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The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema (both black topical salve and our internal versions - human use only, see also animal use), as well as our CanSupport products.
We have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
This page has little graphics, but is text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Case #091403: Cansema Salve / Quikheal Green & BCC's

This was my 4th basil cell carcinoma in about 20 years. Previously had surgery, but this last one on the tip of my nose, did not have much underlying tissue. I assumed a dermatologist's care would involve skin grafting and a fairly large scar. So for 2 years I, at various times, attempted to treat the lesion with a poultice of vitamin C and DMSO or a salve which contained a glycoalkyloid. These applications produced a scab but no erosion of the basic lesion. And gradually the lesion was getting larger. Then I learned of Cansema on the internet.
One 24 hour application of Cansema. After 16 hours I experienced slight discomfort. It felt as if someone were pinching my nose just slightly with a pliers. Enough to make me aware. This minor discomfort persisted for 3 days. There was also slight edema and a large area of redness.
Because I'm a practicing chiropractor, meeting people, I kept a light bandage over the not too attractive eschar. Exactly 7 days after the first and only application of Cansema, the eschar, about 3mm in diameter, fell off. I was using Quikheal Green around the eschar and it caused a very slight itching. I was just lightly stroking around the eschar and it fell off. I was very pleasantly surprised!!
Within 2 days a not too objectionable scab formed which I continued to treat with Quikheal Green. Exactly 7 days after the eschar fell out or off, the scab fell off. I now have a slightly discolored, 3mm in diameter, excavation or depression on my nose which doesn't look bad at all and which I continue to treat with Quikheal Green. I'm confident this depression will gradually even out with the adjoining tissue.
I could not be more pleased with this very simple solution to what could have been an involved problem. Imagine, 14 days in all and I fooled around for 2 years.
Sent via email: Sept. 14, 2003

Eschar removed - the initiation of the decavitation stage
Case #090303: Cansema Salve
Unspecified Skin Cancer Removal
from CAM Physician (M.D.) in the U.S.

A CAM physician in the U.S. sent us closeup pictures of his own skin cancer removal. Frankly, they're better than the ones we've taken -- and do a wonderful job of showing the precision with which Cansema necroses neoplastic tissue, leaving normal tissue only temporarily irritated during the process.
To save space on this -- our Cansema / CanSupport Testimonial page for 2003 -- we've created a separate page to display these photos, which involve some very nice closeups.

Submitted by:
Dr. Bradford S. Weeks (M.D.)
Sent via email: Sept. 3, 2003

Elmo - when first diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma
Case #090203v: Cansema Salve / Capsules
and Felice Squamous Cell Carcinoma

(borrowed from our testimonial vet page for
demonstration purposes)
[Editor's Note: Never before have we committed "crossover" --- placing a vet case on one of our "human use" testimonial pages. In fact, we keep a separate page for veterinary cases. Nevertheless, the successful case of Elmo, a 14 year old cat with squamous cell carcinoma, should be of interest, particularly to our practitioner/users, simply because the same principles apply in working with humans (actually, in cases involving any mammals). This case, with a small series of photographs, demonstrates the importance of sufficient coverage to ensure that the cancer growth does not return. Any removal of a small necrotic that lacks depth should be cause to question whether or not you have removed the malignancy in its entirety. Re-application then becomes a judgement call.]

Case #090203: Cansema Salve / Numerous Skin Cancers --- (New Zealand)

New Zealand, national flag We live in the sunniest part of New Zealand and although I have spent most of my life in a commercial environment out of the sun we have for the last 12 years been living on a farm where I have been exposed to our very high level of UV for one or two hours daily while I tend cattle. Consequently I have been getting quite a lot of skin cancer on my hands and forehead even though I wear a widebrimmed hat constantly. Some of the skin on my back and shoulders is problematic probably from sunburn in my youth. However, since I discovered Cansema all my problems have been resolved and I think that your product is brilliant - it clears up all the cancerous growths immediately and what I find really amazing is that if some is applied to something such as a mole that is not cancerous it does not react at all. It is almost is though it knows. It is really important to be able to obtain such healing products.

