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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema® (both black topical salve and our internal version - Amazon Tonic III), which carry both human and veterinary applications. See also animal use). The testimonials on this page are a small sampling of those received by Alpha Omega Labs so far in 2016. See links above for testimonials submitted in prior years.
As always, we have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
Some portions of this page have little graphics, but are text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema® works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.

Case #011216: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers

You shipped this product to me last year. [Cansema Salve, 22g.]
I just want to let you know how happy I am with the product I have used same product from other places before but none have been to the same quality as yours.
Many thanks for the service.

Karen B.
Ormeau, Queensland, Australia
Rec'd : January 12, 2016

Case #011716: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers

I've removed 5 skin cancers awhile back and they've never returned! . . . Thank you. May the blessings be.
P.S. I've also been drinking 30-40 ozs. of a smoothie since I started. It consists of celery, cucumber, fresh wheat grass, fresh ginger root, fresh apple, banana, cayenne, fresh lime, and 4-6 cloves of fresh garlic. These are all made up in a Vita Mix.
[Editor's Note: The fresh wheat grass juice is particularly helpful. Following the findings of Dr. Maynard Murray (M.D.), Charles Walters, Jr., and Ann Whigmore, it has the highest uptake of the broadest range of minerals of anything you mention.]

A. Woods
Rec'd : January 17, 2016

Case #011816: Cansema® Salve & Squamous Cell Carcinoma
and Random Suspicious Moles and Growths Removed

I have been using Cansema for just over a year and wanted to share some of what has happened.
I have removed two squamous cell carcinomas from my nose, and am in the process of removing one from my bottom lip right now. I have also removed a bunch of strange moles and growths from my husband's back and shoulders, including one on his shoulder that he had had for years and thoughts was a recurring volcanic cyst that could not be extracted.
It was large and firm and I used to be an esthetician so I tried to extract it and get it to drain but no luck. We treated it two times with Cansema and finally after the second scabby hunk fell off it healed over and seems fine now, no lump, no swelling, just a little scar tissue where it had been.
Most recently, I am treating three moles on my back and one on my knee. The ones on my back were itchy, which I'd never experienced before, and at first I thought I must've been bitten by something. But I had someone put Cansema on about five or six small mole-like things on my back and three of them really reacted. They got the familiar stinging, activated feeling and a comparatively large area around them swelled up with white blood cells. I really see why some people say not to treat a bunch of areas at once-- it's been quite uncomfortable, at night especially.
I am also currently treating some growths that my 75-year-old mother has on her back and knee. These were diagnosed by a doctor as being non-cancerous but they looked like something out of a horror movie involving barnacles, so she let me put some Cansema on them. Some of them reacted immediately. The largest three didn't, so we did some more exfoliation and put more black salve on them and then they got the white ring of pus and a lot of swelling and now seem to be dying and getting blacker where the growth was. These growths were about the size of a dime or nickel and it is quite painful for her. If I had to do it over again, I think we'd do one at a time, but maybe it's better to suffer for a few weeks and then be done with it. The small ones on her face are already looking like good scabs and not hurting. She exclaims "Amazing!"every time we check the progress of them under the bandaids, which I show her by taking a picture with my phone and then showing her.
All this is to say that I am really, really glad that my friend told me about Cansema (he has removed literally dozens of skin cancers from his shoulders and chest and has to be one of the biggest unpaid advertisers for Cansema)! I had it in our medicine cabinet when the first squamous cell growth showed up on my nose and I was SO glad that I could treat it immediately. A year later and that hole is almost completely filled in and looks great.
Thanks so much and take good care!

[ Name Withheld by Request]
Rec'd : January 18, 2016

Case #011916: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers

Here are some of the photos I've taken of growths I've treated with Cansema. I just submitted a testimonial. Feel free to add these with it, but thanks for not using my name.

[ Name Withheld by Request ]
Mount Vernon, WA. USA.
Rec'd : January 19, 2016

Case #012516: Amazon Tonic III / Vet Tumor

We have an 11 year-old, 15 lb. Shih Tzu named Raven. She has developed a tumor and in early September, she was so lethargic the veterinarian told us he thought she had two days to live. The tumor was the size of a grapefruit then. He hydrated her and sent her home. At the most he said she could live two weeks. We were devastated as she is a sweet dog and the love of our life right now.
We would have had to be prepared to let the doctors put her to sleep if the surgery revealed a difficult tumor and we were not ready to let her go. That was in October. Since she is able to eat, urinate and deficate normally we are assuming the tumor is not interfering with her bodily functions. She does occasionally have little tremors as though she was cold and shivering.
You have been helping a woman with her dog, Dewey, since October, I believe. She told me to contact you and tell you Dewey's mom referred us to you. Dewey passed the tumor and bled or seeped blood for a few days while the tumor was dying, I suppose. He passed the remnants of the tumor. He is doing well now and shows no signs of the tumor.
She said she used (Cansema) Amazon Tonic III . . . She said she also bought the Amazon Black Salve but didn't have to use it because the tumor and scabs healed without it.
We look forward to hearing from you as we want to heal our beloved "Raven."

