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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema® (both black topical salve and our internal version - Amazon Tonic III), which carry both human and veterinary applications. (See also animal use). The testimonials on this page are a small sampling of those received by Alpha Omega Labs so far in 2015. See links above for testimonials submitted in prior years.
As always, we have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
Some portions of this page have little graphics, but are text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema® works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.

Case #081915: Cansema® Salve & Sangre de Drago

[ Editor's Note: The video testimonial above comes from The Green Smoothie Girl, (Robyn Openshaw). Although she indicates that our products come from Brazil --- as opposed to Ecuador or our other shipping locations --- everything else that she describes is correct. This video articulately describes the process and a fair comparison to conventional methods. ]

Case #011515: Cansema Tonic III & Ovarian Cancer
[ This account is historical, in as much as this is report of a case that began before the FDA raided and destroyed our U.S. facility. The "capsules" mentioned are our original "Cansema Capsules," which today would most closely correspond to our Amazon Tonic III, which is stronger and faster-acting.]
Here is what happened with Mom the first time she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (around 2001): They scheduled her for surgery to remove the tumor about 3 weeks out. We ordered Cansema. She asked her doctor if it would be okay for her to take a herbal supplement that was supposed to help with cancer. He laughed and said yes, that she could take it - it wouldn't do anything, but she could take it.
By the time she had surgery she had been taking Cansema capsules for about two weeks. After the surgery, the same doctor came into the waiting room to give me a report. He said everything went well and he thought they got all the cancer. But here's the interesting part: he said this operation was really strange though, because he has done thousands of surgeries removing cancer tumors and they are always the consistency of hamburger that has been cooked too long. He said hers was different because it was like a rotten sponge that was falling apart.
I knew then that the Cansema had been working and was dissolving the cancer. She took chemotherapy for six months after that while taking the remainder of that bottle of Cansema and another subsequent bottle. After that, they said she was in remission. After about three years, the cancer returned. We both thought of Cansema immediately, however, at that time Alpha and Omega Labs had been raided by the FDA and all of their product confiscated. Cansema was not available at that time anywhere. I'm so glad that they have now moved out of the US and are making their herbal products available again!

Brenda -- (USA)
Rec'd : January 15, 2015

Case #013115: Cansema Tonic III & Breast Cancer
with metastasis to lungs, lymph nodes & spine
I had Stage 1 Breast Cancer in 1998 and lived life to the fullest!
In November, 2013, I got involved in a stressful situation at work and found that my cancer had returned - Stage 4 Breast Cancer had metastases into my lungs, lymph nodes and lower part of my spine. Although I expected to receive chemotherapy and radiation, instead I was given hormone therapy and a life expectancy of 3 - 5 years. Yes - I started my bucket list! I experienced numerous side effects from the Letrozole hormone pills but getting bald spots in my hair was the final straw. I stopped the pills but found that my cancer markers - CA 27-29 and CA 15-3 went up after I returned to work full time.
On October 31, 2014, I retired from a job I loved and coincidentally, met someone who used bloodroot to cure her oral cancer. I research the internet for a non-toxic product to put my cancer into remission and allow me to be in control of my body and my life. I read about the controversy and persecution that Alpha Omega Labs endured as they tried to market products that removed cancer from the body and had a very good feeling about them. For 45 days, I used the Amazon Tonic III and brushed my teeth 2x a week with AO III Herbal Toothpaste. My CA 27-29 went from 35.8 on Oct 3/14 to 26.8 on Jan 14/15 and my CA 15-3 went from 24 on Oct 3/14 to 22 on Jan 14/15. My goal is to continue with the Amazon Tonic III and AO III Herbal Toothpaste and work on the remaining cancer in my bones at L5 in the lower back. Thank you Greg and Cathryn Caton for your assistance in my healing.

Gail T.
Saskatchewan, Canada
Rec'd : January 31, 2015

Case #020515: Cansema Tonic III & Unspecified Moles
I just want to say thank you so much for this product! I had three external spots on my neck that I put the Cansema on and also drank the Tonic. Within 6 days the external spots scabbed over and just fell off. I know from past experience that it works differently so I know the tonic is working from the inside out. I also feel the pulling in my stomach region and know it's working! For the first time I feel hopeful that I can beat this! Also doing the tea and hydrogen peroxide as recommended. I just wish I could of found this for my mother as she had melanoma. I can't say thank you enough for giving me a chance at life. I am a young 30. I wanna live :)

Ashley Tanner
Rec'd : February 5, 2015

Case #021315: Cansema® & Skin Cancer
To: Cathryn Caton, N.D. --- Alpha Omega Labs
Hi Cathryn,
Thank you so much for your "supporting" reply to my panicky cry for help! I had read most of your supporting documentation, and in it I thought that I had read that a user had done exactly what I did, (i.e., filling the cavity with Cansema Salve after the eschar had come out) - unfortunately this one did not come out cleanly like my others. Also this is the largest one that I have dealt with and I thought that the cancer was spreading rather than diminishing! When I cleaned and dressed it the crater looked to be filled with cancery looking material as was on the bottom of the eschar! We live in a rural area and in the night there was no one that I could turn to - so I tried to find to find comfort from your website. Meanwhile the pain had become so intense that I was getting a little over anxious hence my email to you! Do you realise that although you are thousands of kilometers away - you have provided the best support of any medical team ever! That is quite amazing! - The leg has settled down now and is behaving more with what I am accustomed and at the lower pain level. Thank you so much for your care and comfort that your reply gave me - it is so much appreciated.

John Jones
Otematata, New Zealand.
Rec'd : February 13, 2015

Case #021915: Cansema® & Skin Cancer

Hi there Greg . . . My name is Becky.
I recently had a melanoma cut out and was advised I needed more skin to be taken. On the advice of a friend I used black salve (instead). To my knowledge, the Salve has done exactly what it was meant to do. I was left with an eschar and a large hole in my back, which subsequently filled in. Happy to send pics if you want to see. Since then, I'm finding it impossible for anyone to give me a biopsy to say that the cancer has been removed.