Anthony Opie
Sent via email: Sept. 2, 2003

Case #083103: Cansema Tonic I & Testicular Cancer
(First sent 6/27/03 -- updated and edited by submitter on 8/31/03)

A few months ago, I noticed a small, hard testicular lump. It didn't occur to me at the time that it might be a problem, but a few weeks ago, subsequent to our last email, it began to get larger, and I realized it was probably cancer. It gave me a bad few hours--then I remembered something from Anthony Sattilaro's book Recalled by Life. Michio Kushi had told him, after his cancer was gone, that he should continue being careful about his diet (avoiding flour, oil, fish, and fruit) for at least six months, because it takes the body seven years to replace all its cells and completely discharge the cancer. I concluded that I had resumed those foods (not the fish, of course, being a vegetarian) too soon.
I eliminated them from my diet, and the lump immediately began to diminish. A few days after finding it, I went to see Gene Fitzpatrick, an herbalist up here. Muscle testing indicated that I did have cancer and that macrobiotics alone would eliminate it. However, we also tested for paw paw, an herb Nature's Sunshine recently began producing that has been shown to reduce tumors. Testing indicated that it wasn't essential but that it would accelerate elimination of the cancer.
I also tested for apricot seeds--two a day--which I assumed I needed for the Vitamin B17. However, Gene mentioned that apricot seeds also contain zinc. Testing indicated that I needed the zinc, not the B17. Therefore, pumpkin seeds were just as good (and taste a lot better).
Over the next few weeks the lump decreased and got to be very small, but, as with my previous experience with skin cancer, it didn't disappear completely. I started taking Cansema Tonic I, and after several more weeks it went away. About this time I also found out that many common body-care products, such as the toothpaste and shampoo I'd been using, contain certain carcinogenic ingredients. As I result, I switched brands.
The whole experience reminded me of the words of Sant Darshan Singh, a twentieth-century Indian mystic, in Spiritual Awakening: "Once a man went to a saint and complained, 'Sir, my meditations are not good.' The saint replied, 'Look to your stomach.' Another man came to this saint and said, 'I can't control my mind.' The saint replied, 'Look to your stomach.' A third man came and said, 'I am not having good health.' And the saint again replied, 'Look to your stomach.' " Although the context of the story is about not overeating, what we eat and how well we digest it are clearly too important to be taken for granted.

[Update received 8/31/03: --- I'm pleased to report that the lump is gone--I ended up taking Cansema (Tonic) I again, so I revised what I sent before, if you want to post it (anonymously).]

(privacy of submitter requested)
Sent via email: August 31, 2003
[Editor's Note: We won't comment on the Nature's Sunshine product (though we have researched paw paw ourselves -- and could provide commentary well exceeding the allowable space for an editor's note). As for diet, you won't hear any arguments from this quarter. We emphasize both diet and lifestyle in our Health Zone section.]

Case #071703: Cansema Salve
Multiple Basal & Squamous Cell Carcinomas --- (Australia)

Australia Cansema really worked for me...
... I have used Cansema over the past 12 months on a couple of SCCs and BCCs and have had complete success with all. Even on one which had been cut out by my doctor in Australia and subsequently was redeveloping. I have referred my uncle to Cansema, he has had terrible trouble on his face for many years, has had so many operations, skin grafts, etc. He has now completely cleared his face, and looks so much better. Cansema tracked cancer even underneath his skin grafts! He had been praying for a miracle due to increased problems, and now says he has it, the miracle called Cansema!
Thanks so much.
Sent via email: July 17, 2003

Case #070903: Cansema Salve (and home grown aloe vera)
Multiple Basal & Squamous Cell Carcinomas --- (Australia)

Bevan Potter - today - July, 2003 [Editor's Note: In a perfect world, doctors would have access to the best, scientifically-proven, therapeutic products and protocols. They would faithfully use them, and politics would have no bearing . . . Alas --- such a world does not exist on our planet. Bevan Potter, an enterprising Australian who is thoroughly annoyed that superior natural products and techniques are being suppressed in favor of messy surgical procedures that, more times than not, fail to root out the problem, all the while creating more of their own, isn't going quietly into that goodnight. He's posted an extensive testimonial, full of graphic pictures that reveal how he used Cansema Salve not only to remove new cancer growths, but also get rid of problem areas that the surgery left behind. Still not content to leave it at that, he created a web site devoted to natural products that work -- (many of these products are made and sold by Alpha Omega Labs, but not all). His testimonial and his web site are well worth reading.]