P. Corrington
Rec'd : January 25, 2016

Case #013116: Cansema® Salve / Prostate Cancer / & Unspecified Skin Cancer

Good day Cathryn,
I went and had the blood tests done and they all came back perfect, including a 0.5 PSA. That on its own is great, because I have a brother who has had a prostate removed and another brother who gets high counts a lot. I haven't restarted my forehead but my nose is still active using (Cansema) . . . My eyesight has improved again since doing my nose. The right front portion of my scalp is still tingling and sometimes numb . . .
I'm totally in your hands because I believe in your products.
Kind regards and all the best for 2016.
P. Holman
Rec'd : January 31, 2016

Case #021116: Cansema® Salve & Melanoma

Hello Cathryn,
Thank you very much for your quick response to my e-mail.
About two years ago I used your Black Salve on a melanoma on my lower leg and one on my back. I got the normal inflammation response and pus drainage. The scab came off in both instances, and I was left with a hole which quickly filled in with healthy granular tissue. Amazingly, though the inflammation and pus drainage was great there was no pain with either melanoma.
Best wishes to you and your heroic husband,
Rec'd : February 11, 2016

Case #021216: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers

The eschar came out today.. day 35. Here are a few more photos. You can see from the pix how hyper-allergenic Sherry is, even with supposedly "sensitive skin" type.
Of course, the photos are offered for your use as you may see fit, in gratitude for the benefit we have received from the salve and the oils . . .
We both are deeply grateful for your care and compassion during this hectic time and for your greater ministry to all who are seeking the truth regarding God's healing remedies hidden in nature.
With appreciation,
Steve & Sherry
Rec'd : February 11, 2016

Case #021516: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancer

So ejection complete. A quarter size 1/4 inch thick, clay-ish substance. I'll send pics but your site is full of them.
Thanks Cathryn,
Rick Uzo
Rec'd : February 15, 2016

Case #021816: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers

Hello Cathryn,
I cannot say enough about the black salve, it has been a LIFE SAVER to say the least, keep up the good work, the Lord will bless you for your good works, on judgement day the HELL FIRE will be waiting for the corrupt FDA and the drug company's who commit so many crimes against the people.

M. McWilliams
Rec'd : February 18, 2016

Case #021916: Cansema® Salve & Vet Tumor

Hi Greg,
Dewey continues to do well...and his recovery is gathering a following... seeing is believing! . . .
J> McFarland.
Rec'd : February 18, 2016

Case #022016: Tonic III & Malignant Lymphs

Hi Cathryn,
Just an up date for you . Had CT scans and all lymph nodes have shrunk in size that had breast cancer in them.
So thank you again for your help and the Tonic III.
Thank you,
Rec'd : February 20, 2016

Case #022716: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancer

It is Saturday evening (27 Feb), and the eschar came off, with the exception of a small piece, when I lifted the gauze. The little piece was hanging on, and so I cut the large piece off with scissors. I did not want to force the small piece since it was not coming naturally.
Andre resumed the iodine last night at 5 drops. His throat is still sensitive, but he is anxious to get rid of the fungus. Also, since he resumed, his hands have not been cold.
Andre & Suzan C.
Rec'd : February 27, 2016

Hello, Greg.
Here below are pictures of the area on Andre's back, yesterday and this morning. You can see the progression as another piece of tumor has lifted. I wanted to let you know that I had a telephone appointment with Dr. Sircus.
He recommended, on top of the tonic and salve, to nebulize the sodium bicarbonate with glutathione, and to take Megahydrate, magnesium, and to get a Bio Mat for pain. He also recommended cannabis oil for pain, but we are not going that route. We are confident that the tonic and salve are doing their wonders, and that the other products will help build him back up. He recommended to put a drop of iodine in the nebulizer. He said that it has a shotgun effect in the lungs, but I did not feel confident doing this because he is already taking five drops of iodine every day.
We received our essential oils from you Saturday and a new bottle of tonic today. I put the essential oils in a diffuser for him to breath in all night. We will start the salve again as soon as the last few spots dry up, and the dry skin/scab falls.
Kind regards,

Andre & Suzan C.
Rec'd : March 7, 2016

Greg, Good Morning.
Here is the image of the area, after applying the salve last night on the edge (no pain btw). Although it is very difficult to see from this photo, it looks like he has more fungus starting to come out on the outer rim, in the north east corner.