Rec'd : February 19, 2015

Case #022015: Cansema® & Skin Cancer
Cathryn Caton, N.D. I tried Cansema on a skin cancer on my back. I followed your directions. It worked exactly as described and the cancer is now completely gone. Thank you SOOO much!!!

Richard Chesher
Rec'd : February 20, 2015

Case #022415: Cansema® & Skin Cancer

The tumor, or I call it a tumor, maybe I'm misspeaking myself, came out two days ago. Here's a photo of it.

Tim Champine
Rec'd : February 24, 2015

[ Click to enlarge ]

Case #030515: Cansema® & Recurrent Skin Cancer
Hello, Cathryn.
My body expelled another dead cancer today. It is an amazing process, one I can't get used to, a miracle. I had (8) Mohs surgeries one year ago for some of my cancers. That gets old! That is when I went researching and found you. I 'knew' of [name deleted] and their not wanting a cancer cure as my old girlfriend had kidney cancer. She is very smart and knew chemo would not help. She ended up going to a clinic in Mexico, Oasis I think was the name. They put good things into her to got her immune system back up, transfusions of Vit. C, hydrogen peroxide, I forget offhand .... but she is doing FINE today, many years hence. I know you guys are WELL AWARE of it all.
Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. One from Feb 24 and the expulsion today March 5. I started before Feb 24, maybe a week before. Seems like they take around 18 days or so with me. I have many, many, many, more to treat.

Patrick Jackson
Rec'd : March 5, 2015

Case #030615: Cansema® & Lung Cancer
Hi Cathryn/Greg Caton- Alpha Omega Labs
Advanced Stage Lung Cancer: I wish to inform you of the following. I was first diagnosed in December of 2013 with advanced stage 3 lung cancer. I was a smoker for quite some years and worked as a roof cleaner using toxic chemical cleaners that all became the product of my cancer in the lungs.
My doctor had said that I have a 16% chance of survival and just 12 months to live. I was losing weight and (it) did not matter what I was eating. As I was a healthy 59 kilos, I was told of a local man that knew about natural treatments for cancer that really work. So I decided cautiously to give it a try only because so many people had died of the same disease through the modern methods of today's treatments.
I contacted this man, and he came to see me, and got started. The products that I took were : Tonic III and Graviola (tea) along with HRx Hydroxide Concentrate. First, this person told me that the HRx will help to clean your blood and detox you. He also gave me a diet to help starve the cancer and not feed it, as this is very important..!! Here I was with no meat and hardly any chicken turning to vegan diet and whole foods, also juices (vegetable) which fed my body much needed nutrients (and) antioxidants. I kept this up for a period of 3 months passionately.
I went for a cat scan in the beginning of March. My scan showed that there was a change in the cancer membrane in my lung around the outside edges of the cancer. It showed collapsing and change in shape. Starting to look like a mushroom appearance with slight change in the size after being on the products and keeping to my diet regime. I then had a call from my doctor to have chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which I had postponed, as I did not want this as it is so harmful, with side effects.
My next scan that happened in the end of March which showed no change in size but showed more variation in appearance much to the surprise of my GP. He remarked, "I have never seen anything like this on a scan before." I postponed treatment again for 2 weeks but my lung bled slightly because of a small blister that I had burst and that's when I finally went to get "chemotherapy and radiation".
I had noticed through natural treatment that there where very good results. So here I am going to hospital to take on what the doctor said much to my disappointment..!!! I asked him about the blister that bled and he said that it was nothing unusual which upset me a lot because of the natural medicines that I was taking made a large difference to my health....
When I was at the hospital I became a very sick man. Finally, when I came out, I got back on the products and became healthy again. I began to gain much needed weight... finally after 6 weeks out of the hospital I was well on my way to getting stronger and feeling much better again...
I would like to thank Alpha Omega Labs and their dedication to such wonderful products. I am now fully recovered and have scored the most runs in cricket this year in 2015 ...

Matt Slibar Forster (Austrailia)
Rec'd : March 6, 2015

Case #031115: Cansema® & Tonic III & Veterinary Cancers
Thanks again. That makes total sense. It's nice to have at least one source of sanity during this. I will discontinue A/B's unless the vet can prove otherwise.
I disseminate your company and products every single day. It's all I do when I'm not pounding nails for a living. I talk to everyone I see and collect emails to send info to - everyday. This is the most amazing phenomenon I've ever seen and you and your husband are the best. Hey some of these people are even smart enough to listen. But they have the facts now and hopefully they'll use it if their doctor ever gives them or their loved ones some real bad news someday.
The big name veterinary oncology center in town doesn't like me too much because I sent them a success story about Tonic III with lots of pictures. Oh well, I'm crushed! I was hoping they were maybe saner than the rest of their fellow diplomats.
Thanks, Cathryn, for the wisdom.

[ name withheld ]
San Jose, California
Rec'd : March 11, 2015

Case #031215: Cansema® & BCC
This process started with an article in www.naturalnews.com about Dr. Brian O'Leary's testimonial using Cansema (Amazon Black Salve) to rid his body of basal cell carcinoma.
I started using Amazon Deep Tissue Black Tropical Salve on 12/31/15 on a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) after being biopsied and diagnosed by a dermatologist trained on treating skin cancer. This BCC had gone untreated for over a year. I thought, not being able to see it, it was a just a sore that wouldn't heal. Even, having total insurance coverage, I chose not to proceed with the next step the doctor had in store for me!
The preceding pictures show the progression of the treatment with Amazon Deep Tissue Black Tropical Salve (ADTBTS) that ended on or about 2/18/15.The skin surface feels virtually flat although a slight scar is noted on my neck. The treatment was for the most part painless. I had intuitively purchased the ADTBTS months before going to a doctor. thinking I might need it later or a family member might need it.
Thank God, for Greg & Catherine Caton, for their creativity and dedication in bringing this product to the marketplace.