Case #061503: Cansema (and other unrelated products)
Squamous Cell Carcinomas: Throat and Oral

Melville Gregory - today - July, 2003 [Editor's Note: Esophageal, tongue, and other cancers of the mouth and throat are now commonly reported as successfully treated by our end users in a cavalcade of letters, pictures, and other communications. We first covered this area in the well documented case of Kent Estes. The current subject, Mel Gregory, provides his own testimony, demonstrating that with a combination of the right Cansema products, a deep and abiding faith in His Maker and his own chances of recovery, the battle can be won. Mr. Mel Gregory also reports the details of his use of a handful of other protocols he chose to submit which are not common to our other users (and on this, we do not provide commentary). In keeping with our policy on testimonials, we give you his report to us, unaltered and as submitted.]

Case #061103: Cansema / CanSupport / HRx Protocol
Rare Prostate Cancer on Seminal Vesicle
I would like to inform you of the following:
As you know, I have been in treatment for prostate problems for the last ten years, the result of an enlarged prostrate. I have been on a drug named Flomax to control the swelling of the prostate. (Ed.: benign prostatic hypertrophy).
Last year my urologist recommended that I have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) done of the pelvic area. The MRI showed a tumor/mass on my seminal vesicle (please see attached findings dated 6/28/02).
At your recommendation, (Ed.: Oct., 2002) I began a regimen of taking the following products from Alpha Omega Labs:
  1. HRx Hydroxide Concentrate
  2. CanSupport (Prostate)
  3. Cansema Capsules
  4. Cansema Tonic III
I took these products for exactly 35 days. Subsequently (three months later), I went for another MRI. The findings of this scan showed no tumor/mass on my seminal vesicle (again, please see attached findings dated 1/17/03).
My urologist was shocked at the results and wanted to see the actual MRI for himself. He wanted to know what I had taken and where I got these products.
I had my 3-month check up with him yesterday (Ed.: 6/9/03) and he confirmed that the tumor/mass was no longer there. He is in such disbelief that he wants me to go for another MRI, just to be certain the tumor/mass no longer exists.
I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for recommending these herbal products. I also want to thank you for your heartfelt concern regarding my well being. Again, thank you.

Robert Sahol
Brooklyn, NY (USA)
Sent via email: June 11, 2003
Case #032001 (updated): Cansema Capsules / Cansema Tonic
& Terminal Small Cell Cancer -- (update)
Your products are so vital to us. If you look at my testimonial on your site, you'll see that my wife is still surviving after being given a few months to live by the Mayo Clinic in May 2000. (Editor: This case was first reported two years ago. The initial report can be found on our testimonials for 2001 page.)
We discovered Cansema very shortly after that and have been on it since. We firmly believe that your products along with a vegetarian diet have kept her going. (Editor: Our readers should never overlook the importance of diet. See our Health Zone.)

Jim & Bea Newman
Port Isabel, TX (USA)
Sent via email: May 15, 2003
Case #052903: Cansema Salve & Non-Specific Carcinoma
I wanted to say that the Cansema is an absolute wonderful product. I developed skin cancer on my left shoulder blade. It was a small bump about the size of a thumbnail. One day, my dad who is a doctor of homeopathic medicine took a look at it and we both decided to start treatments with the Cansema Salve. Only after a week, the tumor surfaced. It was the size of a fifty cent piece and about 3/4 of an inch thick. Within 2-3 weeks of starting treatments, the cancerous tumor was out of my body. It is now currently on display at my chiropractor's office to show other people what Cansema can do. After the tumor was removed we went back in to get the roots of the tumor that had broken off before seperation from the body. Only a week later, the roots came out. The healing process has taken a while but I can say that I did not have to have chemotherapy, surgery or any other procedure by allopathic doctors. I was healed by natural means, GOD's medicine. I survived cancer thanks to you ...
God Bless You All