Andre & Suzan C.
Rec'd : March 9, 2016

Case #022816: Cansema® Salve - Tonic III & Unspecified Skin Cancers

[Editor's Note: The escharotic process is well established, but occasionally a second or even a third "cycle" is required to "get it all out." The correspondence below makes this clear.]
I have been an avid user and ambassador of your Cansema black salve as well as Tonic III and Bloodroot paste since 2009. I spread the word every chance I get because it's so wrong that it isn't mainstream!
I have treated at least a dozen minor skin cancers over the last 7 years on myself and every one of them have been textbook until one in the last batch I treated. I treated 5 at once which I know isn't recommended but I like getting it over and done with as quickly because let's face it, they aren't pleasant.
4 of them went beautifully but one hasn't healed despite the eschar falling out in normal timing and using the same cleaning method as always. I cleaned them all daily with hydrogen peroxide and after the eschars fell out I applied Manuka honey to each of them which seemed to really help with healing/scarring, especially on the one on my neck. I have attached some photos of two of the cancers I treated.
The one on my neck has healed really well as shown in the last photo. The one on my shoulder started "growing" what seems to be a mass of soft tissue which bleeds every time I take the dressing off and it is raised above the level of the surrounding skin. I'm not sure what to do about it and I'm concerned I may need to reapply more Cansema.
Thank you very much for your time!!
Keep up the good work,
S. Ford
Rec'd : February 28 , 2016

Case #030216: Raspberry Seed Oil & Pain

Have been drinking the mixture twice a day since 2-28-16 it seems to have stopped a pain I was having near the center of my back (as an extra bonus) which I am so thankful for. Things have been going well here. Most importantly today I would like to Thank You for your suggestions and your time in helping me.
Thanks for now,
Rec'd : March 02, 2016

Case #030416: Cansema® Salve & Spindle Cell Tumors

Thank you for the info,
I treated 2 large spindle cell tumors on my head. They cleared up very well, however one returned very aggressively. I have since applied salve again.
It is in the early stages of eschar formation and looking quite good.
Thanks again,
United Kingdom
Rec'd : March 04, 2016

Case #031616: Cats Claw Tea

Hello Cathryn,
I am so impressed with your Cats Claw tea. I have difficulty sleeping but since I Have been taking it even though for inflammation purpose I find that I sleep better.
Now I am eager to try the HRx and H3O.
It is easy to recommend something to others when I have tried it myself.
Thank you,
Europe (country: undisclosed)
Rec'd : March 16, 2016

Case #032316: Cansema® Salve & Breast Cancers

I saw Dr. _________ this afternoon, and before we started to talk about anything, he asked about you. I had forwarded your note and my response in the middle of the night, but he had not had time to check e-mail yet today, so he had not seen the messages. I told him what the emergency room doctor had said, that if you were not a hospice patient, that he would have you in surgery right away, and that you were going to meet with a surgeon on Thursday. He expressed hope that a surgeon would be willing to take your case and do as much "de-bulking" of tumor material as possible.
The biggest thing we discussed regarding my case was a scan result. I had a 3-D ultrasound on Feb.3. During the scan, you lie face-down on a table that has a clear plastic semi-spherical bubble in the center. First you move to the right side, and the left breast is in the bubble.
On the underneath side of the bubble is something like a hand on a clock, only wider. It has a high-tech (no radiation) camera attached, and takes 52 seconds to move all the way around the bubble, and it takes 788 pictures of sections of the breast.
It is supposed to be the most advanced and accurate imaging there is, but they still don't guarantee that they can always tell malignant from non-malignant tissue.
It took 6 weeks to get results back, and the radiologist consulted with another radiologist as he worked on it. The thing that confused them was that I have a hard area beside the nipple on the opposite side from where the biggest eschar was. It has been that way for quite a few months. I would have to look back at some pictures to try to figure out when it started. This area did not respond to salve, so even Cathryn was not sure what it was, but she did not think it was cancer.
The bottom line was that, "'The study shows no definite mass lesions or cystic lesions."
There is some scar tissue and still some distortion of the previous normal contour, but I think those things are a small price to pay for kicking cancer out of your body naturally without the disfiguration of surgery, and the miseries of chemo, radiation, and hormone-suppressing drugs.
Thank you,

Rec'd : March 23 , 2016

Case #041716: Cansema® Salve & BCC

Good evening Cathryn,
As a current customer and proud survivor of facial basal cell carcinoma thanks to your website, I hope and pray that you, your family and organization survived this highly suspicious tragedy.