W. Hatley
Rec'd : March 12, 2015

Case #031515: Sangre de Drago & Wasp Sting
Dear Greg,
Just a short note to thank you for your Sangre del Drago. I carry a bottle with me wherever I go.
Recently, whilst visiting Melbourne in Victoria with a group of friends we were visited by a swarm of flesh eating wasps (a smaller version of vespa mardarinia) whenever we met outdoors to share a meal. One man was stung by a wasp that had entered his caravan when he and his wife were eating their evening meal. He believed he had killed it already, but still suffered excruciating pain for about 2 hours afterward.
The next day another person was stung whilst trying to chase the insects away from our morning tea. I was then able to soak a tissue with the "Dragon's Blood" and apply this to the wound, whereupon she received immediate and total relief from the sting.
I will be ordering a few more bottles soon for some new customers.

John Appleton
Selmer, Tennessee
Rec'd : March 15, 2015

Case #031915: Cansema® &
Unspecified Malignancy on Proximal Phalange
[ Editor's Note: The pictorial at right (click to enlarge) shows the progression of the escharotic process in this case up to Day 32. We hope to get a follow-up shortly. ]

I started the Cansema process March 1st. I applied the regular Cansema every morning for 12 days until what I thought was an eschar and puss formed.
On March 12th I stopped applying Cansema and let it scab over, hoping it would push out the tumor or dissolve it. This process was painful but nothing that Advil didn’t take care of. It took about 12 more days (March 24th) for that scab to fall off. The tumor remained but a very tiny hole was left that had a droplet of blood in the center, so I started reapplying the salve, this time Deep Tissue Salve. I’ve been applying the Salve every morning now from March 24th until March 31st (7 days). It’s been VERY painful and have been using Vicodin, Advil and ice packs almost around the clock. The only respite (some days) is a little 3 hour window in the morning before I add the next fresh layer of Salve. I’ve been coating it on top of the scab area and adding a little to spread out the circumference of the area onto both sides of the finger where the tumor was.
So I’m assuming because there’s still a lot of stabbing, burning, throbbing when I add the salve and throughout the day, that maybe there’s still tissue there that the Cansema needs to keep working with. I’ve attached a jpg with just a few shots of how this has progressed in the last month, so you can match up how it’s responding and progressing, visually.
Thank you again for your time!

Rec'd : March 19, 2015

[ Click to enlarge ]

Case #040415: H3O & Eczema
Hi Cathryn,
Amazing! After a sleep, please take a look at what the result I got for the eczema.
Thanks again Cathryn!

Eric Tse -- (Hong Kong)
Rec'd : April 4, 2015

[ Each of the ten consecutive days of the process are shown above,
beginning with the top row, working left to right. Click to enlarge ]

Case #042615: Cansema® & Cancer of the Ear
This process never ceases to amaze me! Truly. Why does the end result leave such a nice uniform hole behind?
This one took exactly 10 days. It was the most painful, and you explained the why of that. There was sort of a scab there, and I never really know when the process is over. I figured this one was over.
In the past what I do is put some H2O2 on a cuetip and start to clean the site. Upon doing that, if the process is over, the light pressure is usually enough to move the scab off. It has worked that way for me every time. I suppose it I just left it alone, it would fall off by itself.
I think this was the 5th or 6th I have completed, so :

thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
Rec'd : April 26, 2015

[ Click to enlarge ]

Case #042715: Cansema® & Penile Cancer
[ Editor's Note: As is evidenced in the Cansema testimonial section, we get sequential series of photographs from time to time, but seldom do they possess the clarity, resolution, or detail contained with this one. There are 45 photographs in this series, and therefore we have created a separate pictorial related to this . . . Case #042715.

Hi Greg,
Attached are photos of what is going on with the area on my penis. I had an area on my left leg which was biopsied. I'll receive the results on that next week. I have included a photo of how that reacted to the salve.
The other photos are of the area on my penis. I put some full strength salve on the area -- no problem with pain at all. The area reacted as you will see in the photos. It's difficult to keep the area bandaged, so there is frequent occasion to take a photo if I choose. After the first application I noticed other areas reacted to the salve, so on Apr 26 I reapplied to those areas. All the photos are attached. I photoshopped in the necessary text details so that the photos are more or less self explanatory.

Name Withheld
California (USA)
Rec'd : April 27, 2015

Case #061515: Cansema® Salve & Skin Cancer
I want to thank you for you product and give you a big thank you. Your salve removed a cancer from my skin. I love how if the skin is okay, there is NO reaction. This was a few years ago. This was a spot on my nose that had be removed earlier via a mohs surgery.

formarkp@canoeclassic.com Rec'd : June 15, 2015

Case #061815: AO Herbal Toothpaste & Toothache
[ Most people don't know that our AO Herbal Toothpaste is a mild escharotic. It not only does a phenomenal job of cleaning teeth, but it also clears out gingivitis, many forms of periodontal disease, and a wide variety of bacterial conditions that can lead to toothache. The testimonial below is one of many along these lines . . . ]

I think we’ve been using the toothpaste since October of last year. It took away a toothache . . . The toothpaste leaves our mouths feeling cleaner than other fluoride-free toothpaste on the market. My husband finds that his throat doesn’t get so dry when he uses it at night and he has sweet kisses for me in the morning.
Janice -- (S. America)
Rec'd : June 18, 2015

Case #061915: Oje & Parasites (non-specific)
[ For most intestinal worm problems, Worms-B-Gone (formerly Old Amish Dewormer) does a very good job. But for more serious parasitic infections, Oje is the product of choice. See testimonial below. ]

We finished our 8 day OJE cleanse (4 bottles each person). Yes, it does work for ridding the body of parasites. ...finally found something that actually works!
Just want to thank you so much for making this available to us here in Canada!!! Thanks again . . .
P.S. --- You were right about sensitivity from the sun - I feel when I spend a bit of time in the sun that I have heat stroke like symptoms (funny feeling in my head thereafter). Otherwise, there wasn't too much die-off healing crisis for which I'm glad, but even if there was, it would be worth it IMO. Mind you I have been on various parasite cleanses on and off for the last little while before this one. I realize those ones did nothing much in comparison to Oje.