William Lilljedahl
Houston, Texas (USA)
Sent via email: May 29, 2003

Case #052703: Cansema Salve & Non-Specific Carcinoma
Want to say that I have successfully taken off four (growths) and waiting for the fifth to fall off. Thank you for such a remarkable product as the "BLACK OINTMENT". Quite a large hole on my shoulder, but it is filling up. Two have been quite painful, but finally doing ITS thing.
P.S. -- Have told and shown a lot of people. They are amazed.

Mrs. Pinner (USA)
[email addie withheld by request]
Sent via email: May 27, 2003

Case #051503: Cansema Salve & Non-Specific Carcinoma
I'm a roofing contractor in California and spent about 10 years roofing in the Mojave Desert. I hate sunscreen, so you can imagine the 'little' problems that are coming up on my skin.
A friend of mine had me try some of your salve and the results were SO dramatic that I had to have my own. A few years ago, a doctor at a cancer clinic in Mexico identified a small pimple-like bump on my face as cancerous. 24 hours after trying your salve on it, it did the 'white' thing and then fell off the next day.
I now have a large amount of your salve on a bump on my ear. It's stinging - and that's good. I would (and have) recommended your product to everyone I work with...

[Editor: Additional comment made a few days later (5/21/2003): --- ... and just a little footnote: when I was at the cancer clinic in Mexico, it wasn't for me, it was for my wife. My problems were minor compared to hers, so I wasn't getting any treatments. That's why I still had the little 'pimple' that your product got rid of for me. Also, the 'bump' on my ear that I mentioned in my first letter - it's gone now!

Harold Walls
Sent via email: May 15 and 21, 2003

Case #051103: Cansema Salve & Non-Specific Carcinoma
I used the Cansema Black Salve on a brown spot on my head (of all places). It took 4 weeks, but it is expelled and on its way to healing. I am grateful for the Salve or I would have had to have my head "drilled" by a doctor. I am sure they would want a biopsy, too. But I didn't know anyone who used it on the top part of the head. I thought my hair would get in the way, but it worked. Our bodies are wonderfully made!! And alternative medicines work along with our bodies. Thanks again for the salve!
Sent via email: May 11, 2003

Case #040503: Cansema Tonic I & Squamous Carcinoma (Oral)
(Editor's Note: This testimonial was written and submitted by Mr. Mel(ville) Gregory on April 5, 2003. This same letter was submitted to -- though we do not know the current status of that post submission. To view a more visual testimonial involving cancers of the oral cavity, please review the Kent Estes case.)
Dear friends of the DrClark's yahoo's..;-)
I'm sending this on to you as I've found that it is possible to check out "visible" tumours such as I have (squamous cell cancer) on the floor of my mouth under the tongue; and any kind of skin cancers..As you know; DrClark claims that after the 6th day of the parasite cleanse that the "malignancy" should be gone from whatever cancerous tumours that one might have..I've found this to be just impossible to determine unless one has access to a synchrometer..I finished the parasite cleanse and followed the "protocols" as closely as I could; but perhaps it wasn't close enough as my tumours continued to advance and it seemed that there was no way to stop them short of actually placing myself under professional care in one of her clinics..Being a pensioner I certainly can't afford that...Nor can I change the plumbing in my Senior's building..There's just too much "fine tuning" that I can't do.
Earlier on in my fight against this cancer I was informed about "black salve" which uses a very potent herb..BLOODROOT, and I was reluctant to use it as it would leave a gaping hole where once the cancer had been, and perhaps be infected..So I checked it out and decided to go for the CANSEMA TONIC 1; which has the same affect as the "salve" but not quite as caustic..I've found that the Tonic works the same as the salve and immediately after applying it; "eschars" began to appear on my tumours; by the dozens..I could hardly believe it..As the Cansema only attacks cancerous cells; here was proof that my tumours were still deadly "malignant"..."ESCHARS" are a yellowish white substance that forms around and on any cancerous cells and literally eats them away.
I'm sharing this with you, as there may be one or more people on here that need immediate indication that their cancer is no longer malignant; but like me; do not have the funds to purchase a Synchrometer or even know how to use one..This does pose a problem with DrClark's method in that you do need to be tested to be sure that your cancer is under control..
I am not connected to the Cansema product in any way; nor do I stand to profit, other than the satisfaction that one or more of you might be saved from a premature death. Amen? I am happy and in fact delighted with the results that I have witnessed as I watch my tumours being disintegrated right before mine eyes..As in all methods and treatments; the jury is out regarding my final healing; wherein I can testify that I am indeed HEALED WITH NO TRACE OF CANCER..I feel that I have it under control now and if things continue on this way...Well Hallelujah!!! ;-) For those of you that need this extra assurance that your cancer is no longer malignant; go to the url below... melville