R. Bleiberg
Rec'd : April 17, 2016

Case #041816: Cansema® Salve & Spider Bites

Hi guys,
I emailed you last week about a spider bite. I live in Australia. I think it was a white tail but I just wanted to email you (about) the outcome. It was a good one. Love the product keep up the good work
M. Popplewell
Rec'd : April 18, 2016

Case #042116: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancer

No pain, a little twitch now and then. I am putting a band aid over it and pulley sperm.

J. Dextrase
Rec'd : April 21, 2016

Case #042216: Cansema® Salve & / BCC / Breast Cancer

Our Testimonial,
Our life after finding Cansema. Clark's story first. He is the one that discovered Cansema while searching the internet. Over 25 years ago he had a sore on his right ear lobe that keep itching and would not heal. He went to a dermatologist and the diagnosis was basal-cell carcinoma and was referred to a surgeon. What the surgeon did was to cut off most of the ear lobe. Soon after another spot showed up below his right eye very close to his nose. Another appointment was made with the dermatologist. Was not able to get appointment scheduled for about a month. Not liking the previous treatment on his ear lobe, he surfed the internet and found Cansema. That was our introduction to a wonderful product. Placed an order for the Cansema, used as directed and the cancer spot was removed before the doctors appointment came due. Of course he cancelled the doctors appointment. By the way, we still have some of the original order of Cansema and it still works. Next place appeared was just inside his nose, at the tip. Cansema was very painful in that area but did a good job of eliminating the cancer in the nose. And, last time having to use Cansema was in the middle of his back. Worked as it should do for cancer. It should be noted that the initial pain in all cases was there, some more pain than others, of course. Pain usually lasted about a week or two until the eschar starts to form and do its cleaning. As always, cleaned the affected area during the elimination process and after the eschar removes itself then applied vitamin E for a couple days afterwards.
Mary's experience. First application on upper back in August, 2009 where 7 skin cancers appeared. In September, 2009 4 more cancer spots showed up on her right breast. Back and breast areas treated at the same time. From August 2009 to August 2010 most the 11 sites had to have 2 or 3 more applications. Very painful but Cansema did the job to remove them. Certainly wished we had documented our experiences with photos but at that time we were in the process of moving.
Whenever a suspicious spot shows up we put Cansema on it. If no reaction, no cancer. A good test to see if cancer cells are present. A few times the places turned a little red and a light scab appeared that came off easily with no pain involved. Also over the years we have shared Cansema with friends and they all got good results. They now have their own container of Cansema. One friend after each mammogram would have to go back for a biopsy and each time the lab results were negative. Just to be safe she decided to use Cansema on her breast and it turned red at that spot and she couldn't believe how Cansema worked. Next mammogram nothing showed and no return for a biopsy because from each previous mammogram she had to return for a biopsy. She was thrilled with the Cansema results.
This is our experience with this great product. Appreciate all the support we have gotten from the herb healer people that we have contacted.
Thank you so much,
Clark & Mary
Maryland, USA
Rec'd : April 24, 2016

Case #042416: Cansema® Salve & Unspecified Skin Cancers

Cathryn thank you,
I just feel so much more confident about getting through this. After a bad night and getting through today, I trust in this process and the salve. I should be thankful that I've gone ahead and tried this and that it does seem it will be successful - at least as successful if not more so than FDA treatments with other side effects & local anethesia to which I react.
The initial cancer is "unimpressive." However for me, this has been the lesson about skin cancer! When I went in to the dermatologist, everything I was concerned about wasn't cancer and the things I wasn't concerned about were... I feel other people probably have things they don't give much thought to, either. And then when that tiny spot reacts the way that this did, it really takes you aback!
I'd like is for other people to be able to read and get a take on the process as to what they might expect. I think when we're talking about the face (and I was going to start with a spot on my leg & probably should have) things can go differently than another area might take it.
Experience is really the only thing that can give you clarity. And I have it now.
Thanks again for your assistance, Cathryn,
Paula Klein
Rec'd : April 24, 2016

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