Rec'd : June 19, 2015

Case #062515: Cansema® Salve & Advanced SCC
(Click images to enlarge)
During the winter I had squamous cell carcinoma surgically removed from the outer side of my leg between my ankle and calf, using Moh's surgery. I then started researching skin cancer and came across your site/Cansema. I purchased the salve and ant venom to try if I ever had any more issues with my skin.
About a month ago I had something the size of a pencil eraser that I was sure looked like the squamous cell, so I put the salve on for 3 days in a row. (I have to admit I was going on the directions I read before I purchased the salve and never mixed the salve.) I put the salve on 3 days in a row ... then let it just do its thing. I did have to use the ant venom for pain, put it worked well to relieve it without having to use ibuprophen.
I attached 3 pics. (1st one is with black dot, then the white bulbous one, then the one that looks deflated). It seemed to be progressing well. Yesterday it looked like it opened up where you can see in the pic and the "eschar" has been deflating since . . .
This stuff is truly amazing. I am sold on it and telling everyone who will listen. I am a holistic health coach and would love to teach people about these products . . .

Rec'd : June 26, 2015

Case #071815: Cansema® Salve & Squamous Cell Carcinoma
(Click images to enlarge)
[Editor's Note: Testimonial submitted by caretaker.]
(I'm submitting) the case of a cancer patient, who was told that a second surgery would be required to remove an advanced SCC, but that he could lose his eye in the process. Not wanting to lose his eye, he opted to remove the growth in its entirety with Cansema, instead, which he subsequently did.

(name withheld)
Rec'd : July 18, 2015

Case #072015: Cansema® Salve & Breast Cancer
(Click images to enlarge)
[Editor's Note: In fairness, the majority of our breast cancer cases don't respond with this level of rapidity, but it does happen.]
Last, I am not exaggerating at all, but the lump between my breasts has already shrunk. It feels between 1/2 and 2/3 the size it was several days ago. Just look at my pictures! You can see white, and reddish mottling with black specs. But do you see a large lump there? I think not.

Jennifer (USA)
Rec'd : July 20, 2015

Case #082515: H3O & Athlete's Feet
I got Athlete's Foot around 3 or 4 times over the past few months, and the recent one is around last week. Using the H3O, I got rid of it. I got no itch and for the first day when applying the H3O on my toes, 3rd day or 4th it becomes like "dry skin" and the fungus were drying up. Now, my toes got the "dead skin" and it is peeling off gradually. H3O works for Athelete's Foot.

Eric Tzu (Hong Kong)
Rec'd : August 25, 2015

Case #083015: Cansema® & Unspecified Skin Cancer
Small breast lesion
Area under (the) eye. Three weeks this time. The most stubborn spot. Treated ten different times over past five years. First time whole neck and lymph nodes swollen up. This was only a little pin prick about ten years ago but kept bleeding . . . This time treated with (Cansema) Deep Tissue and put some in gelatin capsule about size of pea twice daily. I realize that this (testimonial) would be more useful to you if I had got official diagnosis from powers that be. I wouldn't have had a face if they had hacked them all off. Interestingly enough, my husband who opted for (an) MD has had quite a few and thousands of dollars lately they always come back. Last week he finally caved and asked me for Cansema. It's ironic that he was the one who recommended Cansema to me (in the first place).
Update -- October 28: Lesion under eye gone with very little scarring, which I could minimize by using silicone strip . . . Found the big one on breast which is in process of healing. Last time I put on face was very careful with scab to leave on as long as possible. One on breast is healing nicely, having oral surgery today so in another week I will reapply. Thank you for all your support and will update.

Kim Murdoch Downs (USA)
Rec'd : August 30, 2015

Case #091615: Sangre de Drago & Burns
(Editor's Note: "Sangre" is used throughout the Amazon to quickly heal up cuts, wounds, and burns. We even advise its use for "after care" in accelerating wound healing when using Cansema. It is something that's taken for granted here, but occasionally we get a letter like the one below confirming what is common knowledge in the "oriente.")
I got a little burn today, stupid me.
When I checked your website about the application of Sangre, I iced my thumb with the frozen food. When I applied Sangre to my thumb, around 1 hour or 90 minutes later I didn't feel the burn again and now it looks healed up.
(name withheld)
Rec'd : September 16, 2015

Case #091815: Oleander Graviola Blend & Unspecified Feline Cancer
I had remarkable results previously, removing a lump (cyst or cancer) from my cat's torso, with your Oleander Graviola product. Within 2 weeks of starting him on a small amount of your Oleander Graviola (orally or in food) his lump expelled itself right through his skin and is now complete healed / gone. THANK YOU.

S. Tolmie (USA)
Rec'd : September 18, 2015

Case #092215: Cansema® Salve & Mast Cell Canine Tumor
Wow, sorry about not providing any updates. My dog is cancer free according to the vet. The mast cell is gone. A painful process, but the meds helped with the control of the pain. Thanks for all your help; my vet is amazed. At last he was open minded, and helped me with the treatment. Keep up the great work, best regards,

Justin Wilson (FL)
Rec'd : September 22, 2015

Case #092415: Cansema® Salve & Mesothelioma
[Editor's Note: This was submitted to us, showing the removal of a mesothelioma through the back using Cansema -- Deep Tissue. The patient was originally declared to be terminal, and yet Cansema was able to get the entire tumor removed. Subsequent testing showed a complete absence of lung cancer. I spoke to a family member about nine months later, and apparently a concatenation of other unrelated health challenges converged to bring about the patient's passing. Nonetheless, this pictorial is as good I have ever seen for using Deep Tissue to pull internal malignancies directly out of the body through the skin. Though the patient initially coughed constantly due to irritation created by the mesothelioma, the family told us that coughing ceased shortly after the very first application of Cansema.]

Case #101415: Cansema® Salve / Unspecified / No Scarring
I just wanted to share the good result. My scar has healed nicely and I am sure it is smaller than what would have happened if a doctor cut it out . . . actually I know because a doctor did the last one and it was big.
So thank you for that.