Melville Gregory
Posted to
Sent via email: April 5, 2003

Case #010403: Cansema & Removal of "Adjacent Growths"
Thank you for writing back and answering our question. Part of the scab on my husband's nose was pushing out so I trimmed the outer layers of the scab off. I noticed a really bad smell just beneath that which I cleaned the area thoroughly with peroxide. Part of the scab is still there over the deepest part of the cavity. I noticed the skin is growing back nicely on the edges & assume the diabetes has slowed everything. I put Vit E oil on it 2x daily as we do not have any of your other products. Today, the area looks good. I worry a little about the deep hole and if it will eventually fill in or not.
My husband received the Cansema from a concerned friend and is VERY PLEASED so far with the outsome. He is scared of surgery and did not want to have the cancer surgically removed. Also, 2 other places: one on his right ear and one place behind his left ear were to be burned off or removed, you will be happy to know, they FELL OFF with the treatment from his nose!!
Thank you for your help,

AO: We appreciate the input .... If I can help in any other way, let me know ... and, yes, diabetic conditions can slow down both the escharization and decavitation stages, but the job always get done, even if the timeline is extended.

(name withheld;
submission made without privacy release)
Sent via email: Dec., 2002

Case #010203: Cansema Salve & Bloodroot Paste:
Various Basal / Squamous Skin Cancers Large Flesh Nevus
Submitted by an American M.D. and CAM Educator

with response from AO herbalist, James Carr
I want to compliment you on your Cansema Salve and the Bloodroot Paste. I have successfully removed two skin cancers and a large flesh nevus in myself. The skin cancers were not biopsied but began in actinic keratoses and as a physician, I am quite sure they were squamous cell cancers. One was on the right cheek and one on the dorsum of the left hand.
The lesion on the cheek had been there for about 11 years and I had been using other alternative measures with only limited success. As the lesion continued to grow, I looked for other means. The application was easy. The eschar was quite large (about the size of a quarter) perhaps due to undermining of the slow growing tumor. The pain was minimal but then I have a rather high pain threshold. The inflammatory response was rather intense but not uncomfortable after the third day. It took about 3 weeks for the eschar to fall off. A scar remains but that is to be expected in a lesion so large. A surgeon colleague saw it and thought it was a surgical scar.

AO: ... It is worth noting that except for cases where the patient has an inclination towards keloid scarring that even the scarring YOU note usually goes away in time --- "away" meaning that if you look close, you cannot see any visual evidence of scarring. Allow time. To get to this point can take as long as one year or longer.

The lesion on the dorsum of the left hand had not been present as long. It healed in about the same time and left a minute linear scar which is hard to see.
I let another individual use my product on a biopsy proven skin cancer on the bridge of her nose, close to the eye. I can't remember if it was a basal cell or squamous cell by biopsy. She was not interested in having more surgery in that area. She experienced considerably more pain than I (perhaps due to the location or the pain threshold).

AO: ... probably a combination of location -- and possibly because the underlying growth may have been larger than it appeared to be on the surface.

