exercise in grand medical propaganda, and it comes with an extremely dark agenda for world control.

  • Trump Tells America "Get Ready For A Painful 2 Weeks" As Task Force Goes 'All-In' On Mitigation -- The script is the same the world over. Here in Ecuador, this was supposed to end on April 5. Now it's been extended to May 4. In Peru, this nonsense was scheduled to end on March 31. Now it's been extended to April 30. Bill Gates says we should extend it for another 10 weeks. The Elite must be unhappy with the kill rate of their current 5G program, so they are behaving as if the new maxim is: "If we can't take them out with our CoronaVirus program, we'll just keep them home and starve them to death." Even here, we see signs of hungry people everywhere. Crime is skyrocketing. Here's the good news, though: social distancing is assured once they bury you six feet under.
  • MULTI-YEAR LOCKDOWN. ECONOMIC DEPRESSION FOR DECADES. (AMTV) -- People have to be blind to not see what's going on.
  • Supplies Are Starting To Get Really Tight Nationwide As Food Distribution Systems Break Down -- In his groundbreaking book, Man & Society in Calamity (1943), Pitikim Sorokin tells the story of how during the time of the Weimar Republic, peoples most affected by the travail of the First World War resorted to eating tree bark, and women prostituted themselves for a cigarette (a form of currency). Expand this trend worldwide and this is the direction we're headed. Isn't world government so groovy?
  • "There Are Basically No Sales": U.S. Auto Industry Enters Total Collapse As A Result Of Nationwide Lockdown -- No worries. Starving people don't need automobiles! Joking aside, maybe there's an upside to this whole thing: we all know how statistically Americans are overweight. With no food and plenty of walking, we're gonna fix that right quick!
  • Could the stalled economy we've inflicted on ourselves in our frantic efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic lead to civil disorder? History suggests that's a real danger. Ahhh --- back up. That we've "inflicted on ourselves"? Really? I need to go back and re-read my incarnational contract. I don't remember signing up for this.
  • There Are Multiple Strains Of Coronavirus; Here's What We Know -- In Chinese, they identified 40 different strains. Even so, if you understand that 5G induces what I call "electromagnetic adaptation disease," then you understand that each "viral infection" is a different strain, just as each personal has different and unique genetics. There are as many coronavirus strains as there are people who have the virus, which only make more poignant how insanely ridiculous current testing procedures are and why they do not produce uniform results.
  • COVID-19: Ten Things To Think About -- "People need to start pushing back against this insanity." Geez, there's an idea. I don't think anyone in the government ever thought about that happening. Maybe all those freshly mobilized MRAP's, Abram tanks, and troop movements are intended to be used against the onslaught of locusts.
  • Welcome To The Post-Virus World: "A Return To 'Normal' Is Not An Option" -- The repetition of the contagion factor is misguided, but this writer is right: we will never return to the way things were. The enforcement of these strict "social distancing" norms will forever affect the average person's relationship to strangers. The fabric of social life has been irreversibly altered, and social capital has been decimated far worse than anything they could do to the stock market.
  • The Economic Depression Of 2020: Many Of The Restaurants, Bars, & Retailers That Have Closed Will Never Re-Open -- Most businesses of ANY kind will never reopen before this is all over. People who feel that this is a dubious statement or some quip imbued with fear porn just haven't taken the time to think this thing through.
  • CNN Host Chris Cuomo Tests Positive for Coronavirus -- But Will Continue to Anchor the Show -- That's because insiders know that the virus is not contagious -- and they're laughing at those gullible enough to continue to believe that it is.
  • Coronavirus: Medical Schools Hold Early Graduations to Put More Healthcare Professionals to Work -- Hell, they don't teach them how to cure serious degenerative disease as it is now. And since they've installed computer programs to do most of the diagnosing and prescribing for physicians, reducing most medical doctors to mere drug dealers, they might as well let them out four years early.
  • Trump Eyes More Travel Bans to Stop Coronavirus: 'We May Add a Few More' -- What a great idea for a virus that is provably not contagious! Are you getting the sense yet that there's an agenda here? Ya hear me, dog?
  • Pandemic Historian: Coronavirus "A Disease of Globalization" -- No, it's not. It's an engineered PRODUCT of globalization, wrought by an insane band of Luciferian control freaks who want to tighten up the paddocks on the global plantation.
  • STUNNING: Sweden Has Lower Number of Coronavirus Cases per Million People than United States -- And Sweden Did Not Shut Down Country or Destroy Its Economy -- "Sweden is taking a different approach in battling the coronavirus pandemic. The country remains open for business and life goes on as usual with few restrictions." Oh, come on. That's no fun. Treating people like small farm animals and making their lives miserable is SOOO much more appealing to the psychopathic types who are attracted to political life. I cover this extensively in my book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy.
April 1, 2020 -- Evening Edition

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