J. Wysong
Rec'd : October 14, 2015

Case #101715: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers
Letting you know that my wife and myself have so far successfully eradicated 27 skin cancers from our face, upper back, and legs over the last three years. All but two leaving no scarring, the process of decavitation and healing happened just like we were informed, and are more than happy to pay the $30 for our tiny tub, instead of opting for expensive surgery and chemo creams we previously employed.
Still chuckling to ourselves at orthodox medical ignorance, not just in skin cancer, but many misunderstood, outdated and irrelevant concepts of health and chronic metabolic diseases.
P.S. --- Very tempted to send this email to Quackwatch, but instead we’ll keep spreading the good news amongst friends.

[Editor's Note After receiving this we went ahead and sent an email, request to use the customer's comments. This is what came back in return : ]
Yes, we have been well aware of Stephen Barrett’s level of integrity and disingeniousness since the early 2000’s. In fact, we have him to thank for discovering your products, as I came across his Quackwatch rubbish while conducting other cancer research back then, to find Cansema which, of course, prompted another leg of our health education journey.
We figured why waste time emailing another destructive person, when we could simply help spread the good news on better options. Consequently, you are more than welcome to add my previous email to this years’ testimonial page, and when our current spots have healed, we'll send the photo sequence to you. Honestly, I’ve only got my first confirmed cancer spots last week using ‘Amazon’ as 15 previous test spots two years ago yielded no reaction. So I’m pretty excited with the two spots on both temples. My wife has the fair freckled problem skin with several family members passing away or suffering unnecessarily from skin cancer, and she’s been dropping cancers off the last three years for fun.
One thing we are interested in working with, is how we can incorporate your products legally in Australia to help others. Currently, we’re approximately two years away from moving full time toward a philanthropic Patch Adams type, not-for-profit self-funded concept, in improving people’s health by sponsoring their treatment and super nutrition for 3-6 months. Taking measurable results before, during, and after for their specific health condition, making no claims, of course, except the phrase “this may improve your health”, and zero profit while proving results during this sponsorship period to minimise TGA interruptions. Through doing this successfully on a small scale among friends and family since 2007, we’ve been building up resources and networks to expand our circle of influence, with the intention to demonstrate simpler, cheaper, safer and often more effective health modalities than the majority of our orthodox medical pathways. This stems from our understandings that a significant portion of western “health” care is either unnecessary or irrelevant.
It’s been a big undertaking, and lots of thought, sweat and effort to get to a stage where we can help people legally without getting into trouble from authorities, and hopefully not have to experience what Greg and your family/friends circle went through.

( name withheld )
SA, Australia
Rec'd : October 17, 2015

Case #101915: Cansema® Salve & Breast Cancer
This is a follow up to Case #101314 --- again, the most thoroughly documented pictorial on using Cansema Salve to get rid of breast cancer that we've ever seen. See Case #101915 doc file.

( name withheld ) -- Indiana (USA)
Rec'd : October 19, 2015

Case #102215v: Cansema® Tonic III & Feline Leukemia
Greetings, my name is Jazmin and I've heard wonderful testimonies about your product. A really close family friend referred my boyfriend and I to your Amazon Tonic III product. Cathryn -- [not OUR Cathryn] has been using your products for her cat, Habibbi, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Her testimony has really shocked me, since her cat was only given a few weeks to live. With this product, it has shocked the vets themselves . . .

( additional particulars withheld )
Rec'd : October 22, 2015

Case #102215: Alma de la Planta Oils & Muscle Problems / Hair Coloring
Hi Cathryn . . . Thanks for answering me. I am beside myself with trying to figure my hair out and do not want to resort to colouring my hair. I had this happen once before to my hair when I started taking more magnesium. Hence, I am making the connection to the essential oils.
I have been using essential oils mostly for relief of very sore muscles. I have used them in a diffuser, internally but mostly use them in my bath. I must say that I think the oils have helped me considerably.
The oils I have been using mostly have been: Basil, Bergamot, Orange, Peppermint, Lavender, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Tumeric, Lemongrass, and Grapefruit.

Rec'd : October 22, 2015

Case #102315: Cansema® Save & Unspecified Cancer / AK
Just got my biopsy results, and it was negative for cancer. They wouldn't tell me anything else about what it was, so apparently if at one point it was cancer, or actinic keratosis, the salve got it out. Thank you for your help!

[ name withheld ]
Rec'd : October 23, 2015

Case #102415: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Cancer
Just wanted to thank you for your products. Removed a tumor that was almost the size of a half dollar and another sizeable skin cancer on my face. I'm very pleased with the results considering the radical surgery I would have had to undergo. People are literally amazed at the results and that it was done at home. No M.D. (know what I mean). Thank you so much.

Lance Fryer
Dana Point, Calif.
Rec'd : October 24, 2015

Case #102815: Oje & Colitis
The aching in my descending colon is greatly reduced in the fire. I'm noticing a little less fatigue, as well. It feels like some of the load is off of me. I have done it twice and plan to do it two more times. I hope this will accelerate the healing of my number one enemy.

Michael Schmitt (U.S.)
Rec'd : October 28, 2015

[Cathryn Caton, N.D. and Christine Breese, Ph.D. -- Nov. 2014]

Case #110815: Cansema Salve & Breast Cancer
Thanks Greg!
I have a newfound appreciation for what it is you do! You just saved my life! It's me who suddenly had a lump on my breast, and only in three aplications has it started pussing and scabbing and moving in the right direction. It's small. I caught it right away, and as soon as it appeared I knew what it was. I'm just starting menopause so this is a normal time for this to happen. I compared with pics online, so I knew, it's really small still, and I'm so glad I had your cure right in my hands. This could have been a death sentence for me if I didn't know about you! You saved my life and a lot of grief trying to figure it all out.
Gosh, I cannot even imagine how many lives you have saved. You really are an angel, Greg. You came across this miracle, and hand it out in such a non greedy way. You make a price everyone can afford, and you are such a good person. I'm so sorry you had to pay such a high price to make this possible for all those people, including me, whose lives would have been lost. I'm so sorry you have been so harmed to do this work. I really admire you.
I just want to say "Thank You," Greg, for everything you offer to the world. Thank you for saving my life and the tens of thousands of lives you have saved. And thank you Cathryn for being his support and for being such a believer in this work. Without you, Greg could have never done this. Just the way I couldn't have done what I have done without Bruce, Greg wouldn't have made any of this happen without you. You are so crucial to this miracle in the world, such an integral part of it all. You have an incredible value in your part of being this dynamic duo that you two are!
I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I love you both and have such a huge gratitude for your existence in the world and your presence in my life! Bruce, too, as he didn't want to lose me! I am so honored that I know you both.
Love . . .

