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Greg Caton -- Meditopia author The testimonials below are just a few that have been collected on the effectiveness of Cansema® (both black topical salve and our internal version - Amazon Tonic III), which carry both human and veterinary applications. See also animal use) and related products. The testimonials on this page are a small sampling of those received by Alpha Omega Labs so far in 2020. See links above for testimonials submitted in prior years.
As always, we have made no attempt to alter any of the language (syntax, punctuation, spelling, etc.) of these written letters and/or email missives, excepting minor spelling errors. Thousands of other individuals have been helped who did not take the time to sit down and write letters or send email. You may contact these individuals directly, if you wish, where contact information is provided.
Some portions of this page have little graphics, but are text heavy. We have a pictorial testimony page, if you want a more visual representation of how Cansema® works.

Disclaimer: The purpose of these testimonials is to provide you with an insight as to what other Alpha Omega users have reported, and to provide a foundation for the legitimacy of our research and overall work. No responsible maker of herbal products, Alpha Omega included, would infer that testimonial inputs carry the same weight as well-constructed clinical studies. To U.S. Users: None of the Alpha Omega Labs' products mentioned in these pages have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in your country ---- even if that is the manner in which they are used in virtually every other country on earth.

Case #010720: Amazon Tonic III / Bloodroot Capsules / Lung Cancer

"The man with lung cancer is getting better. The latest HCG test result is 51.4. The X-ray shows no tumor in lung. I would like to propose him to continue taking Tonic III (2 times x 2.5 ml daily) plus Bloodroot Capsules (2 times x 1 capsule daily plus Ester C ( 3 times x 1 gr daily) for 4 months. What do you think?
I sent the colon cleansing package for him.
He will do it after Chinese New Year.
Nguyen Minh Hải
Rec'd : Jan. 6, 2020

Case #012120: Cansema® Salve / Undefined Cancer Growths

"I just come from my oncologist, to whom we showed the pictures my husband took since the beginning of the Cansema-treatment (December 19th 2019) -- and below I send you a selection of the promised pictures, the date is always on each photo. You had asked me, if the oncologist knows what I am doing -- yes, we told her already 2 years ago, when I treated the region left and right of the second operation (the long slim vertical scar on the ankle). Luckily it seams in South Africa, the medical doctors are not such "100% medical-school-only" people, but rather "if it works it's fine" ... What my doctor told us is, that for her this is 'miraculous'. She also said, that if she has patients where she thinks this could work for them, she will tell them and give them the choice of "all the options"!
"What she wants me to do, is have another PET-Scan (but this time just of the right leg from the knee down) in April when the wounds should be totally healed, to see, if there are anymore cancer-cells around; if yes, we would treat them - with precision - again with the Black Salve - I will let you know in any case. We were very glad that we had the pictures from 2 years ago - to compare .. and remember, that it takes a good month for the whole process!
"Sending you good wishes - and thank you again for your support!"
Christine W.
South Africa
Rec'd : Jan. 21, 2020

Case #012220A: Cansema® Salve / "Over 200 BCC's (removed)"

"As you know I have purchased before and have removed over 200 BCC's from my head and face . I had gone to a doctor before the product arrived, and he suggested freezing, slicing and dicing. I would have more scars and divots than I would care to mention. This product is amazing. Please don't ever change the formula."
Rec'd : Jan. 22, 2020

Case #012220B: Cansema® Salve / Unspecified Skin Cancer
" Eureka! That ugly thing fell from my ear after my shower last night. That'd be about 17 days from the date I applied Cansema. For those who like looking at yucky proof that Cansema works, my wife took pictures immediately before and after my shower. Now just a few hours later the cavity look much better....dry etc."
Mike C.
Rec'd : Jan. 22, 2020

Case #012720: Cansema® Tonic III / Bloodroot capsules:
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

"I have had amazing results with (your Tonic III) combined with your Blood/Lymph tablets for my CLL Leukemia and want to continue with it as part of my organic diet."
Rec'd : Jan. 27, 2020

Case #020220: Cansema® Salve / Undefined Cancer Growths

"Great book, Greg -- (Black Salve). I feel privileged to be able to read it. One day if possible I'll get a hard copy, too. (As for the Salve) I've cleared away more that one hundred tumors using the salve. And it is irreplaceable. At the same time, using ThC along with a biomat, has resulted in the biggest systemic effect. Despite feeling like a self inflicted science experiment, I also feel lucky that I can see so clearly what is helping and what is not. Strangely enough, even the integrative doctors in New York are ignorant regarding natural cures.
The largest tumors I have extracted were from behind my right ear (where you would hold a phone) and on my left shoulder (where you would receive a vaccine). I'm sure you get so many stories from happy customers, but thanks for the opportunity to buy your products and learn from your experience. BTW, the Izulant pain relief is the best, especially if an eschar is near a nerve! Oh boy!
Tina R.
New York
Rec'd : Feb. 2, 2020