She reports that she healed with a scar but I have not seen the final results.
So here were three skin cancers resolved with less than one twentieth of a little jar of Cansema. There is no evidence or recurrenc in 10 months. What it tells me is that the management of skin cancers has become trivial and cheap. Were i still in practice, I would recommend this product to anyone who had a skin cancer. I cannot fathom the logic of having a biopsy to be told that you have skin cancer and need surgery.

AO: ... and we have heard this from (other physicians' names deleted here to protect identities)

It does not seem necessary to know the type of the skin cancer. If metastases has already occurred, the management will be no different than if skin cancer surgery had been done. The idea of cutting across tumor to get "margins" never did appeal to me.
I appreciate your making this product avaialble and being an educator in the CAM field, I know that your path has not always been easy.

AO: An understatement ... but coming from a CAM educator, your words are immeasurably soothing.... no, actually ... music to the ears.

Concerning the Bloodroot Paste, I was able to remove a large fleshy nevus that came up recently on my upper lip. However, it took about 6 and half months to get rid of all of it. Being just above the upper lip I could not wear a bandage and am allergic to adhesives as well. I would apply it overnight and again for an hour or two once or twice daily.
The upshot of this is that I am motivated to see if I can get some research done on this whole process. I am wondering if the zinc chloride changes the permeability of the cell membrane of cancer cells to other ions or to the other herbs or vice versa. I do know that cancer cells are extremely sensitive to intracellular calcium ion.

AO: We understand the mechanics behind Cansema, which deals with physiological changes in the cell membrane, making cancer cells then identifiable as invasive agents by the immune system. In actuality, not even WE, the creators and manufacturer of Cansema, seriously believe that Cansema kills cancer cells. Instead, we believe that Cansema alters the cell-to-cell communications and the actual lysis is probably committed by the patient's own leukocytes. You will, of course, be curious as to how we came to this conclusion, and if you are, get back to me. It is beyond the discourse I normally enclose in an email without prior solicitation.

There must be some generalizable principle here and I would love to find it out. I am quite familiar with the herbal approach that it is the whole package of all the ingredients and not just one molecule.

AO: ... not unlike the "cocktail" effects which pharmaceutical formulators appear to have so recently added to their lexicon.

The idea that one can selectively kill cancer cells and not hurt the normal cells is very appealing. It is the next best idea to prevention of cancer in the first place.

AO: .. We would agree. You may have noticed the attention we pay on our web site (all FREE, by the way) to the proven fundamentals of prevention ... see:

We are generating good data on prevention but your products offer something to the epidemic of patients for whom preventive measures are too late.

AO: ... we do our best.
My closing comment : --- we are so very grateful that you took the time to write to us. We know from the body of phone calls and emails we get that for every person we allegedly ---- shall I actually say it ? --- "cure," that there are 20 more who did not take the time to write.
You are undoubtedly a busy man, making the trouble you took even more appreciated.
We thank you so much for your thoughtful testimonial and your insightful comments.

(name of physician deleted;
submission made without privacy release)
Sent via email: Jan. 20, 2003

Case #010303: Cansema Salve: Unspecified Numerous Skin Cancers
My name is Norma Adams; I live in Reno, NV, and I am a 68 year old caucasian.
I was given a small amount of the Cansema salve by a friend about a year or so ago when I had been scheduled for surgery to remove a cancer from my face. Since the procedure could have taken all day, and I have back problems, I opted to try the Cansema.
After printing out all the info from your web site, I took it to my dermatologist and told her I was going to use the salve instead of going through the surgery. She was not very receptive to the idea, but I said I was going to use the salve [anyway]. She scheduled me to come back for a biopsy and there was no cancer!
Since that time, I have removed four other cancers from my face and three from my arms. I have told several people about this salve, and I have just ordered a jar and will be sharing it with my daughter-in-law's mother who lives in Utah.
Thank you for making this product available to those of us who deal with skin cancer. I saw my mother go through many procedures to remove cancers from her face, and I am grateful I can use this salve in my home and accomplish the same results.

Norma Adam
Reno, Nevada (USA)
Sent via email: Jan. 3, 2003

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