Christine Breese
Founder / President
University of Metaphysical Sciences
Rec'd : November 8, 2015

Case #111015: Cansema® Salve & Ear Cancer
All the spots have fallen off! . . .

[ name withheld ]
Rec'd : November 10, 2015

Case #111115: Cansema® Salve & Melanoma
It dropped out just now . . .
Feeling really excited about it . . .

[ name withheld ]
Rec'd : November 11, 2015

Case #111615: H2O2 & Breast Cancer Treatment
I just thought I would send you an email to say thank you for recommending the hydrogen peroxide baths. I have now had three of them using 35% hydrogen peroxide (which is sold under license here in the UK). It has been amazing. My breast is no longer leaking green gunk and smelling terrible. It has reverted to pale yellow and smelling of the hydrogen peroxide.
It is really amazing that it could make such a difference after so few days. I am going to contine to use it till I am healed.
Best wishes . . .

Ruth (U.K.)
Rec'd : November 16, 2015

Case #112015: Amazon Tonic III, Cat's Claw & non-Hodgkin lymphoma, low grade
[Editor's note: This brief email was sent by a case we were following of low grade lymphoma since Aug., 2015.]
Blood was good and no lymph bumps - my doc was happy and cut me loose for a year. Thanks for the Tonic III and cat's claw!!! I finished my second bottle of the tonic back on Oct 16 . . . (I daily do a lot of supplements and meditation) Thanks!!!

Cambridge, MA (USA)
Rec'd : November 20, 2015

Case #112115: Cansema® & Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Hi. I just want to tell anybody with an obvious SCC to not hesitate with the use of Cansema - living in Thailand and Australia had head skin cancer 18 months old 1st one, cansema did the trick. Just had another and after 11 days it was dead and popped off. Even convinced my local skin cancer clinic doctor she is now telling patients to go on line and use -- cheers john.
Cheers. John.

"Thai John"
Rec'd : November 21, 2015

Case #112215: Cansema® & Unspecified Skin Cancers
Have been using Cansema cream now for about 3 years. Australian sun taking its toll after 72 years. My daughter first introduced me to it. I have just ordered another but with Nuwais as i have one on upper lip. Will also try this one on one near my eye socket. Will send feedback . . .
Wonderful products, hope we can still obtain them if the Trans Pacific Partnersnip goes up.

K.F. Ham
Queensland, Australia
Rec'd : November 16, 2015

Case #112315: Cansema®, H2O2 & Basal Cell Carcinoma
I wanted to share this with you and feel free to use pictures. I will send you pictures when fully healed if you like.
Thank You So Much.
[Editor's Note: Then came the following letter with pictures posted above, along with the a professionally prepared video showing the entire process.]
When I watched this I couldn't help but cry and think about Mom. I'm ashamed of myself for trusting the medical system: Cancer: The Forbidden Cures [YouTube]
The Dermatologist here in Kingston wanted to cut out a silver dollar sized section of my shoulder to remove the Basal Cell Carcinoma that I had. Cutting into or around cancer just didn't make sense to me. I researched and found "Black Salve" made from the Bloodroot Plant and other Herbs. I ordered it from Alpha Omega Labs and followed this (very old) method of extracting skin cancer from the body.
I first tested the Black Salve on a different area of my body. There was no reaction, not even a mark after 12 hours. Black Salve only reacts to Cancer Cells. I applied the Black Salve on my carcinoma, covered it with a bandage. 24 hours later I removed the bandage. The Black Salve was gone, it was completely absorbed into the area that had the carcinoma.

Dominic Merlo
Maple Ridge, BC (Canada)
Rec'd : November 23, 2015

Case #112415: Amazon Tonic III & Overall Better Health
[Editor's Note: Often times, people use Amazon Tonic III as a general, health management tonic, as opposed to using it to address a specific medical condition. This case would apply.]
Since my email on the 17th, I've had several days of acute pain in the central sternum area about 1" below my rib cage. Breathing deep caused sharp pain and reaching side to side caused sharp pain.
Today is the 23rd. I'm feeling much better with very mild pain when I cough or turn side to side. My blood pressure from 3wks. ago was 212/102 is now at 132/80. Not great but better then the other.
I do not drink alcohol, smoke, use or take drugs or consume soft drinks or pasteurized fruit drinks.
I've lost 54 lbs. in the last 3 months and am now down to 131 lbs. I've slowed down on my detox drink as I believe I tried to hit it a little too hard.
I'll be 70 years young on April 24/2016 and am in better shape than most 18 year olds.
My Father-in-Law was a medical doctor and just about killed himself and his wife by taking flu shots every year and other toxic waste. I got my mother-in-law out of the wheel chair and walking again and the last 5 years of their lives were drug free. He said, "Allan, I've been practicing medicine wrong all my life." Then he understood what real healing was all about. I got him to understand that the body did the cure as long as we provide it the foods of its natural biological adaptation!

Mount Airy, NC
Rec'd : November 23, 2015

Case #112815: Cansema® & Malignant Mole
How are things going with you? I've just returned from a 2 week trip to Delhi, India. I went there especially to have my hernia repaired by a recommended surgeon there. He used a mesh-free technique which was not possible in the UK. So far, so good. Am recovering well and should be 100% within 3 months. I was mobile enough to see the sites of Delhi, and I also visited Rishikesh and Agra (to see the Taj Mahal). It was an enjoyable trip.
Before the India trip I made and bottled my first batch of Lugol's Iodine using the materials I got from you. That went well and I have started distributing the bottles and educating people about the benefits of iodine. An aunt of mine (a retired doctor) has also just been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, and I have sent her some information on how she might be able to recover without surgery (which she is considering after recommendation by her consultant).
My father had an ugly-looking mole on the back of his leg for many years, and after two applications with Cansema, ten days later the mole peeled off cleanly. He has asked me to thank you for providing a way to remove a mole that he thought was impossible to get rid of without surgery. :-)

"Oliver" (UK)
Rec'd : November 28, 2015

Case #113015v: Cansema® & Equine Skin Cancers
Hi guys. An associate has has great success treating skin cancers in her horses using your Cansema topical salves.