Case #020720: Tonic III / Breast Cancer

"I received my pathology report from my mastectomy. If you remember, this was a very aggressive, fast growing tumor that was also triple negative (which means resistant to treatment). In August it was 3.5 cm, in November it was 4.8 cm (that is when I started with the Amazon Tonic III), and by the first week in December it was almost 6 cm. According to our calculations, by the time I had the mastectomy, it should have been 7,5 cm, and my oncologist suspected that it would have started to spread by then, since there were 14 enlarged and suspicious lymph nodes.
However, the pathology report showed that the tumor was 4.9 cm (almost the same size as 2 months earlier), which means it had already started to shrink. It had a clear margin, which mean it hadn't even spread throughout the breast yet, and all lymph nodes they tested were negative (the 14 lymph nodes they removed as well as all the lymph nodes inside the breast, proof that it had not spread yet at all. This is largely due to your internal protocol. It was quite amazing, so thank you very much for making these products.
Rec'd : Feb. 7, 2020

Tumor Removal: Over Temporal Bone

Tumor Removal: Over Parietal Bone

Case #031820: Cansema® Salve / Cancer tumors, head area

Cathryn, I am sending you a timeline history of my husband's two tumors. I think that the photos [see above] will be a great illustration of the process and they DRAMATICALLY speak to the truth.
I hope that you and Greg are staying well. I am truly amazed at the stupidity of the majority of the planet right now. It is so sad that we can't trust the people who were supposed to be looking out for our collective interests. After all, there truly is "enough" for all of us. The greed and the power mongers are just devoid of souls, I guess.
Lucky for us that there are ANGELS like you and Greg on the planet.
(name withheld by request)
Florida (USA)
Rec'd : April 2, 2020

Case #040220: AO Herbal Toothpaste & Oral Abcess

[Editor's note: We only call it a toothpaste because if we used any other word for it, people might not know what it is. But the truth is that AO III Herbal Toothpaste is a mild escharotic and has many of the same properties that Cansema® does. It doesn't just clean the teeth and get rid of calculus buildup, it kills the pathogens that can cause innumerable problems in the month. Abscesses is just one of them.]
A very good friend came to my home last week. He had developed an abscess in his mouth and was in a lot of pain. The worst part was that this was during the early stages of the "lockdown" in Florida, due to the Corona Virus (March 2020), and there were no dentists open anywhere, for at least another few days. He was miserable.
I had just begun using your Alpha Omega Herbal Toothpaste, thought it might help and offered him about a teaspoon in a clean jar, so he could try it at home -- later on.
The next day I got a call from my friend, who told me that he used the toothpaste three times in twenty four hours, and the abscess was totally HEALED and GONE and he cancelled his dentist appointment, and immediately ordered a few jars of his own toothpaste (from you).
Thank you for making so many people healthy and well! I am truly amazed at how incredible all your products work! I can't wait to try many more!
(name withheld by request)
Rec'd : April 2, 2020

Case #040520: Cansema® & Periodontal abscess

[Editor's note: Like the testimonial which follows, mention is made not only of Cansema (black salve), but also of MMS (sodium chloride, which is used by end users to make their own chlorine dioxide). We have a similar product, which we've sold since 2008, called AO Chlorite. We also sell chlorine dioxide in stabilized solution -- see Biodox. The comment about the effects against CoVid-19 are well-established, as I reported on March 25. Doctors in Berlin are reporting fabulous success using ClO2 to read CoVid -- although there are other vital micronutrients one should be taken if one does acquire this 5G-induced illness.]
Your black salve product [Cansema] is great. It worked fast on my mother's skin cancer. She also took chlorine dioxide to kill all internal pathogens (per NASA engineer, Jim Humble). I have no connection with Jim Humble except that I used his protocol of chlorine dioxide, the most popular water purifier, to cure my very bad case of Lyme disease about 5 years ago. He reports many people are using this to kill the corona virus successfully and very fast. You might like to share this with your readers.
Thank you. God Bless.
(name withheld)
Rec'd : April 5, 2020

Case #041820: Prostate Issues
(frequently pertains to cancer or benign hyperplasia)
Tonic III, Flor de Mashua, Prostamen