Nic Steding
Perth, Australia
Rec'd : November 30, 2015

Case #120215: Cansema® Salve & Skin Cancers (unspecified)
[Editor's Note: We include this belated submission -- (and many of the reports we get are belated) -- to show that even the elderly, those for whom conventional treatment becomes increasingly dangerous, can be successfully treated naturopathically.]
Hi Cathryn . . . Praying all is well with you and your loved ones. I’ve communicated with you & Alpha Omega Labs in the past -- years ago with my successful use of the Cansema Black Salve & most recently (2014) concerning my 89 year old Mom, who did overcome the Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma with the help of the Amazon Tonic III, Ajo Te, Cat's Claw, cancer diet, and faith & prayer . . .

P. Richie
Seaforth, Delaware (USA) Rec'd : December 2, 2015

Case #120715: Cansema® & Actinic (Solar) Keratosis
I had the surface of my lip burnt off with laser surgery 15 years ago, and the keratosis came back within 9 months Three very small applications of black salve and its gone! Changed my life as I was very self conscious of this ugly sore on my lip :) .

E. Warren
Western Australia
Rec'd : December 7, 2015

Case #120815: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers
Good evening, Cathryn,
It has been awhile since I have wrote to you. My family and me are still having great results with (Cansema) Black Salve. Skin cancer is like Nut Grass: keeps on popping up as we get older. This is a thank you letter to you and your staff. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas. All the best in 2016 and beyond . . . Regards.

E. Moran
Queensland, Australia
Rec'd : December 8, 2015

Case #121215: Cansema® Salve & Basal / Squamous Cell Carcinomas
Hi, Cathryn,
Thanks for your prompt reply . . . As I mentioned I have used black salve for a number of years and have removed many BCCs and SCCs. [Emphasis added --- with the balance of the letter inquiring about unrelated conditions.]

Mr. L.K.
Western Australia
Rec'd : December 12, 2015

Case #121615: Cansema® & Basal Cell Carcinoma
Case #121615v: Cansema® Salve & Canine Cancer

We raise high end German Shepherds (http://www.germanshepherds-gsd.com) and recently used an older jar of Cansema, left over from a close relative who had cancer, on a small growth one of our males had developed. The affected area was clear within a few days.
Amazing stuff.
[Later on the same day, Greg DeBré submitted the following separately. It was a statement from his current wife, Kari Satterfield] --- "I have been a fan of Cansema Black Salve since 2004 when my (then) husband, Kirk, developed a basal cell carcinoma on the side of his nose. We had heard a testimonial of this salve’s incredible healing power from a neighbor who had seen it rapidly remove a tumor from her friend’s arm. My husband ordered a bottle of the Cansema Black Salve and applied it to the wound site. It showed almost immediate reaction. The next morning the sore appeared larger as the tumor was drawn out. Kirk had two black eyes, presumably from the Cansema’s action internally. They were gone quickly. The tumor was also quickly and completely eradicated. Kirk applied vitamin E oil to the site where the sore had been and it healed very well, leaving clean, healthy tissue in its place.”
Greg adds: "Unfortunately, in 2011, Kirk passed away from lung cancer, as he was a heavy smoker. My wife passed away in 2010 -- before Kirk. Kari and I met and have been together now for 3 years . . . "

Greg S. DeBré
German Shepherd Dogs Von DeBré
Rec'd : December 16, 2015

Case #122015v: Cansema® Salve & Epitheliotropic Lymphoma (Canine)
Just wanted to give you an update on (our dog), Nelson. He is doing brilliantly with no new lesions appearing since we last spoke in April/May. After giving him the salve internally, he’s been consistently bright and healthy. After being told in November, 2014 that he’d likely only live another 4 weeks, he’s certainly proven the vets and cancer specialist wrong. I’m so glad we never went down the path of radiation therapy. Not only has he lasted 13 months, but he’s never appeared to really suffer during treatment apart from some local soreness for a couple of days when the Salve was first applied. I’m pleased to say he’s still full of energy (too much sometimes) and runs circles around our other dog who is the same age.
Background on this case: (submitted earlier)
Nelson: 10 year old Cocker Spaniel
He had a mouth tumour removed from the front of his gum on Nov. 3 and was given the diagnosis on Wed 19th Nov that he has epithiliotropic lymphoma. The cancer is supposedly rare and very aggressive - with known cases which have been left untreated, the maximum life expectancy after diagnosis is 6 months, but more likely only 1 month. However, because there are such few cases they haven’t been able to give expected life span for treated dogs either (when I say treated, they are referring to radiation and chemo). Nelson was then given a chest xray and stomach ultrasound to assess whether it had spread. Fortunately it hasn’t and the mouth seems to be the only location at this stage. That being said, the mouth tumour had started growing back within 3 weeks of removal. The cancer clinic has recommended radiation as the best treatment, however, we’ve decided to not proceed with this due to potential side effects/quality of life.
My mum put me in contact with a supplier of natural health products and he advised the following treatment, which we’ve been doing since the 28th November:
(Cansema with) Nuwais: applied to the tumour
MSM: 1 teaspoon daily in his food/water
Chaga: 10-15 drops twice per day
In addition to the above, I’ve also been giving him the following:
Essiac Tea: 1 tablespoon, 2-3 times per day on an empty stomach
Turmeric: ½ teaspoon, twice per day
Changed his diet from commercial pet food to home slow cooked meat & veg stews, also only giving him filtered water.
I have also just ordered this product to replace the Essiac & Chaga, as it has these same herbs included and gets good reviews: http://www.petwellbeing.com/products/dog-cancer . . . To give you an update on the treatment so far… I wasn’t quite sure of how frequently the Nuwais should be applied and the supplier was a little hard to get hold of for guidance, so I gave him approx 3 applications (rubbing on the tumour/gum) over the first 1.5 days. This had a reaction and the surrounding gum went very red and a little blistery, but the tumour itself didn’t blister, nor did anything fall out. Nelson coped very well with the pain, however, I did give him some pain killers just in case. Late last week I gave him additional applications (twicer per day for 3 days), and it had a milder response than the first round, however, the tumour appears to have shrunk . . .

Anna Hosking
Victoria, Australia
Rec'd : December 20, 2015

Case #122315: Cansema® Salve & BCC
About 5 years ago I was diagnosed by my dermatologist with a skin cancer on my nose. He called to say the biopsy showed that the cancer was deeper and broader spread than he anticipated. He prescribed Aldura ($132 per tube) to be used. I looked online for the patient's responses to the drug. Many Australians had used the drug, not always with good results. One woman reported that Aldura had destroyed her immune system. With that information, I consulted with the owner of my local health food store and told him that I did not want to use that drug and what did he recommend. He told me about Cansema which I then ordered and used. I followed exactly the instructions that were on the internet. After about 6 weeks, all signs of the cancer had disappeared. When I went to the dermatologist for a follow-up examination he said that my nose looked good.
I am sure that he knew that I did not use Aldura, but he never asked me what I did use. I keep Cansema on hand in case another cancer appears. My nose healed, the pit filled in nicely, and there is no indication that a cancer was there. About every year I put Cansema on the spot on my nose and the response shows a clean slate.

(Name withheld by request)
Rec'd : December 23, 2015

Case #122815-1: Cansema® & Unspecified Skin Cancer
In September, 2012, I was diagnosed with skin cancer by our general practitioner. An appointment was made with the dermatologist for several weeks away. In the meantime, I obtained Cansema and used it as instructed. At my appointment, the dermatologist told me I did not have skin cancer.
Thank you so much for real help with something that works.

Frank Hayhoe (Canada)
Rec'd : December 28, 2015

Case #122815-2: Cansema® & Unspecified Skin Cancer
Greg and Cathryn,
Thank you so much for your note. I am so happy with my healing with your black salve, and I have told many people about your products. I carry my jar of black salve and photos of my facial skin cancer (basal cell) healing in my purse to show everyone.
Thank you once again and keep up the great work . . .

Thank you so much for real help with something that works.

Ms. L.L.N.
Ontario, Canada
Rec'd : December 28, 2015

Case #122815-3: Cansema® & Unspecified Skin Cancer
Thank you, Greg and Cathryn, for the well wishes . . . without this amazing herbal treatment, I would more than likely be a mass of scars all over my body, especially the face. Every skin cancer which had been cut out had returned so instead of going back to the specialist I treated it myself - thereafter it didn't return. I took photos of the various treatments after the escar had departed but didn't take photos of the progression of the treatment. Our interested friends are completely gobsmacked at the core or sometimes a seed like thing with a root that comes out and the hole it leaves prior to healing over. I am most hesitant to go have a skin checkup with the medical experts as they try their hardest to convince you it's illegal to use such products, and they don't work.
I wish you the very best in the coming years, and we can all hope that all the relevant governments authorize proper testing and approvals of the best products out there . . .

( name withheld)
Rec'd : December 28, 2015

Case #122815-4: Cansema® & Unspecified Skin Cancer
I have been treating myself with remarkable results. I have found that when using the Deep Tissue version that it often finds lesions lateral to the application point sometimes inches away that were otherwise unnoticeable.
[Editor's Note: This is a common occurrence.

M. Huey
Palm Beach Gardens, FL (USA)
Rec'd : December 28, 2015

Case #122915: Cansema® Salve & BCC's
Your products are an absolute Godsend. They eradicated a large basal cell on my right arm and one on my nose. Surgery was advised and offered nothing but disfigurement and expense – and then I found you guys! I also have a bottle of Tonic on hand should it ever be needed for an internal cancer.
Every time I meet or know someone who is diagnosed with cancer I immediately inform them of your enterprise and ensure they visit your website. Very few listen, and many of them have since died prematurely and painfully at the hands of doctors and oncologists – you can lead a horse to water? I will persist, however.
So, thank you once again for your perseverance and courage!!

M. Claydon
Adelaide, South Australia
Rec'd : December 29, 2015

Case #123015: Cansema® Salve & BCC's
It is not you who should be thanking me but I who should be thanking you. Cansema saved me from a gung-ho plastic surgeon who was intent on honing his skills by removing half my face. I have now been completely cured by Cansema, unwittingly confirmed by the very people who condemn it! Mystified by my recovery, yet the top specialists at the Melanoma Institute of Australia ask no questions, and I give them no answers. They just seem to accept that my immune system has been working overtime. That’s fine with me because there is no way I’m going to risk the removal of the use of your product in this country by discussing what I did with them.

(name withheld)
Rec'd : December 30, 2015

Case #123115: Cansema® Salve & BCC's
[Editor's Note: We don't win all our cases, and this is is particularly true of customers who are in the 90's, suffering from other ailments. Of particular note, however, is the case below, since it shows that even in advanced age, we can do wonderous things, if we cooperate with nature, to extend our quality of life.]
"Thank you for your skin cancer treatment and other products. Your survival of the FDA attack has given us a most valuable treatment for skin cancer, for ourselves and loves ones. Just today, I was sharing holiday greetings with a fellow golfer, reminiscing my sharing info about Black Salve. He is using it on himself now and sharing his experiences with others, after a first successful treatment on his several skin conditions by me.
I am not sharing this in hopes of some kind of reward, just to let you know how important your Black Salve has been to those who believe in it and trust its continued effectiveness. I have attached pictures of treatments I did on my Mom before she left us. Your Black Salve made it possible to end some of her suffering in her last years.
Thank you! Keep up the good works! "
Subsequent to this, we asked for an update on the case:
Mom died generally of old age ... organ failure.... brought on initially by a UTI...... she wanted to go....stopped eating, etc..... she almost made 101..... 6 weeks short. We had a wonderful 100th Birthday Day Party for her. She had a full life and I was lucky enough to be her son and be at her side when she passed.

Stan D.
Niverville, NY (USA)
Rec'd : December 31, 2015

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