[Editor's note: This combination tends to help for a wide variety of prostate issues. The product pages linked in the case title should be read carefully.]
Thank you, Cathryn, for all the tonics for prostrate. The "pressure" on the perineum quickly subsided, and the pinching pain about the rectum has reduced in intensity and reduced in frequency. Yet the pinching does carry on.
Food intake is all organic greens, doing more exercise, no alcohols. BTW: 2xs Weekly Pranic Healing is now "letting go" much diseased energy from chakras and organs. I have just reordered some refills for Tonic III, Flor de Mashua and Prostamen.
D. H.
Rec'd : April 18, 2020

Case #042420: Cansema® Black Salve & Melanoma (hand)
I used your deep tissue Cansema for a melanoma on my hand. That was over 5 years ago. My hand is perfectly healed and remains so. I also took a photographic record. The integrity of your products is second to none. [See Victoria's beautifully designed photo journal.]

Victoria Jewett
Canberra, Australia
Rec'd : April 24, 2020

Case #051320: Cansema® & BCC's

I want to thank you for continuing to fight the good fight. I have removed numerous BCC's with your Black Salve over the years. Cheers.
(name withheld)
Queensland, Australia
Rec'd : May 13, 2020

Case #052020: Cansema® Tonic III: Pancreatic / Prostatic Cancer

"I ordered your products over ten years ago, and it did save the life of one of my family members who had pancriatic cancer. He turned yellow the doctors in Odessa, Ukraine gave him 40 days to live> He was about to die, and the doctors could do no more. They sent him to another hospital to pass away, I urged him to go home as it was very bad conditions at the hospital. We started to give him Tonic 3 AO (Chlorite) and Lugol Iodine. After a week and a half he stated to wanted to eat. His color changed back to normal. He could walk and finally he is back at work after 3 months, he is still alive."
[Editor's Note: In response, a customer added the following:] -- "I have been involved with a case, you may remember, 15 years ago, prostate (cancer) with awesome results also stage 4 lung cancer."
Rec'd : May 20, 2020

Case #052320: Tonic III, Copaiba, Pau d'Arco, Botanical Support / Colon Cancer

[Editor's Note: This is very a personal letter from a physician we received, of which what you see below is just an excerpt. It is addressed to Greg Caton, but discusses the work of another well-known doctor, named Dr. Doug Brodie, M.D. (1925-2005) of Reno, Nevada. Dr. Brodie sent us videos of his successes with our formulas in 1995. (See the top of the video content file on the site, or visit this site's original video gallery. Some of the text may appear arcane to some, but it is important to us, so we post it here for posterity.
Dear Greg,
Thank you for all of the help.
I have taken care of many patients with chronic illnessm and it takes many patients to understand the emotional stress that these patients go through. In May 2017, Fatigue set in, and it was going from bed to couch for more than a year. Testing demonstrated hypothalmic / pituitary dysfunction, and little hormone production. With time, my health started improving. So much so that my wife and I went to the Philippines in January and Feb of 2019. Pain started to creep in, we went back to Nevada. Testing revealed there was distal colon cancer stage 4.
My thought process changed, and some days, even I could see that I was acting out of character: very strange, and I could see it myself. When I worked for Dr. Brodie, years back, he told me about you (Greg Caton) and that he was very impressed with your research projects and your ability to logically see the path. Dr. Brodie said that, "Greg Caton has a true researcher mind. He has figured out some incredible paths. We need to go to Ecuador and visit him." However, he died shortly thereafter.
In 2017 I turned 65 and that May I had to retire. I could not work any more due to the symptoms. I took the IPT therapy, through Dr. Forsythe. I worked with Dr. Forsythe for more than a year. He is a true scientist. He likes to be the team leader. As you know, many people have different skills, and thus the team has to come from all over and all walks of life. Dr. Brodie had a different personality -- very skilled at discovering the ability of each of the team members.
Got a bowel obstruction from a cancer tumor mass. It was killed by the anti cancer meds and required emergency surgery and bowel resection, and colostomy. I remembered the stories that Dr Brodie told me about "Greg Caton" and so I eventually decided to contact you. The Amazon Tonic 3, Aceite de Copaiba, Pau'D'Arco, and Botanical Support for Colon capsules made the big change. It took around 3 weeks to 4 weeks. And I woke up. I am now outside most every day. I had some episodes of pain. It was the worst pain I have ever had. Had to go to the emergency department, but there were not much help. I moved to hospice. And one has to sign a contract for no hospital / cancer therapy, no cancer testing, and other things. The pain was so great, I said to myself, "What is the point of living if I have to be in so much pain?" I started the 4 herb therapy, at this time. I am amazed at the improvement. After reading many of your articles and watching your videos, you are a very accomplished person. And I am very impressed. I suspect many have benefited from your work. I know I have . . .
I watched most of your videos. Some were very good. There is a big push here at some of the clinics to use ayahuasca for withdrawals of some meds. I was the director of a methadone clinic in Michigan and an in-house detox hospital. Later, moved to the Buprenex (suboxone) clinics. After seeing all of these patients, I can say that I have never seen a drug addict. What I see are patients with health care and/or mental illness issues, and they seek medicines that are available that give the patient relief for their health care issue. The patients even go to street meds, because the doctors they see blow them off. These doctors treat the patients poorly . . .

Dr. TAN, D.O.
Western U.S.
Rec'd : May 23, 2020

Case #060220: Tonic III, Bloodroot Capsules / Gastrinoma
"I have been treating my cancer with radical nutrition for over a year, and am achieving slow but steady healing. However, in the meantime, the tumor causes severe symptoms, which motivates me to explore more and better remedies. My cancer is a rare type called gastrinoma, which is a neuroendocrine tumor, which means the tumor produces hormones, in this case gastrin and seratonin. The constant flood of these hormones stimulates excessive stomach acid production, and intestinal distress, resulting in symptoms of severe, chronic diarrhea and acid reflux. I get reasonably adequate relief from these symptoms by taking OTC acid-blocking drugs, but the drugs' side effects are becoming intolerable. There is also a pharmaceutical drug called octreotide which my oncologist prescribed as the "standard" treatment. It is a hormone-blocker. It effectively stops the symptoms, but I quit it after a short time because of my concerns about its severe side effects, and risk of toxicity. I'm trying to avoid drugs.
I just discovered, and just added to my regimen, Amazon Tonic III and Amazon Bloodroot Capsules. I immediately noticed the Tonic drastically reduced my digestive symptoms, and drastically reduced my need for the OTC acid-blocking drugs. This is a HUGE breakthrough. I speculate that the Tonic is acting directly against the tumor cells' metabolism, which has the side effect of interfering with their hormone production. So I have increased my dosage from the label's recommended two dosages per day, to three. This resulted in even better, more consistent relief. But if possible, I would like to get even better relief, and not have to use the OTC drugs at all. So I've considered increasing the Tonic dosage to 4 or 5 doses per day. So my question is, would that be safe?
(name withheld)
Rec'd : June 2, 2020

Case #061020: Cansema® & Salve, Numerous Skin Cancers
"I have been using the Black Salve for over 8 years -- well over 100 times -- and it is fabulous. I come from a family with a LOT of skin cancer, and the Black Salve has tackled my skin cancers over and over. I saved $3000 on surgery for my husband. We decided to try the salve first, and it did the job perfectly. I also treated my friend's diagnosed melanoma on the top of her ear. It took off quite a chunk, but she is healed and delighted. With no super expensive surgery.
[June 11] -- "Also . . . My husband had 2 small tumors, one on his cheek and one on his neck. The dermatologist said that it would be $3000 to remove the two. That is when I ordered the Cansema, we used it first on one and then the other. Both healed perfectly.
A 62 year old friend had a diagnosed melanoma on the top of her ear. The doctor said there were only 2 doctors she recommended to do the surgery, and that she should go to Panama City immediately. She came to me and said that she had no money, and she wanted me to try it on her. I think I treated it 4-5 times. Normally I ONLY use it twice. But it had to penetrate and it was a bit hard and crusty. It healed completely, though she had a week of pretty bad pain.
A 50 year old friend had a tiny hard knot on the front of her leg/shin bone. Two doctors had said that it was nothing, over a 5 year period. She asked to try the salve to see if it was cancer or not. I normally don't treat over 2 times, but because it was so hard and crusty, it took 5 treatments. It become horrible, went almost to the bone and ended up the size of a 50 cent piece...BUT, it healed perfectly. It took several weeks to subside, and there was a LOT of swelling all the way down her leg, ankle and foot. But the good news is that she lived through it, and it is perfect. Imagine if she had left it because "it was nothing!" ...according to the doctors.
My 76 year old sister has used it in the past, but when she had a diagnosed melanoma on her arm, she got scared and went the surgery route. It ended up huge, caused a big scar, and was very painful. She said that she regretted not trusting Cansema, and is sure that it would have been much better looking and less painful in the end.
I could go on and on. This stuff is amazing and the cancers rarely, if ever, return. When I have had my skin cancers burned off by the dermatologists, they have come back about 50% of the time. Thank you for this wonderful product!"
(name withheld)
Rec'd : June 10, 2020